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100 examples of  aggressively  in sentences

100 examples of aggressively in sentences

It was characteristic of Edith that she kept to her own point, though not aggressively.

He spoke aggressively, then softened down to explanation, 'Mitchell's in town a few days on business, too.

Towards the latter he assumed quite a friendly bearing, and though still remaining a stanch Thurstonian, refrained from making himself aggressively obnoxious to the Triple Alliance.

He was elaborately dressed, and the shiny silk hat which he deposited on the table looked aggressively prosperous.

The man who applies himself aggressively to the accomplishment of some specific undertaking or pursuit, is diligent.

Steve was noticed drowsily nodding his head in a suggestive way; and then after a sudden start he would look around aggressively, as if to remark: "who said I was sleepy?"

" "But how do you know he is a pirate?" demanded Thompson, aggressively.

Besides owning his flag-waving comb, his spurs and brighter feathers, the rooster struts to attract the female, and fights aggressively with his sex competitors.

"Be a man!" "Then you imply that I am not?" demanded Jetson aggressively.

Following her, a third passenger presented the well-nourished, indeed rotund, person of a Frenchman of thirty devoted to "le Sport"; as witness his aggressively English tweeds and the single glass screwed into his right eye-socket.

Mathieu's heart contracted as he observed that senile terror, that shivering obedience on the part of a woman whose harsh, dry, aggressively quarrelsome disposition he so well remembered.

Take the aggressively self-made man who thinks our general scheme of education unprofitable,show him the kindergarten plan of manual training.

The other gentleman, who handled the tickets, was unclean, unshorn, and cadaverous-looking, with a black cigar, unlighted, stuck aggressively into the corner of his mouth.

The furniture was cheap and unsubstantial, the towels were small and thin; in place of pictures, aggressively illuminated texts scarred the walls like freshly made wounds, and the place had a bare, homeless look which made Ida shudder.

Mrs. Heron was waiting up for them, and was expressing a hope that they had enjoyed themselvesshe had a woollen shawl round her shoulders and spoke in an injured voice and with the expression of a long-suffering martyrwhen she caught sight of Joseph's angry and sullen face as he flung himself into a chair and thrust his hands in his pockets, and she stopped short and looked from him to Ida, and sniffed suspiciously and aggressively.

But though all this was no doubt sufficiently diverting, Weet-sur-Mer was never gloriously, aggressively awake until the sun went down.

More aggressively.

Jones had remained closeted with the manager for a full hour, and it was remarked that after he had gone away Goldstein was somewhat subdued and performed his duties less aggressively than usual.

"I have come to see my patient," he said aggressively.

" "Who says so?" said Piers aggressively.

Tudor squared his shoulders aggressively.

Master Piers knows how to undress himself by this time, I suppose?" Sir Beverley scowled at him aggressively, but Victor did not even see the scowl.

You are very English, Mr. Norgate, is that not so?" "Not aggressively," Norgate replied.

He tackled hard, gained many a yard, place-kicked and charged successively; He turned the edge of the flying wedge, and interfered aggressively!

" "I'm old enough," said Jig aggressively.

Grave misgivings might arise in the mind of a ruler at seeing a creed spreading which was aggressively hostile to all the other creeds of the worldโ€”creeds which lived together in amityโ€”and had earned for its adherents the reputation of being the enemies of the human race.

His French contemporary, Comte, who also thought out a comprehensive system, aggressively and explicitly rejected theology as an obsolete way of explaining the universe.

" "Well, if not Puss, who, then?" demanded Andy, aggressively.

He became again bitter and aggressively ironical.

"Besides, it ain't the fust time you've been out all night," remarked the mate, aggressively.

The sharp eyes, surrounded by puffy flesh, studied him aggressively.

"What's the matter with that?" asked the owner aggressively.

he replied aggressively, half angrily.

The hatred with which they fought also was almost greater than their resources; the Romans being indignant that the conquered aggressively took up arms against their victors; the Carthaginians, because they considered that in their subjection it had been lorded over them with haughtiness and avarice.

Once he was very near cutting them off, by throwing in a line of elephants, when aggressively sallying forth, and drove them in the utmost confusion into the town; a good many, out of so small a number, having been slain.

There is nothing whatever which the enemy fear less at the present time, than lest we, who were a little while ago besieged and assaulted, should aggressively assault their camp ourselves.

In the meantime Roy had skillfully avoided Dan Cassell's blow, and was aggressively on the defensive.

" He doubled up his fists aggressively; but, after all, what chance had he to prove that Kelly had actually damaged the plug.

Yet she was not sure if he were shy, or if his quietness were only a new kind of self-possession which expressed itself negatively instead of aggressively.

But even this softening of the blow was denied him, for the man in the waiting-room was palpably, aggressively black, with pronounced African features and woolly hair, without apparently a single drop of redeeming white blood.

I have in mind a family of three sisters so aggressively white that the old popular Southern legend that they were the unacknowledged children of white parents was current concerning them.

A flounce on the corsage at the bust-line, another at the hip-line, and yet another at the bottom of the shirt, increases the impression of bulkiness most aggressively and gives a barrel-like appearance to the form of a stout woman that is decidedly funny, as may be seen in sketch No. 44.

The abolitionists were then aggressively demanding consideration for the Negroes.

There seems to be a period, on the history of the frontiers, where conflicts between the military and civil authorities are almost inevitable; but there are, perhaps, few examples to be found where the former power has been more aggressively and offensively exercised than it has been under the martinet who is now in command at this post.

They have proceeded thus far in that direction in consequence of the successive stages of their progress having consisted of a series of secondary issues, each of which professed to be confined within constitutional and peaceful limits, but which attempted indirectly what few men were willing to do directly; that is, to act aggressively against the constitutional rights of nearly one-half of the thirty-one States.

" The shoulders of the ex-football captain rose aggressively; he snorted with indignation.

What made this the more striking was that Aunt Lucile's normal mood to-day impressed Mary as rather aggressively sell-contained.

the boy retorted, a shade aggressively.

she asked aggressively.

"Do you know that he has filed a petition for divorce?" he said, aggressively.

He was even wearing an aggressively Prussian uniform, and kept his spiked helmet on his head and his sword hanging at his side.

Garrity's chest bulged aggressively.

He sprang up and found himself facing a white-haired boy, who held a little crying girl by a tight grasp of her arm, and who eyed him aggressively.

"I'd like to know why not?" retorted this good man, aggressively.

The game of Squash Tennis has known many so-called "great getters," but they invariably have succumbed to "purposeful power" and the aggressively angled shots of players with the burning desire to win, "the killer instinct" that spurs the great players to go all out for every point.

Of the medium height, with a strong look about the shoulders, with sufficiently, though not aggressively, positive features and a clear skin, with gray-green eyes, good teeth, and a pleasing expression, he had an excellent natural basis on which to build himself into a particularly engaging and plausible type of fashionable gentleman.

THIS IS BLANK VILLAGE | || said one aggressively, and | | | TO THE TOWN-MAJOR OF BLANK | |

After three official sniffs he turned upon me aggressively.

she declared, aggressively.

Lacking decent provocation, they might not approach a group so plainly engaged upon affairs of its ownunless they went aggressively, and this it did not yet seem wise to do.

Take some aggressively respectable sort of mana bishop, for example.

And aggressively, menacingly, addressing his own ego as though it were a henchman cringing terror-stricken in front of him, he muttered: "You imbecile!...

In fact, the beauty we affect is aggressively spiritual, and in so far as beauty is demonstrably physical we dismiss it with disdain.

Under ordinary conditions its majesty was ably, even aggressively, upheld by its representative, Marshal Jim Burton.

The solitude so long desired for his second visit was now aggressively in evidence.

" In his own smoke the General's eyes opened aggressively.

" Then the man who patted the painter on the back turned upon me aggressively, and said: "This is the only painter who ever was, or will be, and if you don't agree with me you are a fool."

This cousin was a large, red-faced woman, with an aggressively capable manner.

Unlike Mrs. Thomas Wynne, Aunt Julia inquired minutely into family matters, insisted on knowing Claire's plans, and was aggressively free with advice.

An' do ye know that I'm Padna Sweeney from Clashbeg? MICUS (also buttons his coat and looks aggressively at Head) An' that I'm his old pal Micus Goggin from Castleclover? PADNA (as he staggers) Don't mind him, Micus.

In scornful surprise he gazed at a blue cloth dress, a black velvet cape trimmed with bugles, and a bonnet so aggressively new that it had not yet accommodated itself to Mrs. Vickers's style of hair-dressing.

There was no question as to the circumstances to which she so definitely and aggressively testified.

"Hullo!" exclaimed Nevin aggressively, "what have you been up to?" "Oh," I replied, flicking over a page on weed-killers, "Margery and I thought we had better find the remainder of the tennis-court while you were having a rest.

They were not troubled about his race, for he was aggressively white; but rounded waists seem to be out of fashion in Vermont.

He drew up a chair, and placing his feet on the fender, exposed his tattered soles to the blaze, as a waiter who had just seen him enter the room came and stood aggressively inside the door.

He climbed a hill and came plump upon a fence, wire-strung, wire-stayed, aggressively barring his way.

He got up, took off his hat and inspected it gravely, redimpled the crown, set it upon his head a trifle farther back than usual, stuck his hands aggressively into his pockets and went back to the house.

Besides, Miss Minorkey was not aggressively or obtrusively selfishshe never interfered with anybody else.

For the gracefulest and eruditest orator that ever held forth to genteelest congregation, could not have touched the prisoners by his highest flight of rhetoric as did the earnest, fiery Captain-Sheriff-Chaplain White, who moved aggressively on the wickedness of his felonious audience.

He would be by her house directly, and it was hardly modest to sit aggressively on one's front porch, while a strange man went byparticularly, such a very strange man as this!

It is the modern literature of the educated, not of the uneducated, which is avowedly and aggressively criminal.

"I will grant," said Father Payne, "that if a nation which sincerely believes in peace and wishes to cultivate goodwill, is wantonly and aggressively attacked, and repels that attack, it may gain much from war if it sticks to its theory, does not attempt reprisals, and leaves the conquered bully in a position to see its mistake and regain its self-respect.

The only thing that one can say is that while there exists a strong nation which believes enough in war to make war aggressively, other nations are bound to resist it.

At first glance he impressed one as a perfect type of manly strength, aggressively decided of character.

The daughter took her foot from the andiron; her eyes lighted up aggressively.

but several times, when the boys were away, and father and mother and Barbara had gone out to dinner; of course it seemed still and dumb, but not" (shuddering a little)"not so aggressively loudly silent as this does!" He looks at me, with a sort of remorseful pain.

he says, in an aggressively loud voice, as if he were quarrelsomely anxious to be overheard.

Why, the rag would have the police arrest Edytharrest her for" "Well," demanded a sharp, aggressively pitched voice, "what for you make-a da blame, eh?

Extension of Roman authority, first over the Italian peninsula and subsequently over parts of Europe, Africa and Asia, was the result of a policy of expansion that was aggressively, persistently and patiently followed by Roman leaders and policy makers.

What do you want with me?" Half-sullenly, half-aggressively, Guy Ranger flung the questions, standing with lowering brow before his captor.

"And what would you want to be there for?" he demanded aggressively.

He turned upon her aggressively.

She gave a vague 'Perhaps'and he straightened himself aggressively.

" She spoke sharply and aggressively, and so evidently in answer to Cass's unspoken indictment against her, that he was not surprised when she became more direct.

He stammered some vague excuse of preoccupation, yet lingered in the hope of saying something which, if not aggressively unpleasant, might at least transfer to her indolent serenity some of his own irritation.

He was positively and aggressively ugly.

"A thundering lie," said John, rather aggressively.

" "You're a faithful creature," said the Colonel, rather aggressively, not choosing to break down, "so are you, John; and it is at these moments we find out our friends in the house; and, confound you, I forbid you both to snivel," said he, still louder.

He looked at her aggressively.

" He said it aggressively; his tone was almost a challenge, but the elder Errol did not appear to notice.