344 examples of allers in sentences

Ye war allers good to poor Chloe, down dar in de prison-house.

"Mis' Miller's had a hard time with them four great boys, and Mr. Miller so behindhand allers.

" "You can't allers tell about that," observed Dan pessimistically.

Bein' next t' the sled an' so close t' the driver an' load, they allers seem t' kinda manage the business end o' things.

Moose Jones allers said he would.

He's allers willin' t' do more'n his share; an' he's lots happier when he's workin' hard than when he's just lyin' idle in the stable, or bein' trotted out by Matt fer a walk.

Them Mego pups is allers fair lookers an' fair go-ers, so fur's I ever heered t' the contrary," he admitted grudgingly.

He was allers an ornery beast, an' combin' his hair an' puttin' tassels an' fancy harness on him ain't goin' t' make a racer outen a cur.

"Moose Jones allers said that Baldy had plenty o' spirit; an' I kinda think he's like the ship she was tellin' us about the other day.

I know'd massa was a-learnin' you'uns suffin', and it allers 'peared to me that learnin' was mighty empty work.

"They allers screech like that in the morning.

I rayther thinks, as I gathers from the tork of the many yung swells as we has dining here, that they are not altogether what I shoud call a marrying race; they seems to think as there's allers plenty of time for that sollem seremony when they're a good deal older.

Her folks pretended to treat Amos all right, but was allers talkin' agin him; and finally they pizened her mind with the idee that he had married her only for her money, and that all the while he loved another gal.

However, he allers said she was a pooty good gal in the main.

"And do you think the widow ever grieved for him?" "No, I guess not; for Amos allers said that she was not a very lovin', affectionate woman; though, if he had been as rich as her, or if her family had let her alone, she would have made him a tol'able wife.

He allers had a notion of comin' home kind o' disguised, so that his wife shouldn't know him.

"As for my wife's relatives, I'm sure I allers forgave 'em.

Some folks air allers for change, but I've known when I was well off and they've known when they were well off."

" "I wouldn't give up, sir, if I was you: allers hold on to hope, sir.

and I've allers thought it was mighty easier for one that begs to go and knock there than anywhere else, for in that house the Master opens the door himself.

But Miss Nancy war mighty headstrong, an' allers liked to hab her own way; an' dis time she got it.

us 'cept dat ole drunken husband ob hern, an' he war allers too drunk ter whip hisself.

Who is de gemmen, ennyhow?" "Why, Uncle Dan'el," replied Aunt Linda, "dis is Robby; Miss Nancy's bad, mischeebous Robby, dat war allers playin' tricks on me.

ter take things as we's allers done.

Allers tryin' to poke fun at yer pore wife.

344 examples of  allers  in sentences