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19727 example sentences with  amounted

19727 example sentences with amounted

Our mean daily march, therefore, amounted to 22.1 miles.

A well-known French savant expressed the opinion before the Society of Biology in Paris, that as others experimenting along these lines, had witnessed only degeneration and survival of cells, this phenomenon was all Carrel's discovery amounted to.

But the punitive measures taken by General Dyer, Col. Frank Johnson, Col. O'Brien, Mr. Bosworth Smith, Rai Shri Ram Sud, Mr. Malik Khan and other officers were out of all proportional to the crime of the people and amounted to wanton cruelty and inhumanity and almost unparalleled in modern times.

I was greatly interested in the matter, and on three occasions I stood at the exit gate as the soldiers were coming out, and counted them, and the number never amounted to ten thousand.

In 1811, it was computed that the number of men impressed from the American marine service amounted to not less than six thousand.

per dayperhaps a shade lesswas what our hotel expenses amounted to; includingcoffee and milk, bread and butter, eggs or kidneys or chops for the first breakfast; table d'hรดte luncheon and table d'hรดte dinner, with a good bedroom not higher than 2nd floor.

The canon had an innocent surprised face like a baby; he was constitutionally timid and amiable, and his dislike of argument, or of a loud voice, almost amounted to fear.

The whole mass of his forces amounted to about 120,000 infantry and 16,000 cavalry; he had also 58 elephants, 32 quinqueremes manned, and 18 not manned, besides the elephants and vessels remaining at the capital.

This was done, and at the end of our long journey we found each man's share amounted to many pounds of gold.

Mr. Kenge (of Kenge and Carboy, solicitors, Lincoln's Inn) first mentioned Jarndyce and Jarndyce to me, and told me that the costs already amounted to from sixty to seventy thousand pounds.

Towards the close of the sixteenth century the duty upon the exports to China amounted to $40,000 and their imports to at least $1,330,000.

The number of passengers it conveyed to China amounted, in 1868, to 441 Europeans and 3,048 Chinese; total, 3,489.

In 1868 the total exports amounted to $14,013,108; of this England alone accounted for $4,857,000, and the whole of the rest of Europe for only $102,477.

According to Mas, however, the silver illegally exported amounted to six or eight times the prescribed limit.

[30] The obras pias were pious legacies which usually stipulated that two-thirds of their value should be advanced at interest for the furtherance of maritime commercial undertakings until the premiums, which for a voyage to Acapulco amounted to 50, to China 25, and to India 35 per cent., had increased the original capital to a certain amount.

The total capital of the five endowments (in reality only four, for one of them no longer possessed anything) amounted to nearly a million of dollars.

The officer in command of the expedition, to whom the title of general was given, had always a captain under his orders, and his share in the gain of each trip amounted to $40,000.

[40] The value of the cargoes Anson captured amounted to $1,313,000, besides 35,682 ounces of fine silver and cochineal.

In the former year it amounted to 6,215,000 lbs., in the latter to 12,973,534 lbs.

According to E. Bernaldez ("Guerra al Sur") the number of Spaniards and Filipinos kidnapped and killed within thirty years amounted to twenty thousand.

The distance between the two trees amounted to 210 feet, and the difference of height was not above 35 or 40 feet; consequently, less than l:5.("Malay Archipelago," i. 211).

According to Colin ("Labor Evangelico," p. 129) the penhimuyal, the present which the mother received for night-watching and care during the bringing up of the bride, amounted to one-fifth of the dowry.

According to the official tables of the chief of the Administration in Manila, 1871, the total annual revenue derived from the tobacco management between the years 1865 and 1869 amounted, on an average, to $5,367,262.

But in Selwyn it amounted to something more than in the ordinary paterfamilias: it was almost a passion.

So great was the success of this new subject of industry in Madeira, that the fifth part of the produce of one district only, little more than nine miles in circumference, which proportion the prince reserved as the patrimony of his military order, amounted, in some years, to 60,000 arobas of twenty-five pounds each; giving the entire acknowledged produce of one district only, of the island at 7,500,000 pounds, or 2350 tons.

But all these diversities and varieties were now swept away, and a uniform franchise was established, all tenants whose rent amounted to ยฃ10 receiving the franchise in boroughs, while by a kindred amendment, which was forced on the ministers at a very early stage of the measure, tenants at will whose tent amounted to ยฃ50 became entitled to vote in the counties.

But all these diversities and varieties were now swept away, and a uniform franchise was established, all tenants whose rent amounted to ยฃ10 receiving the franchise in boroughs, while by a kindred amendment, which was forced on the ministers at a very early stage of the measure, tenants at will whose tent amounted to ยฃ50 became entitled to vote in the counties.

That portion of the Civil List of his predecessor which was voted by Parliament amounted to nearly ยฃ850,000 a year; but, besides that sum, George IV.

They succeeded in carrying that part of it which consolidated the bishoprics, and in inducing the House of Commons to grant, first as a loan, which was originally turned into a gift, a million of money to be divided among the incumbents of the different parishes, who were reduced to the greatest distress by the inability to procure payment of their tithes, the arrears of which amounted to a far larger sum.

In some not very large boroughs these expenses had amounted to ยฃ500 and ยฃ600 a year; and the enjoyment had been confined to freemen of only one party."

Objections were taken to this last part of the arrangement, chiefly because it would render perpetual the terms of existing compositions, the extreme augmentation of them which was provided for in the bill being only ten per cent., while it was notorious that the majority of incumbents had shown such liberality in these matters that the compositions rarely amounted to two-thirds of the sum to which they were legally entitled.

The main feature of the government policy was the formation of "a legislative union of the two provinces on the principles of a free and representative government," and the establishment of such a system of local government as amounted to a practical recognition of the principle so earnestly repudiated, as we have seen, by Lord John Russell a year or two before.

[Footnote 261: Lord Stanhope tells us "the remedial resolutions moved by Pitt in the House of Commons, as abolishing the old duties and substituting new ones in a simpler form, amounted in number to no less than 2537."Life of Pitt, i., 330.

The business in 1921 amounted to $105,598, forty per cent of which was done by the bakery.

During this period the lump sum saved to purchasers, including rebates, the earnings on stock shares, and reserve fund, amounted to $12,642.

A third, following a profitable year in which its business amounted to $205,000, is likewise building a new plant.

The number of volumes, in 1840, amounted to 400, of which 100 needed repairing.

The whole number of Indians on the pay rolls this year amounted to 4,872, of whom 1,197 were in the Grand River Valley.

The number of Sioux killed on the occasion amounted to about fifty.

His expenditures amounted to one thousand four hundred and three pounds, nineteen shillings; or, seven thousand and nineteen dollars, eighty cents.

In some cases it amounted to not more than half a pint from each animal.

I made of my tithes and living this year clear ยฃ1,200; from the dearness of labourers the outgoing expenses amounted to ยฃ900 in addition."

It has, indeed, amounted to not much less than would have been required for the making of a new translation.

After this negotiation had commenced, the Secretary of the Treasury informed the bank that it was his intention to pay off one-half of the 3 percents on the 1st of the succeeding July, which amounted to about $6,500,000.

The grounds assumed in this annunciation amounted to an acknowledgment that the curtailment, in the extent to which it had been carried, was not necessary to the safety of the bank, and had been persisted in merely to induce Congress to grant the prayer of the bank in its memorial relative to the removal of the deposits and to give it a new charter.

In 1880 the system amounted to less than 10,000 miles.

The total capital invested in railway property, to the end of 1902, amounted to $1,025,000,000, and during that year the average net earnings of the entire mileage amounted to 5.10 per cent of that amount.

The total capital invested in railway property, to the end of 1902, amounted to $1,025,000,000, and during that year the average net earnings of the entire mileage amounted to 5.10 per cent of that amount.

The surplus earnings, after the payment of all fixed charges and guarantees and interest upon bonds amounted to $4,233,080.

In 1664 the land taxes amounted to ยฃ26,743,000, in 1665 they amounted to ยฃ24,056,000, while in 1697, during the reign of the Mogul Aurangzeb, they reached their highest figure, which was ยฃ38,719,000.

In 1664 the land taxes amounted to ยฃ26,743,000, in 1665 they amounted to ยฃ24,056,000, while in 1697, during the reign of the Mogul Aurangzeb, they reached their highest figure, which was ยฃ38,719,000.

Her contract, he said, amounted to more than $60,000.

After its destruction, in 1666, the funds in the hands of Sir Thomas Gresham's trustees amounted to no more than ยฃ234.

The emoluments derived by Lady Gresham from the Royal Exchange are stated to have amounted to ยฃ751.

Secondly, There was the account of four years more, while they kept the effects in their hands, before the government claimed the administration, as being the effects of a person not to be found, which they called civil death; and the balance of this, the value of the plantation increasing, amounted to nineteen thousand four hundred and forty-six crusadoes, being about three thousand two hundred and forty moidores.

When I was about to depart, the returns of wagons to be obtained were brought in, by which it appeared that they amounted only to twenty-five, and not all of those were in serviceable condition.

They amounted to nearly twenty thousand pounds, which to pay would have ruined me.

The time he spent in dreaming his play amounted to six times, if not ten times, as much as he devoted to trying to write it; and he now lit cigarette after cigarette, abandoning himself to every meditation,the unpleasantness of life in lodgings, the charm of foreign travel, the beauty of the south, what he would do if his play succeeded.

This was done, and Congress ordered stock bearing interest to be issued in exchange for the old debts, and so established our national debt, which in 1790 amounted to $75,000,000.

By 1806 the money so set apart amounted to $12,000, and with this was begun the construction of a broad pike from Cumberland (on the Potomac) in Maryland to Wheeling (on the Ohio) in West Virginia.

If I had been disposed to turn informer, what had occurred amounted to no evidence that was admissible in a court of justice.

The patriot division of the east having defeated Boves at Bocachica, and compelled him to retire to the Llanos, and having subsequently united with the remains of Bolivar's force, marched against Cagigal and Cevallos, whose well-organized troops amounted to six thousand.

" "Dr. Henry, (says Sulivan) who has made a very full collection of the facts mentioned by ancient authors, concerning the provincial government of Britain, supposes its annual revenue amounted to no less than two millions sterling; a sum nearly as great as that which was derived from Egypt, in the time of the father of Cleopatra.

The population of the empire had also increased; it seems to have amounted to some fifty millions.

If an official was transferred to the Yangtze, it no longer amounted to a punishment as in the past; he would not meet only uneducated people, but a society resembling that of the capital.

What amounted to a court conservatoire trained actors and musicians as early as in the T'ang period for this court opera.

The state budget amounted to some 20,000,000 strings of cash.

In 1038 the payments amounted to 500,000 strings, but the budget was by then much larger.

The tribute to the Kitan amounted to less than 2 per cent of the revenue, while the expenditure on the army accounted for 25 per cent of the budget.

Financially-minded as the Sung dynasty was, the cost of the operation of the palace was calculated, so that the emperor had a budget: in 1068 the salaries of all officials in the capital amounted to 40,000 strings of money per month, the armies 100,000, and the emperor's ordinary monthly budget was 70,000 strings.

The cost of minting, however, amounted in China to about 75 per cent and often over 100 per cent of the value of the money coined.

The pensions for retired officials after the age of seventy which amounted to 50 per cent of the salary from the eighth century on, were again raised, though widows did not receive benefits.

The tribute amounted only to 500,000 strings of cash.

These set the total area under cultivation at some six million ch'ing (a ch'ing is the ideal size of the farm worked by a peasant family, but it was rarely held in practice); the population amounted to fourteen or fifteen million families.

This decrease amounted to a veritable decimation, requiring the frequent importation of recruits to keep the ranks full.

Hence in result I did not attribute to man any great essential depravity, in the popular and moral sense of the word; and the doctrine amounted only to this, that "spiritually, man is paralyzed, until the grace of God comes freely upon him."

He was then a major, but afterwards commanded the regiment, in Lord Dalhousie's brigade, and subsequently in Flanders, and was so seriously and repeatedly wounded, that his pensions for wounds amounted to ยฃ500 a year.

Within this week there has been a cast at hazard at the Cocoa tree, the difference of which amounted to a hundred and four-score thousand pounds.

What the amenities of the last three years of the eighteenth century cost Ireland we may judge from these figures: in 1797, while the hangings, burnings and torturings which brought about the insurrection of the following year were in an early stage, the national debt of Ireland was under $20,000,000; three years later that debt amounted to over $130,000,000.

She had taken me so absolutely for granted, as though my opinion amounted to nothing, and only her wishes and those of her son counted.

It came to be tacitly, or at least passively, conceded by the other ladies that she had somehow earned the exclusive right to what had once been the common charge; or that if one of their number had a claim to keep Mr. Alford from killing himself by all sorts of imprudences, which in his case amounted to impieties, it was certainly Mrs. Yarrow.

'You are indebted to him six livres four sous for the next post from hence to St. Fons, on your route to Avignon, which being a post royal, you pay double for the horses and postilion, otherwise 'twould have amounted to no more than three livres two sous.' "'

The commerce of these islands appears to have increased considerably of late years, four or five ships and brigs, with a number of Macassar and Bughis proas, whose united crews were said to have amounted to 5,000 persons, having sailed with cargoes about two months previous to our visit.

But Harry did not find that his combined income amounted to riches amid a world of idleness.

What with their school expenses and their clothes, the necessary funds for the Carroll family amounted to six hundred pounds a year.

He had died unmarried and intestate, and his estate amounted to about a thousand pounds.

It was my blunt honesty, my transparent candor, the open-hearted downrightness that in me amounted to a misfortune, that had at first attracted him.

In 1637, for instance, the monarch of Sweden established the Bank of Stockholm; yet in a little while its issues amounted to forty-eight millions of roubles, and their depreciation to ninety-six per cent.

" The I.G. afterwards confessed that his first feeling was one of irritation at the man's familiaritywhich amounted almost to impertinenceand his second, disgust at the grimy hand so near his collar.

If Mr. Clodd means, by 'snakes,' fantastic hallucinations of animals, these amounted to 25, as against 830 representing human forms of persons recognised, unrecognised, living or dead.

Yes, she had loved them both, and still her compassion lingered pitifully around the thought of Guy. But for Burke she had only a shrinking that almost amounted to aversion.

Sullenly the echoes rolled away, yet they left behind a strange impression that possessed her with an uncanny force from which she could not shake herself freea feeling that amounted to actual conviction that some presence lurked without in the storm, alert and stealthy, waiting for something.

Rendered suspicious by all that she had observed, Caroline's determination not to join the party that evening had increased her uneasiness to a degree that almost amounted to alarm, and that very instant her resolution was fixed to remain at Airslie.

With reappointments within those years, this record amounted to him holding the office on five occasions.

He pushed down the field like he was running a go route, but then at about 10 yards he was about to quickly throttle down, swat the corner by, and catch what amounted to a back-shoulder fade that happened to be thrown more like a regular out route.

This amounted to โ€˜gross abuse of authority and must be discouraged and condemned by this court.โ€™

This amounted to the sharpest rise in redundancies since comparable records began in 1995.

With respect to the actual lift by ExxonMobil, the Ministry said that this amounted to 1,046,897 barrels.

However, the R12 500/month initially demanded in mid-2011, when it amounted to $1985/month, had shrunk to just $870/month in mid-2019 due to currency devaluation (from R6.3/$ to R14,4/$ in that period).

I find it disturbing that the government received seven percent of its revenues last year from tobacco tax and over 10 percent from liquor sales, while resource revenues amounted to only one percent.