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164 example sentences with  amethysts

164 example sentences with amethysts

V Joe Parkinsontall and broad-shouldered, tanned, resolute, chary of speech, decisive in gesture, having close-cropped yellow hair and frank, keen eyes like amethysts,was the one alien present when Colonel Musgrave came again into Roger Stapylton's fine and choicely-furnished mansion.

What do we know of sapphire, amethyst, emerald, ruby, amber, and the like,most of us who take these names in vain?

No amethyst nor garnet is shining on his brow, No crimson sleeve, which damsels weave at Tunis, decks him now; The belt is black, the hilt is dim, but the sheathed blade is bright; They have housened his barb in a murky garb, but yet her hoofs are light.

We brought home pearls in their growing state, and gold in the grain; we brought two stones, one of emerald color and the other of amethyst, which was very hard, and at least a half a span long and three fingers thick.

Oh, what would I give, like a bird, to go, Right on through the arch of the sun-lit bow, And see how the water-drops are kissed Into green and yellow and amethyst.

The steeples swam in amethyst, The news like squirrels ran.

Vassili and his sister the marquisea stout lady in ruby velvet and amethysts, who invariably caused Maggie Delafield's mouth to twitch whenever she opened her own during the eveningreceived the guests in the drawing-room.

"It is good of you, M. le Prince, and you, madame, to honor us in our small house," said the marquise in a guttural voice such as one might expect from within ruby velvet and amethysts.

They took note of the Amethyst Coterie's Saturday night dances"Wardrobe, 50 cents, Ladies Free"and of the boys and girls who patronized the place.

Beyond the glacier itself, the snow-capped mountains rose grand and serene, their glittering peaks clear against the blue sky, which hue the glacier reflected and played with in a thousand glinting shades, from purpling amethyst to lapis lazuli and turquoise.

Of precious stones, some fine specimens of amethyst have been discovered.

A gentleman in the family of the Legate of Ravenna, also trafficked with me for an amethyst of the same design, but with him neither did I hold it important to be particular.

Oh, my heart's love, don't you know how perfect you are?" They had stopped under some trees near the ruined chapel, and she leant against one of them and looked up at him with a strange, dreamy, far-away look in her eyes which were dark as the purple amethyst.

The whole city was of gold, {118} and the walls of emerald; the seven gates were all made out of one trunk of the cinnamon-tree; the pavement, within the walls, of ivory; the temples of the gods were of beryl, and the great altars, on which they offered the hecatombs, all of one large amethyst.

No bright-winged bird, fair flower, or gorgeous sunset or sea-wave, was more distinct to the child's eyes than the hues of the same notes, stately as palm or pine,red as crimson, white as wool, rich and full as violet, softly compelling as amethyst.

At last he poured the lustrous wine, Crowned high the radiant wave with light, And held aloft the goblet bright, Half in shadow, and wreathed in mist Of purple, amber, and amethyst.

the hilltops all aglow With purple and with amethyst; While the whole valley deep below Is filled, and seems to overflow, With a fast-rising tide of mist.

Her ribbons and dresses were of some shade of violet; and her breastpin was an amethyst set with pearls.

Her cap of rich white lace, made in the fashion of Mary Queen of Scots, was very slightly trimmed with ribbon of the same color, and fastened in front with a small amethyst set with pearls.

Now on the couch, inwrapt in mist Of vapourized amethyst, Lie, as in a rose's heart; Secret things I will impart; Any time you would receive them; Easier though you will believe them In dissolving dreamy red, Self-same radiance that is shed From the summer-heart of Poet, Flushing those that never know it.

About this mountain there are mines of rubies, opals, and amethysts.

They grow no corn except rice; and they have plenty of oil of sesame, milk, flesh, palm wine, Brazil wood, the best rubies in the world, sapphires, topazes, amethysts, and other gems.

Overhead, between the tips of the highest firs, he saw the first stars peeping, and the sky was a clean, pale amethyst that seemed exactly the colour all these memories clothed themselves with in his mind.

It read, when decoded: "Arrange with amethyst.

He straightened himself from the table, pulled down his white dress-vest with its amethyst buttons, and, looking straight into her face, ordered her to leave the room.

Dreams!Stain it on the bending amethyst, That one who came with visions of the Prime For guide somehow her radiant pathway missed, And wandered in the darkest gulf of Time.

Like amethysts turned to flowers.

Within that shaft of sunny mist: His Eyes of Fire, his Beak of Gold, All else of Amethyst!

In grandest splendor near an inner zone; In amethyst and gold divinely rose, With glories scintillant the palace glows.

To-night, far from the other spirits, far from the chill winds and the cabbage-stalks, I have been watching the sunset on the desert making the world a glory of rose and gold and amethyst.

Lady Maulevrier had given her granddaughter some old-fashioned ornaments, topaz, amethysts, turquoisejewels that had belonged to dead and gone Talmashes and Angersthorpesto be reset.

Half-a-dozen gold bangles of real oriental workmanship, three or four jewelled arrows, flies and beetles, and caterpillars, to pin on her laces and flowers, a diamond clasp for her pearl necklace, a dear little gold hunter to wear when she rode in the park, a diamond butterfly to light up that old-fashioned amethyst parure which the jeweller was to reset with an artistic admixture of brilliants.

'Your amethysts are very fine, but they are dark and heavy in tone, and want a good deal of lighting-up, especially for the present fashion of half-lighted rooms.

Your dear grandmother gave you the amethysts to be reset; and of course she would wish it to be done in an artistic manner.

Of course, after this Lesbia consented to the amethysts being dealt with according to Mr. Cabochon's taste.

'To re-setting a suite of amethysts, with forty-four finest Brazilian brilliants, three hundred and fifteen pounds.'

The idea of his charging me three hundred guineas for re-setting those stupid old amethysts.'

"A brooch of amethyst, the stone of our own mountains, set in foil, and the size of one-eighth of an inch; form oval.

Besides these precious marbles of every colour and quantity under heaven, here are abundance of rubies, emeralds, amethysts, aquamarines and topazes, incrusted in the different chapels and altars.

The collection of precious stones is also immense; and I never in my life saw such a profusion of diamonds, emeralds, turquoises, sapphirs, amethysts and topazes.

Sneinton Amethyst is also an admirable specimen.

Then, while it was preparing, the two walked in the garden court and under pergolas where bunches of wistaria, lit from above by the sun, hung like thousands of amethyst lanterns.

The first effect of the light was most wonderful; the mountains stretched around the horizon like a belt of varying fire and amethyst, between the two roseate deeps of air and water; the shores were transmuted into solid, the air into fluid gems.

Below them stretched the wide sweep of the river valley, amethyst and topaz and emerald, rich with lush June verdure, soft shadowed, tranquil, in the late afternoon sunshine.

The ruby, the emerald, the topaz, the amethyst, chalcedony, carnelian, jasper, agate, and garnet, and all the beautiful varieties of rock crystal, are mostly or entirely silex.

I confide to your care this amethyst ring, which you will show the lady as a token of your mission, and which you will leave with her as a receipt for her papers.

'Madame,' said I, coldly, 'when the Emperor did us the honour to intrust us with this mission, he gave me this amethyst ring as a token.

On alabaster tables lay amethysts, topazes, rubies, beryls, and all other precious stones, wrought by the hands of skilful artists, beyond power of computation.

Tony was led from one chamber to another, all glittering with precious stones, sapphires, topazes, emeralds, and amethysts.

Hang this away in D, next to the amethyst blue velvet, and be sure and lock the door.

The candlesticks were of fine gold, and the censer swung in that chantry was fashioned from an amethyst.

As each corolla lost its twist, The zephyr fanned, the sunbeam kissed The little vase of amethyst; And round it birds were singing.

Those indescribable dawns upon the Yann came up like flames in some land over the hills where a magician burns by secret means enormous amethysts in a copper pot.

now that all the red fades from the west, they glow in the moon like broken amethysts.

No! for she was thereon high, wide-flung, the banners of the Aurora Borealis blazed and swung, banners that rippled and ran, banners of rainbows, the souls of amethysts and emeralds, they fluttered in the heavens, they swayed across the world, streamed like amber wine poured from an unseen chalice, dropped fold on fold, like the fluttering raiment of the gods.

It was like a sea of melted ruby, amethyst and topazdeep, dazzling and of crystal transparency.

He lifted his hand on which shone his great amethyst, and at the motion, scarcely knowing what he did, the priest was on his knees.

In her crown were chrysolites and amethysts: it was a wonder to note how brightly they shone, but they were not so bright as Alianora's eyes.

Soon the amber would change to amethyst and deepen to purplefading at last to a shadowy gray; and all the world seemed steeped in the mystic calm of those twilight hours before the early Northern dawn.

The amethyst spectacles.

Amethysts of pale colour and yellow topaz are cheap.

Peridot are cheaper, I think, at home, and certainly in Cairo, and the only amethysts worth looking at are sent out from Germany.

By-the-bye, the best-coloured amethysts I ever remember seeing were in Clermont Ferrand.

On the top is a remarkably fine amethyst, nearly 1-1/2 inch high, which serves as the foot or pedestal of a rich cross of gold, 32 inches high, encrusted with diamonds; having in the centre, on one side, a sapphire, and an emerald on the other; four large pearls at the angles of the cross, a large pearl at the end of each limb, and three at the base; the height of the orb and cross being 11 inches.

There were diamonds so immense as to make one doubt their being genuine, emeralds the size of pebbles, amethysts, topaz, and pearlsvery many pearls, strewn by the hundreds and thousands on the Virgin's garments.

A ring of amethyst I could not wear here, plainer to my sight, Than that first kiss.

Upon it the traveling shadow of the balloon became no shadow, but a stain; an amethyst (you might call it) purged of all grosser properties than color and lucency.

Sapphire, turquoise, ruby, opal, Emerald, diamond, amethyst, are our sisters from the beginning, And our brothers are iron, lead, zinc, Copper and silver and gold.

The apples were gold with emerald leaves, and the cherries were rubies, and the grapes were great bunches of amethyst.

The purple hills curved down on each side in the exact shape of an amethyst punch-bowl, and the radiance of colouring fairly blinded us.

That amethyst might have been loot of the swift black galleys of Tyre, in joyous days when men's strong arms took what they could, of women or of gems, and when Power was Law!

At nightfall, toiling up over the lip of a parched, chalky nullah that sunset turned to amethyst, a swarm of howling Arabs suddenly attacked them.

But at my quick laugh she brightened, still holding my hands, regarding me with curious eyes, brilliant as amethysts.

And then, although the Church has preserved for the amethyst a sacerdotal character which is at once unctuous and solemn, this stone, too, is abused on the blood-red ears and veined hands of butchers' wives who love to adorn themselves inexpensively with real and heavy jewels.

The Golden Horn and the Bosphorus assume a wonderful ultramarine color; the heavens, the color of amethyst in the East, are afire behind Stamboul, tinting the horizon with infinite lights of rose and carbuncle, that make one think of the first day of the creation; Stamboul darkens, Galata becomes golden, and Scutari, struck by the last rays of the setting sun, with every pane of glass giving back the glow, looks like a city on fire.

On the right of the monarch stood the Conde de Gondomar, who smiled on his protégé as he approached, and glanced at a silver coffer full of diamonds, pearls, emeralds, amethysts, and other precious stones, borne by an attendant in the gorgeous livery of the Marquis of Buckingham.

In 1830 he edited The Amethyst, an annual and soon after became a contributor of prose and poetry to Atkinson's Casket, and The Lady's Book, of which latter

Far above us where a jay Screams his matins to the day, Capped with gold and amethyst, Like a vapour from the forge Of a giant somewhere hid, Out of hearing of the clang Of his hammer, skirts of mist Slowly up the woody gorge Lift and hang.

In the valley far before me, Low sunk in sapphire shadows, from its hills, Softer and lovelier than an opening flower, Uprose a city with its sun-touched towers, A bunch of amethysts.

Along the trail leading to the stream blue and white lupines grow in profusion, giving a delicate amethyst tinge to the landscape.

And is the necklace set with amethysts, Thou broughtst?

Sweet perfection, holding up Magic dew in topaz cup, Alabaster, amethyst Curling lips which Earth has kissed, Folded hearts where secrets hide, Secrets old when Eve was bride!

After the Amethyst finally escaped the Yangtze River and returned to Britain, Simon was given the rank of 'Able Seacat' Simon.

Amethysts are also worn because people think it makes them look gentle.

Native minerals include serpentine, asbestos, amethyst, kyanite, and gold.

One of them tells how amethysts were supposedly created.

People like the way amethysts look, especially when they are put in gold and diamonds.

The amethyst is worn by royalty and nobility.

The meaning of the amethyst is sincerity.

These attacks killed 25 of Amethyst’s crew, including the commanding officer.

For more information about The Amethyst Project, you can call the YWCA Lethbridge at 403-329-0088.

In keeping with its innovation focus, Golden Fish was one of the first submarines to be armed with the new P-70 “Amethyst” anti-ship missiles.

It took a while for Amethyst (and the rest of the Crystal Gems) to warm up to Peridot, who was very conditioned to The Great Diamond Authority.

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The articulated link design centering a contrasting series of white porcelain panels between a border of facetted amethysts, accented with small round diamond trim, mounted in 18k white gold, length 6 1/2 ins, signed Aletto Bros.

"The Myth of Amethyst" tells how an angry Bacchus, the god of wine, gave the mineral amethyst its colour and its name.

"The Myth of Amethyst" tells how an angry Bacchus, the god of wine, gave the mineral amethyst its colour and its name.

“The training that’s involved with the AMETHYST program bridges the gap between university and the workforce.