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526 example sentences with  antipathies

526 example sentences with antipathies

Then came the notion of sympathies and antipathies, by which name unknown and unknowable causes were sought to be explained, and ignorance was cunningly veiled in mystery.

He will make due use of spontaneous impulse; but that this may be wise and disciplined, he will form the habit of curiosity about words, their stations, their savor, their aptitudes, their limitations, their outspokenness, their reticences, their affinities and antipathies.

The divinity-student wished to know what I thought of affinities, as well as of antipathies; did I believe in love at first sight?

I had a brother's antipathies and rightful suspicions.

Their antipathy is rooted partly in temperament, partly in history, and partly in that ignorance and lack of understanding which accounts for nine-tenths of all international antipathies.

But also, without doubt, many of his assailants, like those of other great men, have been mainly instigated by "that strongest of all antipathies, the antipathy of a second-rate mind to a first-rate one," and by the envy which talent too often bears to genius.

The part (or rather main body) which has left the sweetest odor on my memory (a bad term for the remains of an impression so recent) is the "Tales of the Churchyard"the only girl among seven brethren, born out of due time, and not duly taken away again; the deaf man and the blind man; the Jacobite and the Hanoverian, whom antipathies reconcile; the Scarron-entry of the rusticating parson upon his solitude,these were all new to me too.

Between us there is a great gulf, not of inexplicable moral antipathies and distances, I hope, as there seemed to be between me and that gentleman concerned in the stamp-office that I so strangely recoiled from at Haydon's.

The people of the North begin to feel that they support a government for the benefit of their natural enemies; for, of all antipathies, that of slave labor to free is the most deadly and irreconcilable.

I do not know whether travelling has had the same effect on you, as it has produced on me; but I find all my inherited antipathies to the mere visible representation of the cross, superseded by a sort of solemn affection for it, as a symbol, when it is plain, and unaccompanied by any of those bloody and minute accessories that are so often seen around it in Catholic countries.

As often happens, when there have been violent antipathies and unreasonable prejudices, a nearer view of each other's character and motives removed every obstacle; and long before we reached England, two warmer friends could not be found, or a more frank intercourse between relatives could not be desired.

I would not choose too absolutely for a child save in his earliest years, but would rather surround him with the best and worthiest books, and let him choose for himself; for there are elective affinities and antipathies here that need not be disregarded,that are, indeed, certain indications of latent powers, and trustworthy guides to the child's unfolding possibilities.

The skirmishes of quadrille, she would say, reminded her of the petty ephemeral embroilments of the little Italian states, depicted by Machiavel; perpetually changing postures and connexions; bitter foes to-day, sugared darlings to-morrow; kissing and scratching in a breath;but the wars of whist were comparable to the long, steady, deep-rooted, rational, antipathies of the great French and English nations.

I am, in plainer words, a bundle of prejudicesmade up of likings and dislikingsthe veriest thrall to sympathies, apathies, antipathies.

There were no particular nations in those times, like the Africans, expressly set apart for slavery by the rest of the world, so as to have a stigma put upon them on that account, nor did a difference of the colour of the skin constitute always, as it now does, a most marked distinction between the master and the slave, so as to increase this stigma and to perpetuate antipathies between them.

"This doctrine of antipathies, contracted by the impatience of youth against the noblest authors of antiquity, from the circumstance of having been made the vehicle of early instruction, is a most dangerous doctrine indeed; since it strikes at the root, not only of all pure taste, but of all praiseworthy industry.

Mike and Jamie, however, had got a sort of neutral position, between the two great divisions of the whites, as if equally indifferent to their dissensions or antipathies.

Jamie Allen had been out in the 'forty-five,' when thirty years younger than he was that day; and though he had his predilections and antipathies, circumstances had taught him prudence.

Though not a pious man, in the formal sense of the term, she felt sure he was religious according to that stained-glass and fragrant religion of the tastes which is an essential attribute of every gentleman,that is, of every well-born man of cultivated preferences and sensitive antipathies,and she had no doubt that gentlemen's souls could be saved by that arrangement just as satisfactorily, and so much more gracefully.

Certain death awaited many, if not the whole band, should they strive to ascend the pass in the face of an infuriated widow; while, should she prevail upon Ah-kre-nay to forget, for her sake, his hereditary antipathies, and join the Sioux band, a mighty advantage would accrue.

This brilliant and skeptical man, whose intellect only was left unimpaired by the general decay, lived between a doctor and a confessor, his two antipathies.

Parties formed themselves, not on broad issues of principle, but with reference to petty local and personal interests; and when they sought the support of a more widespread sentiment, they fell back on those antipathies of race, which it was the main object of every wise Governor to extinguish.

In a community like this, where there is little, if anything, of public principle to divide men, political parties will shape themselves under the influence of circumstances, and of a great variety of affections and antipathies, national, sectarian, and personal; and I never proposed to attempt to force them into a mould of my own forming.

In order, however, to secure these advantages, it is indispensable that the head of the Government should show that he has confidence in the loyalty of all the influential parties with which he has to deal, and that he should have no personal antipathies to prevent him from acting with leading men.

Certainly he seemed to be a most fortunate man,for the murmurs and intrigues of that constellation of statesmen which grew up with the restoration of the Bourbons, and the antipathies of editors and literary men, were not generally known.

The Antipathies, I think" (she was rather glad there was no one listening this time, as it didn't sound at all the right word).

It is in the realm of the palate that we get the miracle of these affinities and antipathies in their most elementary shape.

But ultimately we can neither of us understand the world of the otherthat world which is the sum of a million factors of unthinkable diversity, trifles light as air, memories, experiences, physical emotions, the play of light and colour and sound, attachments and antipathies often so obscure that we cannot even explain them to ourselves.

Estimates are formed very swiftly, and great attachments and antipathies are formed at first sight.

His real object was to procure money; and with this view he sought to excite their alarm, and to inflame their religious antipathies.

Undoubtedly very generous sentiments lay at the bottom of the Hellenic antipathies to the protecting power, and the personal bravery of some of the men who took the lead in the movement was unquestionable; but this Achaean patriotism remained not the less a folly and a genuine historical caricature.

And here it is that we find the ground for the obvious jealousy which is now stimulating the revived expression of old antipathies.

'I gave them, in as concise a manner as I was able, this history of our families, fortunes, alliances, antipathies, her brother's and mine particularly.

Why, by playing, in a score of subtle ways, upon the sympathies and antipathies of the audience.

Shall such a man dare to hinder his own message, to drive away the very hearers to whom he believes himself to be sent, for the sake of his own nerves, laziness, antipathies, much more of his own vanity and pride?

The sole excuse made in the South for the prevalent injustice to the Negro is the difference in race, and the inequalities and antipathies resulting therefrom.

Our moral sentiments are made up of sympathies and antipathies, of sense and imagination, of understanding and prejudice.

The first Essay in the Sketch-book, that on National Antipathies, is the best; but after that, the sterling ore of wit or feeling is gradually spun thinner and thinner, till it fades to the shadow of a shade.

Our public, by its separatist taste and the unduly emphasized obstinacy of its antipathies, will continue for a long time still to hinder that unity, which, rising above even a just recognition of differences, is the only element which makes a great literature possible.

It devolved on the next generation to consolidate the work of the Revolution, to deliver the country entirely from the influences of conflicting transatlantic partialities or antipathies which attached to our colonial and Revolutionary history, and to organize the practical operation of the constitutional and legal institutions of the Union.

To this we may add that no animal naturally makes war upon man, except in the case of self-defence or extreme hunger; nor ever expresses against him any of these violent antipathies, which seem to indicate that some particular species are intended by nature for the food of others.

He had known some curious examples of antipathies, and remembered reading of others still more singular.

From one of his marbles we derive definite ideas of the human character of its subject, what its ambition is, and what its weakness; what have been its loves and its antipathies, its struggles and its victories, its joys and its sorrows, may be revealed to him who has learned what the human face becomes under the influence of these incessant forces.

Now baby had a prejudice against caps, inveterate and unconquerable; and grandmamma, nurse, and Esther were compelled to bear the brunt of her antipathies.

ANTIPATHY.In the spiritual world, antipathies are not only felt, but also appear in the face, the discourse, and the gesture, 273.

It is otherwise in the natural world, where antipathies may be concealed, 272.

In the execution of such a plan nothing is more essential than that permanent, inveterate antipathies against particular nations and passionate attachments for others should be excluded, and that in place of them just and amicable feelings toward all should be cultivated.

How else can we account for those instantaneous sympathies and antipathies towards an utter stranger?

Thus he goes on without any reproach from his own reflections, and every day multiplies antipathies, till he becomes contemptible to others, and burdensome to himself.

It is indeed certain, that impressions of dread may sometimes be unluckily made by objects not in themselves justly formidable; but when fear is discovered to be groundless, it is to be eradicated like other false opinions, and antipathies are generally superable by a single effort.

Peg had, indeed, some odd humors and comical antipathies,... she would faint at the sound of an organ, and yet dance and frisk at the noise of a bagpipe.

He very seldom opposed my opinions, and always respected my antipathies.

Why are certain plants useful or injurious to others that grow in their vicinity? Because of certain fluids which the roots excrete from their slender extremities; and in this manner the likings and antipathies of certain plants may be accounted for.

ANTIPATHIES (Tenth Sunday after Trinity.)

But it is according to grace, and the new Adam, who is the Lord from heaven, to honour all men; to love the brotherhood; to throw away our own private fancies and personal antipathies; and, like the Lord Jesus Christ, copy the all-embracing charity of God.

He had likes and dislikes; but so far as I understood him, no strong antipathies or ardent friendships.

CHARACTER Caprice and coyness of females; its cause; observations of character at schools; varieties of likings and antipathies; horror of snakes is by no means universal; the horror of blood among cattle is variable.

The varieties of the emotional constitution and of likings and antipathies are very numerous and wide.

Slow to form antipathies, he was immovable in them once formed, and as constant in his confidences once he found them merited.

The perches above are covered with birds whose natural antipathies have been subdued into mutual affection by the law of kindness.

Literary antipathies do not die with the dead.

And thus it has come about, that genius, with its native instincts of reason, truth, and common sense, is doomed to pay the penalty of its preรซminence and its divergencies, and suffer at the hands of friends and enemies alike, from the show of those false appearances, insincerities, equivocations, which are its natural and proper antipathies.

Her temper was singular, her tastes were anomalous, her habits were lawless, her antipathies were many and intense, and she was liable to explosions of ungovernable anger.


If only Kromitzki and Pani Celina came under that category, I might think those antipathies were hatred in the disguise of aversion.

But the strife between them extended from the sphere of international to that of personal sympathies and antipathies.

They show the dreams and the fears and antipathies of the time; they contain some remarkable anticipations, some equally remarkable miscalculations, and some ideas and proposals which, with our experience, excite our wonder that any one could have imagined them practicable.

This "seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness," as he understood it, was the basis of all that he was; it was really and unaffectedly his governing principle, the root of his affections and his antipathies, just as to other men is the passion for scientific discovery or political life.

These fierce antipathies warped his judgment in strange and unexpected ways.

Their antipathies on this subject are profound, and not always reasonable.

He was, after all, an Englishman; and with all his quickness to detect and denounce what was selfish and poor in English ideas and action, and with all the strength of his deep antipathies, his chief interests were for things EnglishEnglish literature, English social life, English politics, English religion.

Sympathies and antipathies.

Sympathies and antipathies.

But I was not long in doubt as to what appeared to be the cause of this change in his antipathies, by the landlord's coming up to him and tapping him on the shoulder: 'Ha, Jack!'

In their case, too, there is no sign of those permanent demarcations, those rooted antipathies, and that impossibility of unity which are observable amongst peoples whose original moral condition is really very different.

It was impossible to deride such a man; and long-cherished antipathies were rebuked by his spirited and manly declarations.

For the first of these antipathies he had some apology; since in addition to the aversion that was naturally produced by the history of the cisatlantic Republic, accident had thrown him in the way, in the West Indies, of ascertaining the frauds, deceptions, and cupidities of a class of men that never exhibit national character in its brightest and most alluring colors.

Without doubt, you have heard of the character of our celebrated Admiral Nelson?" "His name is known to every seaman, Monsieur," answered Raoul, stiffly; his natural antipathies being far from cured by the extremity of his situation.

Let me make a few comments, here, on the curious antipathies which these partialities arouse.

The slumbering antipathies of race and religion even now crop out here and there, over the unfused boundary, in hissing tongues of flame.

I am, &c. Mr. SPECTATOR, 'I wish you would write a Philosophical Paper about Natural Antipathies, with a Word or two concerning the Strength of Imagination.

Then as for Natural Antipathies, I know a General Officer who was never conquered but by a smother'd Rabbit; and a Wife that domineers over her Husband by the Help of a Breast of Mutton.

'Nature, and the common laws of sense, Forbid to reconcile antipathies; Or make a snake engender with a dove, And hungry tigers court the tender lambs.'

Froude took in from Keble all he had to communicateprinciples, convictions, moral rules and standards of life, hopes, fears, antipathies.

The suspicions, alarms, antipathies, jealousies, which had long been smouldering among those in power, had at last taken shape in a definite act.

Men are ever ready to dodge disagreeable duties by converting questions of principles into criticisms on the men who represent principles; and the men who represent principles should therefore look to it that they make no needless enemies and give no needless shock to public opinion for the purpose of pushing pet opinions, wreaking personal grudges, or gratifying individual antipathies.

His strong predilections on the one hand, and his violent antipathies on the other, swayed his choice of subjects, narrowed his field of vision, and influenced his manner of presentment.

They wander without compass and without rudder, approving or condemning according to their friendships and antipathies; save those connoisseurs รฉmรฉrites, whose fine, sure taste and exceptional erudition are rarely able to supply a law and state a reason for their judgment.

Jean Jacques Rousseau holds that intemperate habits are mostly acquired in early boyhood, when blind deference to social precedents is apt to overcome our natural antipathies, and that those who have passed that period in safety, have generally escaped the danger of temptation.

Mr. Jowett shared the doctor's antipathies, but very likely hated bawd more than he did blasphemy.

Even in the bright recollection of the lady and her talk he became involved among shadows, and going from bad to worse, seemed at length almost to gasp in an atmosphere of hints, allusions, faint unspoken admissions, ill-concealed antipathies, unfinished speeches, mistaken identities and whisperings of hidden strife.

"You can mention any facts relating to antipathies of any kind, or any cases where you know other persons to be prejudiced.

The Bourbons and the Jesuits, his two most violent antipathies, served him well, and made him write his best and most spirited songs.

Though we cannot conscientiously say, judging from this book, that Mr. Hamilton has inherited the literary skill of his father, it is very clear that he is the faithful depositary of his political antipathies.

" "I cannot justify sympathies and antipathies as regards Foreign Powers and persons before my feeling of duty in the foreign service of my country, either in myself or another; therein lies the embryo of disloyalty against my master or my country.

Eugรฉnie had watchedoften with a sinking spiritthe development of a nature, masked by youth and happiness, but essentially narrow and poor, full of mean ambitions and small antipathies.

Moreover, so far as persons went, his antipathies were stronger than his affections, and led him to play with principles and allies.

He nursed no displeasures; he cultivated no antipathies; he was free from dark suspicions, sullen resentments, and smouldering hates; he put no venom upon his blade.

Every author simply wished to express his predilections or antipathies in numbers.

The decision to have two had nothing, of course, to do with the best interests of the students โ€” only with the philosophical differences and the antipathies between and among faculty.