120 examples of aime in sentences

Melantius, you cannot easily conceive What I have meant; for men that are in fault Can subtly apprehend when others aime At what they do amiss; but I forgive Freely before this man; heaven do so too: I will not touch thee so much as with shame Of telling it, let it be so no more.

A typical prosperous estate of which a description and a diary are extant was that owned by Valcour Aime, lying on the right bank of the Mississippi about sixty miles above New Orleans.

[Footnote 16: Harper's Magasine, VII, 758, 759 (November, 1853); Valcour Aime, Plantation Diary (New Orleans, 1878), partly reprinted in Plantation and Frontier, I, 214, 230.]

[Footnote 17: According to the MS. returns of the U.S. census of 1850 Aime's slaves at that time numbered 231, of whom 58 were below fifteen years old, 164 were between 15 and 65, and 9 (one of them blind, another insane) were from 66 to 80 years old.

The proprietor's diary is much like Aime's as regards the major crop routine but is fuller in its mention of minor operations.

These prices were much lower than those of white sugar at the time; but as Valcour Aime found occasion to remark, the refining reduced the weight of the product nearly as much as it heightened the price, so that the chief advantage of the centrifugals lay in the speed of their process.

Je les aime .

Frederic aime à se promener dans sa capitale il est acclamé par tous, mais chacun tremble devant son regard sévère.

AMOUREUX, EUSE, qui aime avec passion.

BAVARD, E, qui aime à parler.

FRIAND, E, qui aime les morceaux délicats.

FRONDEUR, adj., qui aime à critiquer, à blâmer.

SOLITAIRE, qui est seul, qui aime à être seul.

Aime une ombre.

By Michel Aime Baudouy.

Michel Aime Baudouy (A); 21Oct76; R644512.

Marie-Madeleine, celle qui a beaucoup aime.

SEE Toussaint-Samat, Jean. SANSON, R. P. Marie-Madeleine, celle qui a beaucoup aime.

By Aime Cesaire.

Aime Cesaire (A); 6Nov73; R563677.

Spare your selfe my good Lord; my brave friends aime at nothing but the vertue.

S'il vous aime tant, qu'il vous épouse.

Je ne vous aime pas encore, mais je vous aimerai; et puis, Monsieur, avec de la vertu, on se passe d'amour pour un mari.

Quand je vous dis qu'il vous aime, j'entends qu'il est amoureux de vous, en bon françois; qu'il est ce qu'on appelle amoureux; qu'il soupire pour vous; que vous êtes l'objet secret de sa tendresse.

Songez-vous que ce seroit avouer que je vous aime.

120 examples of  aime  in sentences