142 examples of affiliating in sentences

Editors and printers of territorial times were more closely affiliated than they are to-day.

It might perhaps be possible some day to affiliate the various tribes, when the vocabularies had all been collected and compared by a good philological scholar, but at present there was much uncertainty on the subject.

The Pharaoh of Joseph's time seems to have affiliated with the Israelites as natural friends,to assist him in case of war.

This organization took steps to affiliate with the Industrial Workers of the World and was thus among the very first to seek a larger share of life in the ranks of that militant and maligned organization.

In like manner will they affiliate all France, if they can.

Voting alone can easily be exercised by women without rude contact, but to attain any political power women must affiliate themselves with men; because women will differ on public questions, must attend primary meetings and caucuses, will inevitably hold public office and strive for it; in short, women must enter the political arena.

The families did not commonly affiliate, and the circumstance boded ominously.

"I see you have been affiliating with the peaceful Pitt and not carousing with Sheridan and Fox," returned Mr. Morris, with a smile.

AFFILIATED HOSPITAL PRODUCTS, INC. CARROM DIVISION. Gusher, general information and rules.

Affiliated Hospital Products, Inc., Carrom Division (PWH); 8Mar68; R431222. STEARNS, SHARON.

AFFILIATED HOSPITAL PRODUCTS, INC. Rules for games, no.85 carrom board.

AFFILIATED HOSPITAL PRODUCTS, INC. Rules for games, no.85 carrom board.

Affiliated Hospital Products, Inc. (PWH); 22Apr74; R575271.


What is needed is a permanent and widespread organization embracing Trades Unions, Churches and affiliated bodies, Schools and Universities, basing its work on some definite doctrine of International Policy which can supplant the present conceptions of struggle and chaos.

Affiliate the subsidiary question of the building of the Church, with the larger interests of the Society. MANSON.

This led her to affiliate the Pioneer Club in the beginning with the General Federation of Women's Clubs in the United States, and should inspire it to progressive life and work.

He is not even bound to affiliate with the lodge in which he was initiated, but after being raised, may leave it, without signing the bye-laws, and attach himself to another.

Custom now in England and in other parts of Europe, as well as in some few portions of this country, is adverse to the regulation; and where no local law exists in a particular jurisdiction, I know of no principle of masonic jurisprudence which forbids a Mason to affiliate himself with more than one lodge.

He still remains subject to the government of the Order, and may be tried and punished for any offense as an affiliated Mason would be, by the lodge within whose geographical jurisdiction he resides.

More than a million and a half American women are affiliated.

They correspond fairly well with the women of the General Federation of Clubs in the United States, and like the American club women they are affiliated with the International Council of Women.

Fruit, fats, and meats do not affiliate, and they are liable to create a disturbance whenever taken together.

A man who, upon his own avowal, is guilty of affiliating with the Yankees.

LATITUDINARIANS, the name given to a body of theologians belonging to the Church of England who, at the end of the 17th century, sought, in the interest of religion, to affiliate the dogmas of the Church, with the principles of philosophy as grounded on reason; they were mostly of the school of Plato, and among their leaders were Cudworth and Henry More.

142 examples of  affiliating  in sentences