983 examples of ankle in sentences

He had slipped an ankle halter to one of his own limbs.

From ankle-deep to knee-deep, Andy stood helpless.

What I had been in momentary dread of now occurredmy wounded limb, which was lying across the horse, received another ball in the ankle.

In one cookshop window a trio of plaster nymphs who stood ankle-deep in a pool of crimped green paper, upheld a huge garland of cunningly moulded wax roses, dahlias, and lilac, above which perched a pheasant regnant.

[Footnote 2: Lieutenant Pattoun was wounded in the ankle on this occasion, and a sergeant of the 61st was shot through the head.]

Our ancestors derived this part of their dress from the ancient Gauls; only the Gallic braies came down to the ankle, whereas those of the thirteenth century only reached to the calf.

"Oh, why, the fact is," said he, hesitatingly, "II sprained my ankle getting out of that confounded boat, so I don't feel much like exercising just now.

Some day I'll step in my beard and sprain my ankle.

Others have waded ankle-deep in the crowd; but he, a grimy, infinitesimal molecule, had been at the bottom wholly submerged, where the light of idealism is not supposed to penetrate.

Edmée was unhurt but my ankle was badly sprained.

So much importance is given by the newspapers to every thing relating to the histrionic art, that we are daily informed of the whereabout of all the third-rate performers of the minor theatres; that "Mr. Smith, of Sadler's Wells, is engaged to Mr. Ducrow for the ensuing season;" or that "Miss Brown, belonging to the ballet department of the Surrey theatre, has sprained her ankle."

" When assisted to his feet it was evident that Bob had twisted his ankle, or slightly strained it.

I stood ankle-deep in violets, where they had run wild under a gnarled old apple-tree, and gave way to my wounded vanity.

"That blooming bird fears neither man nor devil," Cook was heard to mutter, after he had embedded his beak in her ankle; and it was quite true.

Think of her ankle, man!

The wrist and ankle are joined to the fore-arm and leg in an oblique direction; so that the palm or sole, instead of being directed downwards towards the surface of the ground, as in other animals, is turned inward towards the body, in such a manner that it is impossible for the sloth to place the sole of its foot flat down upon a level surface.

Alarmed with a pain in my ankle.

Pain in my ankle entirely gone.

Pain in my ankle returns.

The presence of the crutch showed there was something sad about it; and so there was; for if you had glanced at the little bare brown foot, set toes upward on the curbstone, you would have discovered that the fellow to it was missing cut off about two inches above the ankle.

Her foot and ankle were almost faultless.

Jimmy Sears threw his shirt high up on the bank as he stood ankle-deep in the stream.

A lively little brunette was Madame Bonaventure, still young, or, at all events, very far from being old; with extremely fine teeth, which she was fond of displaying, and a remarkably neat ankle, which she felt no inclination to hide beneath the sweep of her round circling farthingale.

Her parti-coloured, linsey-woolsey petticoats looped up on one side disclosed limbs with no sort of rustic clumsiness about them; but, on the contrary, a particularly neat formation both of foot and ankle.

Their trousers are always much too long, and so ample in width that they seem to need only a belt at the ankle to turn them into perfect Russian blouses.

983 examples of  ankle  in sentences