2991 examples of anticipates in sentences

Right is better than Charity; for Right meets, or even anticipates, normal wants, while Charity only mends failures.

He almost anticipates the message of Jesus by saying, "Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow."

The best poetry was written in Scotland, and this verse anticipates in some measure that love of nature which is a dominant characteristic of the last part of the eighteenth century.

Speaking of the value of logic as a means of training the reason, Epictetus anticipates the objection that, after all, a mere error in reasoning is no very serious fault.

By an additional article of this convention the claim in the case of the brig Morris is suspended until further information is obtained by the Colombian Government from the Court at Carracas; and Mr. Moore anticipates its early and satisfactory adjustment.

Then is the time to return the ball, not where every one, your opponent included, anticipates, but straight back to the original placethat is, the spot your opponent is just hurriedly leaving.

Peaceful reconciliation is of more worth than the spirit's hardly gained victory in the conflict with the sensibility; fine feeling is more than rational volition; the highest ideal is the beautiful soul, in which inclination not merely obeys the command of duty, but anticipates it.

He anticipates and gives complete expression to one half of the Romantic movement.

*** The Russian Minister of Finance anticipates getting a revenue of forty million pounds from a monopoly of tea.

The chaste white mystery of Shigo Mountain was already taking on a faint, almost imperceptible, hint of pink, like the warm cheek of a girl who hears a voice and anticipates a blush.

There follows a passage on the argument from design which anticipates that fine saying of Voltaire"Si Dieu n'existait pas, il faudrait l'inventer; mais toute la nature crie qu'il existe".

Though often more theoretical than exact in scholarship, and allowing his historical instincts to take the place of scientific conclusions, he not unfrequently anticipates thus the laborious efforts of scholars, while his peculiar suggestiveness of thought and his scope of view interest extremely the common student, and lend a charm to his works such as no other writer in the same field possesses.

While smoothness and an almost voluptuous suavity of outline distinguish Ghiberti's naked Eve, gliding upheld by angels from the side of Adam at her Maker's bidding, Della Quercia's group, by the concentration of robust and rugged power, anticipates the style of Michael Angelo.

In one place, he anticipates and answers a question thus: "To what tense do the constructions, 'I am pleased;' 'He is expected;' 'I am smitten;' 'He is bound;' belong?"

He rather anticipates, in his style of operations, the famous order of Frederick the Great: "The King hereby forbids all officers of cavalry, on pain of being broke with ignominy, ever to allow themselves to be attacked in any action by the enemy; but the Prussians must always attack them."

In case of unfavourable seasons the landlord makes no difficulty in returning a portion of the rent; he anticipates such an application.

If the merit of the composition lies in a point of wit, it may strike at first; but the mind anticipates the thought in the second perusal, and is no longer affected by it.

Kalidasa anticipates a modern idea when he remarks, in Sakuntala, that "Among persons who are very fond of each other, grief shared is grief halved."

On another occasion, your British Sage describes, with great eloquence, the enthusiasm with which the youth of France "start to arms at the call of the Convention;" while the peaceful citizen anticipates, with equal eagerness, the less glorious injunction to extract saltpetre.

Into her mouth, too, is put the following picture of the bride which has some kinship with contemporary baroque in Italian architecture and painting, and also occasionally anticipates in a remarkable manner the diction of the following century.

It also anticipates, in a song of harvesters, the introduction of the 'sunburnt sicklemen' of the Tempest masque.

All this anticipates the rise of the pastoral drama proper.

[320] The only composition I can recall which at all anticipates the peculiar effect of this lyric is Thestylis' song in the Arraignment of Paris (III. ii.), to which, in the old edition, is appended the quaint note, 'The grace of this song is in the Shepherds' echo to her verse.' Fleay gives the date 1601, following Halliwell, but Haslewood has 1603.

Constitutional law (see Unconstitutional), growth of in America; applied by the courts in early England; Magna Charta to be interpreted by Ordainours; anticipates in earliest times U.S. Supreme Court.

Horace Walpole in his lively and pleasant little work on Modern Gardening almost anticipates this thought.

2991 examples of  anticipates  in sentences