1198 examples of antiques in sentences

"I arrange private sales a good deal between European sellers and American buyerspictures, curiosities, jewels, antiques, and so on.

" Space will not permit me to make mention of more than a few of the many interesting books, manuscripts, works of art, antiques and relics, found in this Library and Museum.

" Stokes took charge of the car and shut off the petrol, while the three went inside, passing into a long, cool cloister, down which was arranged the splendid collection of antiques discovered or acquired by Malcolm Murie, the well-known antiquary, who had spent many years in Italy, and died in 1794.

"ANTIQUES.All Lovers of the Genuine Antiques should not fail to see one of the best-selected Stocks of Genuine Antique Furniture, &c., including Stuart, Charles II., Tudor, Jacobean, Queen Anne, Chippendale, Sheraton, Hepplewhite, Adams, and Georgian periods.

A droll Turk, who is the shekh ed-dellàl, or Chief of the Auctioneers, and is nicknamed Abou-Anteeka (the Father of the Antiques), has a large collection of sabres, daggers, pieces of mail, shields, pipes, rings, seals, and other ancient articles.

His designs, taken from genuine antiques, are reproduced with fidelity, and the coatings and marks of time counterfeited by chemical means and skilful manipulation.

Together with San Gallo and Bramante he studied the science of architecture in Rome, where he also worked at the restoration of newly discovered antiques, and cast in bronze a copy of the "Laocoon."

On the other hand they conceived an admiration for the fragments of the newly discovered antiques, and felt the plastic beauty of Hellenic legends.

Intellectual retrenchment, of course, is desirable, But let us still keep open one collection Of curiosities and quaint antiques, Under immediate Cabinet direction The finest specimens of talking freaks, Who constitute our most superb museum, Judged by the salaries with which we fee 'em.

My merry groom should in a trice convey her To Sarum Plain, and set her down at Stonehenge, To pick her path through those antiques at leisure; She should take sample of our Wiltshire flints.

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A Handbook of popular antiques.

How to restore antiques.

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The collecting of antiques.

The collecting of antiques.

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Collecting antiques for the home.

How to restore antiques.

ELLIS, SIR HENRY, chief librarian of the British Museum from 1827 to 1856, born in London; edited various works on antiques; wrote an "Introduction to Domesday Book"; knighted in 1833 (1777-1869).

This staircase, which is of colossal size, is ornamented with casts from the finest antiques.

1198 examples of  antiques  in sentences