157 examples of albemarle in sentences

Lord Albemarle (Memoirs of Rockingham, ii. 70) describes the 'bad Lord Lonsdale.

A Prologue to his majesty, at the first play represented at the Cock-pit in White-hall, being part of that noble entertainment, which their majesties received, November 19, 1660, from his grace the duke of Albemarle.

Ibrahim, the Illustrious Bassa, a Tragedy in heroic verse; acted at the Duke's Theatre 1677, dedicated to the Duchess of Albemarle.

But such a site as the castle hill could not long remain idle in the stormy days of the Norman Kings, and William le Gros, Earl of Albemarle and Lord of Holderness, recognising the natural defensibility of the rock, built the massive walls which have withstood so many assaults, and even now form the most prominent feature of Scarborough.

It is therefore absolutely necessary that the MS. should be returned to you on Thursday morning, and I will call in Albemarle Street the moment of my arrival, which will be about four o'clock.

Shortly after his arrival at home, he wrote to Mr. Macvey Napier, then editor of the Edinburgh Review: "All manner of perplexities have occurred in the publishing of my poor book, which perplexities I could only cut asunder, not unloose; so the MS., like an unhappy ghost, still lingers on the wrong side of Styx: the Charon of Albemarle Street durst not risk it in his sutilis cymba, so it leaped ashore again.

MY LORD, I am told that your Lordship continues to make heavy complaints of the inconvenience you incur by making me the publisher of "Lord Dudley's Letters," in consequence of the great distance between St. Paul's Churchyard and Albemarle Street, and that you have discovered another cause for dissatisfaction in what you consider the inordinate profits of a publisher.

"I am coming up to London tomorrow, and intend to call at Albemarle Street....

Borrow will lay you golden eggs, and hatch them after the ways of Egypt; put salt on his tail and secure him in your coop, and beware how any poacher coaxes him with 'raisins' or reasons out of the Albemarle preserves.

I am now getting my father into the Earl of Albemarle's regiment, in which he was captain for many years.

Soon after breakfast he mounted his good horse, Albemarle, and early in the afternoon he arrived at the widow Keswick's gate.

When Mr Brandon rode away on his good horse Albemarle, he looked at the post of the road gate from which he was lifting the latch by means of the long wooden handle arranged for the convenience of riders, and said to himself: "John Keswick was a good man, but I don't wonder he came out here and shot himself.

the Dowager Countess of Albemarle.

It was attended by Sir John Lawrence, the Lord Mayor; by Sir George Waterman, and Sir Charles Doe, sheriffs; by Doctor Sheldon, Archbishop of Canterbury; by the Duke of Albemarle, the Earl of Craven, and, a few other zealous and humane persons.

Her Majesty arrived in London in October last, and for some time resided at Grillon's Hotel, Albemarle Street; but her health requiring change of air, Laleham was engaged for a short period; although, in allusion to the situation, it was said to be very lowa flat joke indeed.

88 Among the Dutch thus Albemarle did fare: He could not conquer, and disdain'd to fly; Past hope of safety, 'twas his latest care, Like falling Cæsar, decently to die.

Thus far had fortune power, here forced to stay, Nor longer durst with virtue be at strife: This as a ransom Albemarle did pay, For all the glories of so great a life.

But when approach'd, in strict embraces bound, Rupert and Albemarle together grow; He joys to have his friend in safety found, Which he to none but to that friend would owe.

191 Nor long the Belgians could that fleet sustain, Which did two generals' fates, and Cæsar's bear: Each several ship a victory did gain, As Rupert or as Albemarle were there.

[Footnote 36: Prince Rupert and General Monk, Duke of Albemarle.]

[Footnote 43: 'Albemarle:' Monk.]

Celle-ci voulait aller au palais de Saint-James, n'ayant dans son carrosse que la duchesse de Kent et une dame d'honneur; mais Lord Albemarle, master of the Horse, exposa qu'il avait le droit de faire le trajet avec la reine, dans la même voiture, comme il l'avait fait avec Guillaume IV.

ALBEMARLE, Lord, Memoirs of Rockingham, iii. 460; v. 113, n. 1. ALBERTI, LEANDRO, ii. 346; v. 310 Albin and the Daughter of Mey, v. 171.

Two powerful fleets sailed from England for the Antilles; the one under the orders of Admiral Rodney attacked the French colonies and took Martinique, Granada, Santa Lucia, San Vicente, and Tabago; the other under Admiral Pocock appeared before Havana, June 2, 1762, with a fleet of 30 line-of-battle ships, 100 transports, and 14,000 landing troops under the command of the Earl of Albemarle.

Then Prado capitulated (August 13), and Havana with its forts and defenses, with 60 leagues of territory to the west of the city, with $15,000,000, an immense quantity of naval and military stores, 9 line-of-battle ships and 3 frigates, was delivered into Albemarle's hands.

157 examples of  albemarle  in sentences