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1539 example sentences with  apologize

1539 example sentences with apologize

"If he measures up all right I'll be half inclined to apologize before I go back to take a gruelling from Captain Newmarch."

Mr. Grundy, though an adept of the Scribe school, has done so much strong and original work that I apologize for exhuming a play in which he almost burlesqued his own method; but for that very reason it is difficult to find a more convincing or more deterrent example of misdirected ingenuity.

He began to apologize for the disordered condition of the room, but Jack Nugent, interrupting him brusquely, began to relate his own adventures of the past few hours.

"Don't apologize," interrupted the captain; "it's soon remedied."

"I've got it," he said, briskly; "apologize humbly for all your candour, and I will give you a piece of information which shall brighten your dull eyes, raise the corners of your drooping mouth, and renew once more the pink and cream in your youthful cheeks."

I am sure I have to apologize for having ventured to say so much to men so much my superiors in sense and knowledge of the world and their own interest; but sometimes the meanest bystander may perceive disadvantages in the movements of the most skilful players.

"I must apologize for breaking in upon you.

"II came back to apologize."

[Footnote 11: When Vergil wrote the Georgics, on a subject which the poet of the Aetna derides as trivial (264-74) he seems to apologize for abandoning science, in favor of a meaner theme, Georgics II, 483 ff.

"I am sorry I kept you waiting," said Maggie, seating herself at the table and continuing to apologize for her tardiness.

Apologize for Adams's denunciation of the conduct of France.

" "As I have never tried to meddle with your private affairs," said Marmaduke to Lalage, "I need not apologize for not knowing your husband.

First, I have to apologize to you for what passed last night.

Constance desired me particularly to apologize."

It is some girlish absurditysomesomesome" "I apologize for having doubted the truth of the excuse," said Douglas; "but I see that I have failed to gauge Miss Lind's peculiar taste.

Indeed I ought to apologize for making public the weakness by which we were all affected; especially as I have myself already learned to laugh at what we all severely felt at firstthe miseries of a SPLENDID ANNUAL.Sharpe's London Magazine.

Dick, it's up to you to apologize on my behalf."

You will then be en rapport and in a position to apologize for yourself.

I must apologize for not having brought one, but the fact is, my head was not exactly clear when I started, and I had not taken in the fact that you'd arrived on foot.

it would not do for the acting manager to apologize for the absence of the headno, he could not have the face to do it.

If she did not, you would get cross and sulky, and there would be a week of unhappiness for both of you, and then the girl would apologize and back down from her position, and then you would go on exactly as you did before.

The most perfect lover is the one who best understands how and when to apologize.

I have heard men say, to prove their independence, their proud spirit, their unbending self-respect, "I never apologize."

I have often heard men say they never apologize.

" How I pity the people who love those men and women who "never apologize."

And a nature is more divine which can forgive honestly and quickly than one which can only apologize and is not capable of a swift forgiveness.

When you are not the one who should apologize first, when you are less to blame than he, be you the one to apologize first, and see how quickly his noble nature will abase itself, and rush to meet you, and how sure and glorious and complete the reconciliation will be!

When you are not the one who should apologize first, when you are less to blame than he, be you the one to apologize first, and see how quickly his noble nature will abase itself, and rush to meet you, and how sure and glorious and complete the reconciliation will be!

If you do not believe this, what do you suppose the result would be if you should apologize to your wife for something you said last year.

Examples: "Lastly, they go about to apologize for the long time their book hath been a coming out:" i.e., in coming out.

Towards evening the dear old aunt came to me and began to apologize for praising Panna Zawilowska to me.

I thought she had only gone to change her dress, when Pani Celina said: "My dear Leon, please go to Angeli and apologize for Aniela; her nerves are so shaken that she cannot possibly sit for him."

"I apologize for writing to you and I hesitated long.

I most humbly apologize!

"You will apologize for that language to me when I come back," I said icily.

Mrs. Van Buren could be generous if she tried; and as this seemed a time for the trial, she did attempt to apologize, saying her zeal for Ethie had carried her too far; that she hoped Richard would excuse what she had said of Andyshe had no intention of wounding him on that point.

I'd like to be friends, if you will, but I'm not going to apologize for being a gringo, nor for being here in charge of this camp.

She wasn't going to apologize for Honora to a pair of exclamatory dimples!

I humbly apologize for arriving at such an hour and in such a state."

I thought he might be about to apologize for his rudeness.

And he who made fierce war on the uselessness of woman in general came to reconcile himself to the uselessness of woman in particular, to apologize for it, to justify it, to admire it.

He tried to apologize for the biscuit and the coffee, but could hardly ever get through his sentence intelligibly, he was so full of a sentiment of adoration for the first lady into whose presence he had come in years.

"In behalf of Africa," he remarked, "representing her, as I may say, on this occasion, I would beg leave to apologize to the learned gentleman for the poverty of her scenery, at this stage of the panorama.

He was apt to apologize for his possessions, and to depreciate his tastes.

"I want to apologize for being so late," he said.

"Now," he said briefly, "you will apologize to my wife for insulting her."

"Now," Burke said again, "you will apologize."

"Pray, do not apologize," he said.

But to my amazement Hassan hopped up and began to kiss my sleeve and to apologize, saying, "Very good lady.

โ€œIโ€™d rather missed you,โ€ I said; โ€œand, really, I should have been over to apologize if I hadnโ€™t been afraid.โ€

HONORIA (drawing herself up and smiling acidly):Oh, pray do not give yourself the trouble to apologize, Monsieur Philomรจne.

Canadian football player Adam Bighill was one of several people who criticized Williams on social media and repeatedly called for Williams to apologize.

โ€œAfter taking time to reflect and really consider the seriousness of my actions, I have tried to find the appropriate words to apologize to all of those affected by my poor decision and immaturity,โ€ Siverand said in a Twitter post Monday.

After the scandal that eventually sank the Park Geun-hye government, Ryoo was also one of the first to apologize to the general public via a Nov. 2016 public Facebook post.

After you get through apologizing to Kobe's family when are you going to apologize to Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax?

โ€œEvery attendee should apologize and then match their words with actions.

He prayed the court to ensure that Kennedy Agyapong and Net 2 TV retract and apologize for the comments within seven days and remove all such defamatory comments from their social media pages including YouTube.

He recently made a brief return to the medium to apologize for his angry remarks to some of his online critics, and currently seems to have disappeared from Twitter and Instagram once again.

He was forced to apologize during the 2016 campaign after he was heard on a recording bragging about using his fame to assault women.

He was subject to lengthy interrogation at the Gestapo office and had to petition the local Nazi for permission to call on him and apologize.

If I was ever a part of that I apologize, I was wrong.

โ€œIf somebody was under that impression, that that is where I was going, I apologize,โ€ Dush said.

โ€œI just wanted to apologize for the rush to judgment that myself and many people in the community had about the event,โ€ she said in her email.

MARGARET BRENNAN:As do I. Don't you think it's serious that the president may need to apologize?

President Hassan Rouhani of Iran called his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, on Saturday to apologize for the downing of Flight 752.

She didn't apologize she just stormed off.

Taiwan, claimed by China as its sacred territory, has responded angrily to WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus's assertion that "racist slurs" against him had originated in Taiwan, and demanded he apologize saying the accusations are nonsense.

The decision came after authorities repeatedly called on the newspaper to apologize and investigate those responsible for the headline of a Feb. 3 column that called China the โ€œreal sick man of Asia.โ€

Then, in trying to apologize for the confusion, appear to have started an even bigger wave of speculation.

The Northern Regional Police Commander, COP Timothy Yoosa Bonga in a statement addressed to the Ya-Naa said โ€œwe sincerely apologize and assure you that such an unfortunate incident will never repeat itself.

There is nothing more important to me than your respects and I apologize to those who were genuinely hurt or offended by the makeup I wore or the words I spoke."

The two women are also heard asking the late Daev Zambia to apologize while a manโ€™s voice could be heard telling the ladies in a sarcastic way to stop whipping him.

This tactic only serves to victimize herself and place all the blame on Erika in the hopes that she'll drop her side and apologize.

Do not apologize in your letter or cite safety reasons etc. This has been a business relationship.

Do not justify, get angry, or apologize for the boundary you are setting.

Donโ€™t apologize for making these days about the people closest to you and especially the person spending his or her last days on Earth.

Each lesson presents four to six language functions (e.g., how to greet a stranger, introduce oneself, ask for directions, apologize, offer a suggestion) in socially appropriate contexts.

In conclusion, Chopp said โ€œI sincerely apologizeโ€ for actions that prompted an investigation that could cost taxpayers $20,000.

I stand corrected and I apologize to the House for that.

I think the member for Minnedosa, quite frankly, owes Ms. Menzies an apology, a personal apology, and here I apologize on behalf of my caucus.

And to apologize when you screw up is just the right thing to do.

It was noted that the plaintiff was a professional of significant esteem in his field; there was no attempt to apologize or retract the statements; and they had been widely distributed to unknown numbers of people by a broadcaster of good reputation.

I would suggest to the Member opposite that there is no need to apologize, because there is no intention to be insensitive toward the native people.

Just one comment on this line, and I must say that I am going to put on record that I apologize.

Later, apologize to the young woman for my friendsโ€™ immature and sexist behaviour.

Mr. Speaker, when will this Minister of Justice apologize for failing to provide swift justice for everyday Manitobans?

Mr. Speaker, why did she not, then, apologize to Mrs. Feakes yesterday when Mrs. Feakes was here?

Mr. Tim Sale (Fort Rouge): I apologize to you, Mr. Speaker, I thought you had recognized me.

Any errors are completely unintentional and we apologize if erroneous information is reflected in merchandise price, item availability or item copy.

Never apologize for how you deal with your grief.

Never apologize for the appearance of your drawing or of your ability as an artist.

Never apologize for the appearance of your home.

Nevertheless, I donโ€™t think we need to apologize for being committed to making sex as good at God intended it to be.

Not one single member said to their boss: you should go into the House and apologize.

Oh, I apologize for all the things I've done.

Publications on archaeological research in Wadi Ziqlab, JordanI apologize for the fact that this page is not up-to-date.

Then he made allegations about an hon. member of this House, who was democratically elected, and he is not even able to apologizeโ€”

To it, and I apologize for typos, I'm glasses-less today.

We do not apologize for providing family tax fairness.

We don't apologize for that.