446 examples of appends in sentences

To this speech in the 4to Mrs. Cowley appends the following note: 'This is the expression, I am told, which had nearly prov'd fatal to the Comedy.

Attach, affix, annex, append, subjoin.

Join, connect, unite, couple, combine, link, annex, append.

A great number of jackdaws have taken up their quarters in the old towers, and as one of them kept continually cawing as though anxious to be heard, we append what we made out to be the meaning of his chatter (it is said they never speak without cause), which we call "THE JACKDAW'S CAUSERIE.

And as every mother has the control of these things, I have thought it desirable to append to this chapter a few thoughts on the particular dress of each sex.

The pamphlet concerning the Trent affair, and the surrender of Messrs. Mason and Slidell, which we append to this edition, will be read with interest at the present crisis, as an able exposition of the views of European statesmen on the international difficulty which has sprung so unexpectedly upon us.

V. add, annex, affix, superadd^, subjoin, superpose; clap on, saddle on; tack to, append, tag; ingraft^; saddle with; sprinkle; introduce &c (interpose) 228; insert &c 300. become added, accrue; advene^, supervene.

place after, suffix, append.

The New Orleans Picayune, one of whose editors was an eye-witness of the most of the leading battles in Mexico, copies the foregoing paragraph, and appends to it the following relation: We can relate an incident even more strange than this.

[Footnote 1: Sahagun, Lib. iii, Append, cap.

With the hope that we may forward the views of the authoress, and be the means of exciting the public attention to her position and wants, we append the following statement by Mr. A. Petermann, which appeared in the Athenaeum of the 6th of December, 1851:

" This letter was received on the 7th of October, 1685, and Talbot was accordingly sent, under the charge of Gilbert Clarke and a proper guard, to Lord Effingham, who gives Clarke a regular business receipt, as if he had brought him a hogshead of tobacco, and appends to it a short apologetic explanation of his previous rudeness, which we may receive as another proof of his distrust of the favor of the new monarch.

And so when to an account of the Battle of Lexington he appends a rhetorical argument connecting that event, so meagre and simple in itself and so wonderful in its consequences, with the progress of truth and humanity in political science and reformed religion, we feel that the reasoning is forced and irrelevant,more an experiment in fine writing than an evolution of absolute truth.

Of their habits he appends the following remarks: "The Canada Jay (C. Canadensis) preys upon smaller birds of the sparrow kind.

Mr. Sturge appends the following West India accounts, which be says are in his possession by which it is evident that the planters are bringing their laborers in debt to them, by a spirit of shameless extortion.

Mr. Sturge appends the following West India accounts, which be says are in his possession by which it is evident that the planters are bringing their laborers in debt to them, by a spirit of shameless extortion.

Such is one of the axioms in Mr. Harding's eighth edition of his very valuable little "System of Short-Hand,"to which, by way of pleasant illustration, he appends, the "Dirge on Miss LN G," copied by us from the "New Monthly Magazine;" but we give Mr. H. credit for the present application.

To substitute this, however, involves some additions and alterations, which the author appends.

The author, at the head of his chapter on interjections, appends to this definition two other examples; both of which contradict it in like manner: "Oh!

To this, his main text, the author appends a note, from which the following passages are extracted: "There are few persons acquainted with Grammar, who may not have noticed, in many authors as well as speakers, an irregularity in supposing collective nouns to have, at one time, a singular meaning, and consequently to require a singular verb; and, at an other time, to have a plural meaning, and therefore to require a plural verb.

* Extract from a letter received from a well-known wholesale tobacconist: "We think that if you will apply to either of the three tobacconists, whose names and addresses we append, you will have no difficulty in obtaining an inadequate supply for your requirements.

saith Destiny; and Chance appends: Now prove thyself to be at bottom a god or else a beast, and now eternally abide that choice.

From this period we pass to the date of the annexed CUTS, for which we are indebted to the research of an ingenious Correspondent, with the antiquarian subscription of "JONATHAN OLDBUCK," who appends to his sketches the following historical notice:

To the word wolds he appends a note:"Wylte.

Her song proclaimed, that 'twas not many hours Since she had left her childhood's innocent home; And now with Beara lamp, and wreathed flowers, To propitiate heaven, for wedded bliss had come" To these lines Mrs. Carshore (who has been in this country, I believe, from her birth, and who ought to know something of Indian customs) appends the following notes.

446 examples of  appends  in sentences