699 examples of appletons in sentences

[Footnote 1: Published in Appletons' Journal.

Meanwhile, we call attention to the fact, that the Appletons have just brought out a second and revised edition of Mr. Darwin's book, with numerous corrections, important additions, and a preface, all prepared by the author for this edition, in advance of a new English edition.

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| Appleton, Wisconsin.

D. Appleton & Co.

D. Appleton & Co. 16mo.

D. Appleton & Co. 8vo.

The work has been warmly commended by the press during its publication, as a serial, in APPLETONS' JOURNAL, and, in its book-form, bids fair to be decidedly THE novel of the season.


APPLETON (11), a city of Wisconsin, U.S., on the Fox River.

The other brethren became Local Preachers, and the former departed this life in Christian triumph at Appleton, Nov. 3, 1863, while the latter has become a successful business man, and is awaiting his summons.

699 examples of  appletons  in sentences