7 examples of antinomian in sentences

The fanatic Antinomian reverses this; for the past he requires all the horrors of remorse and despair, till the moment of assurance; thenceforward, he may do what he likes, for he cannot sin.

None saw more clearly than he, that the same proposition, which, addressed to a Christian in his first awakening out of the death of sin was a most wholesome, nay, a necessary, truth, would be a most condemnable Antinomian falsehood, if addressed to a secure Christian boasting and trusting in 'his' faithyes, in 'his' own faith, instead of the faith of Christ communicated to him.

And hence the downward career into stupid indifferentism, even into Antinomian profligacy.

As a lyric passage, full of the breath of inspiration; as history, superficial and untrue; as morality, enervating and antinomian.

Sorrowing for it, and repenting of it, and laying hold on Christ by faith, &c. The reason why I propose this, is not only to guard against this Antinomian error, but also to guard the soul from security, to which this doctrine hath a natural tendency.

HUTCHINSON, ANNE, a religious fanatic, born in England, settled in New England, U.S.; expelled from the colony for Antinomian heresy, took refuge in Rhode Island, and was with her family butchered by the Indians (1590-1643).

JUDE, EPISTLE OF, an epistle in the New Testament, of which Judas, the brother of James, was the author; written to some unknown community in the primitive Church, in which a spirit of antinomian libertinism had arisen, and the members of which are denounced as denying the sovereign authority of the Church's Head by the practical disobedience and scorn of the laws of His kingdom.

7 examples of  antinomian  in sentences