119 examples of anonyma in sentences

Mrs. Gustus was known to her husband's family as Anonyma.

Anonyma never felt like this.

"There were warnings," said Anonyma.

Kew suggested: "White mice?" "Not vermin unattended," Anonyma explained.

" "Before you came down to breakfast this morning, Kew," said Anonyma, "we had an idea.

" "There is Russell's Christina doing nothing," compromised Anonyma.

" Anonyma, behind the coffee-pot, was jotting down in a notebook the salient points in her outburst.

"First, that Anonyma doesn't really want to kiss the Spring; second, that I don't really want convalescent treatment; third, that Jay doesn't really want to be traced.

But then Nana never had liked Anonyma.

Nana was simple herself in an amateurish, unconscious sort of way, and I expect she disliked Anonyma's professional rivalry in the matter of simplicity.

It was perhaps good for them to have acquired such a very simple relation by marriage as Anonyma.

But under the fierce light that beats from the eye of a woman suddenly and violently grown old, Cousin Gustus and Anonyma don'twell,

At home I talked about work, and Anonyma wrote about it, and Cousin Gustus shuddered at it.

Why can't we get rid of it all as Anonyma does?

" "Then you're really telling lies to Anonyma when you write about it all?

You would never guess how much insight into the souls of the poor, four hours a week can give to a person like Anonyma.

Anonyma's poor were always yearning, yearning to be understood and loved by a ministering upper class, yearning for light, for art, for self-expression, for novels by high-souled ladies.

The atmosphere of Anonyma's fiction was thick with yearning.

Anonyma always came home from her Work with what she called "word-vignettes" in her notebook.

By speaking each thought as well as writing it, Anonyma rather unfairly won a reputation twice over with the same material.

Anonyma produced a vignette now, in order to show how necessary it was that she should hurry to her yearning flock.

" It generally breaks my heart to hear a story spoilt, but with Anonyma's word-vignettes I did not mind, because they were told as true, and yet they did not ring true.

"If I am going to work, I must go," said Anonyma.

As he turned from Anonyma's side at the bookstall, he noticed a 'bus positively beckoning to him.

"And are Anonyma and Kew going too?"

119 examples of  anonyma  in sentences