6020 examples of amusing in sentences

His prodigious size made his timidity the more amusing.

" The explanation of this note is that "Janus Weathercock"one of the pseudonyms of Thomas Griffiths Wainewrightafter a long absence from its pages, had sent to the previous month's London Magazine, May, 1822, an amusing letter of criticism of that periodical, commenting on some of its regular contributors.

That he did see him there we know from Raymond's book, where an amusing occurrence is described, illustrating Munden's frugality.

Of politics he knew nothing; they were out of his line of reading and thought; and his drollery was vapid, when given in short paragraphs fit for a newspaper; yet he has produced some agreeable books, possessing a tone of humour and kind feeling, in a quaint style, which it is amusing to read, and cheering to remember.

Writing to Wordsworth in May, 1833, it is amusing to note, Lamb says: "Inter nos the Ariadne is not a darling with me, several incongruous things are in it, but in the composition it served me as illustrative."

The late Mr. Thomas Westwood, the son of the Westwoods with whom the Lambs lived at Edmonton, writing to Notes and Queries some thirty-five years ago, gave an amusing account of Lamb pitching presentation copies out of the window into the gardena Barry Cornwall, a Bernard Barton, a Leigh Hunt, and so forth.

He was misinformed, and was, perhaps, unwilling to learn, by a second inquiry, a truth less splendid and amusing.

On this story Hawkesworth has founded an amusing story in the "Adventurer," and it was also, we think, in the eye of the author of the humorous tale, entitled "The Bashful Man."

Of "Trivia," we have spoken incidentally before; of "Rural Sports," and the "Shepherd's Week," it is unnecessary to say more than that the first is juvenile, and the second odd, graphic, and amusing.

Upon the American visitors (who, it must be confessed, do not look for the highest order of intellect in the appointees of the Crown) the effect was amusing.

The streets are very empty, as it is the Ramadan, during which devout Turks fast and sleep throughout the day, and indemnify themselves by eating, drinking, and amusing themselves all night.

A book may be amusing with numerous errors, or it may he very dull without a single absurdity.

Though no longer in his desk and gown, he is still the benevolent and condescending instructor of youth; a writer, more capable of amusing and tempting onwards, by some pleasant anticipations, one who is a novice in letters, than of satisfying the demands of those already initiated.

Last night he was talking a great deal to Knighton, and was as amusing as ever.

"The explanation is amusing itself, as it ought to do, being only eighteen.

He had so many questions to ask and I had so much to tell: all the home news and silly little home jokesPeter's latest sayingsthings that are so amusing to tell and to hear but lose all their flavour written.

How pleasant she was, how quaint, how satirical, how amusing!

The vulgarity of the party was of the unselfish sort, and therefore amusing.

The design is one of the best for a Juvenile Annualfor who does not recollect the very amusing game of "Birds, Beasts, and Fishes, and sometimes Insects and Reptiles."

"Therein I was to witness an amusing comedy.

I had a most amusing experience the other daythat is, about fifteen years agoat a summer hotel in the Adirondacks, that one would think would have amused even a shallow lot of people like those, but I had no sooner started to tell itor had hardly done more than to describe the Adirondacks in a general waythan, first thing I know, my hostess, stupid woman, had risen and all the ladies were trooping out.

On coming out we made a rapid, but quite amusing passage through several courts where we saw numerous great personages in stiff little gray wigs.

When Jane Eyre appeared she wrote to Charlotte in a strain that is amusing to posterity.

" The levee of the sheikh of Fellahi is amusing.)

We both find the idea so amusing that we laugh in concert.

6020 examples of  amusing  in sentences