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585 example sentences with  allay

585 example sentences with allay

The persuasive missioner was soon the centre of a storm of wrath and indignation, which the friendly Bishop Camus, afterwards a cardinal, was unable to allay.

For well I know your wisdom knows the means, So shall you both allay my stormy thoughts, And bring to quiet my unquiet mind.

some allay of sweetness in the bitter waters?

He knew it, though the thought did not help to allay his bitterness.

Sailors deprived of fresh water have been able to allay partially their intense thirst by soaking their clothing in salt water.

Time did not allay his torment, which became so intolerable that he resolved to die.

This hot dispute and all this mighty fray 100 A little dust flung upward will allay.

The duke of Buckingham, though reckoned haughty, and ill natured, was yet of a tender, compassionate disposition; but as the best characters have generally some allay, he is allowed to have been very passionate;

Nor has this day done much to allay my apprehension.

It is much easier to awaken than allay the spirit of strife.

Fortunately, our arrieros, respectable men of high grade, although strangers in Lampa, were able to allay his suspicions temporarily.

They allay anger, grief, diminish madness, much delight and exhilarate the mind.

To allay the tumult, Dr. Johnson published the False Alarm.

'Tis Philaster, none but Philaster must allay this heat: They will not hear me speak, but fling dirt at me, and call me Tyrant.

"She also told him that she had been honored in being sent for to come and use all of her healing arts to try and restore the wounded chief to health again, and that now she was on her way to his abode to poultice him with the slippery elm bark, and to give him medicine, made by boiling the roots, to allay the great fever from which he was suffering.

Poor Mignon seems to be getting steadily worse, and it is thought that your presence might allay the malady."

I believe they were necessary to allay asperities and animosities that were rapidly alienating one section of the country from another and destroying those fraternal sentiments which are the strongest supports of the Constitution.

Then the Amendment says "The present proposals of the Government of India are inadequate to allay the existing and growing discontent."

I wonder whether, when this House is asked to condemn the present proposals of the Government of India as being inadequate to allay the existing and growing discontent, it is realised exactly how the case stands.

Whether your apprehensions are well founded or not, it is the business of those who call themselves statesmen to take those apprehensions into account, and to do the best we can in setting up a working system to allay and meet such apprehensions.

Colonel Frank, my liaison officer, took the letter to Russian Headquarters, and on his return informed me that the admiral thanked me for my letter and that he was pleased to be able to allay my fears.

Wash carefully once a week, using the ointment when skin is dry, or the lotion to allay irritation.

The tumult would have greatly increased, had it not been that Caesar,who had now attained all his ends in thus having brought Cleopatra and Ptolemy both within his power,thought it most expedient to allay it.

Most other Things we long for can allay the Cravings of their proper Sense, and for a while set the Appetite at Rest:

In this view, let me implore my countrymen, North and South, to cultivate the ancient feelings of mutual forbearance and good will toward each other and strive to allay the demon spirit of sectional hatred and strife now alive in the land.

Once I think she reached out her hand unconsciously as if to snatch away the glass, and when at last he yielded I saw the light fade from her eyes, a deadly pallor overspread her cheek, and I thought at one time she was about to faint, but she did not, and only laid her head upon her side as if to allay a sudden spasm of agony.

The destruction of the property and assassination of citizens of the United States on the soil of New York at the moment when, as is well known to you, the President was anxiously endeavoring to allay the excitement and earnestly seeking to prevent any unfortunate occurrence on the frontier of Canada has produced upon his mind the most painful emotions of surprise and regret.

The regularity of the existence at Muro pleased the old couple, and contributed in a measure to allay their perpetual anxiety about their son and to calm their uneasiness about the whole situation.

Age after age has composed some vision of continued life, and sought to allay its fear or sorrow with suitable imaginations.

And at that time what misery of that most nourishing family did I allay, or rather did I remove!

Thus released, the porter lost no time in dressing himself; and Leonard, to allay his terrors, had a strong dose of anti-pestilential elixir administered to him.

"She is," replied Solomon Eagle; "but I shall allay your fears in that respect when I tell you she is sick of the plague."

"All I can do is to give her something to allay the pain," returned Sibbald.

Having administered the remedy, he descended to the lower room to allay the fears of the family.

The daily contemplation of so many classical and noble objects elevates and purifies the soul, and has a powerful tendency to allay the inconsiderate fervours and impetuosities of youth, to mature, and consolidate the character.

An inward impulse hurries him afar, Himself half conscious of his frenzied mood; From heaven claimeth he the fairest star, And from the earth craves every highest good, And all that's near, and all that's far, Fails to allay the tumult in his blood.

Thus at first The infant takes not kindly to the breast, But before long, its eager thirst Is fain to slake with hearty zest: Thus at the breasts of wisdom day by day With keener relish you'll your thirst allay.

Frequently, exhausted with fatigue and dripping with perspiration, they threw themselves upon the snow, and took handfuls of it to allay their parching thirst.

Blood was also abstracted from the jugular vein, to the amount of 6 quarts, so as to allay the inflammatory fever set up.

If complete emancipation had taken place in 1834, there would have been no more excitement, and no more trouble to allay it, than that which was the consequence of the introduction of the present system of coerced and uncompensated labor.

And what is the whole of the Western river navigation but one dailyI might almost say, continualscene of accidents and loss of life, tending to nourish those very feelings which it is the duty of every government to use all possible means to allay and humanize?

There were plenty of flares being thrown up from the German lines and a more or less erratic rifle fire was crackling up and down the trenches on both sides, the Tearaways taking care to keep their bullets clear of the working party, to fire no more than enough to allay any German suspicions of a job being in hand, and not to provoke any extra hostility.

"It seems to me not best," said the monk, turning once more, as he was leaving the threshold, "that you should come to me at present where I am,it would only raise a storm that I could not allay; and so great would be the power of the forces they might bring to bear on the child, that her little heart might break and the saints claim her too soon.

To allay alarm in the minds of those who fear they might swallow pellets of solder, I may add that Pereira cites

I said so, but it did not allay his yearning.

In all my relations to her I am guided only by the deepest pity with her condition, and I hope confidently that it will always arm me with the persistent patience with which I feel called upon not only to endure the consequences of her illness, but personally to allay them."

When empire first from families did spring, Then every father govern'd as a king: But you, that are a sovereign prince, allay Imperial power with your paternal sway.

As would but serve pure bodies for allay: 320 Such souls as shards produce, such beetle things

So he found naught his furnace to allay; No quiver of lips, no lighting of kind eyes, Nor rose-flushed cheek; no talk, no lover's play Was deigned him: but as forest-beasts are shy Of hound and hunter, with this wight dealt she; Fierce was her lip, her eyes gleamed ominously.

But while these thoughts assuage our grief, they can not wholly allay it.

"A similar case was that of a carpenter, in Brooklyn, N.Y., who, from taking morphine to allay the pain of a fractured leg, fell into its habitual use, till he almost lived upon it for several years after his recovery.

Mr. Baldwin, for the Government, while endeavouring to allay the curiosity of members, said that "Napoleons will be Napoleons."

Only the healing hand of time can allay the grief of those for whom there can be no reunion on earth with their nearest and dearest: At last the dawn creeps in with golden fingers Seeking my eyes, to bid them open wide Upon a world at peace, where Sweetness lingers, Where Terror is at rest and Hate has died.

But it is not always active, even when derived from an active verb; for such expressions as, "The goods are selling,""The ships are now building," are in use, and not without good authority: as, "And hope to allay, by rational discourse, the pains of his joints tearing asunder.

Dict. "Yet ever from the clearest source have ran Some gross allay, some tincture of the man.

He caus | -eth th' one | to rage | with gold | -en burn | -ing darte, And doth | allay | with lead | -en cold, | again | the oth | -er's harte; Whose gleames | of burn | -ing fyre | and eas | -y sparkes | of flame, In bal | -ance of | ~un=e | -qual weyght | he pon | -dereth | by ame.

Let these be made the masters of essay, They'll every piece of metal touch and weigh, And tell which is too light, which has too much allay.

How will he shrink, when all his lewd allay, And wicked mixture, shall be purged away?


Greece desires to be independent of both groups of the European system, but the action of Italy in regard to Northern Epirus and in regard to Rhodes and the Dodecanese has produced a feeling of irritation and resentment among the Greeks which nothing is likely to allay or even greatly alleviate.

I write this note to allay all anxiety on the part of George Eliot as to my appreciation of the merits of this most promising opening of a picture of life.

The ministers of Louis's court, being at their wits' end to know what was to be done to allay the disturbances, were of the mind that they could and would, at least, enjoy themselves.

Mr. Fairman paced the room in perturbation, and held his hand upon his heart to allay its heavy throbs.

Other states also had entertained apprehensions of the intentions and motives of the Indian Government, and he had yet to learn that it was a fault in a Governor-General to allay these apprehensions of native states, even if no precedent could be found for such a proceeding.

And all our wants He doth allay.

But, as observed by a more recent inquirer, "though they are accidental formations, and, of course, not always to be found in the shellfish which are known usually to contain them, still they are the products of a regular secretion, applied, however, in an unusual way, either to avert harm or allay irritation.

This did not seem to allay George's feelings of resentment, and he instantly made great preparations for war.

She doubts whether the king loves her, and her agony throws her into a feverish state which her companions try in vain to allay by fanning her with lotos leaves.

If I can any way asswage private Inflammations, or allay publick Ferments, I shall apply my self to it with my utmost Endeavours; but will never let my Heart reproach me with having done any thing towards [encreasing ] those Feuds and Animosities that extinguish Religion, deface Government, and make a Nation miserable.

Most other Things we long for can allay the Cravings of their proper Sense, and for a while set the Appetite at Rest:

Why, that women are to exert their influence in private life to allay the excitement which exists on this subject, and to quench the flame of sympathy in the hearts of their fathers, husbands, brothers, and sons.

As I feel nothing but gratitude for the kindness which I am sure dictated them, I shall endeavor to answer them, and, as far as possible, allay thy uneasiness as to the course we are pursuing."

Yet the truth is, that singularity is almost always regarded as a brand of slight reproach; and where it is associated with acknowledged merit, serves as an abatement or an allay of excellence, by which weak eyes are reconciled to its lustre, and by which, though kindness is not gained, at least envy is averted.

His mornings are faithful,His evenings Allay the day's fever and fret; And nightkind physicianentreats us To slumber and dream and forget.

Luna by night, with heavenly influence Illumined! root of beauty and goodnesse, Write, and allay, by your beneficence, 315 My sighs breathed forth in silence,comfort give!

The inward mischief, or allay, Ye, who within the blameless mind Your favourite seat of empire find!

Oh let me tend thee, fair one, in the place Of thy dear friends; and with broad lotus fans Raise cooling breezes to refresh thy frame; Or shall I rather, with caressing touch, Allay the fever of thy limbs, and

When I have gently stolen from thy lips Their yet untasted nectar, to allay The raging of my thirst, e'en as the bee Sips the fresh honey from the opening bud.

As the boarders approached the Morning Star, the terror of the females became excessive; they clung to their husbands in despair, who endeavored to allay their fears by their own vain hopes, assuring them that a quiet submission nothing more than the plunder of the vessel was to be apprehended.

The disguised lover, in order to allay suspicion, has to feign a return of love to the queen and also to humour the dotage of the king, in the meanwhile revealing himself and his love to Philoclea, whom her father employs to court the affections of the Amazon.

But Can you allay a gnawing conscience, Or bind up bleeding reputation?

Oh impotent desires, allay the sad consort Of a sublime Fortune, whose most ambitious flames Disdaine to burne in simple Cottages, Loathing a hard unpolish'd bed; But Coveting to shine beneath a Canopy Of rich Sydonian purple, all imbroider'd With purest gold, and orientall Pearles.

But the men were now so anxious for land, and so vexed at the frequent disappointment of their hopes, that they regarded none of these tokens; though, on Wednesday the 10th, many birds were seen both by day and night; yet neither the encouraging promises of the admiral, nor his upbraiding their cowardice, could allay their fears, or inspire them with any confidence of ultimate success.

By the time it ceased they had eaten their supper of hard bread and harder beef, and lighted their pipes to allay their thirst.

MASSAGE, in medicine a process of kneading, stroking, and rubbing, with the fingers and palms of the hands, applied to the body as a whole or to locally affected parts, to allay pain, promote circulation, and restore nervous and vital energy; it was practised in very early times in China and India; was known to the Greeks and Romans, and was revived by Dr. Mezger of Amsterdam in 1853.

To win and wear her husband's love, As an honored, cherished crest; To hold her children's hearts, so "they Will rise and call her bless'd." To nobly share the widow's woe, To dry the orphan's tears, To pray for strength for hearts oppress'd, And help allay their fears; To reach a helping, loving hand, To those who go astray, And woo them back again to God, As they faint along the way.

My grandfather had said nothing to allay my doubts as to Marion Devereux’s strange conduct, and yet his confidence in her was apparently unshaken.

Such remarks were not calculated to allay the growing interest and attraction Lord Tancred was feeling.

He went too far in his anxiety to conciliate malice, and allay an evil temper.

Vengeance was a fierce thirst in my Judaic heart which only Christian streams could ever allay or quench, and I judged the man I loved by selfnot always a fitting standard of comparison.

He also sought to allay locals fears over compensation, stating that the government will address the affected fishermen’s and farmers concerns.

I decided to indulge them, hoping that when security arrived we could lay the matter to rest and allay any remaining doubt on their part.

In addition to their stated profession, the role of infection prevention practitioner will accompany the new norm to allay the concerns and fears of an increasingly aware and scrutinizing customers, says Alford.

The United Arab Emirates is seeking to allay concerns it has been impacted or is a target in tensions between its ally the United States and its regional neighbor Iran.

To allay concerns of locals over the possible spread of coronavirus, the military has pledged that sailors would not be allowed out of their hotels during quarantine.

Trump’s recent visit to India, while grand, did not allay fears that the US approach towards India on trade disputes is going to be indulgent or accommodating.

Again, I am asking the minister to perhaps allay those concerns that people have.

"Comic Books Help Curb Delinquency: State School Adopts Idea to Allay inmates' Fears -- Judge Backs Use."

Now, does this allay that fear totally, and does it bring it back into the realm that existed prior to the introduction of this new act?

We ate fiddleheads, grapes and even the leaves of trees to allay the pangs of hunger.