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6266 example sentences with  amusing

6266 example sentences with amusing

Coming in to an inn at nighthaving ordered your supperwhat can be more delightful than to find lying in the window-seat, left there time out of mind by the carelessness of some former guesttwo or three numbers of the old Town and Country Magazine, with its amusing tรชte-ร -tรชte pictures"The Royal Lover and Lady G;" "The Melting Platonic and the old Beau,"and such like antiquated scandal?

Parr, in his amusing vanity, was as proud of this Life as if he had written it. '

But if not, by all means amuse yourself there, if you can find it amusing, as long as you like; you can never see it."

A charming picture of Manila street life, full of local color, is given in the very amusing Aventures d'un Gentilhomme Breton.

The principalia class enjoy the special privilege of wearing short jackets above their shirts, and are usually easily recognizable by their amusing assumption of dignity, and by the faded cylindrical hats, yellow with age, family heirlooms, constantly worn.

We are inclined to feel contempt for the anonymous writer of that amusing little book.

He intended it for a child whose appetite was gone, and who could be coaxed to eat only by amusing him.

He must, for instance, have a bath for his child, provisions for his wife's ailments, and clothes for his little ones, and money to buy them satchels and pens, and cribs and cups; and hence a general increase of furniture, and all sorts of undignified distractions, which Epictetus enumerates with an almost amusing manifestation of disgust.

In an amusing speech about his connection with the College, Mr. Hughes gives an account of the way his services as a law professor were gradually dispensed with, and says, "Being a loose hand, they cast round to see what should be done with me."

Jane did not think of it with enthusiasm; she wanted to be a journalist and to write; but it would do for the time, and would probably be amusing.

The bachelor girl or man just married is an amusing study to me.

It is an amusing game, and one encouraged by the Anti-Potterite League, to waylay leader-writers and tackle them about their leaders, turn them inside out and show how empty they are.

So they are rather dull, as a study, though amusing enough as companions.

PART V: TOLD BY JUKE (IN HIS PRIVATE JOURNAL) GIVING ADVICE 1 It is always rather amusing dining at Aylesbury House, with my stimulating family.

And her books would be in addition to Gideon, and babies, and other amusing things.

It's much more amusing to accept things, even livings.

Guides galore wait in front of all the large hotels; ice-axes, ropes, nailed boots, rucksacks, and all the paraphernalia of the mountains are seen on every side, and a walk along the one main thoroughfare introduces one into the life of a climbing center, interesting to a degree and often very amusing from the miscellaneous collection of people there.

The trip up is often made very amusing as among the crowds are always some, who knowing really nothing of the place, feel it incumbent upon themselves to point out all of the peaks, in a way quite discomposing to anybody familiar with the locality or versed in geography!

The whole work is as sprightly and agreeable a love-story as any English writer has produced,always amusing, often flashing with genuine wit, sometimes inspiring in its eloquent energy.

"You are an amusing mite.

It is not amusing," he added.

Indeed, it was all as amusing to me as to them.

But it brings me some amusing experiences.

It is like a giant firecracker, and it would be amusing if one did not know it was deadly.

As he sat in this posture, with his eyes upon the basket, he fell into a most amusing train of thought, and was overheard by one of his neighbours, as he talked to himself in the following manner:"This basket," says he, "cost me at the wholesale merchant's a hundred drachmas, which is all I had in the world.

The process was new to me, and I deemed it a highly-amusing one: it had the merit, too, of being attended with some such degree of danger as a boating or rock excursion, and had thus an interest independent of its novelty.

People, he says, accused him of putting the money which had been paid for the tomb out at usury, "living meanwhile at Florence and amusing himself."

They are less probable, and therefore less amusing than ordinary stories; but they are more amusing than plain, unfabled precept.

They are less probable, and therefore less amusing than ordinary stories; but they are more amusing than plain, unfabled precept.

But we conceive that the imitation of such humours, however skilful and amusing, is not an achievement of the highest order; and, as such humours are rare in real life, they ought, we conceive, to be sparingly introduced into works which profess to be pictures of real life.

At first it appeared to us, that Mr. Keats had been amusing himself and wearying his readers with an immeasurable game at bouts rimรฉs; but, if we recollect rightly, it is an indispensable condition at this play, that the rhymes when filled up shall have a meaning; and our author, as we have already hinted, has no meaning.

Our young advocate was really pathetic and amusing.

The Satyricon was twice translated into French; and its literary history, and that of the Censura Euphormionis, and other tracts, which it called forth, might furnish a curious and amusing paper.] * * * * * SERMONES SANCTI CAROLI BORROMร†I.

[Footnote AF: The origin of ten-pins is amusing enough, and is as follows:The State having passed an act, during a time when religious fervour was at high pressure, prohibiting nine-pin alleys, a tenth pin was added, and the law evaded.

With these simple facts before me, it was amusing to read, in an American gazetteer of the day, that the college "is at present in a flourishing condition.

Another chapter is dedicated to "Sixpenny Miracles in England," which is chiefly composed of rรฉchauffรฉes from our own press, and with which the reader is probably familiar; but there are some passages sufficiently amusing for quotation:"English officials are invariably impertinent, from the policeman at the corner to the minister in Downing-street ...

Such subjects constitute their fund of amusing small talk," &c. From the foregoing elegant description of conversation, he passes onwards to the subject of gentility, and describes a young honourable, on board a steamer, who refused to shut a window when asked by a sick and suffering lady, telling the husband, "he could not consent to be suffocated though his wife was sick."

The details of the trial are quite unique as to the language employed by jury, counsel, and evidence; but I purposely abstain from making extracts, though I could easily quote passages sufficiently ridiculous and amusing, and others which leave a painful impression of the state of law in Kentucky.

Let us now turn for a moment to that most witty and amusing writer, Sydney Smith.

The extract is taken from that widely circulating journal, "the Illustrated London News: "In the House of Representatives at Washington, on the 11th ult., the following amusing but disgraceful scene occurred between two of the membersMessrs.

The above brief account of a veritable old English Manor House, transcribed from a few rough notes, taken at the period of personal observation, is now supplied by the writer as an article entitled "The Siege of Sawston," appears this month, in that clever and amusing work The United Service Journal.] Huge halls, long galleries, spacious chambers

But the most amusing part of the ploy (and a very amusing part it was) regarded a half hogshead of ale, that was standing in the lobby to clear for bottling.

But the most amusing part of the ploy (and a very amusing part it was) regarded a half hogshead of ale, that was standing in the lobby to clear for bottling.

Before long he was amusing himself by thinking how it might have gone with her if she had him for her counsellor instead of a gross and thoughtless rake like Marmaduke.

But all this was amusing after her long seclusion; and once or twice, when the thought of dead Susanna came back to her, she was ashamed to be so gay.

At one time he was an appreciative student of the American humorists, and he was very fond of spicing his remarks with apt and amusing quotations from Hosea Biglow, Mark Twain, Artemus Ward, and other comic classics.

At the same time, if he cared to indulge his own ready wit, or to make use of the amusing extracts he has stored away in his memory, he could doubtless make some lively and diverting speeches.

I am repeating entirely from memory, but I give the gist of some of his amusing, characteristic remarks when speaking in the Birmingham Town Hall at the time he was Mr. Chamberlain's friend and guest.

When the castle party went into the dining-hall, they marched off singing and shouting, and after amusing themselves a while in the village, and coaxing many a riband out of the women there, old and young, they came at last, with crowds behind them and crowds expecting them, out upon the height where the park-house was now standing.

For this purpose he gave the horses, cows, pigs, and poultry and birds as much juice of the sugar-cane as they could drink; and it was very amusing to see the pigs jump about in the most frolicsome manner.

Between her and it, Edward was amusing himself; he often called upon her for sympathy, which she as readily gave.

The observation was not meant to be amusing.

I do not doubt my luck, but must study some means of amusing my relations.

On this subject the witty sheriff was very amusing.

No remarkably outstanding examples have come from the pen of Booth Tarkington, amusing as are his adolescents and children of the Red Book tales.

He had never seen anything more delicious and more amusing than their fluttering in the long shake and their flying with spread wings all over the piano.

"What on earth are you going for?" "Not for my own amusement, though it sounds amusing."

" "To do?" (Mary said to herself, then certainly it was not amusing.

An amusing display of newspaper cartoons also filled one portion of the wall space.

Another amusing game for a large number which goes under various names was called on this occasion "The Smile Factory."

As an amusing little contest each lady was asked to write down ten things she had learned in the last twenty-five years.

Happy?" "I don't think he is really very happy, though he is cheerful andand amusing.

A light, amusing letter from Berkley awaited her.

Miss R. Are you amusing when you are with other people?

Opposition shouted with laughter, whilst OLD MORALITY stood and stared, and wondered what was amusing them now.

Her "Cinderella" is delightful; the two "Merry Wives of Windsor," sitting on the basket in which Falstaff is hidden, and from which he is pushing out a hand, is an excellent illustration of this ever-amusing story, and, indeed, all her pictures of this class may well be praised.

Some very amusing stories might be told of her comical embarrassments in her country rambles, when she was determined to preserve her disguise and the pretty girls were equally determined to make love to her!

Jack, indifferent like children of his age, had returned to his usual games, running on the deck, amusing himself with Dingo.

Doctor, could you not take turns in amusing those ladies?

"No, it is too great a strain upon me," answered the girl, with amusing gravity.

Had not our danger been so great it would have been amusing to see each man, with uplifted hand, watching the eyes of his horse as intently as though they were the eyes of his lady-love.

The devices of the journalists to kill time were of an amusing nature.

These scenes were amusing to participants and spectators.

At such times the cross-questioning we underwent was exceedingly amusing, though coupled with the knowledge that our lives were not entirely free from danger.

An Amusing Incident.

A Memphis gentleman gave me an amusing account of the reception of the news of the fall of Fort Donelson.

An amusing adventure.

Just now there is a little social reform in Egypt which is rather amusing.

"Very amusing," said Mr. Fowler, indulgently.

The trial would be amusing if it bore no better fruit."

The Lynher having to pursue a more westerly course, we were of necessity, though reluctantly, obliged to part company this evening: the few evenings we passed together at sea were rendered very pleasant and amusing by the crews singing to each other as the vessels, side by side, slipped stealthily through the moonlit waters.

His description of the ship's sailing and anchoring were most amusing: he used to say, "Ship walkwalkall nighthard walkthen by and by, anchor tumble down."

Their astonishment at the size of the wells was highly amusing; sudden exclamations of surprise and admiration burst from their lips, while the varied expressions and play of countenance, showed how strongly their feelings were at work within.

These kept up a constant amusing chatter, in which we could frequently detect an exact imitation of the words Walk Up, when spoken sharply.

In D'Israeli's Curiosities of Literature, there is an amusing and instructive account of the Origin of Psalm-Singing.

This "Holy Song Book," as he entitled it, was "humbly dedicated to the powerful King of France," and being considered by the volatile French people as an amusing novelty, it sold faster than any book of that period.

[Probably one of the most amusing articles in Mr. Macculloch's bulky Dictionary of Commerce of 1,150 pages, is the following account of the manufacture of the celebrated Laurencekirk snuff-boxes.

If nobody were seriously hurt, the situation certainly had its amusing side.

He was very amusing, very happy, very thoughtless, and as a rule altogether impecunious.

The legislation against private drill companies is closely allied, and had a somewhat amusing test in Chicago where, during a labor strike, a number of the strike sympathizers organized a so-called drill company and furnished themselves with guns, for the purpose really of intimidating the public and helping the law-breakers.

I enjoy it, of all things, especially the picturesbut do not you think it would be amusing to have some one to talk to at the tables d'hรดte, some one English, to laugh at the people with?"

But Musgrave and I have been asking each other such amusing riddleswould you like to hear them?

Though eighty-three years old, Miss Herschel retained all her old powers of memory; and in a letter to her new niece, Lady Herschel, written in 1833, she narrated some amusing reminiscences of her nephew's early childhood.

CALVERLEY, CHARLES STUART, a clever English parodist, Fellow of Christ's Church, Oxford; wrote "Fly-Leaves" and "Verses and Translations"; his parodies among the most amusing of the century, flavoured by the author's scholarship (1831-1884).

They've done no harm to you, they can offer you nothing, they are not intelligent enough for you nor amusing enough.

Barnum wrote, "It is very amusing to see how people will sometimes deceive themselves by being too incredulous."

Even though nowadays it is known that Vasari sometimes made mistakes, he gives a wonderful picture of the characters of the artists, and tells all sorts of amusing stories.

He said a lot of witty, amusing things, which are still remembered today.

But please, continue virtue signaling; its amusing.

This gadget features a three digit combination lock, but is probably more of an amusing deterrent than an actual security device as a determined thief could easily just cut to cardboard tub open if they were that desperate.