983 examples of ankle in sentences

She caused it to be given out that it was her ankle which had been injured, and not her wrist.

'As I never sign my name with my toes,' she said to me, 'there is no reason why a sprained ankle should interfere with my royal functions, and, for the present, you can be my right hand.'

"He is in the car, Missishe is shot in the ankle," said Jack.

Edward stayed at our house some six weeks, his ankle was so slow in getting well.

'He would come to see you,' said Lady Maud, rather apologetically, 'but he sprained his ankle the other day.

At that, I got to my feet and made my way to where the bo'sun lay, meaning to waken him, if he slept; but he caught me by the ankle, as I stooped to shake him, and whispered to me to keep silence; for he too had been aware of that strange noise of something fumbling beyond in the big cabin.

The sand was loose and their feet sank ankle deep in it, but they plodded along pluckily.

He tumbled wretchedly from his bed, swore at his injured ankle, hopped to the door, unlocked it, and hopped back with panic swiftness before his father's entrance.

He lay still, conscious of a pain in his head and in his ankle and somewhere elsean indeterminate spot deep in his being.

," said Dickie, "I hurt my ankle last night on the icy pavement.

Here he was rudely joggled by a passing elbow and the pain of his ankle brought a sharp "Damn!"

Tom looked up aghast, but he was not quick enough to catch sight of more than the hem of a garment, the turn of an ankle.

Slim city-children, blistered wholesomely as to their legs, from knee to ankle, by the sun and the salt air, harnessed themselves to little heaps of fish, and were driven about the upper deck in various fashionable styles, including four-in-hand and tandem, by other slim city-children, whose lower extremities had been treated in the same beneficial manner by the same eminent physicians.

I tried to do it with the load on my leg, and found the tendency of exercise was to bring the bread out at my ankle, so I managed to slip away and deposit it in my garret room.

And moreover, our butler has fallen down the back stepsnegroes are so careless!and sprained his ankle so that he can't stand.

Then a large log chain was fastened around one ankle, passed up his back, over his shoulders, then across his breast, and fastened under his arm.

But a crown should be wrought into a golden chain, and a sceptre driven stake-wise into the ground so that a King may be chained to it by the ankle.

Alarmed at my situation, I was obliged to descend on the other side without taking the necessary precautions, and in my fall nearly dislocated my ankle.

In the morning they were as good as their word, fixing a pair of fetters upon both my legs, regardless of the ankle which was now swelled to a considerable size, and then fastening me, with a padlock, to a staple in the floor of my dungeon.

I had studied my chains, during the extreme anguish that I endured from the pressure of the fetter upon the ankle which had been sprained; and though, from the swelling and acute sensibility of the part, I had found all attempts at relief, in that instance, impracticable, I obtained, from the coolness of my investigation, another and apparently superior advantage.

A servant of Mr. Forester happened to come to the town where I was imprisoned, a few weeks before, while I was confined with the hurt in my ankle, and had called in to see me.

He felt the warm blood dripping over his face; both hands were wet with it, The arm on which he had received the blow from the unseen object in the room gave him considerable pain, and he had slightly sprained an ankle in his leap through the window, so that he limped a little.

Others have waded ankle-deep in the crowd; but he, a grimy, infinitesimal molecule, had been at the bottom wholly submerged, where the light of idealism is not supposed to penetrate.

I soaked it in de skillet, an' stripped it 'long by degrees, till I got ter de en', w'en I boun' it under my foot an' roun' my ankle.

Very obviously Harriet had sprained her ankle while looking at the old man instead of watching the path, and the hot fomentation had reduced the swelling.

983 examples of  ankle  in sentences