59 examples of antimony in sentences

Close to the shrine sits a midwife keeping guard over a new gauze cloth, a sari and a bodice, purchased for the spirit of Chandrabai; and on a plate close at hand are vermilion for her brow, antimony for her eyes, a nose-ring, a comb, bangles and sweetmeats, such as she liked during her life-time.

In the casket of St. Croix were found sublimate, opium, regulus of antimony, vitriol, and a large quantity of poison ready prepared, the principal ingredients of which the physicians were not able to detect.

Take of scammony and jalap, each 24 grains; grey powder and powdered antimony, each 18 grains.

A flourishing trade would soon spring up, nature having blessed Barbary with an excellent soil and climate, besides vast mineral wealth in its mountains; lead, copper, and antimony are found in them.

This, as it is easy to be observed by all who have to do with natural bodies, so chemists especially are often, by sad experience, convinced of it, when they, sometimes in vain, seek for the same qualities in one parcel of sulphur, antimony, or vitriol, which they have found in others.

It is evident the internal constitution, whereon their properties depend, is unknown to us: for to go no further than the grossest and most obvious we can imagine amongst them, What is that texture of parts, that real essence, that makes lead and antimony fusible, wood and stones not?

What makes lead and iron malleable, antimony and stones not?

But this real constitution, or (as it is apt to be called) essence, being utterly unknown to us, any sound that is put to stand for it must be very uncertain in its application; and it will be impossible to know what things are or ought to be called a HORSE, or ANTIMONY, when those words are put for real essences that we have no ideas of at all.

Other observers noticed the same effect in the case of antimony.

Diamagnetic liquids, such as solutions of salts of bismuth and antimony, in a similar manner, arranged the greater part of their mass in positions at right angles to this direction, or equatorially.

Upward, as vomits Asrabecca, laurel, white hellebore, scilla, or sea-onion, antimony, tobacco or Downward.

Anatomy of Popery, Anatomy of immortality, Angelus salas, Anatomy of Antimony, &c. 56.

Nitric acid, sulphuric acid (either alone or its action reduced by the addition of alcohol, oil, or turpentine), arsenic, butter of antimony, creasote, chromic acid, carbolic acid, arsenite of soda, and the actual cautery, have all been used.


The Humboldt is a narrow fissure carrying a thin ore streak of high grade, consisting of sulphides of silver, antimony, arsenic, and copper; the Bassick is a great conglomerate vein containing tellurides of silver and gold, argentiferous galena, blende, and yellow copper; the Bull Domingo is also a great fissure filled with rubbish containing ore chimneys of galena with tufts of wire silver.

And cursing his destiny, he went out of the burning ground in the early morning: and as he went along, suddenly he saw Kasháyiní, who was waiting for him, sitting weeping by the wayside, under a great ashwattha tree: beautifully dressed, blazing with jewels, and adorned with saffron and antimony, betel, indigo, and spangles, flowers, minium, and henna, bangles on ancle and comb in her hair.

Antimony, arsenic, bismuth, boron, nitrogen, cæsium, gold, indium, mercury, phosphorus, rubidium, selenium, sulphur, thallium, praseodymium.

Instances of allotropy in pure metals are: Bolley's lead, which oxidizes readily in air; Schutzenberger's copper; Fritsche' tin, which falls to powder when exposed to exceptionally cold winter; Gore's antimony; Graham's palladium and allotropic nickel.

When in this condition it is coated, by means of a spreading machine, with repeated layers of a composition consisting of India-rubber, antimony sulphide, peroxide of iron, sulphur, lime, asbestos, chalk, sulphate of zinc, and carbonate of magnesia.

The cylinders, five inches in diameter and seven in length, are charged with a mixture of six parts of sulphur, two of priming powder, one of antimony, and two of beeswax cut up into thin slices.

Antimony, once celebrated in the laboratories of the alchemists, who hoped to discover in it the philosopher's stone, is now employed in the casting of types for printing.

Nay, we are almost persuaded that the hopes of the alchemists were not altogether unfoundedthat antimony is indeed what they hoped to find itthat the invention of printing was the finding of the philosopher's stone; and that we are at this moment enjoying ten-fold the advantages which the alchemists anticipated from their secret.

ANTIMONY, a brittle white metal, of value both in the arts and medicine.

QUEEN'S METAL, an alloy of nine parts tin and one each of antimony, lead, and bismuth, is intermediate in hardness between pewter and britannia metal.

The surma is a black powder made of antimony, which the Asiatic women use on their eyelids, to give a superior lustre to their black or hazel eyes; when applied with taste, it certainly has that effect.

59 examples of  antimony  in sentences