62 examples of alarmingly in sentences

In spite of his efforts the famine lasted for two years; plague spread alarmingly, insomuch that the corpses could not be buried fast enough, and were thrown into the Nile; and it was not till the winter of 971-972 that plenty returned and the pest disappeared.

Kurt had made two guesses, both alarmingly correct.

It is alarmingly common with those who make a severe demand upon the eyes.

When Mrs. Lorimer arrived about noon on the following day, she found her alarmingly weak, and the nurse in evident perplexity.

On an average these were alarmingly low; and that in great measure through the fault of the Roman government, which in this important question was led into the most fearful blunders not so much by its short-sightedness, as by an unpardonable disposition to favour the proletariate of the capital at the expense of the farmers of Italy.

He pressed me hard, but not alarmingly so.

"I don't know how deleteriously it may affect the soap, but as for me I feel myself growing alarmingly conceited.

This of all characters upon the earth appears to us to be the one of which there is no hope at all, a character becoming in these days alarmingly abundant; and the aboundance of which makes us find even in a Reineke an inexpressible relief."

But times were changed now; for Di grew alarmingly rigid during the ceremony; Laura received the salute like a grateful queen; and Nan returned it with heart and eyes and tender lips, making such an improvement on the childish fashion of the thing, that John was moved to support his paternal character by softly echoing her father's words,"Take care of yourself, my little 'Martha.'

Property in Washington is exceedingly sensitive, the people alarmingly callous.

Poems composed for certain occasions, in the worst sensethat is to say, poems of congratulation and condolence written for money, trivial reflections and mechanical devotion, occupy an alarmingly large space in the lyric of this period.

Their route to the snow-belt lay through sections of country which had become so soft and oozy that the horses often sank in mire, flank deep; and the streams were so swollen that progress was alarmingly slow.

There's a letter from Martin Whitney, too, that's almost alarmingly encouraging in its insistence that I mustn't worry.

Toward the autumn he became alarmingly ill.

that I would say as "Wake up, gentlemen!"for the new generation of the workers is beyond all question quite alarmingly awake and critical and angry.

Nor are they at all indifferent to art or decorative costume; many of them are alarmingly attached to these things.

My cough was increasing alarmingly, and, when I consulted a physician at New York, he advised me to get home and to bed as quickly as I might; so, returning to Boston, I called together the executive committee of the Club to dinner, made my report, drank a glass of champagne to the future lodge, and went to bed in the early stages of pneumonia, which kept me prostrate six weeks.

Coughing alarmingly in the first fragrant cloud from his Latakia and Virginia leaf, the Captain beat forth to recover himself on deck.

On the spot now occupied by the burial grounds formerly stood their college; and here they flourished until the population, originally abundant, diminished so alarmingly, as to induce them to remove to Warwick Lane.

True he was here also, and not merely by scores as battle captives, but alarmingly near, in arms and by thousands.

Their finances were alarmingly low, and Rod would be giving up a sure though small income, which was now supporting them comfortably.

In the beginning of the affray he had brought his mule alongside of the headmost wagon, and there he had done really valuable service by blazing away alarmingly, though quite innocuously, at the gallopading enemy.

A fortnight after the quarrel with her nephew, she became alarmingly ill.

These are problems for the leaders, who have the further task of keeping the population hopeful on an alarmingly decreasing diet.

How’s the malaria? Not alarmingly prevalent, I understand.

62 examples of  alarmingly  in sentences