395 examples of antioch in sentences

Some say it was introduced by St. Ignatius, second Bishop of Antioch.

The first trace of it we find in Antioch on the Sunday after Pentecost. ...

In the time of the holy wars, certain Saracen ambassadors who came to Godfrey of Antioch from a neighbouring prince, sent intelligence to their master of the success of their embassy, by means of pigeons, fixing the billet to the bird's tail.

Seleucus Nicator builds Antioch, which he makes the capital of his kingdom of Syria.

The fact that the route connecting Bagdad with the Mediterranean coast in the neighbourhood of Antioch is the oldest, greatest, and still most promising trade-route of Western Asia is independent of all railway projects.

Antioch had a street four miles in length, with double colonnades; and its baths, theatres, museums, and temples excited universal admiration.

But greater than Tyre or Antioch, or any eastern city, was Alexandria, the capital of Egypt.

There was an uninterrupted communication from the wall of Antoninus through York, London, Sandwich, Boulogne, Rheims, Lyons, Milan, Rome, Brundusium, Dyrrachium, Byzantium, Ancyra, Tarsus, Antioch, Tyre, Jerusalem,a distance of thirty-seven hundred and forty miles; and these roads were divided by milestones, and houses for travellers erected upon them at points of every five or six miles.

Rome, however, monopolized every thing, and controlled all nations and peoples; she could shut up the schools of Athens, or disperse the ships of Alexandria, or regulate the shops of Antioch.

He had once before forgiven the people of Antioch for a more outrageous insult to imperial authority; but he would not pardon the people of Thessalonica, and caused some seven thousand of them to be executed,an outrageous vengeance, a crime against humanity.

The voice of the preacher penetrates the minds of the people, as did that of Savonarola at Florence announcing the invasion of Italy by the French,days of fear and anxiety, reminding us also of Chrysostom at Antioch, when in his spacious basilican church he roused the people to penitence, to avert the ire of Theodosius.

Other Churches took the little cups which surrounded it; one was taken to Antioch, and another to Ephesus.

His death occurred in Antioch as the result of a plot formed by Piso and Plancina.

About the huge earthquake at Antioch (chapters 24, 25).

So great were the disasters that had overwhelmed Antioch at this time.

Directly Antioch had been captured (not long after)

Taking of Antioch.

The husband of Cleopatra was driven from one part of the country to another, and at length, in order to provide for the security of his wife, he left her in Antioch, a large and strongly-fortified city, where he supposed that she would be safe, while he himself was engaged in prosecuting the war in other quarters where his presence seemed to be required.

On learning that her sister was at Antioch, Tryphena urged her husband to attack the place.

but the fortune I lost in Antioch, when mine Unckle perish'd; But that were but to surfeit me with blessings.

you bo'th knew mine Enanthe, I lost in Antioch, when the Town was taken, Mine Uncle slain, Antigonus had the sack on't? Lys.

At the Sack of Antioch, Where my good Unckle di'd, and I was taken, By a mean Souldier taken: by this Prince, This noble Prince, redeem'd from him again, Where ever since I have remain'd his Servant.

[Footnote: These words would appear to be taken from the speech before the senate of some such person as a tribune of the plebs, and to relate either to the consulship of Scipio Æmilianus (B.C. 148) or to the Spanish appointment of Scipio Africanus (B.C. 211), preferably the former.] (Mai, p. 547, and also Excerpts from a Florentine MS. of John of Antioch's Parallela.


Dramatics in the Schools of Germany, of France, of England, at Antioch College.

395 examples of  antioch  in sentences