275 examples of angler in sentences

Give (a) a youngster, (b) an experienced angler an account of your fishing trip.

60 The thundering tube the aged angler hears, [G] Bent o'er the groaning flood that sweeps away his tears.

A noble lady, long distinguished at court for pre-eminent beauty and grace, and whose mind possesses undying charms, has written some lines in my copy of Walton, which, if you will allow me, I will repeat to you: Albeit, gentle Angler, I Delight not in thy trade, Yet in thy pages there doth lie So much of quaint simplicity, So much of mind, Of such good kind.

And though the charming and intellectual author of this poem is not an angler herself, yet I can quote the example of her lovely daughters to vindicate fly fishing from the charge of cruelty, and to prove that the most delicate and refined minds can take pleasure in this innocent amusement.

Gay's passionate love for angling is well known; it was his principal occupation in the summer at Amesbury; and "the late excellent John Tobin, author of the Honey Moon, was an ardent angler."

The Usk was formerly a very productive trout-stream, and the fish being well fed by the worms washed down by the winter floods, were often in good season, cutting red, in March and the beginning of April: and at this season the blues and browns, particularly when the water was a little stained after a small flood, afforded the angler good sport.

I should like to say more about my bedside friendsstrapping George Borrow sitting with Petulengro's sister under the hedge or fighting the Flaming Tinman; the dear little Boston doctor who talks so chirpily over the Breakfast Table; the Compleat Angler that takes you out into an eternal May morning, and Sainte-Beuve whom I have found a first-rate bedside talker.

A delightful spot for a poetical angler is this, for the Dordogne runs close by in the shadow of prodigious rocks and overhanging trees.

It also was an attack on architectural changes in Christ Church; the general style was a parody of the "Compleat Angler."

Literary biography was represented by the charming little Lives of good old Izaak Walton, the first edition of whose Compleat Angler was printed in 1653.

The Compleat Angler, though not the first piece of sporting literature in English, is unquestionably the most popular, and still remains a favorite with "all that are lovers of virtue, and dare trust in Providence, and be quiet, and go a-angling."

They encounter milkmaids, who sing to them and give them a draft of the red cow's milk and they never cease their praises of the angler's life, of rural contentment among the cowslip meadows, and the quiet streams of Thames, or Lea, or Shawford Brook.

7. Walton's Complete Angler.

The girl's own life at the Grange had been lonely enough, except during the brief summer months, when the roomy old house was now and then enlivened a little by the advent of a lodger,some stray angler in search of a secluded trout stream, or an invalid who wanted quiet and fresh air.

Had Mac been overmodest, before, when he had said he was no great angler?

Adventures of a deep-sea angler.

GREY, R. C. Adventures of a deep-sea angler.

Adventures of a deep-sea angler.

Adventures of a deep-sea angler.

The compleat angler; or, The contemplative man's recreation.

A treatise on trout for the progressive angler.

They are red-spotted and well-flavoured, and, as the natives do not indulge in the angler's art, they will rise at any kind of fly and gorge any bait offered.

Sir John Hawkins in a note (Complete Angler, 5th edit.

The genuine artist follows the stream of conversation as an angler follows the windings of a brook, not dallying where he fails to "kill."

He at length came to the Side of a great River, and being a good Fisherman himself stood upon the Banks of it some time to look upon an Angler that had taken a great many Shapes of Fishes, which lay flouncing up and down by him.

275 examples of  angler  in sentences