100 examples of aggressively in sentences

Besides owning his flag-waving comb, his spurs and brighter feathers, the rooster struts to attract the female, and fights aggressively with his sex competitors.

"Be a man!" "Then you imply that I am not?" demanded Jetson aggressively.

Following her, a third passenger presented the well-nourished, indeed rotund, person of a Frenchman of thirty devoted to "le Sport"; as witness his aggressively English tweeds and the single glass screwed into his right eye-socket.

Mathieu's heart contracted as he observed that senile terror, that shivering obedience on the part of a woman whose harsh, dry, aggressively quarrelsome disposition he so well remembered.

Take the aggressively self-made man who thinks our general scheme of education unprofitable,show him the kindergarten plan of manual training.

More aggressively.

" "I'm old enough," said Jig aggressively.

His French contemporary, Comte, who also thought out a comprehensive system, aggressively and explicitly rejected theology as an obsolete way of explaining the universe.

" "Well, if not Puss, who, then?" demanded Andy, aggressively.

"Besides, it ain't the fust time you've been out all night," remarked the mate, aggressively.

"What's the matter with that?" asked the owner aggressively.

The hatred with which they fought also was almost greater than their resources; the Romans being indignant that the conquered aggressively took up arms against their victors; the Carthaginians, because they considered that in their subjection it had been lorded over them with haughtiness and avarice.

Once he was very near cutting them off, by throwing in a line of elephants, when aggressively sallying forth, and drove them in the utmost confusion into the town; a good many, out of so small a number, having been slain.

I have in mind a family of three sisters so aggressively white that the old popular Southern legend that they were the unacknowledged children of white parents was current concerning them.

" The shoulders of the ex-football captain rose aggressively; he snorted with indignation.

He sprang up and found himself facing a white-haired boy, who held a little crying girl by a tight grasp of her arm, and who eyed him aggressively.

In fact, the beauty we affect is aggressively spiritual, and in so far as beauty is demonstrably physical we dismiss it with disdain.

The solitude so long desired for his second visit was now aggressively in evidence.

"Hullo!" exclaimed Nevin aggressively, "what have you been up to?" "Oh," I replied, flicking over a page on weed-killers, "Margery and I thought we had better find the remainder of the tennis-court while you were having a rest.

They were not troubled about his race, for he was aggressively white; but rounded waists seem to be out of fashion in Vermont.

He drew up a chair, and placing his feet on the fender, exposed his tattered soles to the blaze, as a waiter who had just seen him enter the room came and stood aggressively inside the door.

Why, the rag would have the police arrest Edytharrest her for" "Well," demanded a sharp, aggressively pitched voice, "what for you make-a da blame, eh?

Extension of Roman authority, first over the Italian peninsula and subsequently over parts of Europe, Africa and Asia, was the result of a policy of expansion that was aggressively, persistently and patiently followed by Roman leaders and policy makers.

" She spoke sharply and aggressively, and so evidently in answer to Cass's unspoken indictment against her, that he was not surprised when she became more direct.

" "You're a faithful creature," said the Colonel, rather aggressively, not choosing to break down, "so are you, John; and it is at these moments we find out our friends in the house; and, confound you, I forbid you both to snivel," said he, still louder.

100 examples of  aggressively  in sentences