68 examples of ally's in sentences

Remember that, Ally;" and with these words, Mrs. Fleming bent still lower to touch Ally's lips with a final farewell kiss.

"I meant to be good to Ally, and that's why I taught Peter to say, 'Ally's come, Ally's come! give her a kiss! give her a kiss!'

"I meant to be good to Ally, and that's why I taught Peter to say, 'Ally's come, Ally's come! give her a kiss! give her a kiss!'

It was an added pang, but there was no resentment in it, when she saw Ally's sudden shrinking from her as she entered the Doctor's parlor with him a little later.

And then, just then, it was that Peter, who had been banished to the hall, called out uproariously, "Ally's come!

The insurgent chiefs fled, and got on board the Vectis, one of the two vessels of war which you suffered the Sicilian rebels to fit out in your ports, when you refused all help to your ancient friend's ambassador in checking this outrage on the law of nations, and when by a celebrated 'inadvertence' you suffered those rebels to obtain from the Tower a supply of arms, wherewith to fight your ally's armies.

Ally's got nothingHe's got everything.

" Ally's prettiness (when she gazed at it in the glass) was delicious, intoxicating joy to Ally.

And on the Vicar's dressing-table there lay a large and perfect hand-glass that had belonged to Ally's mother.

Even to Ally's innocence it was evil.

But there was nothing in his reticence to disturb Ally's ecstasy.

It was only at night, when Ally's brain slept among its dreams, that Rowcliffe's face leaned near to hers without ever touching it, and his arms made as if they clasped her and never met.

All these objects impressed themselves on Ally's brain, adhering to its obsession and receiving from it an immense significance and importance.

Gwenda had known nothing approaching to Mary's serene and brooding satisfaction or Ally's ecstasy.

" The color died in Ally's scared face.

(She said to herself it would look better on Ally's account.)

(She said to herself it was not well on Ally's account.)

For of course it was only on Ally's account that she was asking Rowcliffe, really.

And of course it was just as well (on Ally's account) that Rowcliffe should not have seen her until she was absolutely well.

He had even found a certain austere satisfaction in the thought that he, the doctor, who had tried to terrify him about Ally's insanity, having thrown that bomb into the peaceful Vicarage, should be blown up, as it were, with his own explosion.

" "Was itwas it" Ally's instinct heard the name that her sister spared her.

Nothing was left of Ally's tyrant and Robina's victim, the middle-aged celibate, filled with the fury of frustration and profoundly sorry for himself.

You haven't seen one of Ally's babies.

It was the sort of thing that wasn't easy or agreeable to think about and Ally's instinct of self-preservation urged her to turn from it.

On reading this letter, Osmond at once understood his ally's plan, together with its danger, and felt that, as he had not returned, he had, in all probability, fallen a victim to his rashness.

68 examples of  ally's  in sentences