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2279 examples of  anyhow  in sentences

2279 examples of anyhow in sentences

" "To-night isn't likely to settle it, anyhow," said Ives.

"It's nothing that I believe myself, anyhow.

Tell them it iss for me, Brovisions for three years, anyhow.

The quarter-deck is clean, if the waist ain't, and nobody but a damn misbegotten son-of-a-sea-lawyer would spit on deck anyhow!"

But Father Wills was here anyhow, and the Boy greeted him, joyfully, as a tried friend and a man to be depended on.

"It's bitter work, anyhow, this making beds with your fingers stiff and raw," he said.

"Then let's stop and rest, anyhow.

"One piece o' luck, anyhow.

Anyhow, these men with their sack of tea and magnificent bundle of matches, above all with their tobaccothey could buy out the towneverything except Peetka's dog.

Anyhow, I guess you got a thirst on you," said the man in the mackinaws.

Eras you have mentioned, Patricia has certain notionsNorthern idiocies about the awfulness of a young fellow's sowing his wild oats, which you and I know perfectly well he is going to do, anyhow, if he is worth his salt.

"I don't believe it," said she; and she added, with emphasis: "And, anyhow, I hate that nasty trollop!"

"I mean that I was always fond of Aline, anyhow.

And of course that was all, and if I had that snake, I wouldn't try to scare you with it, father, anyhow.

Anyhow, I have, and I am perfectly sure they heard me, and I am sure I don't care in the least, and it's all your fault, anyway.

If he deserts her, she is miserable until she succeeds in demonstrating to herself it was entirely her own fault; after that, she is properly repentant, but far less unhappy; and, anyhow, she goes on loving him just the same.

And, anyhow, it is too late now.

And, anyhow, she preferred to believe that Charteris had by some miracle put the best of himself into these books, had somehow clarified the abhorrent mixture of ability and evil which was John Charteris; and the best in him she found, on this hypothesis, to be a deal more admirable than the best in Rudolph Musgrave.

And there was the shell-shockor so EustaceCaptain Cranster, I meansaid, anyhow.

I should have liked to have you anyhow, but I can make you much more comfortable with the P.G. money.

Well, the first point she could soon settle, or try to settle, anyhow.

" Alec lowered his voice, for a moment anyhow, but the central article of his creed was assailed, and he grew vehement.

And, anyhow, his medical adviser tells me there is no reason to suppose that my old friend is not compos mentis.

I couldn't quite make out, anyhow, what he meant, unless it was a sort of meaninglessness, a want of what you might call intellectual focus.

"That's what I said to the manager," replied Patsy; "but he told us the building was going to be pulled down, anyhow, and a better one built in its place; so he invented a picture story to fit the falling walls and it didn't cost him so much as one might think.

" "Well, you're the man, anyhow," asserted Patsy.

"Anyhow, if I've got to defend Angelo for shooting Tomasso you might as well give me a short scenario of the melodrama.

"Anyhow we can't let him be convicted without making an effort.

" "Well, anyhow, I'm no Samson," protested Tutt.

" "Well, an animal couldn't be tried by a jury of his peers, anyhow," said Mr. Tutt.

Anyhow, that question could easily be settled by finding out how long that particular room had been unoccupied before James was put into it.

And, as Mr. Appleyard says, I'll see you're all right, anyhow.

So it had better be near the Pompadoursomewhere in that district, anyhow.

It might only be a passing delusion, or it might be the permanent mania of which the doctor had spoken, but anyhow, the thing to do was to get back to bed and to quiet, and to hope for the best.

" "That's got home, anyhow," said Scott, as they heard a soft, splashing thud like a stone in a mud-bank.

Anyhow, your duty is to arrest everyone coming along, and get some account of him before you let him go.

"I'll see you don't get bullied anyhow.

" "She knows how to keep her head in an emergency, anyhow," remarked Piers.

"There wasn't much damage done, anyhow to Mike.

That's a fair test anyhow.

Anyhow, I intended to put my opinion to the test before very many hours had passed.

Anyhow I felt pretty certain that I could pick up his trail again later on at the office if I wanted to.

Anyhow I pressed it and waited, and a moment later the door swung silently open.

Anyhow I should know the next day, so there seemed no use in worrying myself about it unnecessarily.

"I wasn't going to hurry, anyhow.

Anyhow he returned no answer, and leaving him to think what he pleased, we continued our way out into the main stream.

"You must get those wet things off, anyhow.

Anyhow Mr. Latimer expressed himself as being completely satisfied.

Anyhow, as you know, it was the third member of the brotherhooda gentleman who, I believe, calls himself Hoffmanwho was entrusted with the job of putting me out of the way.

"Let's get it straightened out anyhow.

" "We'll find out anyhow," said Tommy.

Anyhow McMurtrie and Savaroff skipped, and skipped in such a hurry that they seem to have left most of their savings behind them.

I know anyhow that that was my chief sensation as I rowed the dinghy towards the wet slimy causeway, lit by its solitary lamp.

Anyhow I turned into bed in an optimistic mood, and with the stimulating feeling that in all probability I had a pleasantly eventful day in front of me.

"I'll make you pay for this, anyhow," he snarled.

Anyhow, the loss of an arm or two matters little, for others grow in their place.

"I don't think you gave me a very nice 'good-morning,' anyhow," replied satirical justice, aged seven.

We're goin' to live in it, anyhow.

And what did you want her to come in for, anyhow?

You broke into my house by force anyhow.

I'm only going because you insist, anyhow.

'You knew how anxious I was!' 'Well,' replied Mr. Van Torp, dwelling long on the syllable, 'I did tell you it was all right anyhow, whatever they did, and I thought maybe you'd accept the statement.

Already he felt himself rich, and honestly rich, too, for Norton had convinced him that there was no reason why he should not use the $50,000 of his father's, when it had to lie in the bank anyhow all winter, and he would have it back in time to use on the plantation in the spring when it was needed.

She has been well taken care of, anyhow!

" "Why are they playing in a stateroom, anyhow?" exclaimed Frank.

"Haven't I always given you everything you wanted?" pursued Peter, in a querulous tone; "everything in reason, anyhow.

Peter prevented further lamentations by assuring her, with various affectionate pats on the arm, that he knew she would never go annoyin' her poor ould grandfather, but they'd say no more about it, for a bit anyhow.

I won't stand it anyhow.

My part in the affair was never much spoken of in the hot newspaper and stump-speech quarrels over the matter; but after a while, when I had had time to figure it all out, I began to think I had not been treated quite right; but what was I anyhow?

Anyhow, he never joined the G.A.R. or fellowshipped with the soldiers after the war.

She would have thought, of course, that it was one of the neighbors come for her; and, anyhow, there was nothing else to do.

What's your idea in holdin' up wimmin-folk, anyhow?" "Mebby you'd hold up anybody if you hadn't et since yesterday morning.

And besides, I'm going anyhow, by George!"

He could not save her, anyhow.

He had helped Westcott to get the claim anyhow.

Of course part of Driver Jim's information was not new to Albert, but much of it was, for the Poet's letters had not been explicit in regard to the increased value of the property, and Charlton had concluded the claim would go out of his hands anyhow, and had ceased to take any further interest in it.

" "Well, Mr. Charlton, I know your temper is bad, and I expected you'd talk insultingly to me, but I've done my duty and cleared my skirts, anyhow, and that's a comfort.

" "It says it all, anyhow, doesn't it?" said Ruth.

Don't offer to teach grammar, anyhow!"

I shouldn't teach it 'anyhow.'

they couldn't play commerce; they never did; father thought it was just like any gambling game!'" "Plucky, anyhow," said Harry Goldthwaite.

That's the way they got up New England, anyhow.

He said, at an ordinary pitch, but very gruffly, "Who are you, anyhow?"

Anyhow, it is curious that that representative government upon which we have been priding ourselves as the one great Anglo-Saxon political invention should be precisely the thing that we are now urged to give up.

Anyhow I am sending you a hug and a thousand kisses for the babies.

Why are we maintaining untested material in this shop, anyhow?

"I've been trained not to question orders, even when they seem utterly foolish to me; I've been trained to obey themon time, if possible, but if impossible, to obey them anyhow.

" "I believe I can work as hard as anyone," I said, "though I have shown no signs of itand anyhow, I should like to try.

Anyhow, while I was grubbing away in town, fifteen years ago, and hardly able to make two ends meet, I suddenly found myself put in possession of it; and though I am poor, as squires go, the farms and cottages bring me in quite enough to rub along.

And I've lived, anyhow.

Never mind the risk of rough handling; they can but kill you, and you will die anyhow if you stay here."

And I owe you several calls, anyhow.โ€

He wanted to go through the library in broad daylight, and it wasnโ€™t any use, anyhow.

And, anyhow, you can hardly come to my party without being invited.โ€

Anyhow all the teachers got together and pretended they didn't have a care in the world.

One of the girls became indignant and scornfully asked: "What line do you think you are on, anyhow?" "Well," said the man, "I am not sure, but, judging from what I have heard, I should say I was on a clothesline.

A democrat is my aversion, anyhow.

My intention was to spend the night there, where I had a chair-bedstead on which I had oft before slept soundly after a day's hard work, and anyhow it was too late to go to my lodgings at Passy at this hour.

And anyhow Mary's instincts are sound.

Anyhow, he is a friend of mine, and I won't hear him abused.