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Do we say   antennae   or  antennas

Do we say antennae or antennas

antennae 70 occurrences

Behind these, on the under side of the body, are two pairs of long feelers, or antennae, followed by six pairs of jaws folded against one another over the mouth, and five pairs of legs, the foremost of these being the great pinchers, or claws, of the lobster.

Now honestly it seems to us that many animals are as well provided as man is with a variety of flexible organs of communication with the outward world (for example, the antennae of insects, the prehensile tails of some monkeys, whose hands are as lithe as man's and articulated bone for bone and joint for joint).

They usually grow wings in certain stages of their life and possess feelers or antennae.

It is eight-legged, and in place of the normal insect antennae it has pedipalps.

He had the doctor's word for it that if he could get through to evening in safety he would be all right; but it is not very exhilarating to be waiting for symptoms, and to keep on glancing at your bootjack to see whether it is still a bootjack or whether it has begun to develop antennae and legs.

It was a beautiful beetle, very slim and graceful in shape, with singularly long and fine antennae.

"What d'ye think of that?" he said triumphantly, as he sketched in a set of side-whiskers (presumably intended for antennae) upon the butterfly.

Others, however, think, with reason, that it is in the antennae or mouth.

Standing half naked in the water, his body lashed by the foul antennae of the devil-fish, Gilliatt looked at the devil-fish and the devilfish looked at Gilliatt.

What's the King doing?" "He's poised, feeling with his antennae, sensing his direction.

Fusty brown wings, too many legs, antennae the wrong shape, and a clumsy way of usin' 'em.

He mounted a step, waved his antennae, there was a great indrawn breath of silence, and then Sylvia, waiting with agreeable curiosity to hear how a big orchestra would really sound, gasped and held her breath.

A power-driven dynamo took the place of the more feeble batteries at Poldhu, converters to increase the power displaced the induction coil, and many sending-wires, or antennae, were used instead of one.

I had nothing to do but sit perfectly still and let each ant, as it ran up, touch me with its antennae, get the counter-sign, and turn back to the village ant-hill.

The office was the equivalent of 121 stories above ground level, and only an observation deck and various antennae were above it.

The picture represents a group of stalked barnaclesthose shrimps fixed by their antennae, which modern science, I believe, calls Lepas anatifera; by the side of these stands a little goose, and the suggestion of course is that the latter has slipped out of the former, although the draughtsman has been far too conscientious to represent the occurrence.

While awaiting (or pending) their arrival he passed through a period of mental agony (which has left unmistakable marks upon him) as he listened to the roar of their wings and the crunching of their fangs upon the outer timbers, or fixed his fascinated gaze upon the sweep, of their antennae under the front door, where they were trying for a purchase in order to force an entry.

Some people are born with spiritual antennae and some without.

Their antennae and swimming organs are immeasurably prolonged in the darkness.

When it begins to crack, the crustaceans have to withdraw from out their cuirass the multiple mechanism of their members and appendages,claws, antennae and the great pincers,a slow and dangerous operation in which many perish, lacerated by their own efforts.

And he would again take up his monotonous life, strolling over the empty and silent deck of the vessel, without knowing what to do, looking despondently at the other steamers which were moving their freighting antennae, swallowing up boxes and bundles and beginning to send out through their chimneys the smoke announcing departure.

They were accustomed to attack treacherously hidden in the water, disguising their long and murderous eyes like the visual antennae of the monsters of the deep.

These objects were slipping inertly by or moving along, waving pairs of black antennae.





He saw the hairy body, and the short feathery antennae, the jointed legs, even a place where the down was rubbed from the wing.

Antennae these of the great fleet waiting with the threat of stored lightning ready to be flashed from gun-mouths; a threat as efficacious as action, in nowise mysterious or subtle, but definite as steel and powder, speaking the will of a people in their chosen field of power, felt over all the seas of the world, coast of Maine and the Carolinas no less than Labrador.

The characters of this most singular genus Phalidura are chiefly to be found in the broken clavate antennae, short thick rustrum, connate elytra, and singular anal forceps of the male.

I shall merely, therefore, say that it has the broken clavate antennae of Phalidura, only they are here longer than the head and thorax taken together.

The antennae are much shorter than in Pachygaster.

Antennae ante oculos insertae filiformes articulo basilari crassiori, secundo subgloboso brevissimo, ultimo apice conico acuto, Labrum semicirculare margine antico integro rotundato ciliato.

This singular insect has an affinity to Sagra, but differs from that genus in having setiform antennae, porrect mandibles, and securiform palpi.

Antennae inter oculos insertae filiformes vel potius setaceae articulo basilari crassiori secundo subgloboso brevissimo apicali acuto.

Mr. Kirby says of this insect, "a habitu Lepturae omnino recedit Cerambycibus propior," and certainly were it allowable to judge entirely from habit, it would seem to connect those American Saperdae of Fabricius and Olivier which have bearded antennae, such as (S. plumigera, Oliv., barbicornis, Fab.) with some other family, perhaps the Oedemeridae.

But, however this may be, the genus Stenoderus differs from the Cerambycidae, and agrees with the Lepturidae, inasmuch as it has the antennae inserted between the eyes.

The antennae and feet are black, and the breast whitish.

The antennae are ciliated, whitish above, and brownish beneath.

The antennae of this beautiful species are black, very slender at the base, and thick towards the extremity.

Nevertheless it is a very interesting spectacle, when a bright child catches sight of another child, to watch her feel of it and strive to orient herself by means of those antennae of the reason.

In its next larval stage it has six pairs of swimming feet, two compound eyes, and two antennae or feelers, and still lives an independent free-swimming life.

Among Insects, the various Genera of the Butterflies differ in the combination of the little rods which sustain their wings, in the form and structure of their antennae, of their feet, of the minute scales which cover their wings, etc.

In figure 4a are well seen the beautifully pectinated lamellae of the antennae in this genus.

Head for the most part yellow, the yellow extending in a point to beyond a line drawn between the eyes, behind deep black, margin somewhat thickened, brownish, four small obscure spots in front; antennae and palpi brown.

Head as long as broad; antennae with all the joints flattened, serrated on each side; 11-jointed, third to 9th joints widest.

Antennae as long as the body, 11-jointed, first joint thick knobbed, second very small, terminal longer than third, pointed with a blunt tooth beyond the middle.

PLATE 2, FIGURE 6. Head, antennae, thorax, body and legs, black.

Head black, punctured; antennae black, seventh and eighth joints yellowish.

Head ashy, antennae brown.

Antennae, legs, and underside yellow.

This differs from Australica in having the thorax narrower, and the antennae longer and less thickened at the end.

Antennae elongate, with a fusiform club much hooked at the extremity.

Antennae black.

Antennae with a stout, short club, more or less mucronate at the apex, the mucro mostly if not always with a tuft of scales at the point, the club sometimes appearing compressed (perhaps from desiccation).

There seems to be a slight difference in the structure of the antennae in this genus, in the first species the club is rounder and less mucronate than in the two following ones, it seems also destitute of the tuft of scales at the point.

Head greyish, antennae black varied with white.

Head dark grey, palpi nearly white, antennae black, ringed with white.

Head, thorax, and abdomen grey above, whitish below; antennae black, ringed with white.

Head, thorax, and abdomen grey above, beneath paler: antennae black, ringed with white.

Head black, face and orbits of the eyes white, antennae and palpi black.

g. Head and antennae of Synemon (Syn. Sophia.) h. Head and antennae of Synemon.

g. Head and antennae of Synemon (Syn. Sophia.) h. Head and antennae of Synemon.

" The son coolly twirled the ends of his mustachewhich protruded from each side of his mouth like the antennae of a catfishand gazed impudently in his father's face.

Pitiful, impotent defiance, no more effective than the waving of ants' antennae against the foot that kicks their nest to bits!

The oriental emeralds and rubies are less vulgarized and cast brilliant, rutilant flames, but they remind one of the green and red antennae of certain omnibuses which carry signal lights of these colors.

Zara was among those whose antennae were highly developed.

He counted upon what he had called her moral antennae to make no mistakes.

CHAPTER XXI Francis Markrute's moral antennae upon which he prided himself informed him that all was not as it should be between this young bride and bridegroom.

The moths generally emerge from the cocoons early in the morning, and will be seen crawling about over these, the males being noticeable by their smaller abdomens, more robust antennae, and by their greater activity.

antennas 9 occurrences

In the course of these swimming expeditions he ate all the living beings he encountered fastened to the rocks by antennas and arms.

Soon I'm in the depths of a dark, sweet sleep; my ears alone keep watch and turn like sensitive antennas towards vague sounds of doors and bells ...

Magdalen King-Hall (A); 16Jun72; R532292. KING, RONOLD W. P. Transmission lines, antennas and wave guides, by Ronold W. P. King, Harry Rowe Mimno & Alexander H. Wing.

Transmission lines, antennas and wave guides.

WING, ALEXANDER H. Transmission lines, antennas and wave guides.

Magdalen King-Hall (A); 16Jun72; R532292. KING, RONOLD W. P. Transmission lines, antennas and wave guides, by Ronold W. P. King, Harry Rowe Mimno & Alexander H. Wing.

Transmission lines, antennas and wave guides.

WING, ALEXANDER H. Transmission lines, antennas and wave guides.

This motion is transmitted in waves of varying intensity and frequency which are sent into space by the mechanism of the broadcasting station, which consists of a sound conducting apparatus induced by strong electrical currents from generators or batteries and extensive aรซrial or antennas wires high in the air.