295 examples of aggrieve in sentences

Are you going to forsake your cherished books for a curry-comb?" "Really, Marthe!" exclaimed her husband in an aggrieved tone, "it is incomprehensible that you should have such a total disregard for the delicacy of my constitution,especially when you know that the very odor of the stable is abhorrent to my olfactory senses.

The European Powers refused to let the Balkan States take all the conquered territory, and established the new state of Albania with a German king; Servia especially aggrieved at Austrian interference.

The other considered, muttered at length in an aggrieved tone something about hot air escaping and coal six dollars a ton, and ended with: "What do you want?" "Work."

he asked the composer when that aggrieved gentleman, jingling a few dimes, returned to the equipage of melody.

"A corporation has a perfect right to dispose of its entire assets for a proper consideration and if any minority stockholder feels aggrieved he can take the matter to the Delaware courts and get his equity assessed.

wrong, aggrieve, oppress, persecute; trample upon, tread upon, bear hard upon, put upon; overburden; weigh down, weigh heavy on; victimize; run down; molest &c 830. maltreat, abuse; ill-use, ill-treat; buffet, bruise, scratch, maul; smite &c (scourge) 972; do violence, do harm, do a mischief; stab, pierce, outrage.

irritate, provoke, sting, nettle, try the patience, pique, fret, rile, tweak the nose, chafe, gall; sting to the quick, wound to the quick, cut to the quick; aggrieve, affront, enchafe^, enrage, ruffle, sour the temper; give offense &c (resentment)

Never was a country more mortally aggrieved than Hungary is.

All thought themselves entitled to offices and honours from the gratitude of the sovereign; no appointment could be made which did not deceive the expectations, and excite the murmurs, of numerous competitors; and complaints were everywhere heard, cabals were formed, and the wisest plans were frequently controlled and defeated, by men who thought themselves neglected or aggrieved.

They allowed of no appeal from the ecclesiastical tribunals to the civil magistrate; the parliament empowered all who thought themselves aggrieved to apply for redress to either of the two houses.

National defence was of course alleged as the prime consideration; and if these preparations were really required by growing danger on the two main frontiers of Germany, no German could do otherwise than approve the policy, no foreign Power could feel itself legitimately aggrieved.

When a dispute arises in the village, should a person be suspected of theft, should his cattle trespass on his neighbour's growing crop, should he libel some one against whom he has a grudge, or, proceeding to stronger measures, take the law into his own hands and assault him, the aggrieved party complains to the head man of the village.

As a consequence, she exhibited much of the time an aggrieved air that comported but ludicrously with her tendency to bustle.

Some dispute seemed to have arisen at the moment of their entrance between the young builders, for a good-humoured, plain-looking girl, of twelve, the nursemaid of the baby, and the care-taker of four other little ones, was trying to pacify the aggrieved.

The children born of Indian slave mothers appear generally to have been liberated, for as willingly would a man nurse a viper in his bosom as keep an aggrieved and able-bodied redskin in his household.

One of those most aggrieved took it from me to beg her pardon, and say it was impossible not to love her.

Marie, exasperated by the persevering infidelity of her husband, considered herself, with some reason, as the aggrieved party: she had given a Dauphin to France; her fair fame was untainted; and she persisted in enforcing her right to retain and protect her Tuscan attendants.

For some time previously great discontent had existed among the citizens, who considered themselves aggrieved by the tyranny of the two lieutenants of the Duc d'Epernon their governor; and to such a height had their opposition to this delegated authority at length risen that the Duke found himself compelled to proceed to the city, in order, if possible, to reconcile the conflicting parties.

in an aggrieved voice.

" It could not be explained to the aggrieved Spike that his opponent had for the moment convinced himself that he faced one of Newbern's best-known business men.

put in the aggrieved Constance, "not even her blood kin!"

A man who's fundamentally honest is relieved instead of aggrieved by having proper checks on his handling of funds.

They were utterly exhausted, and still inclined to feel a little aggrieved at having been pulled out from rest; but they were well content.

In the present case the person who most found himself aggrieved, was the dishonest butcher.

A certain Aberdeenshire laird, who kept a very good poultry-yard, could not command a fresh egg for his breakfast, and felt much aggrieved by the want.

295 examples of  aggrieve  in sentences