214 examples of allegations in sentences

"In less than twenty-four hours the Belgian citizens were chatting comfortably with the German invaders and the allegations of German brutality and demoniacal torture dissolved into one of the myths which have accompanied all wars.

In answer to the allegations that the Carolina traders had been excluded, he declared that, in granting licenses to trade with the Indians, he refused none of the Carolina traders who conformed to the Act, and gave them the same instructions as had been given by the Province of Carolina.

Their allegations, therefore, were unreasonable, and the disposition which dictated them criminally ungrateful.

As soon as Oglethorpe arrived, he insisted that the allegations should be examined by a board of General Officers; but, as Cook gave in a list of several persons in Georgia and some in South Carolina, who, he said, were material witnesses, no investigation could be had till they should be heard.

His desire was to warn her, yet he could not relate to her the allegations made by certain persons against Flockart.

But he may deny the plaintiff's ground of action by denying the allegations of the plaintiff and challenging him to trial.

He may admit the plaintiff's allegations but plead other facts "to avoid their effect."

3. Evidence must go to prove the material allegations of the pleadings.

" As a corollary to the preceding, it is a well-established rule of international law, that the surrendered party can be tried only on the allegations for which extradition has been accorded.

The propriety of maintaining the army of observation depended wholly upon the truth of the allegations on which France justified its continuance.

I do not at all mean to say that the truth of those allegations was to be taken for granted.

But what I do mean to say is, that it was not the business of the British Government to go into a trial and examine evidence, to ascertain the foundation of the conflicting allegations on either side.

To the House of Representatives of the United States: I transmit a report from the War Department, in relation to the investigations of the allegations of fraud committed on the Creek Indians in the sales of their reservations authorized by the resolution of that body of the 1st of July, 1836.

We do not even confine ourselves to defence, but go farther, and question whether the allegations of coarseness may not oftener be the fault of the plaintiff than of the defendant.

In the sentence quoted from M. Sérurier's letter no exception is taken to the assertion that the complaints of this Government are founded upon allegations entirely inexact, nor upon that which declares the explanations given here or in Paris appeared, not to have left even the possibility of a misunderstanding on such delicate points.

I have thus exhibited, with all intentional fairness of criticism, the entire series of these nine primary definitions; and the reader may judge whether they sustain the praises which have been bestowed on the book, or confirm the allegations which I have made against it.

He dwelt, also, at great length on the stamp on the envelope, but contrived at last to leave a feeling on the minds of those who heard him, that Sir John had shown the weakness of his case by trusting so much to such allegations as he had made.

There are, on the other hand, several vague allegations by the insurgents, to the substantial effect that this call for reënforcements was Colonel Gardner's real offense; leaving the implication that Major Fitz John Porter's inspection was purposely instituted to find reasons for removing the Colonel and thus frustrating the obligation to send him additional troops.

The last statement is self-evidently false; for had such been the case, the Indians would, of course, never have let some of their women and children put themselves in the power of the whites, and get helplessly drunk; and, anyhow, the allegations of such brutal and cowardly murderers are entirely unworthy of acceptance, unless backed up by outside evidence.

Jefferson, as we learn from his Papers at Washington, took it down in 1775, getting it from Lord Dunmore's officers, and published it in his "Notes," in 1784; unfortunately he took for granted that its allegations as regards Cresap were true, and accordingly prefaced it by a very unjust attack on the reputed murderer.

It scarcely needs serious discussion; it may be divided into two partsone containing allegations that are silly, and the other those that are discredited.

Furthermore, my allegations were frequently corroborated by bruises on the bodies of the patients.

As Dewey's allegations flatly contradict those of Aguinaldo, we must choose between the two.

The continual assumptions on which conclusions were based; the incredible character of the allegations; andmost damning fact of allthe foul source from which the evidence was derived.

I think many of their allegations utterly erroneous, and their reasonings wholly unsound.

214 examples of  allegations  in sentences