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1247 examples of  airy  in sentences

1247 examples of airy in sentences

Pig-iron, of course, is interesting, but then that's a light and airy subject.


A man may write about "New America," or "Spiritual Wives," or any such light and airy subject, without possessing much knowledge, or indulging in much thought, but he can't play such tricks upon Agriculture.

Fallen chimnies, however, expose the airy fraud, and the clock blown completely out of Saint Cow's steeple reveals what a high time there has been.

Well, Sir, we will follow youbut as dolefully as People do their Friends to the Grave, from whence they're never to return, at least not the same Substance; the thin airy Vision of a brave good Fellow, we may see thee hereafter, but that's the most.

Prithee, Sharp, if thou canst learn that young Thing's Name, 'tis a pretty airy Rogue, whilst I go talk to her.

She was no longer the airy, capricious Olympia of his college days.

The flame, leaping from sedge to sedge, from trunk to trunk, seems to seek, with a human instinct, and more than human pertinacity, food for its ravening hunger; far upward, where festoons of moss hung from the sycamores in the day, airy banners of starry sparks, swayed, coiled, and flamed among the branches.

"Foot? Nay, nay, my torment is not here," and he flourished his beswathed foot in an airy, dancing step.

Such generosity savored of play acting, and Louise's manner was too airy to be genuine.

By my new plan, I shall be as airy, up four pair of stairs, as in the country; and in a garden, in the midst of enchanting, more than Mahometan paradise, London, whose dirtiest drab-frequented alley, and her lowest-bowing tradesman, I would not exchange for Skiddaw, Helvellyn, James, Walter, and the parson into the bargain.

The words which Richard spoke below, As sounds by nature upwards go, Were to the sky-lark carried; The airy traveller with surprise To hear his sayings, in the skies On his mid journey tarried.

"Our songs are all of the delights We find in our wild airy flights, And heavenly exaltation; The earth you mortals have at heart Is all too gross to have a part In sky-lark's conversation.

What could he know, this airy, unfeeling meddler, so free with his advice and innuendo?

"Sturgeon would take it all right, of course," he said, with airy wisdom.

And Kitty threw off her bonnet, as if even that airy trifle hurt her.

Lovely in its simple grace and truth was the figure of a child looking upward as if watching the airy flight of some butterfly which had evidently escaped from the chrysalis still lying in the little hand.

" Resuming their journey they had not proceeded half a mile, when John espied one of them looking down upon him and his companion from an airy cliff.

Drayton's Fairy Wedding: "Besides he's deft and wondrous airy, And of the noblest of the fairy!

Some time after he had made his speech in the house, Mrs. Cholmondeley, a very airy lady, told me, 'Well, you could make nothing of him!' naming the gentleman; which was a proof that he was watched.

The convent is a large, clean, airy establishment.

The room is large, lofty, clean, and airy, and will hold about 400 persons.

The wild Pinks burst in crimson fire, The Phlox' bright clusters shine, And Prairie-Cups are swinging free To spill their airy wine.

And far, like waves of morning, pours Her call, in airy ripples breaking, And wanders to the farthest shores, Her children's drowsy hearts awaking.

It was all in the ponderously airy form of one of those more or less true stories of which some modern weeklies seem to have an inexhaustible supply, but it was a particularly vicious specimen of its class so far as Mr. Van Torp was concerned.

They share the dainties of the day, Round her with airy music play; 50

High on the twig I've seen you cling; Play, twist and turn in airy ring: How can those clumsy things, like me, Fly with a bound from tree to tree?

We were hoisted by the waves upon the beach, and found there a considerable crowd, with the Governor, Sir W. Denison; Sir H. Grant, etc., and a guard of honour, to receive us; Sir W.D. drove me out to this place, Guindy, which is about eight miles from the town, and consists of a charming airy house, in a large park.

I am, my dear Sir, Very faithfully yours, G.B. AIRY.

May Airy was consulted by the Postmaster-General in the matter of a dispute which had arisen between the Post Office and the Telephone Companies, which latter were alleged to have infringed the monopoly of the Post Office in commercial telegraphs:

Airy made a declaration on the subject.

In July Airy was much engaged in perusing the records of Mr Gill's work at the Cape of Good Hope.

Respecting the agitation at Cambridge for granting University degrees to women, the following extract from a letter addressed to a young lady who had forwarded a Memorial on the subject for his consideration, and dated Nov. 10th, 1880, contains Airy's views on this matter.

The brightness in her cheek would shame those stars, As daylight doth a lamp; her eyes in heaven Would through the airy regions stream so bright That birds would sing and think it were not night.

visionary &c (imaginary) 515; immaterial &c 137; spectral &c 980; dreamy; shadowy; ethereal, airy; cloud built, cloud formed; gossamery, illusory, insubstantial, unreal.

"And gives to airy nothing A local habitation."Shakspeare.

airoso, -a, airy, graceful; mรกs airosa, with better grace; adv., gracefully.

But surely the flashing airy wheel is the most poetical mode of locomotion yet invented, and one looks more like a fairy prince than ever in knickerbockers.

Airy Holme Farm.

(That sentence should properly have come in the Post Script, but we airy Mercurial Spirits, there is no keeping us in).

Friends, indeed!you would have thought from the airy confidence with which he spoke that Margaret had come safely to forty year and wore steel-rimmed spectacles!

The Queen with every perfect charm displayed Delights the eye, and fills the heart, dismayed With fear, lest the bright phantom may dissolve To airy nothingness, till fierce resolve Fills each who her beholds, while love doth dart From liquid eyes and captivates the heart.

JOHN LEECH, a hundred years ago, When you were born and after, There shone a sort of kindly glow Of airy fun and laughter; It was a sound that seemed to sing, A universal humming That made the echoing rafters ring And so proclaimed your coming.

The sunset threw a lovely glow over the brown cliffs and the airy town above; but they were far grander when the cascades glittered in the moonlight, and the gulf out of which they leap was lost in profound shadow.

True, he had not made a success of it, but he had taken up other plans in the same airy way and got on better; and who could sayperhaps his samples of ore might after all turn out something wonderful in time!

At times she seemed rather an airy sprite than human, and never did she seek to make acquaintance with other children, but was always Hester's companion in her walks about the town.

Nothing so healthy and airy as a sea-voyage: sea as smooth as a mill-pond, too, and likely to be.

The house was as quiet as if a profound Sabbath was resting upon it, and the windows of my airy chamber looked through the foliage of grave elms down upon a green valley.

Nothing could be more airy and blithe than were Mrs. Laudersdale's spirits all that morning,bubbles dancing on a brook, nor foam-sparkle of rosy Champagne.

Very airy in her manner.

The Art of ancient Rome was a second-hand copy of the original and airy Greek,often clever, but never vivid and self-originating.

They were not satisfied, however; but those sweet, airy people take nothing to heart for long.

The town is beautifully situated on undulating ground, commanding a lovely view of the hay; the streets are of a rational breadth, the town is rapidly increasing, the new buildings are all large and airy, and everything indicates prosperity.

Their cells were clean and airy, and some had a little eight-feet-square garden attached; their food was both plentiful and good, and discipline was preserved by the rod of diet; "but," says the guide, "if they become very troublesome and obstinate we" ...

The rooms and dormitories are large and airy, and carriages and horses are ready for such as the physician recommends should take that exercise.

If it be so, let us hope it may be enclosed by something more light, airy, and open.

The rooms are all very lofty, airy, and scrupulously clean.

Go! clasp the shadow, make it all thine own, Place on the flying breeze thine airy throne; Weave the thin sunbeams of the morning sky; Catch the light April clouds before they fly; Chase the bright sun unto the fading west, And wake him early from his golden rest; Seeking th' impossible, let life be past, But never dream of pleasure that shall last.

Their vision-like forms are so buoyant and small They hang o'er the flowers, as too airy to fall, Up-borne by their beautiful pinions, that seem Like glittering vapor, or parts of a dream.

in airy play, Right over where the water lay!

As dancers in time's airy hall, That not a moment holds them all, While some keep up, and others fall, The atoms shift; then, thick and swift, They drive along to form the drift, That weaving up, so dazzling white, Is rising like a wall of light.

, Hung o'er the summer sea; And ne'er did airy, feathered king Look prouder there than he.

To see an airy monarch drowned, To them was something new Some gave a quick, astonished look, And darted swift away; While some his parting plumage shook, And nibbled him for prey.

He then put a cork on his beak, The airy assassin disarming, Unspurred him, and rendered him weak, By blunting each talent for harming.

The lid was raised; the prisoner said, "Behold my airy play!" Then quickly on the wing he fled Away, away, away!

It is about a brilliant flower, With beauty scarce possessed of power Its opening to survive an hour An airy Morning-Glory.

Another rising sun has thrown Its beams upon the vine, and shown The splendid Morning-Glory blown, As if some little fairy, When early from his couch he went, On some ethereal journey bent, Had there inverted left his tent Of purple, high and airy.

The selection from the poets of the Elizabethan and Jacobian periods is particularly full; and this is as it should be; for at no time was our language more equally removed from conventionalism and commonplace, or so fitted to refine strength of passion with recondite thought and airy courtliness of phrase.

I saw it fill And plunge against its bondsmethought it yearned To join its tameless kin, the airy clouds.

Then follows this noble simile, nobly sustained, and with a flow and harmony of verse not common in the poets of his period: Ah! as a pilgrim who the Alps doth pass, Or Atlas' temples crown'd with winter glass, The airy Caucasus, the Apennine, Pyrenees' cliffs, where sun doth never shine; When he some craggy hills hath overwent, Begins to think on rest, his journey spent,

I do hope you will find it refreshing to go up the river, and that your rooms will be pleasant and airy.

[Illustration: TORPEDOED MINE-SWEEPER (to his pal): "As I was a-saying, Bob, when we was interrupted, it's my belief as 'ow the submarine blokes ain't on 'arf as risky a job as the boys in the airy-o-planes."

One writer says, "Their airy forms Are round us everywhere; They are flitting in and out the door,

Fiercely they shook their airy spears, And clos'd in deadly fight Shriek'd, as in agony and fear, Then vanish'd from the sight.

Pleasant, airy, complimentary, the little flakes of flattery glimmering in their talk like the bits of gold-leaf in eau-de-vie de Dantzic; their accents flowing on in a soft ripple,never a wave, and never a calm; words nicely fitted, but never a colored phrase or a high-flavored epithet; they turn air into syllables so gracefully, that we find meaning for the music they make as we find faces in the coals and fairy palaces in the clouds.

"There are fishes that have wings, and are not strangers to the airy region.

A thousand fantasies Begin to throng into my memory, Of calling shapes and beckoning shadows dire, And airy tongues that syllable men's names On sands and shores and desert wildernesses.

And Parsifal, astounded at the scene, Stood silently upon the castle walls, As to his eye the great flowers seemed to wake, And rush in airy garments here and there.

He found her quite able to discuss the airy topics which he startedthe last new volume of poems, the picture of the year, and so on.

He has the home he so often pictured, the children whose airy voices sounded in his dreams, the dear face always near him, and, sweeter than all, the knowledge that he is loved almost as he loves.

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These people had a multitude of sheep and goats, and lived in their airy solitude a pastoral and simple life, and were childless.

He had made nearly four miles on his solitary homeward way, when, passing under a ledge of rock which bears the name of the Cat's Skaitch, he saw the same figure in the short cloak standing within some thirty or forty yards of himthe thin curtain of mist, through which the moonlight touched it, giving to it an airy and unsubstantial character.

His chief assailants are the authors of The Canons of Criticism, and of The Revisal of Shakespeare's Text; of whom one ridicules his errours with airy petulance, suitable enough to the levity of the controversy; the other attacks them with gloomy malignity, as if he were dragging to justice an assassin or incendiary.

Towards the middle of this town, if it may be so called, is a large manufactory in ruins, which is honored with the name of a fort, and of which the English have sacrificed a part, in order to make apartments for the governor, and to make the ground floor more airy, to quarter troops in it.

That child of innocence, that bright emanation of love and beauty, that airy creature of grace and gentleness, who had never said an unkind word or done an unkind thing in her whole career, but had glanced and glided through existence, scattering happiness and joy, and receiving the pleasure which she herself imparted, how overwhelming was her first struggle with that dark stranger, Sorrow!

Replace them in the frame for a week or so, then remove them to a light, airy part of the greenhouse for the winter.

The hotel, with all the blinds and shutters closed to keep the light and heat out, was comfortable and airy next morning, and the town was very clean; but so hot, and so intensely light, that when I walked out at noon it was like coming suddenly from the darkened room into crisp blue fire.

There were the townspeople sitting in clusters on the pavement, or airing themselves on the tops of their houses, or walking up and down the closest and least airy of boulevards; and there were crowds of fierce-looking people of the lower sort, blocking up the way, constantly.

It has darted into my mind when I awoke; it has stood looking over my shoulder as I read, pointing with airy finger at the lines, "There is a thought for you; here is an excellent illustration of that point you could not make clear."

Rather as the rich smoke rolls into the air, and then winds and hangs in airy veils, there comes a sense of relief, of lightness, of burdens not stricken harshly off, but softly and cleanly purged away.

The first requisite is an airy room, capable of constant ventilation, either by the windows, doors, or flues, or by all.

The room was large and airy, and looked out on the backs of tall houses: it was quiet enough: there was just a far-off murmur of the town in the air.

The dandies among them added to this airy apparel a few bright feathers in their hair, a shell or two in their ears and nostrils.

It is not alone in Seraphael that this strength is shown; a new mould of character in fiction is given us,masculine characters which, though light and airy, are yet brilliant and strong, most sweet, and surcharged with loveliness.

Then did Religion in a lazy cell, In empty, airy contemplations dwell; And like the block, unmovรจd lay; but ours, As much too active, like the stork devours.

The distant blue belt of timber along the Gizhiga River wavered and trembled in its outlines as if seen through currents of heated air, and the white ghost-like mountains thirty miles away to the southward were thrown up and distorted by refraction into a thousand airy, fantastic shapes which melted imperceptibly one into another, like a series of dissolving views.

I went up in the lift to the Propaganda office and found it a very nice airy place, clean and smart, with coloured advertisements by Shepperson and others on the walls, pictures of Hampstead and St. Albans and Kew Gardens that looked strangely satisfactory and homely to me, and rather touching and innocent.

We all passed into the reception-room of the office, a nice airy place with the library along one wall and bright coloured maps on the other.

Young ladies cling to their bedrooms, especially when they are pretty and airy.