538 examples of allay in sentences

With finger in ear to allay the tickling sensation, JUDGE SWEENEY declares that this young man smelling of cloves is a person of great intellectual attainments, and understands the political genius of his country well enough to make an excellent Judge of Election.

The horses, faring better than their masters, for they found abundance to allay hunger in the lush, dank grass of the morass, were corralled in a clump of white ash, and the jaded men, groping about, clambered upon the gnarled roots of the trees to catch breath.

<Allay, alleviate, mitigate, assuage, mollify, relieve.

For fools are stubborn in their way, As coins are harden'd by th' allay; And obstinacy's ne'er so stiff As when 'tis in a wrong belief.

But the veil was thrown back, and the countenance went far to allay Elenko's disquiet.

You from the cool fresh steam allay Those thirsts which sultry suns excite; When choak'd with dust, or hot with play, A cup of water yields delight.

After wandering around a sufficient length of time to allay suspicion, Beth finally drew up before McNutt's house again.

Time did not allay his torment, which became so intolerable that he resolved to die.

For that one word you shall pledge me a carouse: eat a spoonful of the curd to allay your choler.

She seemed momentarily at a loss for an answer, but Piers' first remarks were scarcely of a character to secure goodwill or allay suspicion.

The duke of Buckingham, though reckoned haughty, and ill natured, was yet of a tender, compassionate disposition; but as the best characters have generally some allay, he is allowed to have been very passionate; but after his warmth subsided, he endeavoured to atone for it by acts of kindness and beneficence to those upon whom his passion had vented itself.

But these were the dreams of a man who sought to allay his fears by voluntary delusions.

These things could not but annoy the senate and awaken, moreover, serious apprehension as to whether, in the impending decisive war and the eventual negotiations for peace with Carthage, such a general would hold himself bound by the instructions which he receivedan apprehension which his arbitrary management of the Spanish expedition was by no means fitted to allay.

Philostratus in an epistle to his mistress, "I am ready to die sweetheart if it be thy will; allay his thirst whom thy star hath scorched and undone, the fountains and rivers deny no man drink that comes; the fountain doth not say thou shalt not drink, nor the apple thou shalt not eat, nor the fair meadow walk not in me, but thou alone wilt not let me come near thee, or see thee, contemned and despised I die for grief."

Ho, 'tis coming down in earnest now, says he to himself, still never troubling much about it allay, 'tis as if he blinks at himself through the snow, to look out, for now things are beginning in earnest!

And at that time what misery of that most nourishing family did I allay, or rather did I remove!

Candlish, Buchanan, Duff, Fairbairn, Rainy, and Guthrie, Sir Henry Moncreiff, Lord Dalhousie, and Mr. Murray Dunlop, most of whom had got their ecclesiastical training in the great controversy which had issued in the Disruption; but all their eloquence and all their skill did not avail to allay the misgivings or silence the objections of the other party.

Whenever I was conscious of their being perceived by him, I betrayed tokens of confusion: this did not tend to allay his uneasiness.

Mr. Baldwin, for the Government, while endeavouring to allay the curiosity of members, said that "Napoleons will be Napoleons."

Only the healing hand of time can allay the grief of those for whom there can be no reunion on earth with their nearest and dearest: At last the dawn creeps in with golden fingers Seeking my eyes, to bid them open wide Upon a world at peace, where Sweetness lingers, Where Terror is at rest and Hate has died.

In her they met; but long they could not stay, 'Twas gold too fine to mix without allay.

They also drew up and laid before the House a Bill of reform which, if passed, would, they pledged themselves, effectually allay the agitation and content all but the most irreconcilable.

People were to be seen wandering about; seeking for stray turnips, for watercresses, for anything that would allay the pangs of hunger.

But the men were now so anxious for land, and so vexed at the frequent disappointment of their hopes, that they regarded none of these tokens; though, on Wednesday the 10th, many birds were seen both by day and night; yet neither the encouraging promises of the admiral, nor his upbraiding their cowardice, could allay their fears, or inspire them with any confidence of ultimate success.

By the time it ceased they had eaten their supper of hard bread and harder beef, and lighted their pipes to allay their thirst.

538 examples of  allay  in sentences