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1938 example sentences with  allegations

1938 example sentences with allegations

"Well, what next?" he inquired, pretending to be interested in my allegations.

The allegations in this petition were confirmed by another, from one of the provinces supplied by the colony of Connecticut.

If this should be their intention, it cannot, in my opinion, sir, be called either unreasonable or disrespectful, nor will their allegations be easily disproved.

Lingua, these be shrewd allegations, and, as I think, unanswerable.

All of these made accordingly the strictest inquiries into the allegations of the merchant, and all separately gave in their reports, assuring the emperor that these complaints were just and well-founded: and these were followed and confirmed by many other informations.

I said all this I must confess, however, not without misgiving, for I could not but be sensible that, in spite of all my allegations to the contrary, my audience was disposed to regard a prediction of this nature, proceeding from a Prime Minister, less as a speculative abstraction than as one of that class of prophecies which work their own fulfilment.

They desired the public only to suspend their judgment till the privy council report should be out, when they would see the folly and wickedness of all our allegations.

Mr. Devaynes also maintained, contrary to the allegations of the others, that a great number of persons were kidnapped in order to be sold to the ships; and that the government, where this happened, was not strong enough to prevent it.

As soon as Oglethorpe arrived, he insisted that the allegations should be examined by a board of General Officers; but, as Cook gave in a list of several persons in Georgia and some in South Carolina, who, he said, were material witnesses, no investigation could be had till they should be heard.

"You will be given due opportunity of disproving my allegations," Hamilton said.

But he may deny the plaintiff's ground of action by denying the allegations of the plaintiff and challenging him to trial.

He may admit the plaintiff's allegations but plead other facts "to avoid their effect."

Evidence must go to prove the material allegations of the pleadings.

As a corollary to the preceding, it is a well-established rule of international law, that the surrendered party can be tried only on the allegations for which extradition has been accorded.

The propriety of maintaining the army of observation depended wholly upon the truth of the allegations on which France justified its continuance.

I do not at all mean to say that the truth of those allegations was to be taken for granted.

But what I do mean to say is, that it was not the business of the British Government to go into a trial and examine evidence, to ascertain the foundation of the conflicting allegations on either side.

The allegations were so outrageous that I felt it my duty to reply to it without delay.

To the House of Representatives of the United States: I transmit a report from the War Department, in relation to the investigations of the allegations of fraud committed on the Creek Indians in the sales of their reservations authorized by the resolution of that body of the 1st of July, 1836.

"But, your Honor!a delay of only twenty-four hours in which to prepare a rejoinder to this petitionto allegations of such astounding gravity?" he began, shocked into action by the very ungraspable magnitude of the thing.

When he came to the summarizing of the allegations in the amended petition, he did it wholly without heat, piling up the accusations one upon another with the careful method of a bricklayer building a wall.

On the part of the defendant company there was nothing but a formal denial of the allegations.

What has been done was done in open court and in the presence of your attorney, who offered no evidence in contradiction of the allegations set forth in the plaintiff's amended petition, although they were supported by more than a dozen affidavits; and it can not be undone in the streets.

Hawk's allegations charge all sorts of crookedness, and neither Loring nor Kent seemed to have a word to say for themselves.

"It is based upon the supposition that your allegations would be supported by evidence."

Since we have had no hearing on the merits, Guilford is only a temporary receiver, subject to discharge if the allegations in Hawk's amended petition are not sustained.

Even Herald's reportage consisted of allegations and counter allegations from interested parties with out any indepth coverage.

Even Herald's reportage consisted of allegations and counter allegations from interested parties with out any indepth coverage.

Unverified allegations that would not pass muster with even a trainee in a national newspaper find play on the front pages.

Konkani protagonists continue to level these allegations and suspect that Gomantak is still aiming to merge Goa with Maharashtra.

The affidavits filed in support of the petition were, however, so loose and vague, and were met with such positive counter-allegations, that the application was at once dismissed with costs; and poor Susanrash suitor for "justice"reduced to absolute penury.

Additional details on the allegations were not included, the Statesman reported.

Additionally, the applicant claimed discrimination since others facing similar or identical allegations had been treated differently.

Barr has played a role in other high-profile cases of interest to Trump and regularly faces allegations of political tampering within the DOJ.

Operators Hudson Health Care which has been hit by negligence allegations confirmed the latest deaths, which occurred on Wednesday night.

Opponents complained that Mr Watson lacks sufficient knowledge of the music industry and have highlighted his support for false allegations of child sexual abuse.

Patricia Anderson denied the allegations that on December 14 last year she drove a motor vehicle along Provost Road after consuming alcohol.

Paul’s lawyer, Michael Wynne, said his client has significant evidence to support his allegations but declined to elaborate.

SASCOC’s action, which means that there is no one to run daily affairs of CSA, is another setback to the board which is in the middle of administrative chaos and facing allegations of corruption and racial discrimination.

Saying she had copied her response to the office of the chief justice, Salie-Hlophe said Goliath’s allegations against her were palpably untruthful.

Sources had said market watchdog Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) is likely to call for a forensic audit of books of Infosys as it continues to probe whistleblower allegations of alleged financial irregularities at the company.

South Korean police said Tuesday Shin's allegations are being investigated in order to determine whether a crime had taken place during the rally.

Sule said the council members did not see any merit in the allegations leveled against Oshiomhole by Governor Obaseki.

ASIRT was formed to effectively, independently and objectively investigate incidents involving Alberta’s police that have resulted in serious injury or death to any person, as well as serious or sensitive allegations of police misconduct.

The country is already smouldering with hate speech against Muslims, including allegations of Corona Jihad and Love Jihad, which various courts have found to be false.

The counts that he was acquitted on, however, seem at odds with the number of allegations that have publicly surfaced against him.

The county did respond to the allegations, saying measures are being taken to provide workers with PPE while in the field and they have screening protocols in place.

The couple both denied the allegations during voluntary questioning by the Hiroshima District Public Prosecutors Office.

The courts have also given similar relief in other cases, including those of persistent drunkenness and repeatedly making unfounded allegations.

The explosive allegations identify Jama as a returnee someone who has come back to Canada after having participated in terrorist activities overseas.

The KZN health department is aware of the allegations and has ordered an investigation.

The Labour Party takes any allegations of discrimination received extremely seriously, which are fully investigated in line with our rules and procedures.

The Lagos State Panel of Inquiry and Restitution set up by the state government to look into the allegations of brutality and highhandedness by personnel of the now-defunct Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), has resumed its meeting for a fourth day.

The Lancet said allegations leveled against the WHO in Trump’s letter were serious and damaging.

The latest arrest involves allegations of forging documents to import a Rolls Royce and dupe the taxman of US$90 260,10.

The Law Enforcement Conduct Commission's report into her treatment was one of five published last Friday into allegations of illegal strip searches, finding all of them had been undertaken unlawfully and none of them resulted in finding prohibited drugs.

The Prime Minister does personally take these allegations exceedingly seriously.

Therefore, it might help if these allegations are filtered before transcending the level of the Honorable Supreme Court.

There have also been allegations he made racist and sexist comments to which embassy staffers took offense.

There is also no evidence to indicate that the Fulas in The Gambia are discriminated or marginalized based on Mr Bah’s allegations against immigration officials.

There is a pattern of controversy and allegations of abuse that stretches from the 1980s to today at one of Utah’s largest youth residential treatment centers.

There is mention of `serious human rights violations but no attempt to address allegations of crimes against humanity.

There is no place in the Bermuda Police Service for those who abuse that trust leaving the panel no choice but to find the allegations against PC Pereira proven and to dismiss him with immediate effect.

The sacked councillors deny the allegations and argue she was fired on performance grounds.

The Sanders campaign declined to comment on the allegations.

The school board last month hired a law firm to probe the allegations against him.

These allegations are aimed at creating confusion," he said.

These allegations are untrue, and I should have never been arrested in the first place," Ghosn said.

These allegations have prompted citizens to call upon the elders and the Chief in Toe Town, to end the sale of lands to the Blukinabieses.

These allegations surfacing in the media claiming that the Arakan Army has ties to the Kaungkha militia are damaging, defamatory and false, the statement read.

These allegations were put forward by the Prime Ministerial hopeful and Public Security Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan and Executive Member of the AFC, Cathy Hughes yesterday at APNU+AFC Campaign Headquarters on Lamaha Street.

"These are very concerning allegations and if they're true, Russia is going to face repercussions," Sherrill said.

The tech company vehemently denies the US allegations, and Beijing has characterized its treatment as economic bullying.

The tensions stem from allegations Islamabad provides support to the Afghan Taliban and Kabul harbors anti-Pakistan militants.

The then-president Dmitry Shlyakhtin was among five RusAF employees or board members who were suspended last year over allegations of providing forged documents to give an athlete an alibi for being unavailable for doping testing.

The then-president Dmitry Shlyakhtin was one of five RusAF employees or board members that had been suspended last year over allegations of supplying forged documents to provide an athlete an alibi to be inaccessible for doping testing.

Attacking the Thackeray government, Fadnavis further said, The whole country knows the credibility of those who have leveled such allegations.

At the same time, he reiterated the fundamental principles behind the company’s allegations.

Attorney General Helder Pitta Gros has said the allegations relate to her time as chairwoman of state oil firm Sonangol.

Attorney General Letitia James lawsuit, filed in state court in Manhattan after an 18-month investigation, highlighted misspending and self-dealing allegations that have roiled the NRA and its longtime leader, Wayne LaPierre, in recent years.

Attorneys for Weinstein have disputed Mann’s allegations and seized upon her acknowledgement that some of her encounters with the producer were consensual.

Authorities concluded that Dr Milner, who died in 1976, would have been questioned over allegations of rape, indecent assault and child cruelty, had he still been alive.

Walker is a vocal supporter and former clerk of Kavanaugh, a Trump appointee who was by the Republican-dominated Senate despite multiple allegations of sexual misconduct that came to light during his confirmation process.

We are happy that neither alarmist scenario painted by the representatives of Pakistan nor any of the baseless allegations made repeatedly by representatives of Pakistan in the UN fora were found to be credible today, Akbaruddin said.

We can confirm that these allegations are not true.

A group called The Women in Simcoe County released the letter saying the allegations of sexual misconduct by two women towards Brown made them feel disheartened.

If Mr. Newman wishes to pursue allegations of ineffectiveness of trial counsel he will have to file an Amended Notice of Appeal to which the Crown would have to consent.

The Collective Agreement does not expressly or by implication deal with the substance of these allegations.

The RCMP investigation of allegations of criminal activity in the former Morris-Macdonald School Division has been completed and has found no evidence to substantiate criminal charges.

There are now allegations of the misuse of these scanners by Nigerian security authorities.

At the time of Justice Bateman’s decision, there were no allegations of fraud, perjury, or other dishonesty.

AUNBT’s letter urges the university administration to cease its interference and retract allegations that signing union cards on campus is illegal.

The United States government has been arguing since 2005 that Iran is interfering in neighboring Iraq, combined with allegations about they are killing our soldiers to make sure that Tehran continues to be everyone recognizable regional enemy.

This has kicked up a whole new realm of allegations about US torture methods including, but not exclusive to force-feeding at least 24 prisoners with unsanitized tubes shoved through their noses, alleged beatings and the desecration of the Koran.

This is the first time the ICC has decided to vacate charges following the presentation of the Prosecution’s case, but it is not the first time cases have been dropped amid allegations of witness interference and non-cooperation by the state.

This is to do with the allegations and the unsubstantiated allegations and the lack of credibility of the allegations, and that is why I do not believe that there is any merit to their requirement to call for a judicial inquiry.

This is to do with the allegations and the unsubstantiated allegations and the lack of credibility of the allegations, and that is why I do not believe that there is any merit to their requirement to call for a judicial inquiry.

This is to do with the allegations and the unsubstantiated allegations and the lack of credibility of the allegations, and that is why I do not believe that there is any merit to their requirement to call for a judicial inquiry.

This is very similar to the saga of the documents pertaining to the allegations of torture in Afghanistan.

While Israel had recourse to go to the U.S. Congress to complain about allegations of Palestinian non-compliance, the Palestinians could not.