34866 examples of aging in sentences

Trot Griffiths, Betsy Bobbin, and several others have also agreed to live the rest of their days in Oz rather than returning home to the mortal lands, where illness and death and aging are common.

THE POSSIBILITIES OF REJUVENATION Whatever other deductions may be extracted from these experiments, they prove beyond a doubt the existence of an endocrine factor in the process of aging, as well as an arterial.

But in the prematurely aging, decay invading a half accomplished maturity, marvels have been achieved at times with feeding of the gland.

Why, I could almost be a son of yours, if you will pardon that minor brutality, and the thing is aging me to this day.

But it was this chair that the aging woman loved.

It was only when she smiled, a smile which, curiously enough, seemed to bring back something of that aging sadness into her face, that he found himself able to readjust his tangled impressions.

The pen-trap, the better for the aging, was repaired and re-baited, and several Black Bears were taken.

We met McTavish, the host of the hotel, an aging planter, who kept his public house as an adjunct of his farm, and more for sociability than gain.

He was painted by the young Sargent, of course, and by the aging Whistleryou remember the butterfly's portrait of him in a yellow kimono leaning against a black mantel?

The aging boy felt suddenly friendly with all those distant worlds, glad they were there, so almost sociably near.

CHAPTER XII Once more the aging Wilbur Cowan stood alone by night thrillingly to watch the arched splendour of stars above and muse upon the fleeting years that carried off his youth.

Such thirsting breeds no good for staid and aging men, but my lips are athirst for lips whose loveliness no longer exists in flesh, and I thirst for a dead time and its dead fervors to be reviving, so that young Manuel may love again.

"To-night now surely somewhere, while this music sets uncertain and probing fingers to healed wounds, an aging woman, in everything a stranger to me, is troubled just thus futilely, and she too remembers what she half forgets.

The sweet eyes of his godfatheryellowish eyes spotted with black dotsused to receive Ulysses with the doting affection of an aging, old bachelor who needs to invent a family.

I say that, here at last, he had done a knightly deed, but she thought little of it, never raised her head as the troop clattered from Mauléon, with a lessening beat which lapsed now into the blunders of an aging fly who doddered about the window yonder.

He was an aging man, near sixty, huge and fair, with a crisp beard, and the bright unequal eyes of Manuel of Poictesme.

And, look you, my Princess, I am of aging person now.

His judgment found in her a quite ordinary, frightened woman, aging now, but still very handsome in these black and shimmering gold robes; but all his other faculties found her desirable: and with a contained hatred he had perceived, as if by the terse illumination of a thunderbolt, that he could never love any woman save the woman whom he most despised.

Mrs. Randall Jarrell (Mary Jarrell) (W); 6Mar68; R430888. Poets: old, new and aging.

A song of a frogfor an aging lady.

Mrs. Randall Jarrell (Mary Jarrell) (W); 6Mar68; R430888. Poets: old, new and aging.

But they could not reach her, Ethie did not come, and the term of Richard's governorship glided away, and he declined a re-election, and went back to Olney, looking ten years older than when he left it, with an habitual expression of sadness on his face, which even strangers noticed, wondering what was the heart trouble which was aging him so fast, and turning his brown hair gray.

Also it has its problem of aging.

These civilizations, in their turn, have passed through a recognizable life cyclethe cycle of growing, developing, maturing, aging, breaking up and disappearing.

After a half-century the boy was still discernible in the aging man.

34866 examples of  aging  in sentences