137 examples of amethysts in sentences

V Joe Parkinsontall and broad-shouldered, tanned, resolute, chary of speech, decisive in gesture, having close-cropped yellow hair and frank, keen eyes like amethysts,was the one alien present when Colonel Musgrave came again into Roger Stapylton's fine and choicely-furnished mansion.

Vassili and his sister the marquisea stout lady in ruby velvet and amethysts, who invariably caused Maggie Delafield's mouth to twitch whenever she opened her own during the eveningreceived the guests in the drawing-room

"It is good of you, M. le Prince, and you, madame, to honor us in our small house," said the marquise in a guttural voice such as one might expect from within ruby velvet and amethysts.

About this mountain there are mines of rubies, opals, and amethysts.

They grow no corn except rice; and they have plenty of oil of sesame, milk, flesh, palm wine, Brazil wood, the best rubies in the world, sapphires, topazes, amethysts, and other gems.

You hide the fences with blossoms of snow, And sweeten the shade of castle towers; Over low, grey gables you brightly blow, Like amethysts turned to flowers.

Lady Maulevrier had given her granddaughter some old-fashioned ornaments, topaz, amethysts, turquoisejewels that had belonged to dead and gone Talmashes and Angersthorpesto be reset.

'Your amethysts are very fine, but they are dark and heavy in tone, and want a good deal of lighting-up, especially for the present fashion of half-lighted rooms.

'Your dear grandmother gave you the amethysts to be reset; and of course she would wish it to be done in an artistic manner.

Better wear them in all their present hideousness.' Of course, after this Lesbia consented to the amethysts being dealt with according to Mr. Cabochon's taste.

-setting a suite of amethysts, with forty-four finest Brazilian brilliants, three hundred and fifteen pounds.

The idea of his charging me three hundred guineas for re-setting those stupid old amethysts.' 'My dear, you would have diamonds mixed with them,' said Lady Kirkbank, reproachfully.

Besides these precious marbles of every colour and quantity under heaven, here are abundance of rubies, emeralds, amethysts, aquamarines and topazes, incrusted in the different chapels and altars.

The collection of precious stones is also immense; and I never in my life saw such a profusion of diamonds, emeralds, turquoises, sapphirs, amethysts and topazes.

On alabaster tables lay amethysts, topazes, rubies, beryls, and all other precious stones, wrought by the hands of skilful artists, beyond power of computation.

Those indescribable dawns upon the Yann came up like flames in some land over the hills where a magician burns by secret means enormous amethysts in a copper pot.

now that all the red fades from the west, they glow in the moon like broken amethysts.

No! for she was thereon high, wide-flung, the banners of the Aurora Borealis blazed and swung, banners that rippled and ran, banners of rainbows, the souls of amethysts and emeralds, they fluttered in the heavens, they swayed across the world, streamed like amber wine poured from an unseen chalice, dropped fold on fold, like the fluttering raiment of the gods.

In her crown were chrysolites and amethysts: it was a wonder to note how brightly they shone, but they were not so bright as Alianora's eyes.

Amethysts of pale colour and yellow topaz are cheap.

Peridot are cheaper, I think, at home, and certainly in Cairo, and the only amethysts worth looking at are sent out from Germany.

By-the-bye, the best-coloured amethysts I ever remember seeing were in Clermont Ferrand.

There were diamonds so immense as to make one doubt their being genuine, emeralds the size of pebbles, amethysts, topaz, and pearlsvery many pearls, strewn by the hundreds and thousands on the Virgin's garments.

But at my quick laugh she brightened, still holding my hands, regarding me with curious eyes, brilliant as amethysts.

And is the necklace set with amethysts, Thou broughtst? ESTHER.

137 examples of  amethysts  in sentences