166 examples of agen in sentences

But now he ligs by another lass And Sawney will ne'er be my true love agen.

Though not deserv'd, yet once agen I come To warne thee to take pitie on thy selfe.

Why, this was spoke like one of us; canst doo't Agen?

Stand back there, room for my Lord Melantius, pray bear back, this is no place for such youths and their Truls, let the doors shut agen; I, do your heads itch?

Cin. Heave up thy drowsie head agen, and see A greater light, a greater Majestie, Between our sect and us; whip up thy team; The day breaks here, and you some flashing stream Shot from the South; say, which way wilt thou go? Nigh.

Well, you'l trust me then Amintor, To choose a Wife for you agen? Amint.

His grief distracts him; call thy thoughts agen, And to thy self pronounce the name of friend, And see what that will work; I will not fight.

Mel. Come take agen your mirth about you.

I warrant you, look up, wee'l walk together, Put thine arm here, all shall be well agen.

Enter Melantius agen.

Me thinks I feel my self But twenty now agen; this fighting fool Wants Policy; I shall revenge my Girl, And make her red again; I pray, my legs Will last that pace that I will carry them, I shall want breath before I find the King.

My Liege, he's at me now agen to do it; speak, Deny it if thou canst; examine him Whilst he's hot, for he'l cool agen, he will forswear it.

My Liege, he's at me now agen to do it; speak, Deny it if thou canst; examine him Whilst he's hot, for he'l cool agen, he will forswear it.


Gale lowered her voice and looked up and down the street for possible eavesdroppers"ef 'e was to 'ear on it, thot yoong Rawcliffe wouldn't be 'lowed t' putt 's nawse in at door agen.

Don't yer 'member, on 'lection day, I smashed two ticket booths of t'other can'date, in the Sixth Ward, lickt as much as a dozen men who was workin' agen ye, an' din was put into the Tumes over nightbad luck to the Tumes, I say!

Then she went back an' waited: but in half-an-hour calls to Selina Mary agen: "'Selina Mary, run you back to the courthouse, an' bring word how far they've got.'

"So the poor woman sat a while longer, an' then she calls: "'Selina Mary, run down agen, an' as he comes out, tell 'en to hurry.

"I hope you won't think it onneighbourly or disrespectful that I didn' come agen this evenin'," he begun, after a pause.

Look'ee here, my dear; 'tis ordained for you to marry agen.

I was reckonin' all the way back that Na'mi'd be main glad to see me agen.

" "It's those sermons agen," Naomi decided.

Only a century and a half later than Charlemagne appeared the first poetical productions in Provençal which are known to us, a fragment of a commentary upon the De Consolatione of Boethius and a poem upon St Foy of Agen.

"Why, bless your soul, lady, there isn't nobody who could row this boat back agen that current and up them rapids.

But good things do come "bock agen.

166 examples of  agen  in sentences