286 examples of amazed at in sentences

"I'm really amazed at our success, and it's up to you to make a paper that will circulate and make trade for these trustful advertisers.

The Tsardom was gone!the "dark forces" had been overthrown; the political exiles were free; and Freedom seemed to stand there on the Russian soil shading her bewildered eyes against the sun of victory, amazed at her own deed.

" "I, too, recollect the affair quite well," Jack declared, tugging at his mustache, utterly amazed at my love's strange story.

I was really amazed at the change in his appearance.

But won't you ruin your complexion and roughen your hands if you do so much of this new fancy-work?" asked Emily, much amazed at this novel freak.

She was amazed at his bravery, although she felt that there was a sort of indelicacy and naïve grossness about it that was scandalizing.

And he was amazed at the multitude of sea fowl that flew about the rocks in such prodigious numbers that they darkened the sky.

For when as Troy was taken, and the wars ended (as Clemens Alexandrinus quotes out of Euripides) angry Menelaus with rage and fury armed, came with his sword drawn, to have killed Helen, with his own hands, as being the sole cause of all those wars and miseries: but when he saw her fair face, as one amazed at her divine beauty, he let his weapon fall, and embraced her besides, he had no power to strike so sweet a creature.

Amazed at what he saw, the doctor ordered his servant, who by this time had joined the group, to bring a blanket, and descending to the edge of the river, awaited the swimmer's arrival.

" "Did he not seem amazed at finding you there?

and there gently lodged in the branches of a bush of Tamarisk, which, in a short time, had shot up into a large and beautiful tree, growing round the chest and enclosing it on every side, so that it was not to be seen; and farther, that the king of the country, amazed at its unusual size, had cut the tree down, and made that part of the trunk wherein the chest was concealed, a pillar to support; the roof of his house.

He was, perhaps, as amazed at his own transcendent gift as any other person could be, and he was incapable of hiding his sensations.

She was amazed at the restlessness in her heart.

The spruce forest had a depth and a darkness that even Ben had never seen; the wild creatures that they sometimes glimpsed on the bank stared at them wholly without knowledge as to what they were, and likely amazed at the strength whereby they had braved this seething torrent that swept through their sylvan home.

He tells Hobbinol that he drove his sheep into foreign lands, hoping to find better pasture; but he was amazed at the luxury and profligacy of the shepherds whom he saw there, and the wretched condition of the flocks.

I was amazed at the heat he was in.

Ken was amazed at the ruin wrought by the one small bomb.

When he came on the platform she was so amazed at his personal appearance that she cried out, but fortunately her exclamation was lost in the applause that greeted the lecturer.

* THANKFULNESS.Walking along Bishopgate street one morning, I saw two men standing as if amazed at something that had happened.

As Monsignor glanced back again at the dock, amazed at the sudden change of scene, he saw the monk's head disappearing down the staircase that led below from the dock.

When I look back to my own commonplace, ordinary, straightforward boyhood, wrapped up in tiny ambitions, vexed with trivial cares, full of trifling events, with a constant sense of small dissatisfaction, I am amazed at the colours with which memory tints the scene.

I asked, amazed at the skill with which he handled the blowpipe.

" I was amazed at the cry.

I was amazed at myself for this susceptibility,I, who, accustomed to hotel-life, had formerly been so impassive, to be thus tickled with a straw!

Both at Hamburg and Lubeck, where the rattle of the pneumatic riveter was as incessant as in any American city in course of construction, I was amazed at the number of vessels of five or six thousand tons which I saw being built.

286 examples of  amazed at  in sentences