323 examples of apologise in sentences

Think of the Pymeuts doing their sixty miles over the ice just to apologise to Father Brachet for being Pymeuts.

The Colonel turned back to apologise to Yagorsha.

I must go over and apologise to Mr. Heron.

The girl's beauty seemed to Stafford almost bewildering, and yet softly and sweetly a part of the beauty of the night; he was conscious of a fear, that was actually a dread, that she would bow, call the dogs and leave him; so, before she could do so, he made haste to say: "Now I am here, will you allow me to apologise for my trespass of this afternoon?

"Even now, putting the school-board aside, I might offer you one if you were to ask prettily and to apologise to me for making rather a fool of me this morning over there by the pump!" The pump!

If so, let me apologise for him.

"I must apologise," Norgate replied.

The time, place, persons, and all circumstances apologise for me, and why may not I then be idle with others? speak my mind freely?

I will not here stand to discuss obiter, whether stars be causes, or signs; or to apologise for judical astrology.

She had planned a pulverising surprise for the house-party; and in due time, she intended to explode it, and subsequently Billy was to apologise for his conduct, and then they were to live happily ever afterward.

She had not yet decided what he was to apologise for; that was his affair.

His conscience ought to have told him, by this, wherein he had offended; and if his conscience hadn't, why then, of course, he would have to apologise for his lack of proper sensibility.

I did apologise as well as I could, and there was such an awkward pause; and after dinner we had coffee in the drawing-room, and then in a little time tea, and between times they sat down to whist, all but Aunt Mariaso they had to have a dummy.

he hardly waited to apologise or put it right before he dragged her back to the salon and deposited her with the anxious mothers!

You never have to apologise to a dog.

I apologise that I have allowed sadness, even for a moment, to trouble the harmony-the sweetnessof our conversation.

Pray, do not apologise!

I must apologise to you, Mr. Lawley, for having detained you so long with these experiments.

This object is already realized to the extent of a thorough anti-slavery sentiment in Great Britain, as poor Andrew Stevenson, for whom you apologise, can testify.

I must apologise.

" Lewisham felt unaccountably sorry she should have to apologise, and he spoke at once with the idea of checking the reddening of his face.

CRILLY I'm sorry for what occurred, and I'll apologise to the boy's mother if you like.

I asked myself; and feeling bound to apologise for the appearance of the city, I explained to my valet that we were passing through some by-streets, and returned to the study of a French vocabulary.

I must apologise for them.

Nevertheless, he thought it necessary to apologise for the appearance of a very fine John Dory on the table, saying, that he had been himself to the market to get a turbot for me, but that he had been asked half-a-crown for a not very large one, and really he could not give such absurd prices as that! Anthony duly joined me as proposed, and we had a grand walk over the mountains above the Killeries.

323 examples of  apologise  in sentences