34866 examples of aging in sentences

Trot Griffiths, Betsy Bobbin, and several others have also agreed to live the rest of their days in Oz rather than returning home to the mortal lands, where illness and death and aging are common.

THE POSSIBILITIES OF REJUVENATION Whatever other deductions may be extracted from these experiments, they prove beyond a doubt the existence of an endocrine factor in the process of aging, as well as an arterial.

But in the prematurely aging, decay invading a half accomplished maturity, marvels have been achieved at times with feeding of the gland.

But it was this chair that the aging woman loved.

Returning as a middle-aging widow, after an unhappy wifehood in Africa, she meets on the boat two persons, Captain Brangwyn, a young man, and a girl-mother calling herself Antonina Pisa.

Joe was an athlete, a most likely to succeed guy; yet there he was every weekend in the BX with Shannon, fascinated by the aging bus boy loading his cart.

By dessert, Alison had told him that she was from a small town near Madison, Wisconsin, that her father had been an inventor, that her mother was still alive, aging and in need of care.

While he was imagining the fisherman, the aging bus boy appeared with his cart.

They walked over to Parker's aging blue Mercedes.

She could not help wondering at this, and said to herself that she must be aging faster than she thought.

In demanding this, theyas the aging Goethe had himself doneformed too narrow a conception of the personal, and rejected too absolutely the problems of politics and of science, so that once more a narrowing process ensued.

The pen-trap, the better for the aging, was repaired and re-baited, and several Black Bears were taken.

We met McTavish, the host of the hotel, an aging planter, who kept his public house as an adjunct of his farm, and more for sociability than gain.

He was painted by the young Sargent, of course, and by the aging Whistleryou remember the butterfly's portrait of him in a yellow kimono leaning against a black mantel?

By that time aging and blurring of the original lead pencil notes, together with recopying, had invalidated the record till it is no longer altogether reliable.

The aging boy felt suddenly friendly with all those distant worlds, glad they were there, so almost sociably near.

For it was at the price of his youth that Manuel had recovered the woman whom his youth desired: and Misery had subtly evened matters by awarding an aging man the woman for whose sake a lad had fearlessly served Misery.

Such thirsting breeds no good for staid and aging men, but my lips are athirst for lips whose loveliness no longer exists in flesh, and I thirst for a dead time and its dead fervors to be reviving, so that young Manuel may love again.

"To-night now surely somewhere, while this music sets uncertain and probing fingers to healed wounds, an aging woman, in everything a stranger to me, is troubled just thus futilely, and she too remembers what she half forgets.

Their efforts are apt to be either distasteful or pathetically comic, and the world is apt to be cynically contemptuous of the "romantic" outbursts of aging people.

Mrs. Randall Jarrell (Mary Jarrell) (W); 6Mar68; R430888. Poets: old, new and aging.

The Social and biological challenge of our aging population.

Mrs. Randall Jarrell (Mary Jarrell) (W); 6Mar68; R430888. Poets: old, new and aging.

The kindness between the brothers is as simple in the broken adventurer whose wide world has failed him as in the aging peasant, pent from his birth in the Cathedral close, with no knowledge of anything beyond it.

But they could not reach her, Ethie did not come, and the term of Richard's governorship glided away, and he declined a re-election, and went back to Olney, looking ten years older than when he left it, with an habitual expression of sadness on his face, which even strangers noticed, wondering what was the heart trouble which was aging him so fast, and turning his brown hair gray.

34866 examples of  aging  in sentences