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191 example sentences with  anomalous

191 example sentences with anomalous

Men and women of education and refinement, of a wide outlook and noble thoughts and deeds, are more and more unwilling to place themselves on the church-roll; a minister sometimes finds himself in the anomalous position of having the more cultured, congenial, and philanthropic people of the community quite outside any church organization.

However, my inexperience at handling such men, and the anomalous character of my position to some extent consoled me.

How does this apparently anomalous state of things come about?

Attached as he was to me, keenly as he must have felt my anomalous position, he was too full of Moffat's unwarrantable introduction of testimony damaging to his client, to think or talk of anything else.

Show him the first letter of the alphabet, for instance, and he pronounces it "hay." * * * * * APPARENTLY ANOMALOUS.

But it is true that anomalous energies are sources of incessant irritation to their possessor, until they have found their proper vent in the free exercise of his highest faculties.

Hence the anomalous contrast between his theories and his performance.

He represented to the nobles the anomalous nature and usurpation of the democratic institutions of Novgorod, and he roused their pride into resentment.

" * * * * * Anomalous.

For more than a year Italy's position with regard to Germany had been an anomalous one, for although she withdrew from the Triple Alliance on May 25, 1915, and declared war against Austria, she remained officially at peace with Germany until August 27, 1916.

The progress of society, it has just been said, in what is termed a "new country," is a little anomalous.

That this anomalous position should have corrupted the ambitious churchman into a proud and luxurious lord was almost inevitable.

It depends altogether on the young man how he accepts the more or less anomalous position described.

It was an anomalous happening, this lunching together, of a poor young man with a rich old one, who had refused a daughter's hand; but such things occur in the grotesque, huge Western money-mart.

Did he intendactually intend tobut the caller's hand fell; he sat forward suddenly on the edge of his chair and seemed for the first time aware that his attitude partook of the anomalous; for gathering up his shabby hat from the gorgeous rug, he abruptly rose.

He saw nothing anomalous in certain stains of soot, even on the wonderful face where his had unconsciously touched it when he had raised her and strained her to him one mad instant in his arms.


When he and Commodus met face to face he never seemed to see the joke of the resemblance, never laughed at Commodus' obscenely vivid jibes at his expense, nor once complained of his anomalous position.

When one considers the poverty of the new world in bovine ruminants, it seems strange that three such anomalous forms should have fallen to its share as the prong-horn, the white goat and the musk-ox, of none of which have we the complete history; two of the number being entirely isolated species, sometimes regarded as the types of separate families.

One full species, M. truei, has been described from Central America, and another rather anomalous creature (M. crookii), resembling both white-tail and mule deer, from New Mexico.

Still more disquieting Victor thought the circumstance that nobody else had seemed to notice that anomalous light in Nogam's eyes; which of course might mean merely that Victor had worked himself into such a state of nerves that he was seeing things, but equally well that the look was one reserved for Victor alone, intentionally or not holding for him a message, if he had but had the wit to read it, of peculiarly personal import.

When human beings, then, are neither boys nor men, girls nor women, they must be for a few years anomalous creatures, must they?

Her cheeks glowed with a consciousness that her anomalous position was well calculated to excite their curiosity; and she turned away, thinking how different it had been with her mother,how sheltered and protected she had always been.

The republic resolved on a futile imitation of the northern powers, who had adopted the difficult and anomalous system of an armed neutrality, for the prevention of English domination on the seas.

This anomalous dignity was now held by Ideku; who, as has been already mentioned, had invited Zegra to accept the dignity of khan.

In the anomalous position which we occupy in India, it is surely necessary to propound with caution doctrines which, logically applied, land us in such dilemmas.

Of course Jefferson declined to appear before Marshall, through his Secretary of State, and finally, in February, 1803, Marshall gave judgment, in what was, without any doubt, the most anomalous opinion he ever delivered, in that it violated all judicial conventions, for, apparently, no object, save to humiliate a political opponent.

My position here is anomalous.

What she could steal was the major portion of her wage, if two such anomalous terms may be used in conjunction.

In short, the first and most crying need of Europe was not the abolition of antiquated constitutions, but the redrawing of anomalous frontiers.

Cases like these, however, it must be admitted, are extremely anomalous and could hardly stand the strain of a serious war.

Finally, in quite another region of Europe, Norway, which had been joined in an anomalous union with Sweden since 1814, satisfied her national aspirations unopposed by becoming an independent Constitutional Monarchy in 1905.

In fact, the situation of affairs was so anomalous and puzzling that Lee might design almost any thing, and succeed in crushing his adversary.

Well, you see my race is somewhat anomalous,a blending of the Spaniard and the Yankee.

Her position in your home is at best an anomalous one,a grown woman, with much of the dependence of a child.

only those anomalous creatures, the poets.

Although it may he said of Hamilton, that he had not the intuitive perception, which Jefferson possessed, of the necessities imposed upon the country by its anomalous condition, yet, as a statesman under an established government, he was surpassed by no man of his generation.

But I could see that a revision of the Allied Council's resolution might affect French amour propre, and place both Council and commander in an anomalous position.

For they were always troubled about "matter" as an anomalous thing in a divine universe, and in treating of it they hesitated between the notion of an eternal nuisance which the Demiurgus, or acting God, could only modify, not destroy, and, on the other hand, a strained theory of an evil nothing, which is yet something.

"Why," Mr. Fisher asks, "is the anomalous monster of Popular Sovereignty to be introduced with reference to slavery?

He introduces no anomalous character: broaches no staggering opinion.

It may help the reader to gain some understanding of the anomalous nature of Elsie Venner, if we look with Helen into Mr. Bernard's opinions and feelings with reference to her, as they had shaped themselves in his consciousness at the period of which we are speaking.

He appeared to be one of those anomalous persons, of easy good nature, without much energy or will, and little or no moral sense, who might be made a tool of.

Prior to that era, the governor and judges were authorized to adopt laws from the "old" States, which led to a system rather objectionable, and certainly anomalous, so far as it made the judges both makers and expounders of the laws; for it was said, I know not how truly, that they picked out a clause here and there, to fit exigencies, or cases in hand, and did not take whole statutes.

He was beginning to learn the anomalous situation he was to fill in society.

The habitations of these prehistoric people form the most unique of all the anomalous dwellings of Arizona, and a more minute investigation than has hitherto been made will show the earliest habitations of man.

The civil wars in Mexico, and the exodus of the male population from Northern Mexico to California, had disturbed the equilibrium of population, till in some pueblos the disproportion was as great as a dozen females to one male; and in the genial climate of Sonora this anomalous condition of society was unendurable.

In course of time, no doubt, all the Territories will be admitted as States, as the territorial form of government is not provided for as a permanency by the Constitution, and is moreover anomalous in the American system.

He was at present perfectly comfortable in his anomalous position regarding a search round the sea-coast for a Jay he knew to be in the Brown Borough.

This is perfectly anomalous, and it was spiritedly denounced by Sir Walter Scott, when on a recent and interesting occasion he nobly and manfully declared "Its professors had been stigmatized; and laws had been passed against them less dishonourable to them than to the statesman by whom they were proposed, and to the legislators by whom they were passed."

But nearly all his old men wanted to come into it, the new men recruited would not give him up, and the anomalous position arose of two companies clamoring for one captain.

Neither men nor women are distinguished for personal beauty, though we noticed several very comely dames in our perambulations; and notwithstanding the boasted purity of their descent from the ocean-roamers of the north, they have many of the anomalous features of a mixed race.

The anomalous position of this appendage furnishes a complete refutation of the theory of Camper with regard to the unicorn, that such an occurrence was contrary to nature, and proves at least the possibility of the existence of such an animal.

===|=================================================| [Footnote A: These three cases are anomalous, the Factory being less than the Agricultural.

All this may sound ridiculous to you, when you take my anomalous position into account.

The chances are that we will have ample time to discuss the ethics of my rather anomalous position before we say good-bye to each other.

Her personal suite, moreover, included no less than two hundred individuals; and thus the palace of the Stuarts presented the anomalous spectacle of a French Court, where the nobles of a hostile land, and the priests of a hostile faith, held undisturbed authority, to the open dissatisfaction of the sturdy citizens of London.

It is this sort of a girl who drags upon my sympathies, because she occupies an anomalous position.

Taken in either of these ways, the construction is anomalous.

This class of words being anomalous in respect to pronunciation, some authors have attempted to reform them, by changing the e to y in the singular, and writing ies for the plural: as, apostrophy, apostrophies; epitomy, epitomies; simily, similies.

Bating the respect that is due to anomalous usage, there would be more propriety in compounding in quest of, in lieu of, and many similar phrases.

But possibly, in either case, there may be an ellipsis of some antecedent term; and surely, if we imagine the construction to be complete without any such term, we make the conjunction the more anomalous word of the two.

These mixed and irregular constructions of the participle, ought, in my opinion, to be generally condemned as false syntax; and for this simple reason, that the ideas conveyed by them may generally, if not always, be expressed more briefly, and more elegantly, by other phraseology that is in no respect anomalous.

Say, "If they have any fault, it is that they allude too frequently," &c. NOTE V.When the participle is followed by an adjective, its conversion into a noun appears to be improper; because the construction of the adjective becomes anomalous, and its relation doubtful: as, "When we speak of 'ambition's being restless' or, 'a disease's being deceitful.

Ourself, anomalous form peculiar to the regal style, peculiar construc.

It is in fact an opal formed under somewhat remarkable and anomalous conditions which we are able to study; and in this aspect I have for some time past been devoting a considerable amount of attention to the minute structure of the substance by making thin sections and examining them under the microscope.

100.000 Apart from the question of its singular mode of origin, however, and its remarkable and anomalous physical properties, tabasheer is of much interest to mineralogists and geologists.

It is this intimate admixture of a solid with a gas which probably gives rise to the curious and anomalous properties exhibited by this singular substance.

Solitary and anomalous instances of this kind could never be legitimately used as arguments against general systems of representation or the course of a recent policy.

Sir, I wash my hands of all responsibility for this absurd and anomalous state of things.

I was then strongly under the influence of Evangelical belief, and earnestly endeavoring to shape this anomalous English-Christian life of ours into some consistency with the spirit and simple verbal tenor of the New Testament.

Among other derivatives, I have been careful to insert and elucidate the anomalous plurals of nouns and preterites of verbs, which in the Teutonick dialects are very frequent, and, though familiar to those who have always used them, interrupt and embarrass the learners of our language.

They elected one of their number as chairman, he being also ex-officio chairman of the committee of thirteen; and all their proceedings were noted for the prudence and moderation with which they behaved in their somewhat anomalous position.

That part of my subject, therefore, which relates to the analogy between the male and female flowers in Cycadeae and Coniferae, I consider the least satisfactory, both in regard to the immediate question of the existence of an anomalous ovarium in these families, and to the hypothesis repeatedly referred to, of the origin of the sexual organs of all phaenogamous plants.

Yet by this criterion we must be content to judge, because no other can be obtained; and, indeed, we have no reason to think it very fallacious, for excepting here and there an anomalous mind, which either does not feel like others, or dissembles its sensibility, we find men unanimously concur in attributing happiness or misery to particular conditions, as they agree in acknowledging the cold of winter and the heat of autumn.

In Romblon, in August, 1898, elections were held in compliance with the prescription of the "royal decree of June 18, 1898," and Aguinaldo approved them, apparently without considering that this was an anomalous way of describing a decree of the dictator of the so-called republic.

And both these all-pervading facts combined to force him against his will into this anomalous position of gentlemanly gambler, which suited neither his temperament nor his principles.

[102] In the above instance the rime is sacrificed, and I do not mean that all anomalous lines in Spenser's measure become strict decasyllables when done into ME.; indeed, they do so of course only by accident.

There was nothing anomalous in what was before her; 'twas as she had often seen in the grand house in which she had served as maid; the same licentiousness, wild riot and debaucheries that have been since the world stood.

For one reason or another, her anomalous position and peculiar attitude occupied Keith's mind a great deal, and many of the questions with which he plied his mother were concerned with Granny.

His position was very anomalous: he assumed the style and title of a reigning Prince, he was attended by something like a Court and by Ministers; throughout Holstein, almost without exception, and to a great extent also in Schleswig, he was looked upon and treated by the population as their lawful sovereign; his birthday was celebrated as a public holiday; he was often prayed for in church.

It is distinguishable from Catenicella, in the first place, by the anomalous circumstance that each cell is furnished with two or more, usually three, distinct keyhole-shaped mouths, and is doubtless inhabited by three distinct individuals.

London said there was an anomalous signal in data while the launch vehicle was pressurizing prior to launch.

Soil sampling is to be conducted north-west of the Mentique prospect to follow up on the open anomalous zone.

Canadian cryospheric response to an anomalous warm summer: A synthesis of the Climate Change Action Fund project The State of the Arctic Cryosphere during the Extreme Warm Summer of 1998.

Figure 5. Anomalous January temperature at OHP (solid), as a function of altitude, composited against temperature changes at 40km.

Further evidence of a potential buried porphyry copper deposit at Pemberton is the presence of anomalous copper intersected at the end of an historical 200 metre deep drill hole within the altered area.

How anomalous these years are in terms of precipitation and runoff is not clear.

However, it remains uncertain whether the anomalous lateral incisor is a local causal factor for palatally displaced canines or an associated genetic developmental influence.

In the Chaunet Lake area, basalt and graphitic and sulphidic sediments reported anomalous values in Cu, Zn and Au (GM 65441, GM 66669).

In the simulations, the proposed method can detect anomalous power consumption attack with 51% accuracy in the worst case scenario.

It has been estimated that the presence of familial sinistrality in a right-hander increases the likelihood of anomalous language lateralization from about 4% to about 12%.

Anomalous saturation of the phase coherence length in underdoped Pr2-xCexCuO4 thin films, vol.

Anomalous surface rock samples, soil geochemistry and geophysics indicate the Phoenix Zone extends for over 600 metres.

Successful transcatheter occlusion of an anomalous pulmonary vein with dual drainage to the left atrium.

The third is the Novaya Zemlya effect, reported by polar explorers on several occasions as an anomalous sunrise during the polar winter, when the position of the sun was below the horizon.

We describe experimental consequences for wire-atom interactions and the possibility of observing the anomalous breaking of scale invariance.

We show that anomalous groups have the strongest within-group interactions, compared to their interaction with others, and exhibit different information sharing behaviors with other anomalous users compared to non-anomalous extreme tweeters.

We show that anomalous groups have the strongest within-group interactions, compared to their interaction with others, and exhibit different information sharing behaviors with other anomalous users compared to non-anomalous extreme tweeters.

We show that anomalous groups have the strongest within-group interactions, compared to their interaction with others, and exhibit different information sharing behaviors with other anomalous users compared to non-anomalous extreme tweeters.