826 examples of apologize in sentences

I was glad that he didn't even apologize, for I expect that I look fully a hundred and something.

"We all apologize.

" Again writing to his brother George from Washington, on February 20, 1838, Alfred says: "In regard to Professor M. calling me his 'assistant,' this is also settled, and he has said as much as to apologize for using the term.

He's awfully in earnest, Frank, and he means to kill you if you don't apologize.

I know of many instances where such persons have been under the necessity of buying or hiring slaves, just to preserve their reputation and keep up appearances; and even among a class of people who profess to be opposed to Slavery, have I known instances of the same kind, and have heard them apologize for their conduct by saying that "when in Rome, we must do as the Romans do.

She sent for Mrs. Ellis, with the intention of desiring her to use her maternal influence to induce him to apologize to aunt Rachel for his assault upon her corns, which apology Mrs. Thomas was willing to guarantee should be accepted; as for the indignities that had been inflicted on herself, she thought it most politic to regard them in the light of accidents, and to say as little about that part of the affair as possible.

"Well, Miles, you seem to value this land of yours, as a seaman does his ship," cried Moses, before I had time to apologize for having kept him so long waiting.

For my part, I thank God that I am not called to apologize for his following his troops in their flight, which I fear would have been a much harder task; and which, dear as he was to me, would have grieved me much more than his death, with these heroic circumstances attending it.

First, I have to apologize to you for what passed last night.

"I must apologize, I did not mean to cross-examine you.

I never know a tree," he bowed here slightly towards the lady as though to apologize for something he felt she would not quite understand or like, "until I've seen it in the night.

I won't apologize for it.

I was wrong, old man, I was wrong, and I apologize.

But I am not able to apologize with equal plausibility for the extrusion of Gloster's eyes, which seems an act too horrid to be endured in dramatick exhibition, and such as must always compel the mind to relieve its distress by incredulity.

Should I apologize.

SEE Train, Arthur C. Should I apologize.

Should I apologize.

SEE Train, Arthur C. Should I apologize.

And at this point in our dialogue, Mr. Lennox, I want to apologize to you again, for the actions of the Ojibway before the war really began.

The two were alone now, and in the circumstances some men would have given the lady the opportunity to apologize, if such was her desire.

All he said in reply, however, was: "It is unnecessary to apologize to me; you yourself are the only sufferer.

They fear to offend, they bend and apologize, and walk through life with a timid step.

"I come to apologize to you for a mistake," he said very kindly, "and to explain why you have not been chosen for re-examination.

"Now," he said briefly, "you will apologize to my wife for insulting her.

"Now," Burke said again, "you will apologize.

826 examples of  apologize  in sentences