2118 examples of allusions in sentences

Before the fourth century we find allusions to the evening prayer in the early Fathers, Clement I. of Rome, St. Ignatius, St. Clement of Alexandria, Tertullian, Origen, the Canons of St. Hippolytus, St. Cyprian (for texts see Baumer-Biron; 1. c.t. 20 seq.

Elsewhere, in The Island he returns, amid allusions to the Alps and Apennines, to the friends of his youth: The infant rapture still survived the boy, And Lach-na-gair with Ida look'd o'er Troy, Mixed Celtic memories with the Phrygian mount, And Highland linns with Castalie's clear fount.

Byron's allusions to Scotland are variable and inconsistent.

Similarly, the richest pages of Byron's workfrom the date of The Curse of Minerva to that of the "Isles of Greece"are brightened by lights and adorned by allusions due to his training, imperfect as it was, on the slopes of Harrow, and the associations fostered during his truant years by the sluggish stream of his "Injusta noverca."

In such like allusions and loving conceits they were engaged, when the lady was called away to her mother.

In order that the reader may be enabled to understand the allusions, which seem to be so plain to our lovers, it may be necessary to explain another odious feature in the policy of the Republic of Venice.

He is fond of making critical allusions in his sermons; and is rather lengthy in his talk.

It is true that allusions are often made to these peculiarities, but where are we to look for the explanation?

His wealth of imagery and allusions, together with his rare combination of poetic and logical reasoning, make these orations remarkable, entirely apart from their subject and purpose.

He abhors the trite and obvious, and, in escaping them to indulge in witty riddles, fanciful expressions, and difficult allusions, he imperils his clearness.

And although it may reasonably be supposed that the chief of these will be already known to most readers of Pindar, yet so profusely allusive is this poet that to understand his allusions will very often require knowledge which would not have been derived from a study of the more commonly read Hellenic writers.

The plants of the garden, the animals of the wood, the minerals of the earth, and meteors of the sky, must all concur to store his mind with inexhaustible variety; for every idea is useful for the enforcement or decoration of moral or religious truth; and he, who knows most, will have most power of diversifying his scenes, and of gratifying his reader with remote allusions and unexpected instruction.

Even reading had its perils; for books had sometimes aristocratical insignia, and sometimes counter revolutionary allusions; and when the administrators of police happened to think the writer a conspirator, they punished the reader as his accomplice.

The vogue of the book was not due to its merits as fiction, which are slight, but to the spiciness of personal allusions.

As Mr. Austin Dobson has pointed out, Mrs. Haywood's novel is remarkable for its scant allusions to actual places and persons.

Among these are the following: Allusions to Attic salt, when asked to pass the salt-cellar.

But the ferment worked outside the actual doings of the voyagers themselves, and it can be traced beyond definite allusions to them.

Allusions, indeed, are surprisingly few; Drake is scarcely as much as mentioned among the greater writers of the age.

Milton, a scholar whose mind was occupied by other and more ultimate matters, is full of allusions to it.

A dictionary of Biblical allusions.

R106139, 22Jan53, Lloyd E. Smith (A) A dictionary of Biblical allusions.

Occasionally mysterious allusions are made to 'he,' what 'he' will do with a certain farm, whether 'he' will support such and such a movement, or subscribe to some particular fund, what view will 'he' take of the local question of the day?

One of the girls was understood to be engaged to be married to a far distant lieutenant, of whom Penrith knew nothing, which circumstance gave rise to sundry ingenious conceits in the acrostic line, based on allusions to "his story" and "mystery!"

To crown all, he has scattered through these few pages a multitude of proper names, most of them gorgeous in sound, and each of them carrying its own strange freight of reminiscences and allusions from the unknown depths of the past.

She thought it must have been the other sister, now in India, and that this gave the key to many allusions she had heard and which she marvelled at herself for not having understood.

2118 examples of  allusions  in sentences