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34866 examples of  aging  in sentences

34866 examples of aging in sentences

What good is such an estate to an aging bachelor like me, who can never visit it?

Trot Griffiths, Betsy Bobbin, and several others have also agreed to live the rest of their days in Oz rather than returning home to the mortal lands, where illness and death and aging are common.

THE POSSIBILITIES OF REJUVENATION Whatever other deductions may be extracted from these experiments, they prove beyond a doubt the existence of an endocrine factor in the process of aging, as well as an arterial.

But in the prematurely aging, decay invading a half accomplished maturity, marvels have been achieved at times with feeding of the gland.

Why, I could almost be a son of yours, if you will pardon that minor brutality, and the thing is aging me to this day.

But it was this chair that the aging woman loved.

Returning as a middle-aging widow, after an unhappy wifehood in Africa, she meets on the boat two persons, Captain Brangwyn, a young man, and a girl-mother calling herself Antonina Pisa.

When Duge looked up again, Vine seemed to notice for the first time that his visitor was aging.

It was only when she smiled, a smile which, curiously enough, seemed to bring back something of that aging sadness into her face, that he found himself able to readjust his tangled impressions.

Joe was an athlete, a most likely to succeed guy; yet there he was every weekend in the BX with Shannon, fascinated by the aging bus boy loading his cart.

By dessert, Alison had told him that she was from a small town near Madison, Wisconsin, that her father had been an inventor, that her mother was still alive, aging and in need of care.

While he was imagining the fisherman, the aging bus boy appeared with his cart.

They walked over to Parker's aging blue Mercedes.

She could not help wondering at this, and said to herself that she must be aging faster than she thought.

In demanding this, theyas the aging Goethe had himself doneformed too narrow a conception of the personal, and rejected too absolutely the problems of politics and of science, so that once more a narrowing process ensued.

The pen-trap, the better for the aging, was repaired and re-baited, and several Black Bears were taken.

It made me sad to think that some day I should be like him; that perhaps in the eyes of my juniors I look like him already, careworn and aging.

The energetic young curate or curates may do that part of the parish work which exceeds the power of the aging incumbent, while the entire parochial machinery has still the advantage of being directed by his wisdom and experience, and while the old man is still permitted to do what he can with such strength as is spared to him, and to feel that he is useful in the noblest cause yet.

We met McTavish, the host of the hotel, an aging planter, who kept his public house as an adjunct of his farm, and more for sociability than gain.

"Yet let me see Him, let me see him!"Klopstock, The Messiah, xiii. ABBERVILLE (Lord), a young nobleman, 23 years of age, who has for travelling tutor a Welshman of 65, called Dr. Druid, an antiquary, wholly ignorant of his real duties as a guide of youth.

Adam died on Friday, April 7, at the age of 930 years.

At the age of fourscore, he voluntarily accompanied his young master Orlando into exile, and offered to give him his little savings.

Agnes (St.), a young virgin of Palermo, who at the age of thirteen was martyred at Rome during the Diocletian persecution of A.D. 304.

Thus came ye bookes of Amadis into light among us in this last age.

Mrs. Anne Bracegirdle equally delighted in melting tenderness and playful coquetry, in "Statira" or "Millamant;" and even at an advanced age, when she played "Angelica.

A pious and exemplary dame, especially well-versed in the catechism, who, in Goodman Brown's fantasy of the witches' revel in the forest, joins him on his way thither, and croaks over the loss of her broomstick, which was "all anointed with the juice of small-age and cinquefoil and wolf's bane" "Mingled with fine wheat and the fat of a new-born babe," says another shape.

A conceited young prig, not yet out of the quarrelsome age.

He is an old man, with seeing and hearing faint, and understanding dulled to childishness, yet he wishes to live on, and Feels not his gout nor palsy; feigns himself Younger by scores of years; flatters his age With confident belying it; hopes he may With charms, like Aeson, have his youth restored. Ben Jonson, Volpone or the Fox (1605).

When Moody is 50 and Peggy is 19, he wants to marry her, but she outwits him and marries Bellville, a young man of suitable age and position.

He died at the age of fourscore, "lamented and beloved, regretted and honored," if we can believe his monumental tablet.

Crothar, being blind with age, was attacked by Rothmar, chief of Tromlo, who resolved to annex Croma to his own dominion.

This notorious cut-purse once attacked General Fairfax on Hounslow Heath, but was arrested and sent to Newgate; she escaped, however, by bribing the turnkey, and died of dropsy at the age of 75.

During his minority, Owen and Cynetha loved each other dearly; but when the orphan came of age and claimed his inheritance, his uncle burnt his eyes out by exposing them to plates of hot brass.

Beatrice Portina'ri married Simon de Bardi, and died at the age of 24; Dante was a few months older.

He was painted by the young Sargent, of course, and by the aging Whistleryou remember the butterfly's portrait of him in a yellow kimono leaning against a black mantel?

" When asked about her age and that of Paul, "My brother," she would answer, "is the same age with the great coconut-tree of the fountain, and I the same age with the small one.

" When asked about her age and that of Paul, "My brother," she would answer, "is the same age with the great coconut-tree of the fountain, and I the same age with the small one.

" When asked about her age and that of Paul, "My brother," she would answer, "is the same age with the great coconut-tree of the fountain, and I the same age with the small one.

I.In Venice Little Consuelo, at the age of fourteen, was the best of all the pupils of the Maestro Porpora, a famous Italian composer, of the eighteenth century.

He looked far older, and the fire of his countenance seemed chilled by age.

Born at Cowlairs, near Glasgow, Scotland, Oct. 30, 1789, at the age of seventeen Scott was sent to Jamaica to manage a small estate of his father's, and a few years later entered business at Kingstown.

The hearts of men were made of sterling gold, When troth met troth, in those brave days of old,' O Zeus, O gods who age not nor decay! Let e'en two hundred ages roll away, But at the last these tidings let me learn,

Age overtakes us all; Our temples first; then on o'er cheek and chin, Slowly and surely, creep the frosts of Time.

Who there holds revels with his heavenly mates, And sees, with joy exceeding, children rise On children; for that Zeus exempts from age And death their frames who sprang from Heracles: And Ptolemy, like Alexander, claims From him; his gallant son their common sire.

Nay, my soul, let us be sage; Act as they that have already sipped the wisdom-cup of age.

By that time aging and blurring of the original lead pencil notes, together with recopying, had invalidated the record till it is no longer altogether reliable.

The now aging professionals saw the wave of interest in Squash Racquets and climbed aboard.

The aging boy felt suddenly friendly with all those distant worlds, glad they were there, so almost sociably near.

CHAPTER XII Once more the aging Wilbur Cowan stood alone by night thrillingly to watch the arched splendour of stars above and muse upon the fleeting years that carried off his youth.

He was aging and knotted with rheumatism, and his failing eyes did not now suffice for many of the nicer jobs.

For it was at the price of his youth that Manuel had recovered the woman whom his youth desired: and Misery had subtly evened matters by awarding an aging man the woman for whose sake a lad had fearlessly served Misery.

Such thirsting breeds no good for staid and aging men, but my lips are athirst for lips whose loveliness no longer exists in flesh, and I thirst for a dead time and its dead fervors to be reviving, so that young Manuel may love again.

"To-night now surely somewhere, while this music sets uncertain and probing fingers to healed wounds, an aging woman, in everything a stranger to me, is troubled just thus futilely, and she too remembers what she half forgets.

Their efforts are apt to be either distasteful or pathetically comic, and the world is apt to be cynically contemptuous of the "romantic" outbursts of aging people.

They had hoped to find a shelter for their old age with him at a parsonage, and now God had taken him.

Perhaps I love her too much, and in my old age am losing my former energy; but then she is such an affectionate creature!

The sweet eyes of his godfatheryellowish eyes spotted with black dotsused to receive Ulysses with the doting affection of an aging, old bachelor who needs to invent a family.

The Greek dreams with sullen intensity of a golden age before the Bulgar was found in the land, and the challenge implied in the revival of the Hellenic name, so far from being a superficial vanity, is the dominant characteristic of the nationalism which has adopted it for its title.

He had procured for himself a viol and a long falchion, and had somewhere got suitable clothes for the Queen; and in their aging but decent garb the two approached near enough to the appearance of what they desired to be thought.

I say that, here at last, he had done a knightly deed, but she thought little of it, never raised her head as the troop clattered from Maulรฉon, with a lessening beat which lapsed now into the blunders of an aging fly who doddered about the window yonder.

He was an aging man, near sixty, huge and fair, with a crisp beard, and the bright unequal eyes of Manuel of Poictesme.

And, look you, my Princess, I am of aging person now.

I will have a hundred there; and certain aging scores will then be settled in that place."

I am almost twice her age, an aging fellow now, battered and selfish and too indolent to love hersay, as Gwyllem loved her.

The other half of me remembers that I am aging, that Caradawc's hut is leaky, that, in fine, bodily comfort is the single luxury of which one never tires.

His judgment found in her a quite ordinary, frightened woman, aging now, but still very handsome in these black and shimmering gold robes; but all his other faculties found her desirable: and with a contained hatred he had perceived, as if by the terse illumination of a thunderbolt, that he could never love any woman save the woman whom he most despised.

Mrs. Randall Jarrell (Mary Jarrell) (W); 6Mar68; R430888. Poets: old, new and aging.

A song of a frogfor an aging lady.

Aging successfully.

The Social and biological challenge of our aging population.

Mrs. Randall Jarrell (Mary Jarrell) (W); 6Mar68; R430888. Poets: old, new and aging.

A song of a frogfor an aging lady.

Aging successfully.

Early tales of the atomic age.

Teacher's handbook and answer key for Physics for the new age.

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The Social and biological challenge of our aging population.

Isaac was at an impressible age, and on those occasions his thirsty soul drank eagerly from the fountain of living water.

" They were married on the eighteenth of the Ninth Month, [September,] 1795; he being nearly twenty-four years of age, and she about three years younger.

He was then, only twenty-six years of age, and he felt somewhat embarrassed at the idea of calling upon a wealthy and distinguished stranger, who was said to be rather imperious and irritable.

When he was thirty years of age, he married, and was employed as a coachman by Dr. Benjamin Rush, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

She was just at that susceptible age when youth is ripening into womanhood, when the soul begins to be pervaded by "that restless principle, which impels poor humans to seek perfection in union.

The younger brother likewise passed through his apprenticeship in a manner very satisfactory to his friends; and at twenty-one years of age, he also was introduced to the governor with testimonials of his good conduct.

"Pretty hearty yet, owing to having lived a clean and wholesome life, thank God; but aging, siraging.

The kindness between the brothers is as simple in the broken adventurer whose wide world has failed him as in the aging peasant, pent from his birth in the Cathedral close, with no knowledge of anything beyond it.

But they could not reach her, Ethie did not come, and the term of Richard's governorship glided away, and he declined a re-election, and went back to Olney, looking ten years older than when he left it, with an habitual expression of sadness on his face, which even strangers noticed, wondering what was the heart trouble which was aging him so fast, and turning his brown hair gray.

The others were aging into tassels of down.

aging pat on the head and the promise of a lump of sugar if she would only "be a good girl.

In this age, when all thingseven our dear Bishopsare considered fit subjects for jest, we could do with one serious-minded paper.

and I have understood that all those over 60 year of age was exempt from these things.

And there was much talk about "Robin Hood's Barn," a thing I was never told about at an age when I am sure it would have given me sincere pleasure.

When she was about seven or eight, Patience assisted other children about her age and older in picking out cotton seeds from the picked cotton.

He wore no shoes until he was a man past 20 years of age.

He had been well taken care of and looked younger than 37 years of age at the close of slavery.

"Bless you, whether their folks air rich or poor, they never think at that age what it costs to clothe 'em.

Master Bertram Mortimer, having reached the ripe age of nine years, had come to the conclusion that it was muffishlike a cad, like a girlto cry.

Also it has its problem of aging.

These civilizations, in their turn, have passed through a recognizable life cyclethe cycle of growing, developing, maturing, aging, breaking up and disappearing.

While in space this attraction is diminishedbeing inversely as the square of the distanceand so there is maintained and emphasized the appearance of suspension and isolation, yet in time it gains preponderance, contracting sphere and orbit, aging planets and suns, and accumulating destruction, which at the point of annihilation becomes a new creation.

After a half-century the boy was still discernible in the aging man.