8173 examples of angel in sentences

The hush of a great peace fell upon his soul, while through the listening night an angel stooped and traced upon his brow the kingly motto, 'Ich Dien.' CHAPTER V. "Don, Don, me's tumin'," and the baby of the farm, a little child with sunny curls and laughing eyes, ran past the great barns of Hollywood.

" "Doctor, you are an angel; but I don't believe that I can sleep.

something whispered, or seemed to whisper in her heart as vague consciousness returned, unutterably sweet; was it the voice of an angel coming to bear her hence?

Now his path was open and serene, although unwarmed and unlighted with this precious love, and so, in the heart of the forest, in the soul of the night, in the bosom of the tempest, he had brought life and hope and peace and rest to her, and an angel could not have done it with a purer self-abnegation.

A kind of gray shadow had settled about eyes and mouththe shadow of the death angel's wings.

No man dieth except by permission of Allah, according to what is written on the scrolls of the angel, Al Sijil.

Then he arose, took up his javelin again, and with a clear consciencesince now his rites had all been fulfilledcried aloud: "Now, Master, I am ready for the work of helping Azraël, the death-angel, separate the souls and bodies of these Shiah heretics!"

At thought of the death-angel standing nigh, his heart quaked; but rage and hate inspired him, and he muttered: "Fire to your bellies, broiling in white flame!

And as they peered abroad across the desert, in the glory of morning, now nothing could be seen to mind them of the fighting-men who, like the host of Sennacherib, had been brushed by the death-angel's wing.

with your quiet, steady eyes and your bright hairyou angel on earth who found me a child and left me an adoring womancan it be that in this world there is such a thing as death for you?

"Don't be terrified, my queen; though I cannot lay claim, like Prospero, to having raised this storm by my art magic, yet it perforce gives me time to make you understand who and what I am, and how I have recovered my better angel to give her no mean nor desperate career.

I had raised money enough at play and on the jewels one picks up in an envoy's service, and there was one good angel whom I meant to take with me if I could secure her and bind her wings.

She appeared to see neither Harold nor her brother, but only those tranquil features, above which the angel of Death seemed already to have brushed his dewy wing.

Let me call you wife, and you will become my guardian angel, and save me from myself.

The angel had not yet fled that bosom, for the blush of shame glowed through the chalk upon her brow and outcrimsoned the paint upon her cheek.

If there is an hour when the soul is lifted above earth and communes with holy things, it is in the stillness of the country night, when the solitary watcher sits beside the pillow of a loved one, waiting the coming of the dark angel, whose footsteps are at the threshold.

I asked, as in my childish imagination that sweet expression, that comes with the relaxation of the muscles to some dead faces toward the last of earth, seemed to transfigure hers as with an angel grace.

Nay, more, she would tell you that, for all the thrones of the earth, she would not come back if she could, and forsake her angel estate.

I had heard of Bertie in the interval as a successful débutante as a reader of Shakespeare, and had received her sparse and sparkling letters confirming report, truly "angel visits, few and far between.

He was still a widower and this his only child, and lovely as an angel; and he had seen her grow into ripe loveliness from a sick girl.

But I am as proud of her as ever, and don't believe appearances against her character and her angel face and" "No more do I," cried Julia Clifford, eagerly.

Her better angel tugged at her heartstrings.

Then she caught a bitter, threatening glance of her bad angel fixed upon her, and she said to Monckton, "I can say no more, I can do no more.

#ancien, -ne#, old, former. #ange#, m., angel.

It represented a white horse drinking at a white roadside well; beside the shoulder of the horse stood a white angel, many times taller, with an arm thrown caressingly around the horse's neck; while a stunted forest tree extended a solitary branch over the horse's tail.

8173 examples of  angel  in sentences