497 examples of antipathies in sentences

The divinity-student wished to know what I thought of affinities, as well as of antipathies; did I believe in love at first sight?

Between us there is a great gulf, not of inexplicable moral antipathies and distances, I hope, as there seemed to be between me and that gentleman concerned in the stamp-office that I so strangely recoiled from at Haydon's.

The people of the North begin to feel that they support a government for the benefit of their natural enemies; for, of all antipathies, that of slave labor to free is the most deadly and irreconcilable.

"This doctrine of antipathies, contracted by the impatience of youth against the noblest authors of antiquity, from the circumstance of having been made the vehicle of early instruction, is a most dangerous doctrine indeed; since it strikes at the root, not only of all pure taste, but of all praiseworthy industry.

Certain death awaited many, if not the whole band, should they strive to ascend the pass in the face of an infuriated widow; while, should she prevail upon Ah-kre-nay to forget, for her sake, his hereditary antipathies, and join the Sioux band, a mighty advantage would accrue.

Certainly he seemed to be a most fortunate man,for the murmurs and intrigues of that constellation of statesmen which grew up with the restoration of the Bourbons, and the antipathies of editors and literary men, were not generally known.

The Antipathies, I think" (she was rather glad there was no one listening this time, as it didn't sound at all the right word).

'I gave them, in as concise a manner as I was able, this history of our families, fortunes, alliances, antipathies, her brother's and mine particularly.

Men of all parties and temperaments, the choleric, the phlegmatic, monarchists, anarchists, clericals, Calvinists, suddenly forgot their everyday selves, their passions, their fads and their antipathies,shed their skins.

Our moral sentiments are made up of sympathies and antipathies, of sense and imagination, of understanding and prejudice.

It devolved on the next generation to consolidate the work of the Revolution, to deliver the country entirely from the influences of conflicting transatlantic partialities or antipathies which attached to our colonial and Revolutionary history, and to organize the practical operation of the constitutional and legal institutions of the Union.

To this we may add that no animal naturally makes war upon man, except in the case of self-defence or extreme hunger; nor ever expresses against him any of these violent antipathies, which seem to indicate that some particular species are intended by nature for the food of others.

Slow to form antipathies, he was immovable in them once formed, and as constant in his confidences once he found them merited.

The perches above are covered with birds whose natural antipathies have been subdued into mutual affection by the law of kindness.

Moreover, the powerlessness and poverty of the young monarch necessarily involved those of his follower; and thus both by inclination and by interest De Luynes was bound to share the antipathies of his master.

If only Kromitzki and Pani Celina came under that category, I might think those antipathies were hatred in the disguise of aversion.

But the strife between them extended from the sphere of international to that of personal sympathies and antipathies.

These fierce antipathies warped his judgment in strange and unexpected ways.

Their antipathies on this subject are profound, and not always reasonable.

He was, after all, an Englishman; and with all his quickness to detect and denounce what was selfish and poor in English ideas and action, and with all the strength of his deep antipathies, his chief interests were for things EnglishEnglish literature, English social life, English politics, English religion.

In their case, too, there is no sign of those permanent demarcations, those rooted antipathies, and that impossibility of unity which are observable amongst peoples whose original moral condition is really very different.

It was impossible to deride such a man; and long-cherished antipathies were rebuked by his spirited and manly declarations.

'Nature, and the common laws of sense, Forbid to reconcile antipathies; Or make a snake engender with a dove, And hungry tigers court the tender lambs.' (Roscommon).

Jean Jacques Rousseau holds that intemperate habits are mostly acquired in early boyhood, when blind deference to social precedents is apt to overcome our natural antipathies, and that those who have passed that period in safety, have generally escaped the danger of temptation.

Though we cannot conscientiously say, judging from this book, that Mr. Hamilton has inherited the literary skill of his father, it is very clear that he is the faithful depositary of his political antipathies.

497 examples of  antipathies  in sentences