50 examples of age-long in sentences

When, oh! when indeed, will the real human creature emerge from its age-long chrysalis? FOOTNOTES: And even the hundred and one humane Associations of to-day derive a great part of their enthusiasm and vitality from fighting each other! Put into English by Lady Gregory.

Plato in his day called the war between philosophy and poetry "age-long."

In this controversy, in which Whetstone later took sides with the anti-stage party in his Touchstone for Time (1584), the age-long conflict between the poets and the philosophers was renewed with vigor and acrimony.

But there is something also of the English strength and obstinacy of character in their self-confidence, and if ever Germany were to conquer England some of them would spring to their full stature as the heroes of an age-long and indomitable resistance.

Age-long labour, strand by strand, Forged the immemorial band; Never thread hath known decay, Never link hath dropped away.

The scene was heroic because of the labor of horny hands; it was sublime because not a hundred harvests, nor three generations of toiling men, could ever rob nature of its limitless space and scorching sun and sweeping dust, of its resistless age-long creep back toward the desert that it had been.

And he smiled an inscrutable age-long Oriental smile.

I. Upon a rock, high on a mountain side, Thousands of feet above the lake-sea's lip, A rock in which old waters' rise and dip, Plunge and recoil, and backward eddying tide Had, age-long, worn, while races lived and died, Involved channels, where the sea-weed's drip Followed the ebb; and now earth-grasses sip Fresh dews from heaven, whereby on earth they bide I sat and gazed southwards.

With open love, not secret cure, The Lord of hearts would bless; With age-long gladness, deep and sure, With wealth of tenderness.

They were devoted to idol-worship, and leaven of Mahomet's teaching had not effected even remotely their age-long faith.

He knew the value of ritual and the force of age-long association.

The upper classes are charmed with it, no doubt, for they owe their existence to it,but it makes a Danaïd's sieve of the human race, and its age-long effort, since all its courage, its virtues, and its labours, are spent in learning how to die....

The one reason that makes me hesitate about accepting it as a complete explanation of the age-long submission of the oppressed is that we are all rather too ready to accept an explanation that explains away (shall I say?) or at least justifies the suffering of others.

while my sons are absent Age-long fast I still shall keep; Till my children gain deliverance, Here I watch and pray and weep.

As the word Gethsemane means the "oil press" the "Garden" was in all probability an olive yard, whose actual site, though it cannot be determined with certainty, must have been in the immediate vicinity at least of the spot which age-long tradition indicates as the scene of the Agony.

And this, and not a mere recrimination about acts of violence, is the ground of the age-long Balkan bitterness against the Turkish conqueror.

But I have found, in all my age-long quest, Naught fairer than a pure soul in a lovely breast.

It was the age-long conflict between Hellenism and Judaism, those two mighty forces that had long been maturing in the coast lands of the northern and eastern Mediterranean.

"We shall have done with Love, and Death be king And turn our nimble bodies carrion, Our red lips dusty;yet our live lips cling Despite that age-long severance and are one Despite the grave and the vain grief thereof, Which we will baffle, if in Death's domain

This land without hedge or wild-flower is his passion by age-long inheritance and suffering, by, in and for which he lives.

This is but a glance at some of the wrongs to Ireland's religious, intellectual, and material welfare, wrongs that have plunged her into an age-long poverty.

Man Could Break Out of the Age-Long Prison-House of Civilization and Enter a New World PREFACE LEARNING FROM HISTORY Human history may be viewed from various angles.

NINETEEN MAN COULD BREAK OUT OF THE AGE-LONG PRISON HOUSE OF CIVILIZATION AND ENTER A NEW WORLD We humans have been living for ages with various lifestylesas hunters and fishermen, as herdsmen, as cultivators of the soil, as craftsmen, as traders and merchants, as professionals, as exploiters, as parasites, wreckers and plunderers.

If it would be a stretch of the truth to call a man a Christian who never yet in his life had consciously done a thing because it was commanded by Christ, he was not therefore a godless man; while, through the age-long process of spiritual infiltration, he had received and retained much that was Christian.

They are never ragged; there is a certain decorous restraint in the freest outspread of their branches, though they spread wider than any self-nurturing tree; they are tall, vigorous, bulky, with a look of age-long life, and a promise of more years to come, all of which will bring them into closer kindred with the race of man.

50 examples of  age-long  in sentences