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8173 examples of  angel  in sentences

8173 examples of angel in sentences

Sauvallier wept upon the neck of his little granddaughter, murmuring, "You also, my angel?

He found her delightful, and clever; he was certain she was an angel.

The hush of a great peace fell upon his soul, while through the listening night an angel stooped and traced upon his brow the kingly motto, 'Ich Dien.' CHAPTER V. "Don, Don, me's tumin'," and the baby of the farm, a little child with sunny curls and laughing eyes, ran past the great barns of Hollywood.

The white-robed angel spoke first.

The listening spirits heard a low, malicious laugh of triumph and the white-robed angel turned sadly away.

"I believe you are his angel of consolation," she said in a hushed voice.

"'Drudgery is the gray angel of success, for drudgery is the doing of one thing long after it ceases to be amusing, and it is 'this one thing I do' that gathers me together from my chaos, that concentrates me from possibilities to powers and turns powers into achievements.

"Thee has another 'unawares angel' to breakfast, Ruth.

"An angel, Joseph?

Is this a very hungry angel, Joseph?

Sure my good Angel, or my Genius, In pity of my Love, and of Leticia

Falatius, a fantastick Courtier, Mr. Angel.

Enter Pisaro, and Erminia drest like an Angel with Wings.

A cornet solo by the Angel GABRIEL himself would be secretly regarded as undoubtedly artistic, but certainly a little out of place.

"You're a perfect angel, Teddy, to want to do it," she said.

It is a force springing out of the summit of the brain, the angel of its noblest sentiment, going forth with no less an aim than to construct a whole new social status from ideas.

O'er waiting harpstrings of the mind There sweeps a strain, Low, sad, and sweet, whose measures bind The power of pain And wake a white-winged angel throng Of thoughts, illumed By faith, and breathed in raptured song, With love perfumed.

But Mrs. Lorimer, the despised, the downtrodden, was as an angel from heaven that day.

"I wouldn't know you from the Angel Gabriel!"

Your guardian angel wouldn't recognize you in that get uplet alone a policeman.

" "If there's any justice," I said, "my guardian angel got the sack three years ago.

and ye angel-hosts That wait with fluttering plumes around the great White throne of God, guard them from scathe and harm!

But because I would do nothing that is imprudent, I beg of you to give me your Answers to some Questions I will write down, and desire you to get them printed in the SPECTATOR, and I do not doubt but you will give such Advice, as, I am sure, I shall follow. 'When Mr. Fondle looks upon me for half an Hour together, and calls me Angel, is he not in Love?

and how obscure to the Compass that is taken in by the Ken of an Angel; or of a Soul but newly escaped from its Imprisonment in the Body!

Sold only at Mr. Payn's Toyshop at the Angel and Crown in St Paul's Churchyard near Cheapside.' 'For Sale by the Candle, 'On Friday next, the 25th Instant, at Lloyd's Coffee-house in Lombard-Street at 4 a Clock in the Afternoon, only 1 Cask in a Lot, viz.

a Pot. Sold only at Mr. Payne's at the Angel and Crown in St. Paul's Church Yard near Cheapside with Directions.' An Entertainment of Musick, consisting of a Poem called The Passion of Sappho: Written by Mr. Harison.

Is sold at Mr. Payn's, a Toyshop at the Angel and Crown in St. Paul's Churchyard, near Cheapside, at 2s.

I turned and laughed: for there was no one by The man that I had sought to slay was I. A CERTAIN EVENING That night the whole world mingled, The souls were babes at play, And angel danced with devil.

MODERN ELFLAND I Cut a staff in a churchyard copse, I clad myself in ragged things, I set a feather in my cap That fell out of an angel's wings.

Only once, to a lantern gleam, He turned his face from the wall, And it was as the accusing angel's face On the day when the stars shall fall.

Satan may worry women if he will, For he was but an angel ere he fell, But Ibefore I fellI was a man.

She has executed a number of notable sepulchral monuments, one for Adèle Stiacchi; one for the daughter of the Duchess Ravaschieri, in Naples, which represents the "Madonna Receiving an Angel in her Arms"; it is praised for its subject and for the action of the figures.

At that instant, who do you think presented himself as Lord Bute's guardian angel?

only one of his bitterest enemies: a milk-white angel [Duke of York], white even to his eyes and eyelashes, very purblind, and whose tongue runs like a fiddlestick.

Hear her, O Pope!She sounds th'inspir'd decree, Thou great Arch-Angel of wit's heav'n! for thee! Let vulgar genii, sour'd by sharp disdain, Piqu'd and malignant, words low war maintain, While every meaner art exerts her aim, O'er rival arts, to list her question'd fame; Let half-soul'd poets still on poets fall, And teach the willing world to scorn them all.

As only a portion of the story of this Indian maiden, "the colonial angel," as she was termed by the settlers, is known, and that not generally with exactness, we will reproduce it here.

Percy was mommer's angel boy with the sunny curls, who was to be raised a gentleman and to be "shielded from the vulgar surroundings and coarse associations of her husband's youth," and he was proud popper's pet, whose good times weren't going to be spoiled by a narrow-minded old brute of a father, or whose talents weren't going to be smothered in poverty, the way the old man's had been.

So, at least, we may suspect from the evidence of that Frenchman who met "le bon et agréable Tristram," and his wife, at Montpellier, and who, characteristically sympathizing with the inconstant husband, declared that his wife's incessant pursuit of him made him pass "d'assez mauvais moments," which he bore "with the patience of an angel.

" "She sang like an angel.

So he dashed back and upstairs to Joanna's room, where he routed her from her sewing with the request: "Go see if you can be mother, sister, and friend to Miss Sally, Joannathere's an angel!"

Would you be an angel in heaven? Isa.

"Jimmie," I said in a meek and lowly voice, "you are an angela bright, beautiful, golden angel, and from now on, I'll call this a replica,when I'm talking to a wayfaring man.

I presented him in form to the Little Playmate, who had quite forgotten her Princess-ship by this time in the sweetness of being our house-angel of the Red Tower.

And Helene dipped a courtesy to him, dainty and sweet enough to conquer an angel, while the great jelly-bag shook himself almost to pieces in his eagerness to achieve a masterly bow.

"It was my good angel made me stop in front of your fence," he said.

" With the simplicity of an angel who would not be longer hindered by mundane society, she took up her pail, saying, "Good-day, sagamore," and swept on across the dead leaves.

She felt strangely influenced, as by the neighborhood of some large angel, and at the same time the tragedy of being alive overswept her.

On the 11th of November, Don Pedro Gilbert, Captain, Don Bernardo de Soto, Mate, Francisco Ruiz, Carpenter, Nicola Costa, Cabin-boy, aged 15, Antonio Ferrer, Cook, and Manuel Boyga, Domingo de Guzman, an Indian, Juan Antonio Portana, Manuel Castillo, Angel Garcia, Jose Velasquez, and Juan Montenegro, alias Jose Basilio de Castro, were arraigned before the Circuit Court of the United States, charged with the crime of Piracy.

On the fatal morning of June 11th, 1835, Don Pedro, Juan Montenegro, Manuel Castillo, Angel Garcia and Manuel Boyga, were, agreeably to sentence, summoned to prepare for immediate execution.

Angel Garcia made the first attempt by trying to open the veins of each arm with a piece of glass; but was prevented.

" "Doctor, you are an angel; but I don't believe that I can sleep.

something whispered, or seemed to whisper in her heart as vague consciousness returned, unutterably sweet; was it the voice of an angel coming to bear her hence?

Now his path was open and serene, although unwarmed and unlighted with this precious love, and so, in the heart of the forest, in the soul of the night, in the bosom of the tempest, he had brought life and hope and peace and rest to her, and an angel could not have done it with a purer self-abnegation.

A kind of gray shadow had settled about eyes and mouththe shadow of the death angel's wings.

No man dieth except by permission of Allah, according to what is written on the scrolls of the angel, Al Sijil.

Then he arose, took up his javelin again, and with a clear consciencesince now his rites had all been fulfilledcried aloud: "Now, Master, I am ready for the work of helping Azraël, the death-angel, separate the souls and bodies of these Shiah heretics!"

At thought of the death-angel standing nigh, his heart quaked; but rage and hate inspired him, and he muttered: "Fire to your bellies, broiling in white flame!

And as they peered abroad across the desert, in the glory of morning, now nothing could be seen to mind them of the fighting-men who, like the host of Sennacherib, had been brushed by the death-angel's wing.

with your quiet, steady eyes and your bright hairyou angel on earth who found me a child and left me an adoring womancan it be that in this world there is such a thing as death for you?

When I look from my window at night, And the welkin above is all white, All throbbing and panting with stars, Among them majestic is standing Sandalphon the angel, expanding His pinions in nebulous bars.

Let us, then, welcome all allies, from whatever quarter, and not inquire into their past history as minutely as if we were the assignees of the Recording Angel and could search his books at pleasure.

It was a triumph of which an angel might have been proud.

The fountains of feeling were opened and tears came welling up from their depths, until they brimmed the eyelids of all, and fell in showers, as when the cloud angel shakes his wings.

She only wanted wings, he thought, to make an angel of her.

With this blue-eyed angel by his side it seemed impossible, and yet Pressing Enrica's hand more tightly, he placed it fondly on his own.

With that sun-ray upon his face, Nobili seemed to her, at that moment, more than mortal! "Angel!" exclaimed Count Nobili, wrought up to sudden passion, "can you doubt me?" Before Enrica could reply, a snake, warmed by the hot sun, curled upward from the terraced wall behind them, where it had basked, and glided swiftly between them.

Christ's angel, Death, All radiant white, With one cold breath Will scare thee quite, And give my lungs an air As fresh as answered prayer.

"We will keep her warm and clean," answered her uncle, "and that is all an angel would require.

Juliet rose indignant: no one, were he an angel from Heaven, should interfere between her husband and her!

When she should wake, and he let the light fall upon her face, he knewso he said to himselfhe knew the likeness would vanish in an appalling unlikeness, a mockery, a scoff of the whole night and its lovely dreamin a face which, if beautiful as that of an angel, not being Juliet's would be to him ugly, unnatural, a discord with the music of his memory.

You are an angel of goodness, Elizabeth; as I am a demon of darkness.

As she came towards him, he felt her once more the emblem and angel of his good-fortune.

Leaving the ferry building, we have a delightful ride on the bay, passing close to Alcatraz Island, where the military prison is located, with a view of Fort Point and Fort Baker, passing near the United States Quarantine Station on Angel Island, and arrive at Sausalito, perched on the hillside like some hamlet on the Rhine; then by rail to Mill Valley, a beautiful little town nestling at the foot of the mountain like a Swiss village.

My great-great-grandfather was made an angel by the Indian whose picture you see on this cent.

BEGGING THE "ANGEL" (about to give a beggar a dime)"Poor man!

Begorrah and I thought it was an angel spakin' to me.

"Don't be terrified, my queen; though I cannot lay claim, like Prospero, to having raised this storm by my art magic, yet it perforce gives me time to make you understand who and what I am, and how I have recovered my better angel to give her no mean nor desperate career.

I had raised money enough at play and on the jewels one picks up in an envoy's service, and there was one good angel whom I meant to take with me if I could secure her and bind her wings.

She appeared to see neither Harold nor her brother, but only those tranquil features, above which the angel of Death seemed already to have brushed his dewy wing.

Let me call you wife, and you will become my guardian angel, and save me from myself.

The angel had not yet fled that bosom, for the blush of shame glowed through the chalk upon her brow and outcrimsoned the paint upon her cheek.

If there is an hour when the soul is lifted above earth and communes with holy things, it is in the stillness of the country night, when the solitary watcher sits beside the pillow of a loved one, waiting the coming of the dark angel, whose footsteps are at the threshold.

I asked, as in my childish imagination that sweet expression, that comes with the relaxation of the muscles to some dead faces toward the last of earth, seemed to transfigure hers as with an angel grace.

Nay, more, she would tell you that, for all the thrones of the earth, she would not come back if she could, and forsake her angel estate.

I had heard of Bertie in the interval as a successful débutante as a reader of Shakespeare, and had received her sparse and sparkling letters confirming report, truly "angel visits, few and far between.

When led before Charlemagne, he obstinately refused all proffers of reconciliation, and insisted upon Charlot's death, until an angel from heaven forbade his asking the life of Charlemagne's son.

They would probably have continued the struggle indefinitely, however, had not an angel of the Lord interfered, and bidden them embrace and become fast friends.

The future was so entrancing that the present appeared like a dream; the lovely being before me seemed like an angel, an emissary from above come to tell me of the happiness which was in store for me.

Sir, I have many faults, but cowardice does not happen to be one of them, and the more the angel pleaded the more determined was I to see this business through.

It bore no signature, but at the first words I knew that the writer was none other than the lovely young creature who had appeared to me like an angel of innocence in the midst of that den of thieves.

As soon as I had seen the smugglers safely in the hands of Leroux and the gendarmes, I would make my way back to St. Cergues as rapidly as I could, step into my vehicle, drive like the wind back to Gex, and place myself at the disposal of my fair angel and her afflicted mother.

she is an angel, Monsieurfeared that the disappointment and my son's cruelty, when he returned on the morrow and found that he had been tricked, would seriously endanger my life.

"I know, Monsieur," she rejoined with the same calm dignity which already had commanded my respect, "I know that you think me a selfish old woman; but my Angèleshe is an angel, of a truth!made all the arrangements, and I could not help but obey her.

Indeed for the moment I felt so agitated at thought of that beautiful angel's peril that I looked down with anger and scorn at the fat old woman who ought to have remained beside her daughter to comfort and to shield her.

He was still a widower and this his only child, and lovely as an angel; and he had seen her grow into ripe loveliness from a sick girl.

But I am as proud of her as ever, and don't believe appearances against her character and her angel face and" "No more do I," cried Julia Clifford, eagerly.

Her better angel tugged at her heartstrings.

Then she caught a bitter, threatening glance of her bad angel fixed upon her, and she said to Monckton, "I can say no more, I can do no more.

#ancien, -ne#, old, former. #ange#, m., angel.

It represented a white horse drinking at a white roadside well; beside the shoulder of the horse stood a white angel, many times taller, with an arm thrown caressingly around the horse's neck; while a stunted forest tree extended a solitary branch over the horse's tail.