4601 examples of anxiety in sentences

Great anxiety is felt among heavy speculators.

In this condition of mind, filled with anxiety, pleasing doubts, apprehensions, shame, and hope, all relieved, however, by the secret consciousness of perfect innocence, and motives that angels might avow, Maud stood, in the very spot where Mike had left her, turning the box in her hands, when accidentally she touched the spring, and the lid flew open.

I need hardly point out to you how important it is that your inquiries should be so conducted as to give no countenance to the impression that they are prompted by any nervous anxiety, or that we should be much discomposed even if the 12th Imaum himself were to make his appearance.

'The native force here is much too small to be a source of anxiety, and unless they take the initiative it is my opinion that there can be no important rising.

Boswell, who was apt to be enthusiastic in his hero-worship and anxiety for new acquaintances (whom, it must be admitted, he commonly chose with judgement, if with little dignity), introduced him to Johnson, who also conceived a high regard for him, and on one occasion remarked that "he had the loftiest port of any man he had ever seen.

Her anxiety about her own baby appeared to be forgotten for the moment.

Where is the grief or anxiety that can resist the enchantment of one of Rome's bright, soft, spring days?

" "You must take me with you," said the Princess, in a tremor of anxiety.

However, Jimmie's repentance was so deep and sincere, he was so thoroughly scared by the extent of the calamity, so deeply sorry for our ruined clothes, apart from his anxiety over his wife, that we finally forgave him and took him into our favour again, to escape his remorseful attentions to us.

The others begged me to share their bed beneath the cart, but tormented by the thought of what had become of H., racked by the anxiety of what the future held in store, I could not resign myself to rest, and the first gray streaks of that cool September dawn found me seated on a stone, staring at the glowing embers of our watch-fire.

Saint-Castin had really made ready for his people's spring sowing and fishing with some anxiety for their undisturbed peace.

Those two dozen or more people whom she could see lifting dazed looks at her were perhaps of small account in the province; but they were her friends and neighbors, and bounded her whole experience of the world, except that anxiety of having her son Laurent with Montcalm's militia.

Disease and anxiety had worn him away while he was hopelessly besieging Quebec.

An anxiety to preserve life, however, induced the suggestion, on their parts, of a plan for the temporary prolongation of it, at least.

Think of his mother, during those hours of wretchedness, when she has felt hope darkening into disappointment, next into anxiety, and from anxiety into despair.

Think of his mother, during those hours of wretchedness, when she has felt hope darkening into disappointment, next into anxiety, and from anxiety into despair.

As I ate, I was being attended by a very assiduous waiter, whose alertness and anxiety to please were very conspicuous.

During the whole of the first day they made no pursuit, for they still, though with much anxiety, expected her return.

"But what is to happen to Aveline?" cried the young knight, in deep anxiety.

He was naturally full of anxiety, both on his own account, and on that of Aveline; yet, on calm reflection, he felt satisfied he had acted for the best, and that, in accepting the protection of the mysterious individual who seemed bent upon directing his fortunes, he had followed the dictates of prudence.

' 'Because?'Lord Findon's face expressed a quick and tender anxiety.

Machinery for carrying it out was quickly set up; applications for loans came in freely, and about a million has been lent, though the State Board, in its anxiety to avoid bad security, has shown a proper spirit of caution.

Though the diocesan, Bishop Mew, took no active part in the petition called a libel, being an extremely aged man, the imprisonment of Ken, so deeply endeared to Hampshire hearts when Canon of Winchester and Rector of Brighstone, and with the Bloody Assize and the execution of Alice Lisle fresh in men's memories, there could not but be extreme anxiety.

She could not grieve for him now that the first shock was over, but she must suppress all tokens of her extreme anxiety on account of Charles Archfield.

Her first horrible anxiety was for Walter's life.

4601 examples of  anxiety  in sentences