68 examples of ancestress in sentences

He had very certainly never known anybody who in his opinion merited the torments of his orthodox Gehenna; so that in imagination he vaguely populated its blazing corridors with Nero and Judas and Caesar Borgia and Henry VIII, and Spanish Inquisitors and the aboriginal American Indiansexcepting of course his ancestress Pocahontasand with Benedict Arnold and all the "carpet-baggers" and suchlike other eminent practitioners of depravity.

Lady Louisa Stuart, writing in 1837that is, seventy-five years after the death of her grandmother, Lady Marywrote indignantly of the attacks that had been made upon her ancestress.

Fronting each other, the imbecile child of a deathlike beauty seemed the last of the race of which she, forgotten by the world, was the ancestress.

She must have been a magnificent woman when she was young,not unlike, I have heard it said, to that far-off ancestress whose name she bore, and whose sorrowful story has made her sorrowful beauty immortal.

Yet if they had only been able to claim some ancestor with a wig and a degree for the humanities, or some beautiful ancestress with a romantic reputation!

Its versification in iambics is so beautiful that it is regarded as the triumph of the Classics over the Romantics; and by this piece Grillparzer has proved the universality of his genius; for he wrote a short time ago a dramatic piece in the romantic style and in the eight rhymed trochaic metre called die Anhfrau (the ancestress) where supernatural agency is introduced.

The family took its origin from a white ancestress, and had consequently been free for several generations.

But I find in such modesty the greater merit, in that he did not wish to fail in affectionate gratitude toward her,Gualdrada,his ancestress,giving her name and handing her down as it were to eternity, while she by herself would perhaps have remained unknown.

And so the Arrow, moving at the rate of forty-six miles an hour, followed the course of her ancestress, the Clermont, when she made her first long trip almost a hundred years before.

I fancy she must have inherited it from an Indian ancestress, for her great-great-grandfather rescued a begum on her way to be burnt on her husband's funeral pyre.

"She thinks," said Varick, a little hesitatingly, "that Bubbles, in addition to her extraordinary thought-reading gift, has inherited from her Indian ancestress a power of collectively hypnotizing an audienceof making people see things that she wants them to see.

Still, there is something to be said in defence of that venerable ancestress.

He made me many compliments, and said how very like I was growing to my ancestress, Ambrosine Eustasie de Calincourt, and he told me again the old story of the guillotine.

Going as 'My ancestress' or something?" suggested Mrs. Dearman.

Now, while he still raged, she tenderly smiled on their trembling ancestress.

He had always hated Eskimo dogs; choosing either to ignore his own huskie blood, or feeling that it was superior to the native strain in the malamutes of the coastjust as some people boast of being descended from Pocahontas, but would shudder at the mere idea of a Siwash Squaw ancestress.

By dint of a succession of alliances, some regular, others highly irregular, she became the ancestress of nearly all the great Anglo-Norman families in Ireland.

RUTH, as the ancestress of David.

TOCI, n. "Our ancestress," a divinity so called.

The first woman who followed her spinning-wheel out of her home into the factory was the natural ancestress of the first woman who demanded the ballot.

When the expedition reached Biloxi, there were two suitors for the hand of Agricola's great ancestress.

And yet the portrait of this great ancestress, which served as a pattern to one who, at the ball, personated the long-deceased heroine en masque, is hopelessly lost in some garret.

One Sunday evening, Gustavus was disconsolate; the Knight was long sleepless, and at daybreak he went into the church, to the tomb of his ancestress, St. Bridget.

Our French ancestress, according to the family tradition, was of no very exalted origin, being in fact the only daughter and heiress of one Monsieur Tartine, Perruquier in chief at the Court of Versailles.

Huon eventually became ruler of this realm in Oberon's stead; and his daughter, Claretie, whose equally marvelous adventures are told at great length in another, but far less celebrated, chanson de geste, is represented as the ancestress of all the Capetian kings of France.

68 examples of  ancestress  in sentences