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Do we say   analyse   or  analyze

Do we say analyse or analyze

analyse 245 occurrences

I was asked if I would like to analyse the water, (as everything here is done by analysis under the eye of the resident physician.)

We must consider and analyse the sentiments and psychological causes which bring about a war.

He hadn't had time to analyse impulses; he didn't know why all of a sudden his gift seemed out of place.

But why should I attempt to analyse a character so familiar?

We are accustomed to judge only by external appearances and by certain limited significances which we attach to words; but when we begin to enquire into the real meaning of our words and to analyse the causes which give rise to the appearances, we find our old notions gradually falling off from us, until at last we wake up to the fact that we are living in an entirely different world to that we formerly recognized.

"I believe," she said reflectively, "but I cannot analyse my belief.

As by some wizardry of approaching dreams they seemed in that instant to be related; but before I could analyse the why and the wherefore, both sank away out of sight again, and I was off beyond recall.

This is not the place in which to analyse in detail the outlook upon life (Weltanschauung) of the man in the street in modern Germany.

But however nicely we may analyse it, we shall never find in poetry a significance which is really detachable, and expressible in another way.

I could analyse my every feeling, and I knew there was some PRESENCE in the tent, and that I was in instant and imminent peril.

Be this as it may, it is the business of the dramatist to analyse the crises with which he deals, and to present them to us in their rhythm of growth, culmination, solution.

We need not here analyse chance, or discuss the philosophic value of the term.

He struggles up the lane toward the cliff, and there pauses, gasping, under the shelter of a wall, trying to analyse that enormous mass of sound which fills his ears and brain, and flows through his heart like maddening wine.

I always like to read old Darwin's 'Loves of the Plants;' bosh as it is in a scientific point of view, it amuses one's fancy without making one lose one's temper, as one must when one begins to analyse the microscopic ape called self and friends.

Gentlemen, I should very badly repay your kindness in asking me to come among you to-night, if I were to attempt for a minute to analyse or to prove all the conditions that have led to this state of things.

I should like then to begin with two or three of the early ballads, and carefully analyse them with you.

I shall analyse a few of Shakespeare's masterpieces; then speak of Milton and Spenser; thence pass to the prose of Sidney, Hooker, Bacon, Taylor, and our later great authors.

A composite odour of groceries, bacon, tobacco, and cheap clothes met her as she entered the rough, homely shed, which was a typical emporium of the backwoods; but she had no time to analyse the odours, being at once attracted by Katherine, who stood at a tall desk by the window, entering items in a ledger.

But in most instances I do not appear at all; I merely direct investigations, arrange and analyse the results, and prime the counsel with facts and suggestions for cross-examination.

Here it is worth our while to analyse briefly the qualities which combine to make this huntsman so deservedly popular with all who follow the Cotswold hounds.

But, a-stir by eight the next morning, I got back by ten to the Arsenal, and proceeded to analyse that vast and multiple entity.

Before therefore we proceed to analyse the work immediately before us, we beg leave briefly to notice a few circumstances connected with its predecessors.

At one time I reclined upon a bank immersed in contemplation, and at another exerted myself to analyse the prospects which succeeded each other.

Mr. Falkland had always been to my imagination an object of wonder, and that which excites our wonder we scarcely suppose ourselves competent to analyse.

Among the Toba there were many Turkish tribes, but also Mongols, and probably a Tungus tribe, as well as perhaps others whom we cannot yet analyse.

Nevertheless, I have restricted the term "Submerged Tenth" to the absolutely destitute, whom I now proceed to still further analyse.

But the novelist is going to be the most potent of artists, because he is going to present conduct, devise beautiful conduct, discuss conduct analyse conduct, suggest conduct, illuminate it through and through.

Affections group round and bless it, like so many angels; it could not analyse or comprehend an angel, but it could feel the soft shelter of his wings.

Nor is it known that any attempt was ever made to analyse any of her more striking characters, or to point out the secret of her power and success as a writer.

Every week the appointed morning found her surrounded by a little group of from eight to fifteen, each with an open Bible and all intent less to analyse the word of God than to feed upon it and "grow thereby."

Was aber dies Buch zu einem wahren Kleinod macht, das ish nicht die überaus wahre und tiefe Analyse jener menschlichen Sünde, Sündenschwachheit und Eitelkeit, die sich auch in die frömmsten Regungen einuschleichen sucht, sondern die Angabe des wahren Heilmittels.

It lies beyond the scope of this work to embrace in one inquiry the different forms of art in Italy, or to analyse the connection of the aesthetic instinct with the manifold manifestations of the Renaissance.

Still, whether we regard this fresco as closing the long series of "Last Judgments" to be studied on Italian church-walls from Giotto downwards; or whether we confine our attention, as contemporaries seem to have done, to the skill of its foreshortenings and groupings; or whether we analyse the dramatic energy wherewith tremendous passions are expressed, its triumph is in either case decided.

For the moment, therefore, nearly all students of politics analyse institutions and avoid the analysis of man.

Even now her cheeks had burned at the knowledge, and at last she had watched the man's coming with a feeling of repression she had never known before, whose significance she did not try to analyse, did not in the least understand.

That they did not analyse and articulate their enjoyment for the edification of others does not lessen the quality of their appreciation.

Quantitative Analyse.

Mrs. Cadurcis, who, indeed, was only a child of a larger growth, became scarcely less attached to the Herbert family than her son; she felt that her life, under their influence, was happier and serener than of yore; that there were less domestic broils than in old days; that her son was more dutiful; and, as she could not help suspecting, though she found it difficult to analyse the cause, herself more amiable.

By a process which she could not analyse, her father had become a forbidden subject.

Then he came to himself with a quick smile, which she recognised as characteristic of all that disturbed her about this mana smile in which there was humour, a little malice and self-sufficiency andmany, many things she did not try to analyse.

This inclination he occasionally found leisure to analyse, but, not understanding it, never got very far, except that, superficially, it had been more or less physical.

It is surely very difficult to analyse what this shadow of sin upon the world may be, because there is so large an element of subjectivity mingled with it.

But, after all, however much we may philosophise about sin or attempt to analyse its essence, there is some dark secret there, of which from time to time we are grievously conscious.

Do they analyse only to discover poisons?

The French, though they do not analyse seriously, speak of this event as a just retribution, which will be followed by others of a similar nature.

Let us endeavour to analyse with precision the real nature of the advantage which a producer derives from an addition to the number of his customers.

When we analyse the price of the seed and tools into its elements, we find that they must have been the produce of the labour of 40 men: for the wages of those 40, together with profit at the rate previously supposed (50 per cent) make up 60 quarters.

Having fitted up a portion of one of my offices with all the requisites for carrying out quantitative analyses of surface soils, I requested Professor Lobley, F.G.S., etc., to analyse the four samples of soils which I brought with me from Merced.

Really, if conduct be good, the motive (generally too complex for even consciousness to analyse) is of least importance.

The first step was to get women to speak out, to analyse their own difficulties and hindrances as matters boldly to be faced.

Were any one to object to our seeking to analyse the quality of the piece, arguing that to do so were to break a butterfly upon the wheel, much might reasonably be said in support of his view.

She did not analyse his character, but she felt it.

The truth wasif you want to analyse the sourcesI was vastly relieved to be able to get in touch with my own people.

We propose to analyse the sociology of civilization under the following headings: (1) the structure or anatomy; (2) the function, physiology, or process; (3) motive forces in civilization; (4) contradictions and conflicts, with a final section on the life cycle of civilization.

M. Paul Bourget (who is not superstitious), after consulting Mrs. Piper, concludes: 'L'esprit a des procédés de connaître non soupçonnés par notre analyse.

He endeavoured to analyse what constituted this peculiar attractiveness, but without arriving at any definite conclusion.

It was carried out to analyse and confirm the site management and authenticity.

She asks her how she gained approval of her drink so quickly and why she was not able to analyse "Bane", an ingredient only found in Bubble Shock.

Verbal phrases can be extremely difficult to analyse: I'm afraid I will need to be going soon.

But when Ncube brought it up in cabinet for adoption, everyone said no, let’s carefully analyse it to see what sort of creature it is and that’s when it collapsed.

CSIR-CDRI is conducting this trial to analyse its efficacy in Indian patients.

For tea, we collected over half-a-million leaves to analyse and annotate each image to teach a computer to detect it, explains Bhamra.

I’d have to go back and analyse the sectionals, but they really seemed to enjoy it and appeared comfortable.

In our People Data Centre, we analyse millions of enquiries our Consumer Carelines receive each year and the conversations about our brands online.

Last year, it introduced a tool called Azure Synapse that is being used by companies such as FedEx to analyse the flow of its 16 million daily packages.

Naturally, this means that we gather and analyse a huge amount of information about international schools all over the world.

A pricing committee, consisting of officials from the Directorate of Agricultural Marketing, was set up to analyse daily market prices and declare the Procurement Price and the Consumer Price to be followed by Sufal Bangla (see box).

Separately, Beijing will set up a national security agency overseen by the central government to guide implementation of the law, as well as collect and analyse national security intelligence.

The aim is to analyse and respond to clients needs, as well as source new clients.

As microscopes become increasingly complex, even scientists need someone to help them analyse what they are seeing, which is where Nicholas Condon comes in.

As the debate ended and analysts attempted to retrieve their socks which had been blown off by the 90-minute quarrel between septuagenarians, armchair experts began to analyse the candidates' wives' body language.

These data are one of the backbones of astrophysics, allowing us to forensically analyse our stellar neighbourhood, and tackle crucial questions about the origin and future of our Galaxy.

These data are one of the backbones of astrophysics, allowing us to forensically analyse our stellar neighbourhood, and tackle crucial questions about the origin and future of our Galaxy.

We identify which currencies are being supported on the market sentiment and analyse the Bank of England rate's decision released earlier at 0700UK.

We must open our eyes and stop being fooled, we must analyse the economy and heads of government and see if both these principles are moving in an upward mobility or downward mobility or if they are moving opposite of each other.

We will analyse its performance and then install several purifiers across the constituency.

While we are inevitably dealing with just the first wave of data, we believe now is the right time to analyse the gender impact of the Covid crisis.

According to another theory, first developed by Newcomb, that which is distributed is essentially a flow rather than a quantity, and the attempt to analyse it by static methods involves great danger of fallacy.

By making offers inclusive of interests and costs, NBFL deprived the successful Plaintiffs and the court of the ability to rationally analyse the offers.

Canadian Building Technologies uses custom software developed by to analyse floors for vibration.

He uses large administrative database and stated preferences techniques with the view to analyse how health policy changes impacts individual behaviour.

I have been asked to analyse data from the following experiment.

In calling the quality in question a quality, our own account equally disclaimed ability to analyse it, but said its antecedents were cerebral, not psychical -- in other words, that it was a psychical thing.

In resolving this dispute, I must analyse the evidence and the interconnected provisions of Rule 45.02(1)(b), and (c) and Rule 45.02(3)(b), together with Rule 45.02(1)(d).

It is written and presented in a way that provides a great example of how to analyse in practice.

I will present a framework, developed in physics in the early fifties, to tackles this problem and I will suggest how to generalize this approach to analyse real data in complex systems.

Not only made available but also provided in a format that is easy to import into various applications to analyse and scrutinize.

Peace and Human Rights Network (PHRN) is a non-clan based organisation which came into being in February 1997 when some twenty organisations atttended a workshop in order to analyse the conflict situation.

Articles that critically analyse our views or anarchist analysis about anything as long as it rationally deals with his/her view by the use of facts, avoiding humiliation and accusation.

Some logs contain useful information that you may want to analyse though.

Students further develop their ability to analyse phonological data.

Students integrate the material learned in the prerequisite, upper-division marketing courses to analyse marketing opportunities, develop and evaluate marketing strategies and develop and evaluate marketing plans.

Students use our all-in-one kit to analyse writing techniques and comprehend texts at a deeper level!

Students will receive hands-on training during lab components and will learn how to analyse data using EXCEL and PAST.

Theatricality is a term that has been widely used to describe and analyse aspects of theatre, art and film practice.

The government of Thailand readily agreed to let an independent team of Thai experts analyse and prepare a case study commissioned for the WCD on Pak Mun dam.

The next step is to analyse the influence of intervenors at the Supreme Court and this requires that a new method of data analysis be utilized.

The report describes the data sources used for collecting data from Canadian nuclear power plants, the methods employed to analyse the data and code it into the ICDE database, and some summary statistics on the data.

To analyse such things, it helps to review the basic physics of stretched strings.

Ultimately, this historical examination would attempt to analyse to what extent the Senate has adapted its legislative role and functions over the years, to the needs of the times.

analyze 877 occurrences

The university research-men gather facts, and scientific men everywhere collect, analyze, and classify them.

After all is said, it is not quite the same task to examine and classify either protoplasm or the most highly organized forms of nature, that it is to analyze and understand the mysterious workings of the heart, the intricacies of conscience and conduct, the possibilities of spiritual development or of moral downfall, and the many questionings, agonies, and ecstasies of the soul of man.

Its effect on a minister he can neither analyze nor explain.

There is a vast amount of heartache, little one, in this old world, and self is at the bottom of it all, when we stop to analyze it.

The father might analyze; with Alec it was all impulse, the impulse to soothe, to obliterate, to atone.

"I never had the chance to analyze one," observed Stoddard.

I gathered a great many for her, and she taught me to analyze

You must learn to discuss, explain, analyze, argue, narrate, and describe for yourself.

Analyze the debatable questions included in the two preceding exercises or suggested by them.

Analyze the results to be expected from the adoption of some policy or course of action by: A newspaper A business firm The city The farmers The producers in some business or industry The consumers The retail merchants of your city Some group of reformers Some social group Those interested in a social activity, as dancing Your neighbors Yourself.

The same principle holds regardless of whether you expound, analyze, argue, recount, or describe.

Just as you have already analyzed your working vocabulary for its general limits and shortcomings, so should you analyze it with particular reference to your poverty in synonyms.

(Insert the four words in the blank space in turn, and analyze the differences in meaning thus produced.)

(Insert the four words in the blank space in turn, and analyze the differences in meaning.)

Bad Fine Matter Affair Nice Common Case Boost EXERCISE K Analyze each of the words given below into its various uses or applications.

As a further enforcement of this fact, let us analyze the word rough.

Still farther be it from us to blunt the edge of appetite by sapiently essaying to "analyze" and account for Lamb's special zest and flavor, as though his writings, or any others worth the reading, were put together upon principles of clockwork.

Some instinct in the man's simple, strong mind told him that it was good for women to be beautiful, but his ignorance of the sex being profound he had no desire to analyze the beauty.

Some writers upon the subject have expressed their opinion that beetroot is easily digested, but those who have taken pains to carefully analyze its qualities make quite a contrary statement.

She went on praising the "Letters," however, not one of which had she read, or would she read; for this young lady had contrived to gain a high reputation in her own coterie for taste and knowledge in books, by merely skimming the strictures of those who do not even skim the works they pretend to analyze.

It would be hardly fair to press this matter on you, a married woman; for, by the pandects of American society, a man may philosophize on love, prattle about it, trifle on the subject, and even analyze the passion with, a miss in her teens, and yet he shall not allude to it, in a discourse with a matron.

I cannot analyze this conception, but merely record its presence; the thought took firm possession of me.

She might as well try to explain the sparkle of the sunshine, or the joyousness of the meadowlark's song in the spring, as to try to analyze the luminous wonder that had come into her own heart that day when the purple mist lay on the Tiger Hills, and the snowdrifts were beginning to sink and sag and break into little streams.

So it becomes possible for us, by their aid, to analyze the conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious with the terms long current in the analyses of physics.

All these details I have given in the attempt to analyze the internal secretion constitution of this great man of genius, to establish that he really suffered from inadequate function of his adrenal glands, for the symptoms of chronic though benign adrenal insufficiency coincide in their mass effect with the story of his life.

If we analyze our motives we shall find that they are always some mode either of Love or Fear; and fear has its root in the recognition of some power other than Perfect Love, which is God the ONE all-embracing Good.

He was never able to analyze his heart, though it then stood still within him; but the thing that swayed him to his purpose was not altogether the thought that Captain Snipes was about to degrade him, and that he had taken an oath within his soul that he should not.

He was trying to analyze his own feelings.

The man lying in the copse is puzzled at his own condition, but he does not seek to analyze it.

He didn't analyze the situation particularly, but he had an idea that eating on the barge was fun.

If he had stopped to analyze the impulse, he would have seen how absurd, unreasonable and uncalled for his words were.

But he had no time to analyze; like a diver who plunges suddenly, on some mad impulse, into a whirlpool, he had cast himself into the vortex.

She did not try to analyze her feeling for Winthrop Beresford.

But it is not my intention to analyze this eccentric and meandering poem; a composition which cannot be well estimated by extracts.

It is a peculiarity which it is hard to analyze and which has often been an embarrassment in the conduct of public affairs.

There is a natural temptation to a student of international agreements to analyze critically the composition and language of this provision, but to do so would in no way advance the consideration of the subject under discussion and would probably be interpreted as a criticism of the President's skill in accurately expressing his thoughts, a criticism which it is not my purpose to make.

He did not pause to analyze the sentiment of slight annoyance which clouded his usual good humour; but Dr. Blundell divined it, with the quickness of an ultra-sensitive nature.

"I don't wish to analyze his character; probably we shouldn't altogether agree in our judgment; but it is enough that I don't feel in the least attracted by him, and that I could not love him, if he were all that you imagine."

" We will waste no time in attempting to analyze Mark's conflicting emotions, but follow him to Innisfield, whither he went the same day.

As with our human beloved, when the graceful presence is with us, we cannot analyze or describe, but merely possess, and only after its departure can it be portrayed by our yearning desires; so is it with Nature: only in losing her do we gain the power to describe her, and we are introduced to Art, as we are to Eternity, by the dropping away of our companions.

At the moment, however, I had no time to analyze my feelings.

Crude and conventional as are many of her repeated attempts to analyze the workings of a mind under the sway of soft desires, she nevertheless succeeded now and then in actuating her heroines with genuine emotion.

Ramsay, quoted by W. Warde Fowler, Vergil's Messianic Eclogue, p, 54.] To attempt to identify Vergil's child with a definite person would be a futile effort to analyze poetic allegory.

It was in the nature of things that in after years attempts should be made to analyze the sources of Douglass's talent, and that the question should be raised whether he owed it to the black or the white half of his mixed ancestry.

It is true that, for particular purposes, we may analyze certain combinations of sounds and colors and forms, so as to ascertain their relative quantities or collocation; and these facts (of which we shall hereafter have occasion to speak) may be of importance both in Art and Science.

Suppose we analyze a certain combination of sounds and colors, so as to ascertain the exact relative quantities of the one and the collocation of the other, and then compare them.

Thus: "When what is a compound relative you must always parse it as two words; that is, you must parse the antecedent part as a noun, and give it case; the relative part you may analyze like any other relative, giving it a case likewise.

I shall not analyze my feelings at this time.

When a band of music is playing, the molecule is supposed to make a complex vibration, a resultant motion of all acting influences, which the ear is supposed to analyze.

It does not befit me to analyze how much family pride and the thought of having his name engraved in marble in the Eternal City has to do with the whole scheme.

"Then I will tell you this; I was once like you, inclined to analyze not only my own feelings but all manifestations of life.

It would be curious to analyze the concurrent causes, and marshal the successive steps, by which Lancashire has advanced;not only succeeding in appropriating to itself a leading interest in the creative inventions of Watt and Arkwright, but connecting its name in honourable alliance with literature and science.

Analyze, as a study in temper, the thunder-cloud itself as it gathers upon the Elder Brother's brow.

I could give no ready answer, for the moral precepts I learned in my childhood days, were not given in schools; and not until I began to analyze the different elements that formed my notions of right and wrong, did I find that it was Bushido that breathed them into my nostrils.

Since then, when anything looks too snowy and smooth and good at the first glance, I generally analyze it for paraffin.

It fills me with an exultation I cannot analyze.

The Master, not understanding it at all, or being able to analyze sensations so foreign to all his previous thought and experience, cut the Gordian knot of puzzlement by roundly cursing himself, by Allah and the Prophet's beard, as a fool.

In a sense he is more real than living men, and we can analyze his nature, have doubts about his motives, judge differently of his character, and value his temperament more or less as one might with a friend.

I attempted to analyze this influence, so strong, yet so invisibly produced.

As well carry a spray of arbutus to the laboratory or subject the enchantment of moonlight upon running water to the flame and blow-pipe as try to analyze the heart of a girl,—particularly a girl who paddles a canoe with a sure stroke and puts up a good race with a rabbit.

Here the ghost proceeded to analyze reason, cited from Kant's Critique of Pure Reason, part II, section I, book 2, chap.

It is the Tanner 2 stage of breast development (a scale used to analyze changes in people from childhood to adulthood).

First, you need to carefully analyze the costs needed to bring your products or services to market.

Han envisions smart watches with MCUNet that don’t just sense users heartbeat, blood pressure, and oxygen levels, but also analyze and help them understand that information.

He said a combination of these two things could have happened and noted he will continue to analyze the situation.

I always want students to be able to engage with and critically analyze the news and entertainment media of their time, and for them to feel empowered by being able to do so.

In the next post, I will analyze the financial interest category of the crypto question.

It also allows customers to analyze cost, performance, and security of various workloads.

KnowItAll Software offers solutions to analyze and manage multiple types of spectral and chemical data in multiple file and instrument formats.

The CM also promised farm representatives that it would analyze their other demands, including the increase in the price of sugar cane and the settlement of quotas, as well as the withdrawal of the FIRs registered in cases of stubble burning.

The Commission said it would carefully analyze the judgment before decising whether to appeal at Europe’s highest court, the EU Court of Justice.

Through 2020, we will continue to analyze this data and high grade ILX opportunities ahead of drilling as early as 2021.

Through its laboratories and partners, the Health Department can analyze 4,300 specimens a day, she said.

With all eyes on South Carolina tonight, make sure to join us on our live blog as we analyze the results as they come in and ponder what they mean for the Democratic nomination race going forward.

You are looking at the absolute death numbers, which is not what you should do to analyze a pandemic.

By technical barrier, I mean the skills required to find patterns in, analyze, and draw conclusions from company data sources.

Conduct market research and analyze consumer rating reports/ questionnaires.

Conduct research, analyze agricultural data and prepare research reports.

Conduct research, collect and analyze data to prepare reports and documents.

Cookies help us analyze how the Services are being accessed and used, and enable us to track performance of the Services.

Deslauriers A., Rossi S., Turcotte A., Morin H., Krause C. (2011) A three-step procedure to analyze time series of automatic dendrometer data by using SAS program.

Dr. Brown, along with colleagues Dr. Mark Glickman and Ryan Song of Harvard University, created a statistical model that can analyze music patterns and perhaps answers the question of who wrote one of the Beatles' popular songs.

Due to its unique collision energies, BABAR data is still in high demand to analyze and prove new scientific theories, they say.

Enterprising People and Entrepreneurs In this section, students will develop a profile of an enterprising person; analyze the personal benefits of being an enterprising person; and distinguish between an entrepreneur and an enterprising person.

Everyone should learn to analyze himself dispassionately.

In addition, we require an ability to analyze the risks and impacts of human activities on wildlife, as well as develop and implement strategies that meet our often competing and often-conflicting objectives.

In advance of each project, students analyze a media text similar to the one they will design.

Information technology has revolutionized our ability to sort, collate, analyze, and draw conclusions from vast amounts of disparate data.

In this new study, Bauch and Perisic analyze "free-rider" effects under voluntary vaccination for vaccine-preventable diseases where disease transmission occurs in a social network.

Lab is equiped to analyze gases, soils, and water using an aray of advanced analytical instruments (Varian GC450; AAS.

Like Hall (1978, 1997 and Foucault (1977,1980) we analyze the ideological underpinnings of racial profiling as revealed in the everyday dominant discourses of elite public authorities including police.

LIMITATIONS: While PET and CT fused imaging in the live rat offers a functional representation of metabolic function, more advanced PET/CT integration is required to analyze more discrete brain regions.

Linsley's paintings analyze the nature of the picture plane.

Machine algorithms can effortlessly process and analyze a large quantity of data to spot patterns and make accurate predictions without making any errors.

More specifically, to analyze whether our approach to development has been effective and whether it is still relevant today.

An IPSW also allows professors and students in the mathematical sciences (including statistics, actuarial sciences, optimization, differential equations, etc.) to analyze and solve concrete problems.

An open discussion course designed to review and critically analyze contemporary issues in plant physiology and biochemistry.

NSIR is a free web-based tool that allows users to securely and anonymously report, analyze, discuss and share information on patient safety incidents.

One difficulty in learning from these is a relatively low participation of physicians and other health care providers in the committees that analyze these cases because of fears of exposure to potential litigation.

One of my research goals has been to combine asymptotic and singular perturbation techniques with numerical methods in order to analyze nonlinear boundary-value problems for ordinary and partial differential equations arising in various applied fields.