492 examples of ajax in sentences

He persuaded the head boys to act this piece, and Ajax was performed by his master's gardener.

In the midst of a great number of persons of the first rank, amongst whom I recollect with confusion, a noble lady of the most stately decorum, I placed myself next to Johnson, and thinking myself now fully his match, talked to him in a loud and boisterous manner, desirous to let the company know how I could contend with Ajax.

" He was so candid in explaining the many ways by which an unscrupulous man might take advantage of two ignorant Britons, that Ajax, not relishing the personal flavour of the talk, rose and strolled across to the branding-corral.

Ajax summed up the situation: "He made me feel cheap.

Ajax whistled; but as Quong went away, looking rather cross, my brother added, "Our clothes will fit him.

Then Ajax shrugged his shoulders and said significantly, "You know what this means?" "Rehabilitation.

"Yesit's old Sam," said Ajax quickly.

"We were at Harrow," said Ajax.

Ajax was in his salad days, but he ought to have known, even then, that if you want to interest a maid in a man, tell her that the man has suffered at the hands of another maid.

" As we rode home I told Ajax that Opportunity had thrust into Wilkins' hand a very tempting morsel.

"She means to marry Wilkins," said Ajax to me.

I was now convinced we had come on a fool's errand that was like to end evilly for us, but, being a fool, I held my peace and said nothing to Ajax, who confessed later that if I had spoken he would have seconded a motion to retreat.

Ajax said irritably, "Is there any Paradise on earth without a fool in it?" * * *

Ajax said, "There must be hundreds like her in Upper Tooting; that's where she ought to live.

You fellows have heard of him, of course?" "Never," said Ajax.

" "I hope he didn't tell you so," said Ajax.

After the fall round-up, Ajax and I spent a month fishing in British Columbia.

"He'll uncork himself after the second pipe," said the sage Ajax.

So long!" Ajax mixed a stiff tumbler.

To my surprise, however, Ajax urged me to wait a few hours.

His real name was Quong Wo, but my brother Ajax always called him Mary, because the boy's round, childish face had a singular smoothness and delicacy.

"We must face the music," said Ajax grimly.

Ajax beating down the Trojan leader with a rock which two ordinary men could scarcely lift; Horatius defending the bridge against an army; Richard, the lion-hearted, spurring along the whole Saracen line without finding an enemy to withstand his assault; Robert Bruce crushing with one blow the helmet and head of Sir Harry Bohun in sight of the whole array of England and Scotland,such are the heroes of a dark age.

The Iron Age; the first part a history containing the Rape of Helen, the Siege of Troy, the Combat between Hector and Ajax.

Hector and Troilus slain by Achilles, the Death of Ajax, &c. 1632.

492 examples of  ajax  in sentences