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60 example sentences with  ahem

60 example sentences with ahem

According to Fletcher's instructions, he had written out a speech and learned it by heart; but though he was being continually called upon to deliver it, he never got beyond the opening "Ahem!

Hardly, however, had he pronounced the opening "Ahem!

" "Ahem!" said Frank pompously, as he arose.

" The stern landlord hesitated, when a loud authoritative "Ahem!"

Whatever her class in life, she was certainly a delicate and honorable young girl; for at the very first, when she found that it was a talk between a party of friends, and they were unconscious of a stranger's near neighborhood, she had done her best to make her presence known to them by various little coughs and ahems, and once or twice by decided movements, and readjustments of her position.

Mark and Mildred were sitting cozily by the ample fireplace,not at opposite corners, you may believe,when there was a warning ahem!

That if a man (do you mark, sir?), being sick of the plague (do you see, sir?), had a, a, ahem, hem (this cold troubles me; it makes me cough sometimes extremely)had a French crown, sir, (you understand me?) lying by him, and (come hither, come hither), and would not bestow twopence (do you hear?) to buy an urinal (do you mark me?) to carry his water to the physician, hem!

The old lawyer grimaced and shook his head from side to side, in sign of discontent, while he rubbed his hand over his bald pate and said in a tone of condescending pity: "Ahem!

those are bad doctrines, bad theories, ahem!

"Ahem, ahem!" coughed the silversmith, a very prudent man, who did not dare to stop the conversation from fear that he would be considered a coward.

"Ahem, ahem!" coughed the silversmith, a very prudent man, who did not dare to stop the conversation from fear that he would be considered a coward.

"Ahem!" rejoined a clerk, in a tone of compassion, "the affair of the pasquinades is true, Chichoy, and I can give you the explanation.

"Ahem, ahem!"

"Ahem, ahem!"

"Ahem, ahem, a-h-hem!" coughed the silversmith, hearing steps in the street.

"Ahem, ahem, a-h-hem!" coughed the silversmith, hearing steps in the street.

"Ahem, ahem, a-h-hem!"

"Ahem, ahem, a-h-hem!"

" "Ahem" in some confusion, "I mean you celebrate once a year.

"Ahem," said a voice close to him.

"What sort of man is he?man, Claude?" "Ahem, humph!

Ahem!" exclaimed Dr. Pigg, as he puffed himself up, and looked as important as possible.

After two or three preparatory ahems, he said to Esther; "I should like to take your brother very much; but you see, in consequence of there being so much excitement just now, relative to Abolitionism and kindred subjects, that my partner and myselfthat is, I and Mr. Westernthinkor rather feelthat just now it would be rather awkward for us to receive him.

"If that wasn't evidence enough that Iahoherah! Ahem!

He'll git up kinder calm and slow, and blow his nose real loud, And put his hands behind beneath his coat, Then kinder balance on his toes and look 'round sort er proud And give a big "Ahem!"

Does she study?" "No." "Ahem!

"Ahem!" said Mr. Lind.

Who is he going to marry?" "Ahem!

If I only knew of some one who loved the lower animals." "The fox, for instance?" "Yes; do you know of any one who would accept the present of a fox?" "Ahem!

"I will go against the said poker just onct," said he; "but, ahem!"

The silence growing tense he further ejaculated "Ahem!"

"Ahem!" was the soft rejoinder, and the two smilingly held each other's gaze for the larger part of a minute.

But now by dear Anna's goodness (ahem!)

All this the subtle girl read in the ancient lady's one small "ahem!"

The hollow sound of your footstep on the floor does not seem heard; the slight 'Ahem!'

But as we were sayin' to-day when we heard that His Majesty, the King of Great Britain and Ireland, Australia, Canada, and India, as well.(Looks at Sir Denis who is trying to light a clay pipe) Ahem!

Instead, those of his colleagues who paused stealthily outside his door on their way over to Pont's for "five-o'clock tea" heard dulcet tones floating forth from the transom in varying fluctuations: "Ahem!

Captain Staysail cleared his throat before he began: "Ahem!

Aside, however, from all this, there was some gratification in knowing that she was an object of envy to Susie Graham, and Anna Thorn, and Carrie Bell, either of whom would gladly have taken her place as bride-elect of an M.C., while proud old Captain Markham's frequent mention of "my nephew in Congress, ahem!"

The fussy little clock gave a sort of preliminary cough or hiccup, as if it should say: "Ahem!

Ahem: "Jane and Sukey and July Ann Too brown, too slim, too stout!

"'Ahem,' says I, clearin' my throat, 'Humah, do youerdo you no' "I got no farther.

But glancing uneasily at his daughter and seeing her calm eyes fixed on the speaker without embarrassment, he folded his arms stiffly, and with a lofty simulation of examining the ceiling, said: "Ahem!

" "Dd! Ahem!" cried Percy, turning green.

Ahem, definitely not the second thing.

Every year, veteran sex-advice columnist mounts (ahem) HUMP, an amateur, pornographic short film festival, which tours around Canada and the USA for a dazzling evening of smut, humor, tenderness, weirdness and delight.

Five years later, I was struggling to write a second one โ€“ a comic novel about young divorce (ahem).

He wasnโ€™t just the nominee, he was the โ€” ahem โ€” โ€˜Defender of Western Civilizationโ€™ according to tween heartthrob and Turning Point USA frontman Charlie Kirk,โ€ Wilson writes.

In his ruffled shirt, gold watch and pinkie ring Pattinsonโ€™s preacher oozes the lustful hypocrisy of famous American preachers past and, ahem, present.

And, crucially, weโ€™ve got the time to work it all out (if youโ€™re not, ahem, trying to hold down a full time job and an unplanned side hustle as a primary school teacher for which you are decidedly unqualified).

One of the largest targets wasโ€”ahemโ€”Target, which was looted and defaced, as well as other local businesses, affordable housing units, and an AutoZone.

Or maybe "here is your *ahem* clone.

We sit patiently, apologetically, and wait for someone to mildly cough (that should clear a room) and ask: โ€œAhem, how will the art scene survive Covid-19?

While some celebrity parents opted for like Jacob and Matthew, some went a (ahem, Psalm), and others chose gender-neutral names, like Atlas.

You are still completing of your assignments on timeโ€”that is much more than many of my students are doing (ahem).

Ahem, so maybe I've had a few post-exploring beers.

Despite the terrible political implications of handcuffing future leaders (the president, ahem) and reducing them to an impotent figurehead, the raises are simply out of line with reason.

I have (ahem) lost so many items in my house โ€“ and had to buy a new one โ€“ that Iโ€™m pretty sure I now have 2 of everything.

Like Naz, Wally is no slouch when it comes to sports facts, figures, and historyโ€ฆheโ€™s just more creative (ahem) in his use and application of them when it comes to forging his opinions and predictions.

Why not have a giveaway (ahem); couple it with a donation drive for Doctors Without Borders, perhaps?