16263 examples of agreeing in sentences

" This question was finally compromised by agreeing that the importation of slaves should end after the year 1808.

I flatly refused, because it would look too much as if I was eager to hold my rank as captain, and after considerable tongue-wagging it was decided that Jacob should tackle the job, his father agreeing to go with him to headquarters.

But, after agreeing to a time when we should visit them personally, we set out together to see the "Stone Yard," where there are many factory hands at work under the Board of Guardians.

On this occasion, my lords, every Briton fixes his eye upon us, and every man who has sagacity enough to discover the dismal approach of publick poverty, now supplicates your lordships, by agreeing to this address, to preserve him from it.

Thirlby agreeing to this, and the old porter repeating his assurance that Leonard might make himself quite easy as to Blaize, for he would send his master to him the instant he returned, they set out.

In 1800 the Republican and Federalist members of Congress respectively held secret meetings or caucuses, chiefly for the purpose of agreeing upon candidates for the vice-presidency and making some plans for the canvass.

Since it is natural to expect that a much-heralded book will fail, when it does eventually appear, to fulfil the promise of its publishers, it is the more pleasant to find oneself agreeing with Messrs. HODDER AND STOUGHTON that bashfulness on their part would have been out of place in regard to Mr. JAMES W. GERARD'S memoirs, My Four Years in Germany.

"If we could exchange," wrote B. to A., "We should both keep fitter (the doctors say)," And, A. agreeing, they humbly prayed The great War Office to lend its aid.

It is difficult to avoid agreeing with him either in his observation or in his conclusion.

You wait until there are persons enough agreeing with you to form an effective party?

The connection commenced by Mark's agreeing to be Bridget's brother, as well as Anne's.

"He quarrelleth my bringing some testimonies of antiquity, agreeing with what I say."Ib., iii, 373.

That is, their finite tenses may be followed by a nominative, and their infinitives and participles by a nominative or an objective, agreeing with a noun or a pronoun which precedes them.

Here madness is in the nominative case, agreeing with it; and lord, in the objective, agreeing with man.

Here madness is in the nominative case, agreeing with it; and lord, in the objective, agreeing with man.

Here people is in the nominative case, agreeing with Jews.

1.To this rule, so far as its application is practicable, there are properly no exceptions; for, or and nor being disjunctive conjunctions, the nominatives are of course to assume the verb separately, and as agreeing with each.

12.According to the theory of this work, verbs themselves are not unfrequently connected, one to an other, by and, or, or nor; so that two or more of them, being properly in the same construction, may be parsed as agreeing with the same nominative: as, "So that the blind and dumb

In the face of Aniela's firmness of purpose there is no room for any agreeing or disagreeing.

Justices Nelson, Wayne, Daniel, Grier, Catron, and Campbell each read a separate and individual opinion, agreeing with the Chief-Justice on some points, and omitting or disagreeing on others, or arriving at the same result by different reasoning, and in the same manner differing one from another.

He had proposed this party to Adolphe, agreeing to bear its whole cost if the nephew would manage to include in it Anna and Hilary.

In the discussion of the Treaty of Ghent in 1814, the English and American commissioners, while agreeing that this right of search must be given up, had not been able to arrive at a form of words, satisfactory to both parties, for its revocation.

To those who now so declare, I give, not only "our fathers who framed the Government under which we live," but with them all other living men within the century in which it was framed, among whom to search, and they shall not be able to find the evidence of a single man agreeing with them.

"We will have no trouble about agreeing what is the best thing for me to do.

[Footnote 3: On agreeing to comply with reserve and capital requirements of national banks and to submit to Federal examination.]

16263 examples of  agreeing  in sentences
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