508 examples of agonizing in sentences

And yet we feel something of that agonizing uncertainty which forced from the aged Abbe Jean the bitter cry, "Féli, Féli, my brother!" Jan. 1897.

* One of the first free concert halls in the city was located on Bridge Square, and it bore the agonizing name of Agony hall.

Whether it was named for its agonizing music or the agonizing effects of its beverages was a question that its patrons were not able to determine.

Whether it was named for its agonizing music or the agonizing effects of its beverages was a question that its patrons were not able to determine.

And he sobbed through grinding teeth as he felt the disintegrating, agonizing, irremediable forces at work on body, mind, and soul.

They asked no questions of their captorsfor conscience told them that their sin had found them out, and that they were about to expiate their crimes by a death, probably both lingering and agonizing.

" An icy horror chills the Champion's heart, His brain whirls round with agonizing smart; O'er his wan cheek no gushing sorrows flow, Senseless he sinks beneath the weight of woe; Relieved at length, with frenzied look, he cries: "Prove thou art mine, confirm my doubting eyes!

And there beheld the agonizing sight The murderous end of that unnatural fight.

Here sits the priest, and faint and low, Like the sighing of an evening breeze, Comes through these painted lattices The ceaseless sound of human woe, Here, while her bosom aches and throbs With deep and agonizing sobs, That half are passion, half contrition, The luckless daughter of perdition Slowly confesses her secret shame!

We have little pleasure in exhibiting pictures of human suffering; and shall say but little of the groans and pains that Daggett uttered and endured, while undergoing that most agonizing process of having the frost taken out of his system by cold applications.

Instantly on the qui-vive, he first cocked his rifle, and, just as he descried the Indian's head above the embankment he pulled with unerring aim the fatal trigger, when with an agonizing howl, the Indian toppled backwards down the embankment, and all was silent.

I want to express to you my appreciation of the high character of citizenship displayed by the people of Centralia in their agonizing calamity.

An agonizing shriek from above startled all; and in another moment the lady (the traveller in the diligence) fell on what appeared to be the soldier's bier.

" This evening the forbidden subject of politics crept into our quiet community, and the result was an explosive contention which drowned even the braying of the agonizing trumpets outside.

CHAPTER I. The backwoods settlementCrusoe's parentage and early historyThe agonizing pains and sorrows of his puppyhood, and other interesting matters.

The backwoods settlementCrusoe's parentage, and early historyThe agonizing pains and sorrows of his puppyhood, and other interesting matters.

His heart began to sink lower and lower every day, and the utter impossibility of making up his mind what to do became at length agonizing.

He was now on the highest part of the cathedral, and farther from his hopes than ever; and so agonizing were his feelings, that he almost felt tempted to fling himself headlong downwards.

As he hung bleeding and agonizing on the cross, while his enemies were cruelly mocking his misery, he looked up to heaven, and uttered that wonderful prayer"Father forgive them; for they know not what they do."

How is it possible to escape the conviction that all its unsatisfied yearnings, its baffled aims, its restless, agonizing aspirings after a something, clearly perceived to exist, but to be here unattainablethat all these things point to another life, the only true life of the soul?

As my life creeps on for ever through the long toil-laden days with its agonizing monotony, narrowness, and absolute uncongeniality, how my spirit frets and champs its unbreakable fettersall in vain!

Lo! back recoiling straight, by fairy craft, Back to its master speeds the reeking shaft; Deep in his sinewy thigh inflicts a wound, And strikes the astonish'd hunter to the ground, While, with a voice which neither bray'd nor spoke, Thus fearfully the beast her silence broke: "Pains, agonizing pains must thou endure,

The most amazing illustration of it is to be found in China, where the girls of the upper classes are obliged to this day to submit to the most agonizing process of crippling their feet, which finally, as Professor Flower remarks in his book on Fashion and Deformity, assume "the appearance of the hoof of some animal rather than a human foot."

Fresh bleed the fiery wounds Through all that agonizing heart undone Still on the voiceless lips "my Father" sounds,

The drill was performed with immense spirit, but only one of the soldiers showed any dexterity; but while the sergeant was upholding him as 'the very moral of a patthern to the rest,' poor Brutus was seized with agonizing horror at the recognition of Barberina in this disguise!

508 examples of  agonizing  in sentences