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323 examples of  apologise  in sentences

323 examples of apologise in sentences

'I know,' said Archie, when he had been persuaded to apologise, 'of course I know a gentleman oughtn't to hit a lady, not evenI mean, especially not if she's his little sister.

'I really hardly know how to apologise, Mrs Ottley.

Think of the Pymeuts doing their sixty miles over the ice just to apologise to Father Brachet for being Pymeuts.

The Colonel turned back to apologise to Yagorsha.

The manager hurried towards Mr. Holymead and endeavoured to explain and apologise, but the K.C. assured him that there was nothing to apologise for.

The manager hurried towards Mr. Holymead and endeavoured to explain and apologise, but the K.C. assured him that there was nothing to apologise for.

"I find I have done you a wrong, Colonel Washington," George said, "and must apologise, not for the error, but for much of my late behaviour, which has resulted from it.

He needn't apologise; we know it's true to life!

Malone says that Scott (afterwards Lord Stowell) wrote to Blackstone's family to apologise for Boswell's anecdote.

If you take my advice, you'll apologise to these gentlemen for your shockingly bad behaviour when you came in.

I must go over and apologise to Mr. Heron.

The girl's beauty seemed to Stafford almost bewildering, and yet softly and sweetly a part of the beauty of the night; he was conscious of a fear, that was actually a dread, that she would bow, call the dogs and leave him; so, before she could do so, he made haste to say: "Now I am here, will you allow me to apologise for my trespass of this afternoon?

"Then, if you are making no mistake, it is I who am trespassing," said Maude, "and it is I who must apologise.

" "Oh, don't apologise!"

"I was glad of to-day's meeting not only that I might apologise," he said, with a calmness which rather took his companion's breath away, "

It will be my turn to apologise before long; and I won't feel quite easy in my conscience till I do.

"Anyhow, I apologise.

" "When we have found out that it is a mistake, the police of Paris will apologise to you, Mademoiselle, through me," said the Commissary; "until then, I regret if our duty makes us disagreeable to you."

There has been an error, and I can only apologise.

Again I apologise for myself and my companions.

I'll apologise to you then, frankly and freely; and I suppose you would not mind apologising to him, if necessary?" "He may be in the house now," I said, more to myself than to Lisa.

I want my warning to you either to be justified, or else I want to apologise humbly.

"Even now, putting the school-board aside, I might offer you one if you were to ask prettily and to apologise to me for making rather a fool of me this morning over there by the pump!" The pump!

I apologise for my violence.

If so, let me apologise for him.

It was a visit which she paid to Miss Tilney to apologise for not keeping an engagement which Mr. John had caused her to break that first introduced her to the general.

"I must apologise for this extraordinary reception," said Miss Bellingham; "but I believe medical men are not easily astonished.

And, lastly, does not the Law, lumbering on in the wake of progress, symbolise its subjection to precedent by head-gear reminiscent of the days of good Queen Anne? I should apologise for obtruding upon the reader these somewhat trite reflections; which were set going by the quaint stock-in-trade of the wig-maker's shop in the cloisters of the Inner Temple, whither I had strayed on a sultry afternoon in quest of shade and quiet.

'You promised me you wouldn't any more!' 'Quite right, my dear,' answered Mr. Van Torp, smiling, 'and I apologise.

"I must apologise," Norgate replied.

He bowed and began at once to apologise for the state of the room.

And I said aloud but in a low tone, as though I were addressing him: Do not apologise, friend, when you come into my field.

Then the War dog retreats hurriedly as a mouse appears; and you, his victim, apologise for him and explain how he has been shaken by adversity and what a noble creature a few days of good food and kind treatment will make of him.

When I knew him he was all fallen away and fallen in; crooked and shrunken; buckled into a stiff waistcoat for support; troubled by ailments, which kept him hobbling in and out of the room; one foot gouty; a wig for decency, not for deception, on his head; close shaved, except under his chinand for that he never failed to apologise, for it went sore against the traditions of his life.

The time, place, persons, and all circumstances apologise for me, and why may not I then be idle with others? speak my mind freely?

I will not here stand to discuss obiter, whether stars be causes, or signs; or to apologise for judical astrology.

Rhenanus, a Dutch chemist, in his book de Sale e puteo emergente, takes upon him to apologise for Anthony, and sets light by all that speak against him.

And that which I have said (to speak truth) no more concerns them than men, though women be more frequently named in this tract; (to apologise once for all) I am neither partial against them, or therefore bitter; what is said of the one, mutato nomine, may most part be understood of the other.

Mistake me not in the mean time, or think that I do apologise here for any headstrong, unruly, wanton flirts.

Still there is something due to manners and customs, and I should apologise to you and Mrs. Asbury for being absolutely carried home upon a man's shoulders thro' Silver Street, up Parson's Lane, by the Chapels (which might have taught me better), and then to be deposited like a dead log at Gaffar Westwood's, who it seems does not "insure" against intoxication.

She had planned a pulverising surprise for the house-party; and in due time, she intended to explode it, and subsequently Billy was to apologise for his conduct, and then they were to live happily ever afterward.

She had not yet decided what he was to apologise for; that was his affair.

His conscience ought to have told him, by this, wherein he had offended; and if his conscience hadn't, why then, of course, he would have to apologise for his lack of proper sensibility.

I did apologise as well as I could, and there was such an awkward pause; and after dinner we had coffee in the drawing-room, and then in a little time tea, and between times they sat down to whist, all but Aunt Mariaso they had to have a dummy.

he hardly waited to apologise or put it right before he dragged her back to the salon and deposited her with the anxious mothers!

You never have to apologise to a dog.

I apologise that I have allowed sadness, even for a moment, to trouble the harmony-the sweetnessof our conversation.

Pray, do not apologise!

Is he infatuated enough, or does he so dote and drivel over his own slothful and self-willed prejudices, as to believe that he will make a single convert to the beauty of Legitimacy, that is, of lawless power and savage bigotry, when he himself is obliged to apologise for the horrors he describes, and even render his descriptions credible to the modern reader by referring to the authentic history of these delectable times?[E]

Dorothea's first impulse, on coming to herself, was to smooth her unkempt hair and apologise for the disorder of her costume.

The letter has been preserved, and runs as follows: "Sir,I am sensible that I need even your talents to apologise for the freedom I now take; but I have a plea which, however simply urged, will, with, a mind like yours, sir, procure me pardon.

I must apologise to you, Mr. Lawley, for having detained you so long with these experiments.

Mrs. Lascelles seemed to have lost all interest in her latest lover; but when I tried to speak of my own hateful hand in that affair, to explain what I could of it, but to extenuate nothing, and to apologise from my heart for it all, then there was a change in her, then her blood mounted, then her bosom heaved, and I was silenced by a single flash from her eyes.

But I won't apologise again.

This object is already realized to the extent of a thorough anti-slavery sentiment in Great Britain, as poor Andrew Stevenson, for whom you apologise, can testify.

She did not say much at tea; she did not formally apologise to Fred for her conduct to him.

My faithful Peter, mount upon my knee, And shame me with the patience of your eyes, Till I for divers patriots that be Humbly apologise.

Just as one might now apologise for making too much fuss about a favourite dog; for the slave was looked upon in scarcely a higher light in civilised Rome.

According to Mr. BYRNE the Lord Mayor of DUBLIN has been grossly insulted by a high Irish official, who must be made to apologise or resign.

You merely apologise and go out.

"I must apologise," I said.

If so, I need not apologise.

I must apologise.

I apologise for stating all these truisms.

We have to apologise for any suggestion to the effect that the Huns are devoid of humour.

"I suppose you expect the poor darling to apologise.

Lady Agnes, I shall not give him a grain of anything if he persists in thinking I'm such a confounded villain as to" "I apologise, Browne," said Deppingham hastily.

As if this was not bad enough, he went on toreally, Rose, I feel I must apologise to you, but the fact is I seem to have no choice but to tell you what he said.

" Lewisham felt unaccountably sorry she should have to apologise, and he spoke at once with the idea of checking the reddening of his face.

Pray apologise for me also to Mr. and Mrs. Lister for my inability to make my adieux in a more formal manner than this, a shortcoming which I hope to atone for on some future visit.

I'll apologise..." The Wicked Man on God's hand began to dance and weep.

When I ventured to point out that she had not been quite truthful in the matter she was at first genuinely and honestly amazed, and subsequently so indignant that I was fain ultimately to apologise.

CRILLY I'm sorry for what occurred, and I'll apologise to the boy's mother if you like.

I fear most men ought to apologise for their want of feeling, instead of palliating that sensation when they have it.

It is to this effect "'I, Eric Williams, beg humbly and sincerely to apologise for my passionate and ungrateful insult to Mr. Rose.'

Of course I had to apologise for my sharp criticism as doing him a serious injustice, but privately felt somewhat injured at having been entrapped into such a blunder.

"Mr. Jimmie," he said, coming to the end of the boat with every intention of stepping out, "I apologise to you.

" Later in the afternoon I took occasion to apologise to the duchesse for having referred to the subject.

" I don't apologise for Jimmie's ribald conversation, because many people, until they have seen the Passion Play, make frivolous remarks, which would be impossible after viewing it, except to the totally insensible or irreligious.

He began by thanking her for having reported the matter to him, apologised humbly, as a British tradesman always does apologise to the bloated power of wealth, and said that her letter had been sent to all the various heads of departments for their perusal.

But he will only write back and say that I have made him miserable, and that I have wholly misunderstood him: and then I shall explain and apologise; and then he will take the money to show that he forgives me.

Make your own points, explain if you like, but don't apologise.

Well, it is better to lose it occasionally and apologise, than to hold your tongue about matters in which you are interested for fear of losing it.

I asked myself; and feeling bound to apologise for the appearance of the city, I explained to my valet that we were passing through some by-streets, and returned to the study of a French vocabulary.

"I stopped," explained the older man, "to apologise for the scandalous way that fellow drove over you.

I must apologise for them.

I noticed that his face wore for a moment an expression of intense pain, and as soon as the dance was over, I went to him, with Dodd as interpreter, to apologise.

I have not talked over any more plunging with you, Mr. Brownley, since the unlucky one in Sugar, and" "Miss Sands, I understand what you mean," Bob broke in, "and I should apologise for not having consulted with you about your business affairs.

He drew attention to the procedure by which, for instance, Mr. Plimsoll could be compelled to apologise for hasty words spoken in a moment of passion.

He was so rude to De Chailles that I have had to apologise.

'It's we who apologise!' smiled Eugรฉnie.

If you have occasion to look at your watch during a call, ask permission to do so, and apologise for it on the plea of other appointments.

If you have occasion to look at your watch during a call, ask permission to do so, and apologise for it on the plea of other appointments.

Should you injure a lady's dress, apologise amply, and assist her, if possible, to remove all traces of the damage.

And the sound of his voice made Jerry Strann grin again; it was such a low, soft voice with the velvet of a young girl's tone in it; moreover, the brown eyes seemed to apologise for the ignorance concerning Strann's name.

Don't use quotations that are shopworn, and avoid the set forms for toasts"Our sweethearts and wivesmay they never meet," etc. Don't apologise.

He had missed them, and come back to look for them, beginning to apologise.

Nevertheless, he thought it necessary to apologise for the appearance of a very fine John Dory on the table, saying, that he had been himself to the market to get a turbot for me, but that he had been asked half-a-crown for a not very large one, and really he could not give such absurd prices as that! Anthony duly joined me as proposed, and we had a grand walk over the mountains above the Killeries.

I don't think I need apologise for printing it.

Now apologise!"