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191 example sentences with  allers

191 example sentences with allers

I've seen him lots o' times at TONY PASTOR'S, and I allers knowed he'd be a big thing if the Bowery or thishyer theatre got a hold on him.

Well, I allers larf when I think of it.

If my memry serves me correctly, FISKE and GOOLD made you perambulate off on your eyebrows, last fall, and while the a-4-said Tigers walked off with the seats of your trowserloons in their teeth, you all jined in the follerin' him: Wall Street is all a fleetin' sho', From which lame ducks are driven, "Up in a balloon they allers go, To Tophet, not to Heaven."

I've allers heard say that as able-bodied a Loonatic as the French say you be, could handle any 3 ordinary men, "Be be Jost or Gobler damed," to cote from our friend BILLY SHAKESPEER.

I made no reply to this onmanerly interogetory, but strikin' an attitude of pain, give him one of those gazes which BEN BUTLER allers makes tell, in tryin' criminal cases.

He's allers wid me wherever I is workin', an' when I is up on my box a drivin' troo de streets, he's dere.

Children now-a-days allers duz know more than their mothers."

But that's allers the way.

Allers a' flyin' in the face uv Providence.

They're allers more peacocky in their minds after they git their spring bunnets.

"I knows we allers tinks of a home as a place where dere is good times, an' dere don't seem much good times goin' for some of us in dis worl', but dere ain't no call fer us ter spec' ter be better off dan our Lord, an ef we'se feedin' on de Lord Jesus all de time we won't min' ef de worl's bread is scarce; de soul ain't dependin' on dem tings fer nourishmen' an' de Lord Jesus makes de hard bed easy an' de coarse food taste good.

De Bible sez we'se ter 'live an' move an' hev our bein' in God,' an' it don't 'pear becomin' when we hev such a home pervided fer us, ter be allers grumblin' 'cause we can't live in de brown stone fronts an' keep a kerridge.

But, friend PUNCHINELLO, to my disgust and shagrin', I must acknolidge the corn, and say, I hain't quite so soon as I allers give myself credit for bein', as the sekel of this letter will show.

A widder's boys allers goes to ruin.

"Yew young folks," she affirmed, herself having seen ninety-nine winters, while Abigail had known but a paltry sixty-five, "yew allers go an' cut yer pity on the skew-gee.

Blossy allers was a fool over anything that wore breeches."

"I hope he'll appreciate yew as I allers done."

"I allers did think young 'uns would be the most comfort tew yew after they growed up."

She know'd us allers, and Melindy 'n' George used ter be dre'ful thick 'fore he went off, a good spell back, when they was nigh about childern; so I guess you'd better tell 'em."

BILL SOOWARD allers gets home from a voyige, the sitezens of Auburn give him a warm recepshen.

Mariar was allers full of pet names, and this was one of them.

It is no use; shee'l allers have the last word, if she sets up all nite for a week for it.

" "Nor his father?" "'Tain't no business ob yourn," said Dick, "but we's allers lived right heah, on dis bay."

She's allers a-sayin' wot a waste de shells make," laughed Dick.

" "Cap'n Kinzer allers does know jes' de right t'ing to do," mumbled Dick in a half-smothered voice; and his mother let go of him, with "Law, suz!

Allers lived 'bout high-water mark.

"Them Purcels allers was pretty peppery, and I guess they're more'n ever so now," said Rhoda.

She allers do be thinkin of the old 'un when there's a storm a-comin' up, along of his havin' been drowned at sea.

You see, the path ain't o'er light or cheerful arter dark, so when I'm home here along the time that Little Em'ly comes home from her work, I allers lights the little candle and puts it there on the table in the winder, and it serves two purposes,first, Em'ly sees it and she says: "Theer's home," and likewise, "Theer's Uncle," fur if I ain't here I never have no light showed.

"Mercy," said she, "queer people allers do take to each other.

I used ter ask him, often 'n' often, what made him so offish to sum folks, when I knew he hadn't the least thing agin 'em; and he allers said, sez he, 'Well, I can't tell ye nothin' about it, only jest this is the way 't is: I can't talk to 'em; they sort o' shet me up, like.

"But yer can't allers tell by that nowadays.

Yesterday Maria got up 'bout daybreak (I allers tell her if she was real forehanded she'd eat her breakfast overnight), and by half past five she hed her clothes in the boiler.

Where I work, they most allers say it's the cat,well!

I allers say, when folks grumble, 'Now if you was given the materials, could you turn out a better world than this is?

"I'd like to go upstairs with you when you get your boquet tied up," he said, "because it's an awful hot day, an' the queer kind o' things you do 't this house allers makes my backbone cold!

Ye war allers good to poor Chloe, down dar in de prison-house.

He allers give Mark to underst-hand that he shouldn't be hard upon him,th-that he could pay along as he ger-got able."

An' he allers said th-that he'd hev new deeds made out, so's to per-per-prevent just such a wrong as this.

She looks pale, kind o' slips round still like moonshine, but where anything's to be done, there Mis' Pitkin is; and her hand allers goes to the right spot, and things is done afore ye know it.

The time to pay comes round putty soon, and the deacon's face allers goes down long as yer arm.

"Oh, he allers was sot on eddication, and Mis' Pitkin she's sot on't, too, in her softly way, and softly women is them that giner'lly carries their p'ints, fust or last.

Expect Mis' Pitkin'll take it sort o' hard, she's so sot on you; but she's allers sayin' things is for the best, and maybe she'll come to think so 'bout thisfolks gen'ally does when they can't help themselves.

Yer kin allers fetch 'em with a red hankercher, and gin'rally by jist layin' down on yer back, and holdin' up yer feet.

You thought yer did, I s'pose; but don't be too sartin next time, 'cause the fever allers takes what little sense a feller's got, when it strikes him."

"The squaws allers do the hard work, and the men the heavy layin' round and talkin'.

"An' although I'm a tramp now, guv'ner, I wasn't allers one.

" "How did you?" "Oh, we's got some few friends dere, but we allers promise not to tell."

"Not so bad as some, but I allers wanted my freedom, I did.

Strays allers turns up on this here road.

I allers used to stay at home when he's gone, for fear that owld thaif of a hunter might break into the pantry and shtail our winesthat is, if we had any, which we haven't.

" "It was a dirty trick, freeze me if it wasn't; but you can allers find a white man to do a mean trick, when you can't a copperskin; that you may set down as a p'inted fact, Teddy."

"I don't foller sich business for money, but I've agreed to be in St. Louey at the time I was tellin' you, and it's allers a p'int of honor with me to keep my agreements."

Thar's allers a lot of white people staying among 'em.

"I thought yer allers lived in this country."

She said, 'Young housekeepers was allers a-wantin' rags, and, in course, there wa'n't nothin' but what was bran'-new out of the store.'

I got Cato up from de lot, 'cause he's rader poorly dis mornin'; his cough makes me a sight o' concern; he's allers a-pullin' off his jacket de wrong time, or doin' sometin' I tell him not to,and it just keeps him hack, hack, hackin', all de time.

While it allers means that something is going to come, it doesn't always mean it'll amount to much.

" * * * * * "SARY EMMA'S PHOTYGRAPHS" Our Sary Emma is possessed ter be at somethin' queer; She's allers doin' loony things, unheard of fur and near.

She's "tonin'," er "develerpin'," er "printin'," ha'f the time; She's allers buyin' pasteboard ter mount up her latest crime:

Next, she starts in on the neighbors; tells us all their private cares, While we have the fun er knowin' how she talks of our affairs; Says, with sobs, that Christmas comin' makes her feel so bad, for, oh! Her Isaiah, the dear departed, allers did enjoy it so.

And used to poke the hands around ter make it "cuckoo" time; And allers when we'd company come, they had ter see the thing, And, course they almost had a fit when "birdie" come ter sing.

* * * * * A RAINY DAY Kind er like a stormy day, take it all together, Don't believe I'd want it jest only pleasant weather; If the sky was allers blue, guess I'd be complainin',

Kind er like a stormy day, take it all together, Don't believe I'd want it jest only pleasant weather; If the sky was allers blue, guess I'd be complaining And a-pesterin' around, wishin' it was rainin'.

But if, on the strength of this, any one else ventured a reproof, Candace was immediately round on the other side:"Dat ar' chile gwin' to be spiled, 'cause dey's allers a-pickin' on him;he's well enough, on'y let him alone."

I've allers loved to read about 'em in books, and I'd rather see one close to, than all the tombs and crypts and lofty domes you could rake together; an' I don't want to see 'em neither in the streets, nor yet in a House of Parliament, which aint in session; for there, I don't believe, dressin' in common clothes as they do, that I could tell 'em from other people.

"He's allers up to some trick.

I rayther thinks, as I gathers from the tork of the many yung swells as we has dining here, that they are not altogether what I shoud call a marrying race; they seems to think as there's allers plenty of time for that sollem seremony when they're a good deal older.

"That's right, allers take things philosophically, and be ready to extend a helping hand to them as" The count had got thus far in his observations, when the boy darted to one side, and made a desperate attempt to pass them and reach the fence on his right.

I'm allers looking round in the fall of the year for some old critter just ready to drop.

He's got good common sense and allers hits the nail on the head, but as I said, you pleased 'em fust rate."

I allers knew no good would come of my son joining 'em," the man shouted.

Her folks pretended to treat Amos all right, but was allers talkin' agin him; and finally they pizened her mind with the idee that he had married her only for her money, and that all the while he loved another gal.

However, he allers said she was a pooty good gal in the main.

"No, I guess not; for Amos allers said that she was not a very lovin', affectionate woman; though, if he had been as rich as her, or if her family had let her alone, she would have made him a tol'able wife."

He allers said he didn't care much whether his wife loved him, so long as she treated him civilly."

He allers had a notion of comin' home kind o' disguised, so that his wife shouldn't know him.

"As for my wife's relatives, I'm sure I allers forgave 'em.

But I've been a-thinking," continued Swan, taking the nails out of his lips and leaning in at the window, "I've been a-thinking as it ain't noways fair, if all men is ekalwhich you're allers upholdingthat you should say Swan, and I should say Mister Crayshaw."

"Well, now, you allers contrive to get the better of me, you and Mr. Johnnie, you're so sharp!

Now a good-manner'd man is allers saying by his ways and looks to them that air beneath him, "You're as good as I am!"

and a bad-manner'd man is allers saying by his ways and looks to them that air above him, "I'm as good as you air!"

He war allers blusterin', cussin', and swearin' at somebody.

She hed allers bin mighty good to me.

"But I allers wanted to learn how to read.

He allers kep' his ole Guinea name."

Dat chile war allers at my heels.

Wen he went, he allers 'membered me in de letters he used to write his grandma.

" "Many a time," continued Robert, "have I heard her humming to herself in the kitchen and saying, 'I has my trials, ups and downs, but it won't allers be so.

I allers said Robby had san' in his craw, and war born for good luck.

I allers wanted some nice lady to come down yere and larn our gals some sense.

Frank drew off on one side, and the Hiller continued, "I promised I'd allers be a friend to you fellers that stood up for me that night, and I want to let you see that I haven't forgot my promise.

I know that I can't do much for you, but I jest want to show you that I allers remember favors."

"I allers heerd," continued Lee, as his companion came up, "that you have a reg'lar hankerin' arter ketchin' and tamin' wild varmints.

At len'th the ole man raised his head, an' broke the silence by sayin', "'Dick, you have allers been a good friend to me, an' have stuck by me like a brother, through thick an' thin, an', I s'pose, you think it is mighty unkind in me to keep any thing from you; an' so it is.

"He paused a moment, an', wipin' the perspiration from his forehead with his coat-sleeve, continued, a'most in a whisper, "'Dick, I was not allers as you see me nowall alone in the world.

"That's just it; it's allers suthin like that," screamed the old man, dashing his fist on his leg in a feeble, impotent passion, but without looking at Lance.

You might say ez how I used to jest worship that ring with you, and allers wanted to borrow it on Sundays.

When folksspecially women folkswondered how you could leave a woman like your wife, and go off with a scallawag like that gal, I allers said they'd find out there was a reason.

If we are not successful we will try again and keep on trying until we have won that trophy, said Allers.