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508 examples of  agonizing  in sentences

508 examples of agonizing in sentences

I write for the Ledger, and whenever 'I draw a vail, etc.,' that ends it, that does!" As we stepped from the steamer to the landing, I observed a youth of about six summers dressed in the most elaborately agonizing manner.

And yet we feel something of that agonizing uncertainty which forced from the aged Abbe Jean the bitter cry, "Fรฉli, Fรฉli, my brother!" Jan. 1897.

* One of the first free concert halls in the city was located on Bridge Square, and it bore the agonizing name of Agony hall.

Whether it was named for its agonizing music or the agonizing effects of its beverages was a question that its patrons were not able to determine.

Whether it was named for its agonizing music or the agonizing effects of its beverages was a question that its patrons were not able to determine.

I cried in that sharp tone of imperious anger whichwith some tempers at leastis the natural expression of the outward impulse produced by supreme and agonizing terror.

And he sobbed through grinding teeth as he felt the disintegrating, agonizing, irremediable forces at work on body, mind, and soul.

They asked no questions of their captorsfor conscience told them that their sin had found them out, and that they were about to expiate their crimes by a death, probably both lingering and agonizing.

" An icy horror chills the Champion's heart, His brain whirls round with agonizing smart; O'er his wan cheek no gushing sorrows flow, Senseless he sinks beneath the weight of woe; Relieved at length, with frenzied look, he cries: "Prove thou art mine, confirm my doubting eyes!

And there beheld the agonizing sight The murderous end of that unnatural fight.

One thing became clear, that the revolution was rapidly making its way to victory, and that Diaz, prostrate with an agonizing disease, an abscess of the jaw, was in no condition to rally his disheartened followers in person.

Here sits the priest, and faint and low, Like the sighing of an evening breeze, Comes through these painted lattices The ceaseless sound of human woe, Here, while her bosom aches and throbs With deep and agonizing sobs, That half are passion, half contrition, The luckless daughter of perdition Slowly confesses her secret shame!

We have little pleasure in exhibiting pictures of human suffering; and shall say but little of the groans and pains that Daggett uttered and endured, while undergoing that most agonizing process of having the frost taken out of his system by cold applications.

The court actually believed that, having insulted and betrayed Lafayette and all that body of conservative opinion which might have steadied the social equilibrium, they could rely on the fidelity of regiments filled with men against whom the emigrants and their allies, the Prussians, had just denounced an agonizing death, such as Bouillรฉ's soldiers had undergone, together with the destruction of their homes.

Instantly on the qui-vive, he first cocked his rifle, and, just as he descried the Indian's head above the embankment he pulled with unerring aim the fatal trigger, when with an agonizing howl, the Indian toppled backwards down the embankment, and all was silent.

I want to express to you my appreciation of the high character of citizenship displayed by the people of Centralia in their agonizing calamity.

In the middle of the night we were awakened by the most agonizing yells and screams.

angustioso, -a, full of anguish, heartrending, desperate, terrible, agonizing.

This mode of death, chosen by the Romans as comparatively painless, is in fact under certain circumstances most agonizing.

The third actthe terrible peripety in the love of Philippe and Hรฉlรจnehas run its agonizing course, and worked itself out.

An agonizing shriek from above startled all; and in another moment the lady (the traveller in the diligence) fell on what appeared to be the soldier's bier.

" This evening the forbidden subject of politics crept into our quiet community, and the result was an explosive contention which drowned even the braying of the agonizing trumpets outside.

CHAPTER I. The backwoods settlementCrusoe's parentage and early historyThe agonizing pains and sorrows of his puppyhood, and other interesting matters.

The backwoods settlementCrusoe's parentage, and early historyThe agonizing pains and sorrows of his puppyhood, and other interesting matters.

His heart began to sink lower and lower every day, and the utter impossibility of making up his mind what to do became at length agonizing.

It is, in fact, difficult to realise the amount of ingenuity exercised by men in inventing new tortures, in order to give themselves the satisfaction of seeing their fellow-creatures agonizing in the most awful sufferings.

The butterfly struggled with an agonizing desire to break down into unbridled mirth and confess.

A man about twenty yards to the right of my company, but not of my platoon, leaped into the air with an agonizing cry and fell in a heap, mortally wounded.

Witty, lively people could be very nice when you were in the mood for them, but agonizing when you were not; and since it wasn't permissible to cover human beings up like canaries when you had tired of them, or send them away like children when they had prattled enough, Angela cuddled down among her cushions and rugs, glad to be let alone for the first time in her life.

On the pale cheek, where hung the tear Of agonizing woe, She bids the cheerful bloom appear, The tear of rapture flow.

There was never a week passed but he was bowled over for twenty-four or forty-eight hours with an agonizing sick-headache.

The woman who for him was the sole and only incarnation of the whole race of womankind throughout the ages rose before his mental sight with a surprising clearness; every hair of his body stood on end in an agonizing spasm of desire, and he dug his nails into the palms of his hands.

In solitary places heroes pray throughout the night, wrestling like Jacob, agonizing like Saul, and with some of them the angel left his blessing; for some the golden harp was struck that soothed their souls to peace.

He was now on the highest part of the cathedral, and farther from his hopes than ever; and so agonizing were his feelings, that he almost felt tempted to fling himself headlong downwards.

There were plenty of other serious cases, some of them with ghastly injuries, and many of them must have suffered agonizing pain; but they were all doing their best to make light of their troubles, whilst their gratitude for what was done for them was extraordinary.

If what Sophy told and believed was the real truth, what prayers could be agonizing enough, what tenderness could be deep enough, for this poor, lost, blighted, hapless, blameless child of misfortune, struck by such a doom as perhaps no living creature in all the sisterhood of humanity shared with her?

Then come the matchless scenes that body forth the short romance of Margaret, her quick infatuation, her loss of virgin honor, the death of her mother and brother, her shame and misery, her agonizing death in prison.

What a field was opened for reflection, by the agonizing death of Mrs. Helm?

During a few moments of agonizing suspense the world waited.

Manipulation of the foot is resented, and the agonizing intensity of the pain so caused is shown by the drawn and haggard appearance of the eyes.

On keen Misfortune's agonizing wound Did foul Ingratitude her poisons pour?

As she came out of the door, he dropped his hand, threw back his head, and again sent out an agonizing cry"Bar-ba-ra!

Mrs. Carteret, who had never been quite strong since the child's birth, was a prey to the most agonizing apprehensions.

At about eight o'clock in the evening I heard the barking of several dogs, mingled with the most agonizing cries that I ever heard from any human being.

And animated and sustained by a declaration, so inspiring and sublime, they rushed to arms, and as the result of agonizing efforts and dreadful sufferings, achieved under God the independence of their country.

and her eyes fastened themselves upon Madam Conway with an agonizing intensity which that lady could not fathom.

She put her hand to her brow, and seemed for a moment overpowered by agonizing recollections.

When the officer was hit and rolled backwards and lay groaning and swearing, Bunthrop's chief and agonizing thought was that theyhehad lost the assistance and protection of the gun.

" Then there was a long, delicious, agonizing moment of passion and pain until the guard's gruff voice came between them.

Then there was silence in that dingy chamber, heavy, agonizing silence.

Ah, who can gaze on death, nor inward feel A creeping horror through the bosom steal, Like one who stands upon a precipice, And sees below a mangled sacrifice, Feeling that he himself must ere long fall, With none to save him, none to hear his call, Or wrest him from the agonizing thrall?

When at her own dinner-table she heard the sweet and singular laugh that had so struck her on that occasion, the sensitiveness of hearing peculiar to the blind caused her to recognize the sound at once; and the description which I afterward gave her of your personal appearance only changed torturing doubt into agonizing certainty.

We cannot doubt that the agonizing appeal of the latter is listened to by all who truly feel the weight of their religious testimonies resting upon them; and we trust there will be found among them, an increasing zeal to secure to these unhappy victims of avarice and the lust of power, that liberty which George Fox, two centuries in advance of his contemporaries, declared to be 'the right of all men.'

As he hung bleeding and agonizing on the cross, while his enemies were cruelly mocking his misery, he looked up to heaven, and uttered that wonderful prayer"Father forgive them; for they know not what they do."

In the extensive library of medical almanacs and circulars which I find daily deposited by travelling agents at my front door, among all the agonizing vignettes of diseases which adorn their covers, and which Irish Bridget daily studies with inexperienced enjoyment in the front entry, there is no case which seems to afford a parallel to yours.

I have a friend also hanging in agonizing suspense over a little one who has been injured by a fall; she is sweetly submissive, but you know what a mother's heart is.

How is it possible to escape the conviction that all its unsatisfied yearnings, its baffled aims, its restless, agonizing aspirings after a something, clearly perceived to exist, but to be here unattainablethat all these things point to another life, the only true life of the soul?

There was no possibility of obtaining any more before morning, and the rest of that night, while attending to the other directions of the doctors, I spent in one earnest, agonizing prayer that God would so overrule natural causes that death would not occur in consequence of what I felt to be my own culpable carelessness in not having provided a larger quantity of an article so necessary.

Though my pleadings in this direction were earnest, and often agonizing, yet I could say with a fervor as never before, 'Not my will, but thine be done.'

After a time the panic quieted down to a heartless agonizing despair, and a heavy, dark spirit fell over the planet.

One weekone short week, and yet to him a week of agonizing suffering, and all was over.

We watched his failing breath with agonizing emotions.

O, the fearful agonizing cry that arose by that death bed, when we realized that the husband and father had passed away, forever away.

Marie in great alarm caused all around her to join in the search, while she remained at one of the windows in a state of agonizing anxiety.

As my life creeps on for ever through the long toil-laden days with its agonizing monotony, narrowness, and absolute uncongeniality, how my spirit frets and champs its unbreakable fettersall in vain!

To the cry of the poor Syro-Phenician woman, no less than to that of the centurion or nobleman, did he give his attention and sympathy, and with equal speed did he answer the agonizing prayer.

The German pulled himself up with an agonizing shudder, then fell on his back, with his arms relaxed.

His memory to the scene of blood reverts; He hears the echo of his victims' cry, Whose agonizing eyes again are fixed Upon his face, pleading for mercy.

Thinking it might be a runner, he had leaned over the side of the sled to look; there was a crushing blow, and he recalled no more until he felt Baldy's hot breath, and an agonizing pain in his temple.

Lo! back recoiling straight, by fairy craft, Back to its master speeds the reeking shaft; Deep in his sinewy thigh inflicts a wound, And strikes the astonish'd hunter to the ground, While, with a voice which neither bray'd nor spoke, Thus fearfully the beast her silence broke: "Pains, agonizing pains must thou endure,

He was in the meeting of many waters, each capable of whirling him where it chose, but two only imperious: the one the fierce joy of being loved; the other an agonizing remorse.

The most amazing illustration of it is to be found in China, where the girls of the upper classes are obliged to this day to submit to the most agonizing process of crippling their feet, which finally, as Professor Flower remarks in his book on Fashion and Deformity, assume "the appearance of the hoof of some animal rather than a human foot."

The Pundita Ramabai Sarasvati, in her agonizing book, The High Caste Hindu Woman, writes with bitter sarcasm, that "even the wild animals are so intelligent and of such refined taste that they mock at British law and almost always steal girls to satisfy their hunger."

The writer had among her patients some who tried by the most agonizing of deathsvoluntary starvationto escape their misery.

His lordship leaped half out of his corduroys, turned with agonizing abruptness toward the tall young man, and gasped "Oh!"

At length, after she had undergone fire, the talons of beasts, and agonizing aspersion, she was wrapped in a network and thrown to a bull that tossed her in the air; she was already unconscious of all that befell her, and seemed altogether taken up with watching for the blessings that Christ had in store for her.

As he always boasted of his distinguished countrymen, I suggested, in the midst of one of his most agonizing spasms, that he ought to find consolation in the fact that Lord Nelson was always seasick on the slightest provocation.

But just as I approached the window, another agonizing bray announced the innocent character of my midnight visitor.

Wipe the wan cheek, deep-lav'd by many a tear; Nature, the triumph foul of horror o'er, Shall raise her frame to scenes of blood no more; Pale recollection shall recall her woes, Again shall paint her agonizing throes: These, o'er the earth thine empire firm shall raise, Unaw'd by war's destructive storms, the bliss of future days.

Then they ceased, and after two years of agonizing suspense, we heard that he had died of yellow fever in New Orleans.

Their only appeal comes from their sad eyes, through which one looks as through an open window into their agonizing souls.

Soon agonizing screams were heard, and baby was found on the floor with the cradle pounding on top of him.

When Nondre recovered from the fall and saw his nine lifeless companions stretched in death, he gave an agonizing shriek; he wrung his hands, screamed "Favor, favor, me matan sin causa.

The egoists may be the martyrs of a nobler dispensation, agonizing for a more arduous ideal.

Fresh bleed the fiery wounds Through all that agonizing heart undone Still on the voiceless lips "my Father" sounds,

But after hours of prayer and struggle, and wave after wave of agonizing convulsion, he gained one of those high points in human possibility where souls can stand a little while at a time, and where all things seem so transfigured and pure that they fancy themselves thenceforward forever victorious over evil.

She goes through trials of sickness, death, agonizing suspense, and ever with the same heroic cheerfulness, that her anxious husband may be spared the pangs which she endures.

Presently he subsided, looked me straight in the face, and muttered with agonizing fervor, "What a jolly brick you are!"

This thought overwhelmed him, again and again, each time with more agonizing force, like an increasing wave, and as one flood washed over him with fiercer passion than the others, the boy rose hurriedly, ran around the barn, and flung himself upon a pile of hay.

He could not hear the gentle breaking of the agonizing lump in the child's throat.

For it holds in its barbed meshes a record of one agonizing second in which Piggy saw the folded paper begin to slip and slide down the incline of his Heart's Desire's desk, whereon the Pratt girl had dropped it; saw the two girls grab for it; heard it crash from the seat to the floor with what seemed to him a deafening roar.

So agonizing was it for Bud that he forgot to imagine what a triumph it was for the North Endand further anguish is impossible for a boy.

And so gradually I dropped my agonizing anxiety and let my eyes drink in the onequalled beauty of the seen as we went by the tall glorious palaces towerin' up in white magnificence.

Armies meet on the field of battle; shot and shell rend the air; men fall to the ground like leaves in autumnal storms, bleeding, agonizing, dying; the earth is reddened by human blood; the more gory the earth beneath the tread of one army the louder the revel of victory in the ranks of the other.

Some are boiling cauldrons into which the unwary fall now and again to meet a death terrible, yetif the dying words of some of them may be believednot always agonizing, so completely does the shock of contact with the boiling water kill the nervous system.

Life, with the agonizing longing for her, seeing her daily and being denied, was more than could be borne.

" The man who wrote this letter was capable of condensing in a few calm words a world of passion, whether he spoke or wrote them; but he had governed his pen carefully in his agonizing uncertainty.

One understood after a while the nightmare that lays hold of trench-stale men, when the dreamer wanders for ever in those blind mazes till, after centuries of agonizing flight, he finds himself stumbling out again into the white blaze and horror of the mined fronthe who thought he had almost reached home!

how agonizing must thy hunger be, where others swell in scornful superfluity!

The drill was performed with immense spirit, but only one of the soldiers showed any dexterity; but while the sergeant was upholding him as 'the very moral of a patthern to the rest,' poor Brutus was seized with agonizing horror at the recognition of Barberina in this disguise!