4252 examples of appealing to in sentences

All Christian nations have accepted these Ten Commandments, even Mohammedan nations, as appealing to the universal conscience,not a mere Jewish code, but a primary law, susceptible of boundless obligation, never to be abrogated; a direct injunction of the Almighty to the end of time.

[Footnote 9: appealing to the judges.]

He then entered into a refutation of the various objections which had been made to the abolition, in an eloquent and perspicuous manner; and concluded by appealing to the great authorities of Mr. Pitt and Mr. Fox in behalf of the proposed measure.

"What are you thinking about?" She replied with brave candour, appealing to him by a soft glance: "I was only thinking how queer it is I should be engaged in a room I'd never seen before in my lifegoing into it like that!" He looked at her uncomprehending; for an instant his features were blank; then he smiled kindly.

Earnestly appealing to Souwanas, Minnehaha, who always looked on the bright side of things, and who had a quick intuition quite beyond her years, said: "It could not be a sweet story if Nanahboozhoo gave them salt instead of sugar; could it, Souwanas?" The old man, as soon as his mouth was sufficiently emptied to resume his story, amused by the earnestness with which the child appealed to him, replied with the words, "Tapwa, tapwa!"

They were to try cases which concerned peers of France, and such prelates, chapters, barons, corporations, and councils as had the privilege of appealing to the supreme court; and to hear cases relating to estates, and appeals from the provost of Paris, the bailiffs, seneschals, and other judges (Fig. 307).

This afforded me an excellent opportunity of appealing to their feelings on the enormity of this offence, and, among other things, I observed, that if the poor fly had been gifted with the powers of speech like their own, it probably would have exclaimed, while dead, as follows:"You naughty child, how can you think of torturing me so?

" "By appealing to your bishop, I suppose.

" "Is it your pleasure that we should thrust a halberd through his body, or lodge a bullet in his brain?" asked Gregory, appealing to Amabel.

Can I?" said she, again appealing to her companions.

Appealing to the great Ruler of the universe for the rectitude of their course, they pledged to each other "their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor," to conquer or perish in their struggle to be free.

appealing to the boy.

In a letter written not long before her death, she reiterated very strongly her conviction on this subject, appealing to our Lord's teaching in the seventeenth chapter of John.

We may regard them simply as appealing to our sense of beauty, and affording harmonious intellectual pleasure.

Like every other grammarian, I stake my reputation as an author, upon "a certain set of opinions," and a certain manner of exhibiting them, appealing to the good sense of my readers for the correctness of both.

He tricked and baffled legal authority in the person of the proud sheriff of Nottingham, thereby appealing to that secret sympathy with lawless adventure which marked the free-born, vigorous yeomanry of England.

I gaze upon your portrait for the last time; and thus I prevent the magical fascination of that face again appealing to the sympathies of my child.

The motif is precisely the same as in the formal, goddess-like, enthroned Madonnas of the antique time; but here quite otherwise worked out, and appealing to other sympathies.

But the reputation of the Order must not be permitted to be endangered, and a case might occur, in which it would be inexpedient to extend this courtesy, and where the lodge would feel compelled to proceed to the trial and punishment of the offender, without appealing to his lodge.

Ah, bad onecruelestas cruel as she is pretty" (appealing to me), "is she not?

The author is set in the best light, and the reviewer brings forward also some of his own views, which is quite fair" As he seemed to be appealing to Laura, Laura said, "Yes; perfectly fair.

Hitherto it has been presented only as an order of truth appealing to the intellect: but the intellect is only one function of the soul, and thinkers are the merest fraction of mankind.

We do not wish to force our policy on other States by appealing to the strength of our army.

These people are so quick and so imitative that it would be the easiest thing in the world to improve their physical condition by appealing to their emulative propensities.

These last he treated as his only masters; and if they gave him short weight in bread or meat, catch him making matters worse by appealing to the governor!

4252 examples of  appealing to  in sentences