508 examples of agonizing in sentences

And he sobbed through grinding teeth as he felt the disintegrating, agonizing, irremediable forces at work on body, mind, and soul.

" An icy horror chills the Champion's heart, His brain whirls round with agonizing smart; O'er his wan cheek no gushing sorrows flow, Senseless he sinks beneath the weight of woe; Relieved at length, with frenzied look, he cries: "Prove thou art mine, confirm my doubting eyes!

And there beheld the agonizing sight The murderous end of that unnatural fight.

One thing became clear, that the revolution was rapidly making its way to victory, and that Diaz, prostrate with an agonizing disease, an abscess of the jaw, was in no condition to rally his disheartened followers in person.

I" The sentence was completed with one of the most piercing and agonizing screams that ever issued from the throat of a fair young woman.

And Stanley relates that a watch with its constant ticking sent the bravest of Congo chiefs into a cold sweat of agonizing fear; on discovering which, the explorer had but to draw his Waterbury and threaten to turn the whole bunch into crocodiles, and at once they got busy and did his bidding.

A moment's pause: then midst a wail Of agonizing woe, His answer falls upon the ear, 'Yes, sister, you must go!' 'No longer can my arm defend, No longer can I save My sister from the horrid fate That waits her as a SLAVE!'

Here sits the priest, and faint and low, Like the sighing of an evening breeze, Comes through these painted lattices The ceaseless sound of human woe, Here, while her bosom aches and throbs With deep and agonizing sobs, That half are passion, half contrition, The luckless daughter of perdition Slowly confesses her secret shame!

The butterfly struggled with an agonizing desire to break down into unbridled mirth and confess.

If what Sophy told and believed was the real truth, what prayers could be agonizing enough, what tenderness could be deep enough, for this poor, lost, blighted, hapless, blameless child of misfortune, struck by such a doom as perhaps no living creature in all the sisterhood of humanity shared with her?

What a field was opened for reflection, by the agonizing death of Mrs. Helm?

With a spring into the air and an agonizing shriek, he dropped lifeless into the bushes below.

During a few moments of agonizing suspense the world waited.

As she came out of the door, he dropped his hand, threw back his head, and again sent out an agonizing cry"Bar-ba-ra!

Her sufferings at this time were agonizing; she could lie in no position but on her back, which was sore from scourgings, as I can testify, from personal inspection, and her only place of rest was the floor, on a blanket.

When the officer was hit and rolled backwards and lay groaning and swearing, Bunthrop's chief and agonizing thought was that theyhehad lost the assistance and protection of the gun.

When she revived from the stupor, at times it was agonizing to witness her suffering.

But just as I approached the window, another agonizing bray announced the innocent character of my midnight visitor.

When Nondre recovered from the fall and saw his nine lifeless companions stretched in death, he gave an agonizing shriek; he wrung his hands, screamed "Favor, favor, me matan sin causa.

The soul unto itself Is an imperial friend, Or the most agonizing spy An enemy could send.

This thought overwhelmed him, again and again, each time with more agonizing force, like an increasing wave, and as one flood washed over him with fiercer passion than the others, the boy rose hurriedly, ran around the barn, and flung himself upon a pile of hay.

He could not hear the gentle breaking of the agonizing lump in the child's throat.

For it holds in its barbed meshes a record of one agonizing second in which Piggy saw the folded paper begin to slip and slide down the incline of his Heart's Desire's desk, whereon the Pratt girl had dropped it; saw the two girls grab for it; heard it crash from the seat to the floor with what seemed to him a deafening roar.

So agonizing was it for Bud that he forgot to imagine what a triumph it was for the North Endand further anguish is impossible for a boy.

The drill was performed with immense spirit, but only one of the soldiers showed any dexterity; but while the sergeant was upholding him as 'the very moral of a patthern to the rest,' poor Brutus was seized with agonizing horror at the recognition of Barberina in this disguise!

508 examples of  agonizing  in sentences