Do we say anodyne or analgesic

anodyne 66 occurrences

Or who in sweet vicissitude appears Of mirth and opium, ratafie and tears, The daily anodyne, and nightly draught, To kill those foes to fair ones, time and thought.

With a low cry, a cry of anguishone has heard it from the lips of a sufferer waking from the anodyne of sleep to fresh painshe tore herself from his arms, and with both hands to her head, stood regarding him, her face white, something like terror in her eyes.

moderator; lullaby, sedative, lenitive, demulcent, antispasmodic, carminative, laudanum; rose water, balm, poppy, opiate, anodyne, milk, opium, poppy or mandragora; wet blanket; palliative.

unexciting, unirritating^; soft, bland, oily, demulcent, lenitive, anodyne; hypnotic &c 683; sedative; antiorgastic^, anaphrodisiac^. mild as mother's milk; milk and water.

I am afraid I gave you an overdose of anodyne last night, and am to blame for your low spirits of this morning.

It was partly the result of the long struggle between natural affection and duty, on one side, and the involuntary tendencies these had to overcome, on the other,between hope and fear, so long in conflict that despair itself would have been like an anodyne, and he would have slept upon some final catastrophe with the heavy sleep of a bankrupt after his failure is proclaimed.

By some means, the girl had obtained from him anodyne or sleeping potions, which she had put into the food, or drink, of both the captain and his sentinels.

"Capt. Townsend awoke at his usual hour, having slept away the anodyne potion which had been administered to him.

So I only asked, if that great star up there was Lyra; but all the time Anodyne, Ambergris, Abner, Albion, Alpheus, and all the names that begin with A, rolled through my memory monotonously and continually.

He says it is just a little nervous breakdownThere isn't any anodyne in them!

The next anodyne was prescribed by Mr. Patton, of Va., but its effect was to rouse from their stupor some of the Northern Legislatures, and to induce them to denounce his remedy as "a usurpation of power, a violation of the Constitution, subversive of the fundamental principles of the government, and at war with the prerogatives of the people.

I dressed his wounds with a soothing ointment, and gave him a full dose of an effective anodyne, after which he slept long and refreshingly, and awoke to express his gratitude and shake my hand in a very cordial and sincere manner.

In this light chronicle I would offer the reader an anodyne for a few hours, of transport to the other side of our sphere, where are the loveliest scenes the eyes may find upon the round of the globe, the gentlest climate of all the latitudes, the most whimsical whites, and the dearest savages I have known.

But in the closing days of the session, when a despatchful Assembly, anxious to be quit of its task, had gone into night sittings, the anodyne drug of work began to lose its effect.

There lurks instead a poisonous anodyne in the heavy, scented aira drug that lulls the spirit to an evil repose counterfeiting the peacefulness whence alone high thoughts can spring.

Tobacco may be "the anodyne of poverty," as somebody has said, but it certainly promotes poverty.

The fatigue of the day, notwithstanding the invigorating freshness of the breeze, acted as an anodyne, and our young man soon forgot his adventures and his boat, in profound slumbers.

Now falls the apple, bleeds the vine, And, moved by some autumnal sign, I who in spring was glad repine And ache without my anodyne; Oh! things that were!

There is an anodyne in the consciousness that it cannot be helped.

We learn from Him how divine grace can mysteriously make the sufferer equal to the bitterest martyrdom; not putting to our lips some anodyne cup to paralyze life, but giving us conquest through the strength and bravery of reason in its noblest mood, through faith in its sublimest exercise, through a love that many waters cannot quench nor the floods drown.

(Pub. abroad as Villa Anodyne)

Although these songs were a condensed extract of the whole anti-slavery constitution and by-laws, yet the mob was as peaceful under these paeans to liberty as a child under the influence of an anodyne.

We must say that we do not commit suicide, although we admit it is a certain anodyne to the poison of life,an absolute erasure of the wrong inflicted on us by our parents,because we hope by noble example and precept to induce others to refrain from love.

These are strong, and worn round the neck to assist detention, and are probably as good as other celebrated anodyne beads which have been so long recommended for the same purpose.

I sometimes think she feared to place herself wholly in my hands, as she must have been under the influence of a powerful anodyne, and that, in spite of her professions of confidence, and even affection, she feared me as her foe.

analgesic 1 occurrences

antifebrile [Med.], antipoison^, counterpoison^, antitoxin, antispasmodic; bracer, faith cure, placebo; helminthagogue^, lithagogue^, pick-meup, stimulant, tonic; vermifuge, prophylactic, corrective, restorative; sedative &c 174; palliative; febrifuge; alterant^, alterative; specific; antiseptic, emetic, analgesic, pain-killer, antitussive

Do we say   anodyne   or  analgesic
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