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1513 example sentences with  ankle

1513 example sentences with ankle

As it was, he was about again in a few weeks, apparently none the worse excepting for a slight weakness of the left ankle."

The deceased had broken his knee-caps and damaged his ankle, injuries which I assumed would leave some permanent trace.

I have often wondered since how on earth I managed to escape a sprained ankle or a broken neck, for carefully as I groped my way forward it was quite impossible to avoid all the numerous crevices and overhanging boughs which beset my path.

We left the impression of our boots; and if we had stood still awhile, we should soon have been ankle-deep.

knee deep, ankle deep.

elbow, knee, knuckle, ankle, groin, crotch, crutch, crane, fluke, scythe, sickle, zigzag, kimbo^, akimbo.

The horses ran away with Lady Delacour, injuring her ankle, and on her being brought home by Clarence, Lord Delacour wished to enter the locked cabinet for arque-busade.

Strangers, on the contrary, have it on one of the joints; either the elbow, wrist, knee, or ankle.

The precipice resolved itself into an incident of a journey of the same order as an ankle-deep stream trickling across a highway.

She was so unfortunate, a second later, as to slip her foot in this very tangle and give her ankle ever so slight a twist.

Miss Van Kamp would not for the world have it understood that this unconventional meeting, made allowable by her wrenched ankle, could possibly fulfill the functions of a formal introduction.

The strain on the knee and ankle is very great in some falls, but if you let yourself go and relax your muscles as you fall, you will find that even ankles and knees survive as a rule.

And, if you see anyone else so tangled up that he does not begin to get up immediately, hurry to his assistance, because his ankle or knee may be in a very strained position and he may be thankful to you for undoing a binding and releasing him.

When someone is really lamed by knee or ankle, Ski-ing becomes very difficult, except to the expert, who can ski mainly on one foot, and walking through the deep snow, sinking at every step, is an agony, so that some form of stretcher becomes necessary.

In the Telemark the back ski should drop behind, and the bend of the back ski should not be ahead of the ankle of the leading foot and should not be allowed to come forward till the turn is completed.

"You're hurt?" "Twisted my blamed ankle.

When my ankle's all well, we can have a try for the post-office, perhaps."

Most of that dreadful afternoon Miss Blake paced the floor, trying to strengthen her ankle for the trip to the post-office.

I lost what was left of my ammunition the day I hurt my ankle.

Tom, on the contrary, though not half so strong in the arms, is good all over, straight, hard, and springy from neck to ankle, better perhaps in his legs than anywhere.

There she visited her old dungeon, and found her successor already far on the way to the grave, and kept to strict duty, from morning till midnight, with a sprained ankle and a nervous fever.

When I first went upon Mr. Swan's plantation, I saw a slave in shackles or fetters, which were fastened around each ankle and firmly riveted, connected together by a chain.

Afterwards it was improved upon, and a strap was contrived to fasten around the ankle and pass around the neck; so that the least weight of the foot resting on the strap would choke the person.

But a crown should be wrought into a golden chain, and a sceptre driven stake-wise into the ground so that a King may be chained to it by the ankle.

The second, Otiore, had both arms tattooed; the third, Harotea, both sides of the body; the fourth, Hua, marked shoulders; the fifth, Atoro, a small stripe on the left side; the sixth, Ohemara, a small circle around each ankle, and the seventh, Poo, were uninked.

Some day I'll step in my beard and sprain my ankle.

"How is the ankle?" said Green.

Edmรฉe was unhurt but my ankle was badly sprained.

Yet now the dream might change; a strange youth might come riding out of the east, sitting a sorrel horse with a star and a white hind ankle, a long rangy neck and strong quarters; and hethe youthwould wear a broad, gray hat, with a band of silver filigree, a scarlet kerchief at his throat, a scarlet sash at his waist, and yellow dogskin "chapps."

It said that their young brother, having sprained his ankle at hockey, had become a wolf for jig-saw puzzles.

I stood ankle-deep in violets, where they had run wild under a gnarled old apple-tree, and gave way to my wounded vanity.

It was a passionate ambition the old pettifogger had, to see his scion enter through the front door and with head proudly erect, the precincts of the law, into which he had crawled so cautiously and at the risk, more than once, of being dragged out with a chain fastened to his ankle.

Earlier there had been everywhere sentries, and, not daring to breathe, I waited for one of them to challenge, but, except for the creaking of the stairs and of my ankle-bones, which seemed to explode like firecrackers, there was not a sound.

Man's got to get used to leaving pieces of his ankle-bone on the curb-stone if he wants to learn to ride a wheel.

Thaddeus banged his ankle, but he'll get over it in a minute.

This is a nice piece ofowmy ankle, my ankle!

This is a nice piece ofowmy ankle, my ankle!

Bully idea (rubbing his ankle).

[By this time all are gazing out of window, except Perkins, who is nursing his ankle.

Perkins (with a grimace at his ankle).

And in the daytime came certain flies, extremely clever and noxious about one's wrist and ankle.

The deck, too, was ankle-deep in water, as I found when I tried to get across to the deck-house sofa.

The unpaved street, undrained and unutterably filthy, was ankle-deep in mud, even at the close of this hot August day.

Across the road, now ankle deep in June dust, was the wreck of the Peters place: back-broken roof, crumbling chimneys, shutters hanging down like broken wings, the old house had the pathetic appeal of ship-wrecked gentility.

Still, I did bust his ankle.

Stephen twisted his foot skating, and was laid up with a sprained ankle.

Katherine's face flamed with his warm words, and the consciousness of the beauty of her new adornment; for she stood before him in an amber shimmering stuff that clung to her lithe limbs, hiding not her slender ankle and her arched satin shoe, as her dress caught about a stool that held it.

She with others followed him; the gentler folk raising frocks from pools and streams of blood, thereby displaying high-heeled shoe and slender ankle and ruffles of rare lace; and they gathered close about Mistress Penwick, drinking in her simple convent ways of glance and gesture and fresh, young spirit.

Springing to my feet, I shouldered my rifle and started across the pasture, ankle deep in glittering dew; and as I advanced Sir George appeared, breasting the hill from the east; Murphy's big bulk loomed in the west; and, as we met before the door of the house, Jack Mount sauntered around the corner, chewing a grass-stem, his long, brown rifle cradled in his arm.

Three young girls, naked save for the beaded clout, and painted scarlet from brow to ankle, beat the witch-drums tump-a-tump!

Then came the Cherry-maid, a slender creature, hung from head to foot with thick bunches of wild cherries which danced and swung when she walked; and the False-Faces plucked the fruit from her as she passed around, laughing and tossing her black hair, until she had been despoiled and only the garment of sewed leaves hung from shoulder to ankle.

Under her closed eyes the dark circles of fatigue lay; a faint trace of rose paint still clung to her lips; and from the ragged skirt of her thorn-rent gown one small foot was thrust, showing a silken shoe and ankle stained with mud.

Our ankle-puttees had long dropped to pieces, and our hose-tops, having worked under the soles of our boots, had been cut away and discarded.

On good days we stand ankle-deep; on bad, we are occasionally over the knees.

Then the curtains were suddenly drawn back, and the Ashantee kingcrowned with a feather head-dress, loaded with red and blue war-paint, and chained from ankle to anklebounded on the stage.

"I'm sorry," explained the cashier, "but Mr. Blank, who signs the checks, is laid up with a sprained ankle."

"When ye court with ye clothes, ye must not lift ye dress above ye ankle bone."

"Then I know what kind of ankle bone she had," said Marguerite, bitter for revenge on Lady Bluefields.

I hurt my ankle so that I haven't been able to walk far for a month, and they took advantage of it and have been prospecting around on their own account, at my expense, while I religiously marked down their time and fed them.

It makes the outside ankle bone.

The uniform was a dress with no underclothes, a chain around their ankle, stocking caps to mimic a prisonerโ€™s shaved head, and they were each assigned a prison number which became their new 'name'.

DALLAS (AP) โ€“ Luka Doncic had 33 points and 12 rebounds in his return from a seven-game absence because of a sprained ankle, leading the Dallas Mavericks to a 130-111 victory over the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday night.

Defensemen Esa Lindell (hand), John Klingberg (shoulder) and Miro Heiskanen (hip), their leading scorer in the playoffs, managed to stay on the ice, as did center Jason Dickinson (foot, ankle).

Defensive end Derek Barnett (ankle), defensive tackle Fletcher Cox (triceps), tight end Zach Ertz (ribs, back) and right tackle Lane Johnson (ankle) remained limited on Thursday.

Defensive end Derek Barnett (ankle), defensive tackle Fletcher Cox (triceps), tight end Zach Ertz (ribs, back) and right tackle Lane Johnson (ankle) remained limited on Thursday.

During his fight against Impa Kasanganay, Buckley was able to pull off an insane spinning back heel kick after Kasanganay caught his ankle.

โ€ฆ F P.J. Washington, who had 15 points, left in the third quarter with a sprained right ankle.

Harry Kane suffered a lateral ligament injury to his left ankle in the Champions League quarter-final first leg against Man City.

Imagine youโ€™re hiking on a mountain and you turn your ankle, tumble over, and canโ€™t move.

โ€œIโ€™m just grateful that Iโ€™m here and happy to be healthy,โ€ said Arraez, who sprained his ankle while rehabbing his knee.

Jack Lonie (knee) and Josh Battle (ankle) are listed as "test" but both played in the Saints' final round match.

Jacobs recapped Rich Swann getting an ankle injury at an Impact Plus show.

Jake Toolson suffered a gnarly ankle sprain during the Saint Maryโ€™s game on Feb. 1, checked back into the game minutes later and has continued to play through it.

Ja Morant exited with a sprained ankle but the Memphis Grizzlies earned their first victory of the season without him, outlasting the Brooklyn Nets 116-111 in overtime.

Jay Glazer just reported on tv that Miles Sanders (knee) and Zach Ertz (ankle) will both have MRIs tomorrow.

Kittle injured his ankle in an Oct. 31 game at Arizona and missed the next two games.

Many people who spoke to said other countries successfully used technology such as ankle bracelets and WhatsApp video calls to enforce home isolation requirements, and Australia should have found a more humane alternative by now.

Morena suffered fracture and ligament damage on his right ankle in the 1-0 win over SuperSport United at Loftus on Saturday night as Sundowns progressed to the last 16 of the Nedbank Cup.

โ€œNow I have a sprained ankle and super powers!โ€ she quipped.

Okereke, the Coltsโ€™ fourth-leading tackler despite missing the past two games, had been out with an ankle injury.

This is the third straight year Simmons has suffered an ankle injury.

Valden will serve time through a work project or by wearing an ankle monitor.

A dual lock collar secures your ankle, while the lightweight outsole unleashes explosive power on firm ground.

Buckled ankle strap for added comfort.

Built using K2โ€™s tried and true A-Lineโ„ข chassis, a canted highback, and a plush multi-layered ankle strap - the Bedford is designed to keep you comfortable and take on anything you put in its path.

Buke and Gase take a joyride on the songโ€™s iconic minor-key melody and leave the teen angst crying on the curb; even the most hardened cerebral cynic will want to strap on ankle bells and start stomping away.

Constructed in black leather, these utility ankle boots from Balmain's AW18 collection feature a round toe, a lace-up front fastening, a silver-tone logo plaque, a pull tab at the rear, a side zip fastening and a ridged rubber sole.

Description Women's El Naturalista Rana tharu no462 lined leather sandal with round, open toe, buckle fastening at the ankle, rubber sole and 5-cm heel.

Designed to give room to your sneakers, the pants have a tapered leg and ankle zips for adjustability and easy on and off.

Designed with athletic-inspired details, they're cut with tapered legs that feature ankle zips for easy on and off over your shoes.

In AKA prosthesis, the mechanical knee must lie posterior to the axis of the trochanter-ankle line so that in heel strike, the knee locks into extension; if it were to lie anterior, the knee would collapse into flexion on heel strike.

Jeans, T-shirts, minis, pumps and even black leather shit-kicker boots with studded ankle straps.

Maximum voluntary torque was also developed at 10 degrees of plantarflexion and decreased sharply as the ankle was dorsiflex beyond 5 degrees.

An iconic look that put Vans on the map, the classic checkerboard pattern is in full effect, stamped on a canvas upper, with padded ankle collars for on-point comfort on the go.

Ankle-length 18th Century design with a medieval sleeve, made in a spider web tapestry.

Open toe with an adjustable buckle closure at ankle strap.

Open toe with an adjustable hook-and-loop closure at ankle strap.

With respect to his prior medical history, the Claimant testified that he had surgery in 1969 at the Grey Nun's Hospital in Regina, which involved having his ankle pinned.

With the patented U-Turn Entry Systemโ„ข and its hidden gore panel in the shaft, sliding this versatile boot on is easier than ever, allowing your foot to slip past the turn without straining your ankle.

Women's Shoes - Mr & Mrs Italy Fur Trim Ankle Boots - 3449.