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699 examples of appletons in sentences

| | | | D. APPLETON & CO., | | | |

| | | | D. APPLETON & CO., | | | | Sole Agents for United States | | | ++ Vol.

| | | | D. APPLETON & CO., | | | | Sole Agent for United States.

[Footnote 1: Published in Appletons' Journal.

Meanwhile, we call attention to the fact, that the Appletons have just brought out a second and revised edition of Mr. Darwin's book, with numerous corrections, important additions, and a preface, all prepared by the author for this edition, in advance of a new English edition.

" Mr. Tom Appleton, famous for many witty sayings (among them the well-known "Good Americans, when they die, go to Paris"), heard some grave city fathers debating what could be done to mitigate the cruel east wind at an exposed corner of a certain street in Boston.

Appleton-Century-Crofts, Inc. (PWH); 30Jan57; R185518.

ADAMS, HARRIET S. For works written in collaboration with Edna C. Squier SEE Appleton, Victor, pseud.


Tom Swift and his sky train; or, Overland through the clouds, by Victor Appleton, pseud, of Harriet S. Adams and Edna C. Squier.

Harriet S. Adams & Edna C. Squier (A); 29Dec58; R226934. APPLETON-CENTURY-CROFTS, INC.

SEE Richards, Laura E. APPLETON-CENTURY-CROFTS, INC. SEE The New Century dictionary of the English language.

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Appleton-Century-Crofts, Inc. (PWH); 5Jun61; R276779. NEW JERSEY AND ATLANTIC DIGEST; 1933 cumulative annual pocket part for volume 36.

(Appleton-Century series in administration)

SEE Rogers, Lester B. ADAMS, HARRIET S. SEE Appleton, Victor, pseud.

Irvin Anthony (A); 14Feb62; R291225. APPLETON, VICTOR, pseud.

Don Sturdy with the harpoon hunters; or, The strange cruise of the whaling ship, by Victor Appleton, pseud.

Tom Swift and his planet stone; or, Discovering the secret of another world, by Victor Appleton, pseud. of Harriet S. Adams & Edna C. Squier. Illus.

(The Appleton transportation series)

(Appleton-Century series in administration)

(Appleton-Century series in administration)

(Appleton modern literature series) © on Introd. & appendix; 30Apr37; A104976.

The work has been warmly commended by the press during its publication, as a serial, in APPLETONS' JOURNAL, and, in its book-form, bids fair to be decidedly THE novel of the season.


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