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4898 example sentences with  anticipates

4898 example sentences with anticipates

Right is better than Charity; for Right meets, or even anticipates, normal wants, while Charity only mends failures.

He almost anticipates the message of Jesus by saying, "Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow."

By an additional article of this convention the claim in the case of the brig Morris is suspended until further information is obtained by the Colombian Government from the Court at Carracas; and Mr. Moore anticipates its early and satisfactory adjustment.

He does not wait to be hungry, but he anticipates that feeling, and aggravates it by condiments and seasonings.

Galileo anticipates Descartes in regard to the subjective character of sense qualities and their reduction to quantitative distinctions, while he shares with him the belief in the typical character of mathematics and the mechanical theory of the world.

The one recalls the motive of the Bruges Madonna, the other almost anticipates the Delphic Sibyl.

IV Of all previous painters, only Luca Signorelli deserves to be called the forerunner of Michelangelo, and his Chapel of S. Brizio in the Cathedral at Orvieto in some remarkable respects anticipates the Sistine.

Cumnor is not nearly so large a village, nor a place of such mark, as one anticipates from its romantic and legendary fame; but, being still inaccessible by railway, it has retained more of a sylvan character than we often find in English country-towns.

Ramsay McDonald, by no means an indulgent critic of syndicalism, does not believe that Sorel really anticipates the general strike as the inauguration of the new order, but as a myth, which will lead the people on to the fulfillment of the ideal that lies beyond and on the other side of all anticipated revolutionary action.

*** The Russian Minister of Finance anticipates getting a revenue of forty million pounds from a monopoly of tea.

The chaste white mystery of Shigo Mountain was already taking on a faint, almost imperceptible, hint of pink, like the warm cheek of a girl who hears a voice and anticipates a blush.

There follows a passage on the argument from design which anticipates that fine saying of Voltaire"Si Dieu n'existait pas, il faudrait l'inventer; mais toute la nature crie qu'il existe".

All other living things obey the forces that created them; and when the mood of the power changes, submit themselves passively to extinction Man only looks upon those forces in the face, anticipates the exhaustion of Nature's kindliness, seeks weapons to defend himself.

Though often more theoretical than exact in scholarship, and allowing his historical instincts to take the place of scientific conclusions, he not unfrequently anticipates thus the laborious efforts of scholars, while his peculiar suggestiveness of thought and his scope of view interest extremely the common student, and lend a charm to his works such as no other writer in the same field possesses.

She anticipates those who desire her, making herself first known.

"He expects and anticipates a great deal; enters largely into things; takes hold of every measure with spirit; and is always overwhelmed with business.

In case of unfavourable seasons the landlord makes no difficulty in returning a portion of the rent; he anticipates such an application.

If the merit of the composition lies in a point of wit, it may strike at first; but the mind anticipates the thought in the second perusal, and is no longer affected by it.

This will anticipates in the being, of which they shall become the parents, an objectivation of its nature corresponding to its aims.

Though he knew well that an assassin waited for him in the purlieus of the church of San Salvatore, his step was quick and brisk; he walked as a man who goes willingly to a rendezvous, and anticipates its climax with pleasure.

The river of Progress multiplies its tributaries the farther it flows, and even now, unknown ages from its mouth, we already see that magnificent widening of its channel, in which, like the Amazon, it long anticipates the sea.

It is, however, just in this artistic purpose of the setting that one of the chief interests of the Ameto lies; for if in the mingling of verse and prose it is the forerunner of the Arcadia, in the linking together of a series of isolated stories it anticipates Boccaccio's own Decameron.

Into her mouth, too, is put the following picture of the bride which has some kinship with contemporary baroque in Italian architecture and painting, and also occasionally anticipates in a remarkable manner the diction of the following century.

It also anticipates, in a song of harvesters, the introduction of the 'sunburnt sicklemen' of the Tempest masque.

All this anticipates the rise of the pastoral drama proper.

"The ordinary notion of absolute government, derived from the form it assumes in Europe at the present day," says Merivale, "is that of a strict system of prevention, which, by means of a powerful army, an ubiquitous police, and a censorship of letters, anticipates every manifestation of freedom in thought or action, from whence inconvenience may arise to it.

RUTEBEUF or RUSTEBEUF, a celebrated trouvรจre of the 13th century, of whom little is known save that he led a Bohemian life in Paris and was unfortunate in his marriage; his songs, satires, &c., are vigorous and full of colour, and touch a note of seriousness at times which one hardly anticipates.

It is to very little purpose that Mr. Ramsay Colles, his latest editor, assures us that 'Beddoes is interesting as marking the transition from Shelley to Browning'; it is to still less purpose that he points out to us a passage in Death's Jest Book which anticipates the doctrines of The Descent of Man.

This movement is forward looking, and anticipates the powerful soloist versusorchestra concertos of the 19th century.

Byrne anticipates a vigorous demand for live performance once itโ€™s safe to congregate in groups, and he applauds theaters in London that have been recording performances even as they open to limited audiences.

Chad Neilsen, the infection prevention director for UF Health Jacksonville hospital, anticipates the hospital will run out of rapid test kits in about two weeks or maybe sooner because manufacturers can't keep up with demand.

Chamberlain said the resort anticipates heavy call volume over the next several days from pass and ticket holders, and asked for patience as staff work to respond to inquiries.

Congress anticipates relief package by week's end.

Coursera anticipates that more U.S. states and countries will take up the offer over the next few weeks, and it will be considering eligibility for non-profits and other non-governmental organizations that serve the unemployed โ€œon a case-by-case basis.โ€

Alison Davis, who directs the CEDIK program, anticipates โ€œlimitlessโ€ opportunities for collaboration.

All in all, the company anticipates there will be 50 locations by the end of 2020.

First, she anticipates this situation may be a tipping point where society permits science to get back into food.

For example, it anticipates user actions, with smart document previews, suggested filing locations, and personalized search that delivers more accurate results by remembering what you search for most often.

Gebetsberger also anticipates that the Turkey Shuttle, which typically transports students from campus to Logan International Airport and South Station during the Thanksgiving holiday, will not be running this year.

Giles anticipates the players understand the importance of keeping to the unusual constraints that now apply, which could soon become far more stringent than those in the outside world.

He anticipates continued use of Zoom and online programming, social distancing and some form of hybrid services โ€œat least for the next few years, due to the health and age of so many people, until there is a vaccine that works.โ€

He anticipates fewer campsites open to keep physical distancing in place.

He said SoftBank anticipates it will be able to pay a 7 percent return to limited partners who hold about $40 billion in preferred stock.

He said that he now anticipates a โ€œpeaceful campaignโ€ period.

His model also anticipates vaccine readiness at some point next year with dissemination throughout the general population by the end of 2021, he said.

However, Dissanayake rejected such claims and said he anticipates the country to successfully combat COVID-19.

In certain cases, Forward-Looking Information can be identified by the use of words and phrases such as "plans", "expects", "scheduled", "estimates", "forecasts", "intends", "anticipates" or variations of such words and phrases.

And he anticipates support from the Democratic Party.

KeyCorp analyst J. Hammond now anticipates that the industrial products company will earn $4.25 per share for the year, up from their previous forecast of $4.05.

Lam said POD has found success in reaching highly qualified candidates via social media by sharing PODโ€™s story online through a variety of multi-media content and anticipates continuing to connect through the organizationโ€™s Facebook page.

Lincoln Center anticipates a $13 million revenue shortfall in its $130 million operating budget for the just finishing fiscal year, spokeswoman Isabel Sinistore said.

McNeil said she anticipates that the entire project will take up to 18 months to complete, pending city approval.

MediPharm Labs anticipates delivery to begin in Q4 2020, pending regulatory approval by applicable health authorities.

MLB anticipates $1.788 billion central office revenue for an 82-game schedule with empty ballparks and a $1.345 billion net after expenses for MLB Advanced Media and Major League Baseball Properties.

And the stateโ€™s chief elections officer anticipates an online portal required by the Legislature for voters to request early and absentee ballots to be operational by the end of the month.

Muldoon said she anticipates the greater interest in pet fostering that grew out of the COVID-19 pandemic will continue once life regains some sense of normalcy.

Nabriva Therapeutics anticipates that subsequent events and developments will cause its views to change.

National Bank Financial analyst D. Demarco now anticipates that the basic materials company will earn $0.85 per share for the year, up from their prior forecast of $0.80.

Nobles County Administrator Tom Johnson said he anticipates the county will receive its federal funding as soon as next week.

Now that the bill passed Congress and is in the hands of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Peters anticipates the positions to be filled quickly, and our borders can be more secure.

PE Nation co-founder Pip Edwards anticipates a bright future for the street-sport trend.

PIMS anticipates a government-led, multi-disciplinary task force will be constituted shortly to address this marine crisis.

A petition drive to remove school resource officers from both campuses of Waukegan High School is underway, and Waukegan Community Unit School District 60 Board of Education President Brandon Ewing anticipates having a conversation about it.

Still, Amazon anticipates operating profit between $2 billion (roughly Rs.

SunTrust Banks analyst N. Dingmann now anticipates that the oil and natural gas company will post earnings per share of $0.24 for the year, down from their prior estimate of $0.31.

โ€œThe appearance of these chemicals in these wells is a significant โ€“ and very unfortunate โ€“ development, particularly since the city of Clovis anticipates the need to restart the wells later in the year to meet seasonal demands,โ€ the lawmakers wrote.

The company anticipates launching its Palmer amaranth product in 2022, and a waterhemp product in 2023.

The company anticipates that the capacity will be used to develop algorithms that assess how COVID-19 is progressing and to model potential therapies in pursuit of a possible vaccine.

The firm anticipates that once tourism recovers, people, especially families, visiting New York would stay at American Dream before traveling into the city.

โ€œThe law anticipates the Legislature electing someone like me, and thatโ€™s why youโ€™re given a period of time to make qualifications,โ€ he said.

The league anticipates that conference play will begin in mid-September or late-September, with non-conference games completed prior to the start of league play.

The organization anticipates approximately 2,500 participants, and registration ended in October.

By replacing a number of point solutions with a fully integrated system, the company anticipates leveraging its capabilities and providing superior service to clients.

I do not know if those resources are going to be in place if the minister anticipates proceeding with all of these changes this fiscal year.

Inspired by HabitRPG, the team anticipates that the game could be expanded to include a number of eco-friendly behaviors you set yourself.

In the preface, Blauer anticipates a few elements of the story to come, but as teasers rather than spoilers, such that when you reach that part in the narrative, the information comes as a revelation โ€“ โ€œOh!

Anticipates and addresses critical serviceability issues.

Anticipates and prioritizes instrument and supply needs using surgery lists, Sterile Processing Microsystem (SPM) computer system and inventories levels of instruments.

Anticipates problems and proposes multiple solutions.

A person who anticipates that his acts may, or probably will, lead to the victimโ€™s death is not guilty of attempted murder unless killing the victim was his purposeโ€ฆ

New parole board members have been recruited and the parole board anticipates that new appointees will help to overcome historical risk aversion.

Once her research is solidified, Cadogan anticipates the work she and her colleagues in the Physics department have completed may facilitate the development of high efficiency devices.

Professor Collins anticipates a high level of interest in Barbados as a study destination on the part of his students with an interest in International Business.

She anticipates future visits that are longer, allowing her and Alex to do bigger activities with their other children, like going camping.

She anticipates next year will be even better with a greater number of events and opportunities to broaden the scope of Eco-Olympics.

She anticipates the working relationships initiated at the summit will continue well into the future.

Still, that has not stopped HP and IBM from deeply embracing Linux and Windows, and Gartner analyst George Weiss anticipates that Linux will leverage hardware features such as better internal multitasking and multiprocessing.

The $50,000 gift is just the beginning of what Arboretum director Prof. Alan Watson anticipates will be a more than $2 million fund-raising project.

The CNSC is committed to developing a practical implementation strategy using a risk based graded approach for all licensees, and as such, anticipates a phased implementation of the radiation protection and dosimetry regulatory documents, once published.

The Crown anticipates that presentation of the full case at trial would have included over 200 intercepted communications involving over twelve indicted and unindicted co-conspirators.

The minister made the comment that, obviously, the tourism draw that he anticipates or would hope in terms of achieving that UNESCO designation would be a sustainable tourism.

The Okanagan College Board of Governors passed an $88.17-million annual budget today that anticipates some modest program growth and which will support increasing enrolments for the sixth year in a row.

The second venue is a new journal, to be published by Springer, that anticipates accepting submissions in 2019 with a first issue to be published in 2020.

Toronto Paramedic Services anticipates having multiple onboarding sessions from March until June 2020.

Twins Ella and Andy are about to share a birthday, and Ella anticipates her parents giving her the camera she wants while Andy expects a two-wheel bike.

VANOC has collected or has received commitments for revenues for approximately $1.1 billion (69 per cent) of its $1.63 billion operating budget and anticipates collecting an additional $505 million.

We need a different policy for refugees that takes into account the current situation and anticipates that the coming years.

While the Centre anticipates that e-prescription capabilities will be in place sometime in 2010, physicians may still use handwritten prescriptions for the foreseeable future.

Within the next 12 months, the CBE anticipates the installation of new solar photovoltaic (PV) panel systems on nine additional schools.

Words such as โ€œbelievesโ€, โ€œanticipatesโ€, โ€œplansโ€, โ€œexpectsโ€, โ€œintendโ€, โ€œwillโ€, โ€œgoalโ€, โ€œpotentialโ€ and similar expressions are intended to identify forward-looking statements.