196 examples of affidavit in sentences

The greatest discourse we have is (next to Bedloe's affidavit)

In an affidavit made in March, 1845, he states that in 1833 his attention was particularly called to the subject of oblique propulsion, and that under his direction propellers of various patterns and embodying these principles were fitted on a canal-boat named the "Francis," and later in 1834 to another called the "Annatorius."

I am afraid the witts are broke; there be men will make affidavit that [they] have not heard a good jest since Tarleton dyed.

You would pretend to be a Poet; Ile not disgrace the name to call thee one, But let me have rimes against we go to bed, Two Anagrams that weigh an ounce, with coment, And after that in verse your Affidavit That you do wish us joy, and I discharge you.

He has commonly once a term a trial of skill with some other professor of the noble science of contention at the several weapons of bill and answer, forgery, perjury, subornation, champarty, affidavit, common barretry, maintenance, &c., and though he come off with the worst, he does not greatlv care so he can but have another bout for it.

No affidavit or formal application is required.

By letters from General Wilkinson of the 14th and 18th of December, which came to hand two days after the date of the resolution of the House of Representativesthat is to say, on the morning of the 18th instantI received the important affidavit a copy of which I now communicate, with extracts of so much of the letters as comes within the scope of the resolution.

To the Senate, and House of Representatives of the United States: I received from General Wilkinson on the 23d instant his affidavit charging Samuel Swartwout, Peter V. Ogden, and James Alexander with the crimes described in the affidavit a copy of which is now communicated to both Houses of Congress.

To the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States: I communicate to Congress, for their information, a letter from the person acting in the absence of our consul at Naples, giving reason to believe, on the affidavit of a Captain Sheffield, of the American schooner Mary Ann, that the Dey of Algiers has commenced war against the United States.

The public newspapers contain an affidavit of Patrick Riley, a deputy marshal for the district of Massachusetts, setting forth the circumstances of the case, a copy of which affidavit is herewith communicated.

The public newspapers contain an affidavit of Patrick Riley, a deputy marshal for the district of Massachusetts, setting forth the circumstances of the case, a copy of which affidavit is herewith communicated.

The wondering cook promised, and, the old man being somewhat emphatic on the subject, backed his promise with a home made affidavit of singular power and profanity.

The question, whether a man seized in a free State as a slave, is a slave or not, the law of Congress does not allow a jury to determine: but refers it to the decision of a Judge of a United States' Court, or even of the humblest State magistrate, it may be, upon the testimony or affidavit of the party most deeply interested to support the claim.

I would make a solemn affidavit to the fact that the maker of a baby-carriage never dreamed of its possible use as an impromptu toboggan for a couple of small boys to coast downhill on in midsummer.

very well, I am a magistrate, proceed(Coachee is sworn)That will do, the shilling I shall keep for the affidavit.

"Yes," I answered, "or perhaps, as our journey has made me hungry, one of these beef certificates with an affidavit for Yorkshire pudding.

Now, in this affidavit, our competitor swore distinctly and unequivocally, to certain alleged facts (we think to the number of six), every one of which was untrue.

It prescribed that the curate of every parish, shall keep a register to be provided at the charge of the parish, wherein to enter all burials and affidavits of persons being buried in woolen; the affidavit to be taken by any justice of the peace, mayor, or such like chief officer in the parish where the body was interred....

"I enclose, also, an affidavit made by Miss Lynden's landlady that she, Letty, or 'Daisy' Lynden, was commonly understood to be the mistress of Berkley; that he took her from the Canterbury and from her lodgings, paid her board bills, and installed her in rooms at the enclosed address, where she remained until she found employment with a Doctor Benton.

Before a notary Thurston made an affidavit that he had never been served by the lawyer for Miss Lytton, as she was now known.

"But" "And you are prepared now to make another affidavit to that effect?"

'What did you make that affidavit for?

I shall have to make an affidavit that there are important witnesses absent, or something of the sort.

They made affidavit that all of their sales had been made for the ordinary uses of life, and that "since the war had broken out they had made no sales of flour to merchants or others in the South African Republic.

Affidavit of A.J. Toomey, President of the Penn.

196 examples of  affidavit  in sentences
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