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Now if one would aske me what daunses were: I wil answeare, that considering the sway which they haue at this day amongest us Cristians, they bee nothing else but impudent, shameles, and dissolute gestures, by which the lust of the flesh is awaked, stirred by, and inflamed, as wel in men as in women.

According to these Canons, there was made by the estates lately holden at Orleans, in the young age or minority of Charles the 9. an article, in which, amongest other thinges all iudges are forbidden to permit or suffer any publicke daunses, uppon the sondayes, and other solonme holy dayes.

Evasio Mon had friends also among the humble and such as sheltered in the Posada de los Reyes, which itself was a typical Spanish hostelry, and one of those houses of the road in which the traveler is lucky if he finds the bedrooms all occupied; for then he may, without giving offense, sleep more comfortably in the hayloft.

Evasio Mon, however, was among those who deemed it wise to avoid the great festival at Montserrat by making his pilgrimage earlier in the summer, when the number of the devout was more restricted and their quality more select.

Here and there the white head of some old man made its mark among the sunburnt faces.

Already there was a stir among the people, for it was late and many had come from a distance.

Juanita bade her friend keep watch, and ran quickly among the trees.

"Those keys among which you are looking are the keys of cupboards and not of doors.

There are only two door keys among them all.

Marcos was surprised to see his father on the platform among those waiting for the train from the capitals of the North.

Among the first to bow before the King were the two Sarrions, and as they returned into an anteroom they came face to face with Evasio Mon, waiting his turn there.

So you are among friends.

He then retired into Sussex, to exercise his ministry among his friends, in a place where, as he observes, there had been little of the power of religion either known or practised.

This raised many complaints, and having stopped, among others, a frank given to the old dutchess of Marlborough by Mr. Walter Plummer, he was cited before the house, as for a breach of privilege, and accused, I suppose very unjustly, of opening letters to detect them.

I have been as much bitten by clergymenI have seen as sharp practice among them, in money matters as well as in religious squabbles, as I have in any class.

Among all that thy books taught thee, they did not open to thee much of the depths of that human heart which thy dogmas taught thee to despise as diabolic.

I haven't heard much Scripture quoted among them myself, poor fellows; but to tell you the truth, sir, I don't know what I am becoming.

And I loved the life, for it took me among the woods and the rivers, where I could think of the Brazils, and fancy myself back again.

'Well, sir, I was down on my knees among the furze-bushes, and I tried to pray; but I was too frightened, for I felt the beast I had been, sir; and I expected the ground to open and let me down every moment; and then there came by over my head a rushing, and a cry.

He suspected concealed Jesuits among his footmen and his housemaids; Jesuits in his counting-house, Jesuits in his duns. . . .

THE HINDU DHARMA The age of misunderstanding and mutual warfare among religions is gone.

The Indian struggle for the freedom of Islam has brought about a more lasting entente and a more binding treaty between the people of India and the people of the Mussalman states around it than all the ententes and treaties among the Governments of Europe.

Where such a natural and enduring alliance has been accomplished among Asiatic peoples and not only between the respective governments, it may truly be felt to be more valuable than the British connection itself, after that connection has denied freedom or equality, and even justice.

[turns towards Uskatant. Ist not a dishonour unto you To see a foraingne nation fight for mee Whenas my homebred Cuntrymen doe runne, Leaving theire king amongest his enimies?

Proc., 122-3 (An offender "lackeinge the catechism dyde thrust in amongest others and receyvid ..."

52510 examples of  amongest  in sentences