2091 examples of am off in sentences

I have only the one day to spare, so am off early in the morning.

Your accent" "I am off Elsass, monsieur.

I am off now," he went on, his tone becoming a little kinder.

At ten o'clock I am off duty, and the night porter remains alone in the hall.' "Mr. Tremlett's evidence was corroborated in most respects by a waiter and by the hall porter.

I am off, with a fair wind.'

Certain people, certain human atmospheres, certain wandering forces, thoughts, desires eventhe radiations of certain combinations of colour, and above all, the vibrations of certain kinds of music, will suddenly throw me into a state of what I can only describe as an intense and terrific inner vibrationand behold I am off!

I vanishI am off to supper.

And now the pony's at the door, and I am off!

"I am off this evening," he answers.

I have just been righteously abusing the Neapolitan Government to a native merchant whom, from his name, I took to be a Frenchman, but as I am off in an hour or two, hope to escape arrest.

I am off to London, Claude.

"Well," thought he, "I fancied nothing could throw my steady old engine off the rails; but I am off them now, with a vengeance."

Soon I am off again, bag in one hand, stick in the other, hastening down one of the roads leading to the harbor.

Now I am off on the trail!

Well, I am off; but mind, Nelly, I am offended.

"I am off to the upper muir to count the lambs," said I; "maybe you would care to come up with me and see something of the country?

" "Oh, as for me, I am off to the Club to hear further details of the riot and afterward to a supper with Madame de Flahaut.

I am off this instant.

If you think that I shall do well to undertake the journey, I am off.

As for me, I am off again to my quarters to quaff and laugh with my two hundred men-at-arms, in readiness to march when your standard is a-field, but not thither."

I am off at once to my quarters to report the capture to the king.

But for the present I am off to Constantinople, from whence I intend to make an extended tour to Mount Caucasus, and then into Thibet.

A gentleman sent a lady a rose as a declaration of his passion and a slip of paper attached, with the inscription"If not accepted, I am off to the war.

"Well, I am off, Nancy!"

I am off; I am going to walk.

2091 examples of  am off  in sentences