557 examples of ambrose in sentences

Augustine, St. Ambrose, Beda and Boethius, all countenance the opinion.

And certainly that wise and great man, whoever he was (some say he was St. Ambrose, Bishop of Milan, in Italy), who wrote the Te Deum, thought the same; for how does he end the Te Deum?

Ambrose's famous saying, that 'it hath not pleased the Lord to give his people salvation in dialectic,' has a profound meaning far beyond its application to theology.

The sole concession to the life of nature was the old pastoral, which, in the hands of cockneys like Pope and Ambrose Philips, who merely repeated stock descriptions at second or third hand, became even more artificial than a Beggars Opera or a Rape of the Lock.

Blackwood's was edited by John Wilson, Professor of Moral Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh, who, under the pen-name of "Christopher North," contributed to his magazine a series of brilliant imaginary dialogues between famous characters of the day, entitled Noctes Ambrosianæ, because they were supposed to take place at Ambrose's tavern in Edinburgh.

Pussonally, Mr. Ambrose de Vere Travis spoke only English.

Ambrose was twenty-four years old.

And so, one way and another, Ambrose managed to eke from his job a great deal more than he drew on pay day.

Just when Ambrose fell in love with Miss Aphrodite Tate is not quite clear.

She was astoundingly, absolutely, and gratifyingly black, and Ambrose was sure that he had never seen any one quite so beautiful.

And it was here that Ambrose met her.

After some rehearsal of what he wanted to say, Ambrose betook himself to the tenement in which the Tate family dwelt.

This unexpected tirade made the unhappy Ambrose a trifle weak in the knees.

Ambrose made his furious way toward the Social Club, his mind set on mortal encounter with the hated Dominique.

Ambrose noted with satisfaction that Mr. Raffin was already at play, and crossing the smoke-filled room he threw down some money and took his place in the game.

Ambrose looked bewildered at the torn clothing he held in his hand, and then at the limp form of his late antagonist.

"Ah'm comin' to dat," replied Ambrose.

" At last, with a bare minute to spare, Ambrose smilingly entered.

" "Ah'll cawncentrate now," replied Ambrose, "an' sho'tly you-all will witness ample proof of mah bein' a genuine Voo-doo.

In one brief minute the place was apparently empty save for Ambrose.

"Ambrose," she whispered, "Ah wasn't scaired.

The American journal of Ambrose Serle, secretary to Lord Howe, 1777-1778.

SEE Lloyd, George Ambrose.


SEE Lloyd, George Ambrose.

557 examples of  ambrose  in sentences