999 examples of ape in sentences

If I were to bring my strongest objection to American country life, it would be its ambitious desire to ape the towns, converting the ease and abandon of a village, into the formality and stiffness that render children in the clothes of grown people so absurdly ludicrous.

But that no true ape appeared among them, I do distinctly recollect, having been on the watch for the representation of such an epoch in the pictured history.

The smallest either took to the air to become the bat, or, like the forerunners of the squirrel and ape, took to the trees.

It is said they ape our ritual.

Here he is but the ape of a monkey.

As Master Harry, who had no great stomach for such a combat, and no very particular interest in the quarrel, was making for the door, a little Portuguese, as withered and as nimble as an ape, came ducking under the table and plunged at his stomach with a great long knife, which, had it effected its object, would surely have ended his adventures then and there.

A wanton woman is the figure of imperfection; in nature an ape, in quality a wagtail, in countenance a witch, and in condition a kind of devil.

He is like an ape, that loves to do whatsoever he sees others do, and is always as busy as a child at play.

But he wished to ape Charlemagne and the Caesars and to establish an universal Empire: a thing totally impossible in our days and much to be deprecated were it possible.

"The wretched ape!

The standard was sometimes surmounted by a human head wearing the feather of Ma[=a]t; sometimes by the head of a jackal, the animal sacred to Anubis; and sometimes by the head of an ibis, the bird sacred to Thoth; in the Papyrus of Ani a dog-headed ape, the associate of Thoth, sits on the top of the standard.

In the Papyrus of Neb-qet at Paris this beast is seen lying by the side of a lake of fire, at each corner of which is seated a dog-headed ape; this lake is also seen in Chapter CXXVI.

The tongue of the balance having been examined by Anubis, and the ape having indicated to his associate Thoth that the beam is exactly straight, and that the heart, therefore, counterbalances the feather symbolic of Ma[=a]t (i.e., right, truth, law, etc.), neither outweighing nor underweighing it, Thoth writes down the result, and then makes the following address to the gods: "Hear ye this judgment.

Wherever art has travelled out of her proper sphere to ape nature, she has proved herself but a miserable mimic, even in her most approved efforts.

"To mimick, to imitate or ape for sport; a mimic, one who imitates or mimics."Ib.

Puzzled ape-man.

Ape and essence.

The ape-man vanished.

In the ape's path.

Up from the ape.

Understanding ape.

Rope for an ape.

And some have scoff'd as proud to bear Brute heart in human shape; Nor drop nor morsel deign'd to share With alien or with ape. Poor Jacko!

He had proved that, however they might ape the part, the barons were not as a matter of fact the absolute lords of Ireland; that they had a master beyond the sea; one who, if aroused, could make the boldest of them shake in his coat of mail.

But he is glad to escape when a messenger arrives opportunely to announce that a yellow ape has frightened the princess.

999 examples of  ape  in sentences